Fire Hydrant, Wuhan, Wuhan Municipal People's Government On The Revision Of The Regulations Part 11 Regulations, Such As The Provisions Of Decision

Original Language Title: 武汉市人民政府关于修改《武汉市消火栓管理规定》等11件规章部分条款的决定

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(June 28, 2004 Wuhan City Government 21st times Executive Conference considered through June 30, 2004 Wuhan City Government makes 159th, announced since July 1, 2004 up purposes) according to People's Republic of China administrative license method of provides, City Government decided on Wuhan fire hydrant management provides, 11 pieces regulations part terms for following modified: a, and Wuhan fire hydrant management provides will first article in the of "according to People's Republic of China fire Ordinance and about provides
    Formulated provisions "is amended as" under the People's Republic of China fire and related provisions of the law, is enacted ". By deleting the fifth paragraph of "really necessary migration of urban construction, demolition of fire hydrants, should be made by the employer prior to the municipal public security Fire Department and water supplies Department for approval. "Delete the sixth article" without the approval of the water sector, may not open fire hydrant water. In special circumstances, must open a fire hydrant water, should apply in advance approved by the water supplies Department, and reported to the City Fire Department. "Second, of the thrift industry, Wuhan City public security regulations by deleting the sixth in the" operating location of the district (County) Police Department to apply for the issuance of the special license. "Delete the 13th article" violation of provisions of the present article sixth, no special license for operating a thrift industry, be banned by the police, confiscation, and the person responsible is a fine of 200 Yuan fines. "Delete the 14th" in violation of the provisions provisions in the seventh paragraph, second paragraph, do not go through the annual review and changes to procedures, depending on the seriousness of the public security Department, ordered a replacement or cancellation of the special trade license, and the person directly responsible and in charge of a fine of up to 200 Yuan fines or warnings.
    "By deleting the 15th in a" serious, revoke the special license ".
    Delete the 16th "or revoke the special license". By deleting the article 19th "revoked in violation of the provisions of the public security sector enterprises and the special trade license of the individual industrial and commercial households, and drew attention to the Administrative Department for industry and commerce shall revoke business license.
    "Three, the Wuhan transportation and handling undertakings regulations by deleting paragraph Nineth" non-port of loading units, the railway sector to enter Hong Kong, engaged in transportation and handling (except for loading and unloading the train, boat), should be approved by transportation and handling management agencies. " Administrative measures for the prevention and treatment of schistosomiasis in Wuhan City, and the 12th article of the "endemic areas outside the city, area, and entered business or workers, schistosomiasis control must receive local authority or by its delegate the checking of professional bodies, for a treatment card. Areas outside the city's trading of livestock into the city, you must first enter the animal husbandry and Veterinary Department agreed, and then sold "is amended as" outside the city area, area, and entered business or work or outside the city's trading area of livestock into the city, according to the People's Republic of China infectious disease prevention law and other relevant laws and regulations shall apply. "Five Nations, the management of security services in Wuhan by deleting article fourth" established security companies, should have required approval of the public security organs, and by the industrial and commercial registration, tax management. Unit established within the police, part to the municipal public security authorities should go through the registration formalities. "Delete the 20th article," production and sales of security equipment, uniforms, flags, should be approved by the public security organs. "By deleting to 21st article" violation this approach, by police organ in accordance with following provides be punishment: (a) without police organ approved, unauthorized established security company of, or RUC, and Department foreign provides security service, or without approved unauthorized production, and sales security devices, and uniforms, and logo of, give warning, sentenced illegal proceeds 3 times times following fine, but highest not over province Standing Committee provides of fine limit; (ii) established RUC, and Department not to police organ handle registration record procedures, appointment RUC, and
    Without the consent of the public security organs, head, or hire non-licensed security guards and give a warning and fined 1000 Yuan fine. " Delete the 23rd "security services without approval and the RUC, the Department did not go through the registration formalities, shall, within 3 months from the date of implementation of this approach, in accordance with this regulation to the public security organs go through the relevant formalities. "Six, the Wuhan urban housing leasing regulations by deleting article 11th" housing management agencies should receive the rental registration formalities apply within 7th day of this review has been completed, and lease will be issued to qualified certificates. Public rental housing, the provisions of national laws or regulations must apply for registration, from its provisions to the temporary rental housing also, Wuhan City, according to the temporary regulations on the administration of the relevant procedures. Of the lease permit inspection once a year.
    Non-forged, altered, lend, transfer of the lease permit. " Seven, the Wuhan City motor vehicles management of cleaning by deleting article tenth "units and individuals engaged in the operation of motor vehicle cleaning, should separately to the sanitation and industrial and commercial administrative departments to receive operation permit and business license before the operation. Established by law station obtain an operating certificate, and after going through the formalities, may operate the motor vehicle cleaning business. Operating permit review once every two years. "Delete the 18th article" did not obtain an operating certificate, operating motor vehicle cleaning business without permission, fined a maximum of between 2000 Yuan and 500 Yuan. "Eight, and Wuhan City life garbage management approach by deleting to Nineth article" meet this approach eighth article provides of units and personal, engaged in life garbage cleaning, and collection, and transport service of, should according to Wuhan City City sanitation management Ordinance about provides, to district city sanitation administrative competent sector application approved; engaged in life garbage disposal and waters garbage clear, and collection and across district transport life garbage of, to city city sanitation administrative competent sector application approved. Department of city appearance and environmental sanitation administration shall, from the date of receipt of the application in the 30th, on whether to approve the decision. "The 19th" units to deal with solid waste, must apply to the Department of city appearance and environmental sanitation Administration approval, and at the specified locations and storage, treatment, not use fill Lake solid waste landfill "is amended as" units to deal with domestic waste should be stored in the designated place, processing shall not fill Lake solid waste landfill.
    "Delete the 22nd article sixth" units or individuals without approval, garbage service, fined 500 Yuan more than 2000 ". Nine, the Wuhan safety management measures of the sixth "House safety appraisal, real estate administrative departments, units should be made and issued by the security identification certificate, engaged in house safety appraisal of the level of qualification and the corresponding work, real estate administrative departments, and use the uniform style of House safety appraisal seal and certification text. House safety appraisal, real estate administrative departments, shall be approved by the training of qualified personnel and acquire building safety appraisal certificate, certified. House safety appraisal certificate and building safety appraisal certificate testing once a year.
    "Amended to read" safety identified by training qualified personnel shall be provided for by the State and certified. "
    Delete the 21st article "violation of provisions of the present article sixth, did not acquire building safety appraisal certificate identification or project beyond the level of qualification in housing security, fined a maximum of 2000 more than 5000". Ten, and Wuhan building safety supervision management approach will 11th article second paragraph "engaged in electrical, and scaffolding erection, and non-pressure container of metal welding, and lifting mechanical equipment operation, special jobs job of personnel, must by city building safety supervision management institutions training, by assessment qualified, made City safety integrated management sector issued of special job personnel operation card rear can induction" modified for "vertical transport mechanical job personnel, and installation demolition workers, and blasting job personnel, and lifting signal workers, and
    Ascend erecting work special operations personnel, must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State specialized safety training, and after obtaining a special operations qualifications before they can post ". 13th "the employer before applying for construction permits, to construction safety supervision and management departments of construction safety supervision procedures did not go through the procedures of construction safety supervision, municipal construction Administrative Department is not issuing the construction permit" is amended as "the employer at the time of application for a construction permit, it shall provide information on safe construction measures of construction engineering.
    Authorization to proceed according to law reports of the construction project, the construction unit shall start from the date of approval of the report in the 15th, will ensure the safety measures submitted to the district, where the construction project for the construction of local people's Governments at or above the construction administration department or other relevant departments for the record. "
    By deleting the 16th in the "use of integral hoisting scaffold in construction site, must be submitted to the municipal building supervision authorities approved". Delete the 20th "construction enterprises shall, in accordance with the construction schedule, in accordance with the regulations to declare construction safety supervision and administration safety inspection assessment, approved security level.
    "Delete the 25th article" unaudited recognized, unauthorized use of integral lifting of scaffold and fined 5000 Yuan more than 10000 "; the third paragraph" in the absence of Declaration of security evaluation inspection, fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine. " XI of the Wuhan urban construction archives management of the 14th "unit in front of construction engineering completion approval shall apply for acceptance of its construction engineering archives of urban construction archives. Urban construction archives should be the date of receipt of the application within 3 working days from acceptance of construction engineering archives organization. Acceptance, within 10 working days of the date of acceptance issued by the accreditation of construction engineering archives.
    Construction when handling the engineering acceptance record shall submit the project archive approved files "changed to" after the completion of the construction project, in relevant departments of urban construction archives organization when it is completed, responsible for reviewing project files, do not meet the requirements within a modified. "
                  The Wuhan 11 government regulations such as fire regulations, paragraphs, items ordered under this amended accordingly.

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