Zhuhai Highway Regulations

Original Language Title: 珠海市公路路政管理规定

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(July 15, 2005 Zhuhai city people's Government at the 12th Executive meeting on July 22, 2005 48th Zhuhai city people's Government promulgated as of September 1, 2005) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen the municipal road management, ensuring the integrity, security and unimpeded, under the People's Republic of China highway law, the Guangdong provincial highway regulations and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Second road, Zhuhai City Council, as highway authority, road administration duties within the administrative area of the city, is responsible for implementation of this provision.
    Roads in these rules, including roads and bridges, tunnels and highways, however, according to their position in the highway network is divided into national, provincial and county roads and township roads.
    Management referred to in these provisions refers to road authorities under the relevant national law, provisions of the statutes and regulations, and protect roads, road and highway affiliated facilities (collectively the "Middle Road") administrative acts.
    Article III land, transportation, construction, planning, urban management, public security, industrial and commercial departments assist in road management work within the scope of their respective duties.
    Urban roads and highways are overlapping, the management of permissions determined by the municipal people's Government.
    Article road protected by national law, and no unit or individual is allowed to destroy, damage or illegally occupied.
    All units and individuals have the obligation to protect the Middle Road, the right to report any damage, damage to roads and road safety act.
    Chapter II administrative duties fifth Highway administrative departments shall exercise the following road administration duties: (a) for processing of applications for mining, occupy or use the roads to stop and investigate acts of destruction, damage or illegally occupied roads.
    (B) handle the overload for the matter, Suppress and investigate and deal with illegal overweight transportation acts.
    (C) the setting and maintenance of ancillary facilities of roads.
    (D) the roads on both sides of highway construction control management.
    (E) maintaining the order of road construction.
    (Vi) participation in matters relating to Highway management in highway engineering design review and project acceptance.
    (VII) the highway law enforcement supervision and inspection.
    (VIII) other road management duties stipulated by laws and regulations.
    Article sixth Highway administrative departments should strengthen Highway enforcement team-building, improving the quality of highway law enforcement officers and law enforcement levels.
    Article seventh Highway administrative departments shall establish a management reporting system, public telephone, mailing address or email address.
    Highway administrative departments upon receipt of the report shall be processed in a timely manner in accordance with law, give awards to units and individuals to report true.
    Eighth highway law enforcement officers when conducting supervision and inspection in accordance with law, two or more persons shall participate in, wear marks, administrative law-enforcement posts.
    Highway enforcement special vehicles should set unified signs and warning lights.
    Nineth highway law enforcement officers when conducting supervision and inspection according to law, is entitled to the units and individuals to understand the situation, check out, copy the relevant information.
    Supervision and inspection of the unit and individual shall receive Highway supervision and inspection according to law enforcement personnel, provide relevant information or to explain the situation.
    Chapter Management section administrative matters article tenth of any units or individuals approved by the highway authority according to law the following acts: (a) the project needs to occupy or dig the roads or road rerouted.
    (B) construction (wear), highway bridges, arches, tunnels, aqueducts, tunnels and bridges, (planted) pipelines and other facilities.
    (C) land used within the control areas on both sides of the highway and road laying pipelines, cables and other facilities.
    (Iv) iron-wheeled vehicles, tracked vehicles and other machines that may damage the road surface, it required driving on the highway.
    (E) more than roads, highway bridges, highway tunnels, or car ferries limited load, height, width restriction and limit the vehicle really required at highway speeds.
    (F) outside of the highway within the highway signs and other flags.
    (VII) on the sides of roads within the terms of advertising, signage design and construction of facilities.
    (VIII) and highway connections, set the level crossing (opened on the highway intersection).
    (I) update, logging roads with trees, flowers and grass on the ground.
    (10) other use, occupation of land for roads, road.
    This section of fifth, eighth affect traffic safety should also be agreed by the public security traffic Administrative Department.
    11th Highway, highway-wide ban by the following acts: (a) illegal roadblocks, road, stall, set up car repair, car wash, debris piled up, threshing grain drying, compost making, or other behaviors that affect traffic.
    (B) dumping clay, installed advertising, signage, road or highway drainage facilities, sewerage, vehicle mounted mud and gravel, debris thrown into the road or other road behavior.
    (C) destroy or move or alter ancillary facilities of roads.
    (D) the blocked Highway drainage systems, unauthorized use of bridge, culvert or road drainage system lock and dams to store water.
    (E) the highway bridges, tunnels, laying of transmission of inflammable, explosive and toxic gases or liquids pipelines.
    (Vi) other encroachment, sabotage, damaging the road, endangering road safety behaviour.
    12th in super-highway on closed roads, apart from the prohibition of the acts referred to in article 11th, also prohibits the following acts: (a) non-motor vehicles, tractors, motorcycles, pedestrians and animals entering.
    (B) parking up and down of passengers, loading and unloading cargo.
    (Iii) intercepting or checking vehicles, laws, administrative laws and regulations prevail.
    13th article of any vehicles in the transport shed leakage, easy to throw and to touch the road goods, protective measures should be taken, not pollution and damage to the road surface.
    14th any units and individuals damaged roads, pollution-producing Highway shall bear liability, take up, using road or overlimit shall bear the compensation responsibility.
    Road damage caused by road traffic accidents or pollution, public security traffic Administrative Department shall inform and assist in road management agencies.
    15th overload unit vehicles approved by the highway authorities in roads, bridges, tunnels, ferries run on, property shall be liable for road units to the technical protection measures and the costs incurred by repairing the damaged part.
    16th road law enforcement personnel for vehicles travelling on the highway for overrun detection, the unit or the inspector shall cooperate with the.
    After testing an overrun or an approved overload vehicle shall immediately release; unauthorised overrun vehicles should be parked in highway Management Agency in a given place, unloading to meet limit values of axial load and others, and pay have mileage compensation according to relevant regulation after the parties may continue to exercise.
    17th in highway construction units and individuals approved for road, and the new repair, alteration, shall conform to the construction and maintenance standards.
    Construction workers should wear clothing of uniform safety signs.
    Units and individuals in the construction job, should be standard stacking materials, construction vehicles, machinery should be set clear work signs, construction of road construction or detour signs, safety signs flag is set, suspension warning light at night, was at the scene directing traffic when necessary.
    Construction units and individuals should promptly clean up the construction site after the construction completes, ensure the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians.
    Due to inclement weather, natural disasters, construction and other reasons need to be shut down highways, highway administrative departments and public security traffic management departments jointly issued a circular and to take steps to regulate, restoring traffic. 18th article according to the needs or other construction projects of urban planning, national highway, provincial roads and toll roads need changing, approved by the provincial road management agencies, the construction unit shall not be lower than the road of the original grade is responsible for rerouting project investment.
    Change within one year after completion of the new procedures for the transfer of old road.
    Article 19th of urban roads and highways overlap, project completion at the priority property unit made use of land for roads, construction after the completion of highway land property unit made of his right.
    Article 20th road reconstruction projects before the completion, the construction unit or project legal person shall handle the roads and highways to land registration, and required to obtain a land use permit.
    In road reconstruction and extension engineering in the 30th after acceptance of, the project owner or project legal person should also send information related to asset management bodies.
    Asset information to be transferred include the Red maps, land use right certificate as well as roads, bridges and culverts, highway appendages, traffic engineering, underground pipes and other materials. 21st motorway after alteration, expansion, road construction within the controlled area by the way, continues as highway planning, construction and management, and retain their property rights.
    Temporary occupation, to road management agencies should complete the formalities. Outside the highway construction control in the same way, to exchange for Highway administrative departments according to law the new highway infrastructure needed by expropriation of land; change of use or scrap, shall be agreed by the City Department of land administration and approval authority for approval.
    In front of the alter or scrap procedures completed, no unit or individual is allowed to occupy.
    22nd foreign capital, loans, financing, such as on the original highway expansion, renovation and the ferry charge after changing the bridge tolls (toll), the original road after State-owned assets Evaluation Agency, the production and demand priced into investment upon completion of the works, still managed by the Highways Agency to implement unified road administration.
    23rd no units and individuals on both sides of the highway within the sign, it shall be approved by the highway authority: (a) the highway 80 meters.
    (B) national road 50 meters.
    (C) Provincial Highway 30 meters.
    (D) the county road 20 metres.
    (E) Township Road 10 meters. Origin is outside the above range from roadside ditches (endless ditches, from bar or lateral percussion wall five meters run).

    Advertisements, settings for signage facilities, the design, construction and maintenance in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national, provincial and municipal.
    Highway construction control in section II the district administration article 24th Road Highway control areas on both sides of the range, under the principles of ensuring traffic safety and economical use of land, from roadside ditches, slopes foot berm, top section from the outer edge of the ditch or fence, markers, in accordance with the following criteria defined: (a) the highway less than 30 meters.
    (B) National Highway less than 20 meters.
    (C) provincial highway not less than 15 m.
    (D) the County not less than ten meters.
    (V) rural road of not less than five metres.
    Highway control areas the scope determined by the law and after the announcement, managed by the highway organization posts, boundary markers.
    25th construction, reconstruction of highway route determined, highway authorities should notify the relevant local people's Government departments, in highway construction control no longer approve construction of buildings and structures in the region. On construction of the project is about to start or are road, highway authorities should release announcement and implementation of road administration in accordance with law.
    No unit or individual may in highway construction land rush, lay within.
    Article 26th road protection and conservation needs, prohibited road construction within the control area to build various buildings, structures and facilities.
    Really necessary water supply, drainage, gas, electricity, oil, communications, water conservancy and other pipeline facilities, shall be subject to the highway authority and the Administrative Department of planning approval before implementation.
    27th on the sides of roads highway construction outside the control zone for development and construction may not be blocked Highway drainage system. Fill, excavation should set up a permanent drainage system or retaining wall (slope), drainage shall not be damaged roads.
    Fill height should be less than the outer edge of the road shoulder elevation; independent drainage systems or partitions, not landfill road drains or water into the road.
    28th road along the towns and Guan Li Qu, preparation of construction planning and construction shall conform to the provisions concerning highways building control requirements shall not be laid out along the road-building.
    29th road through the village, town planning, construction and management, should conform to these provisions.
    Existing buildings and structures under construction, reconstruction of highway construction control in the region, no serious impact on traffic safety and traffic, can maintain the status quo, but not allowed to be rebuilt or expanded.
    Third section highway bridge and subsidiary facilities management 30th article in highway of medium highway bridge, and ferry around 200 meters, and small bridge (culvert) around the 80 meters, and highway tunnel above and hole outside 100 meters range within, belongs to highway bridge security regional, ban following behavior: (a) mining sand, and mining, and built dam, and shrink narrow or spread wide river, and burning, and brush slope, and blasting, and take soil, and cut and other similar behavior.
    (B) the dumping of trash, dirt, stacked or harmful material, berthed passenger-cargo vessels, bamboo raft raft, dock load dangerous goods vehicles, and other similar acts.
    (C) use Bridge, bridge, bridge Park, testing brakes, set up stalls.
    (D) the fire operation across the bridge.
    (E) to build barriers to bridges and buildings or structures for the conservation, maintenance and landscape.
    (F) the highway bridges, tunnels, laying of transmission of inflammable, explosive and toxic gases or liquids pipelines.
    (VII) other road bridges, ferry terminals, tunnels safe behavior.
    31st motor and non-motor vehicles shall be prescribed by the flying traffic signs on the bridge to traffic.
    32nd road bridge erection pipeline shall be according to the provisions in article tenth, to apply to the highway authority, approval can be set up and checked on a regular basis to ensure safety.
    Bridge alteration, expansion, pipeline units shall be unconditionally removed, relocated in time line.
    When the 33rd damage affecting the safety of highway bridges, highway authorities should immediately set up a dangerous bridge, warning signs, and to notify the public security traffic management sector; serious impact on traffic safety, road management agencies should take measures to bridge, the public security traffic Administrative Department shall cooperate with.
    When road closure required, bridge maintenance, highway authorities and public security traffic Administrative Department shall jointly issued road and bridge closure notices, and published in the media.
    Article 34th all units and individuals to bridge security areas within the river channel, excavation, pile driving, underground pipe jacking, blasting operations, security measures should be established, before construction.
    35th article of any units and individuals damaged roads and bridges, according to the provisions of article 14th Party shall bear liability, damages by road management in highway engineering norm approved and actual damage.
    Underground pipeline leak, burst accident damaged roads and bridges, the underground pipeline property units are responsible for repairs; property units which are not the responsibility of, and underground pipeline property units to units or individuals to recover.
    36th any unit and individual is a temporary occupation of bridges ', according to the provisions of article tenth, highway administrative departments for examination and approval.
    37th article of any units and individuals in violation of these provisions use or temporary occupation security zone of highway bridge, highway law enforcement officials should stop shall be ordered to immediately correct or rectify; endanger the safety of bridges, road management agencies can be torn down; bridge is due to the space occupied and ancillary facilities damaged, according to the required standard for damages.
    Article 38th on the fourth chapter of legal responsibility of violation of the provisions of article tenth diyi、er、San、SI, managed by the Highways Agency ordered to stop illegal activities, can be fined a maximum of 5,000 yuan and caused damages to roads, and ordered to make restitution, damages, temporary suspension of construction tools and equipment, and can be fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.
    39th in violation of the provisions of article tenth of the fifth, by road authorities be ordered to desist from the illegal act, can be fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan and serious, force uninstall, liable to a fine of less than 1000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.
    40th in violation of the provisions of article tenth of the sixth to seventh, managed by the Highways Agency ordered to stop illegal activities, dismantle, liable to a fine of less than 1000 Yuan and 5,000 yuan in serious cases, be fined a maximum of 5,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan; fails to dismantle, managed by the Highways Agency removed, the costs are borne by setting.
    41st in violation of the provisions of article tenth of eighth, by road authorities be ordered to desist from the illegal act, restitution and fined a maximum of between 50,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan.
    42nd in violation of the provisions of article tenth of the Nineth, in addition to the compensation provided, and damaged a tree or a per square meter and flowers, the Highway Administration penalty of between 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan.
    Article 43rd in violation of the provisions of article 11th, managed by the Highways Agency ordered to stop the violations, deadline to take remedial action or compensation, and according to the following provisions: (a) violation of the provisions of article 11th first to second, middle road damage have not been caused, fined a maximum of 500 Yuan and caused road damage, fined 500 Yuan and 5,000 yuan.
    (B) violation of the provisions of article 11th, penalty of between 5,000 yuan; endanger traffic or road safety, in serious cases, fines of between 5,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.
    (C) violation of the provisions of article 11th IV, v, VI, managed by the Highways Agency ordered removed, fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan; fails to dismantle, managed by the Highways Agency removed costs borne by the setter.
    Production, pollution, damage Road Highway, completed in time before the relevant compensation procedures vehicles should be parked in the road authority in a given place.
    44th article in violation of the provisions of article 17th, by road authorities be ordered to desist from the illegal act, affecting traffic or endanger the safety of, liable to a penalty of 5,000 yuan; losses caused, by the construction unit shall bear civil liability.
    45th in violation of paragraph one of this article 26th, managed by the Highways Agency ordered to dismantle and can be fined a maximum of 50,000 yuan, and fails to dismantle, managed by the Highways Agency removed, the costs are borne by setting.
    Article 46th on the violation of the provisions of article 30th does not cause damage to the road, managed by the Highways Agency ordered to desist from the illegal act and is responsible for the cleanup, restitution and a fine of 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan fines; has caused road damage, the highway authority to order restitution, compensation for loss of road, and a fine of 30,000 yuan fine.
    47th in violation of the provisions of article 34th, managed by the Highways Agency rectification and shall be fined a maximum of 20,000 yuan.
    48th refuse or obstruct the highway law enforcement personnel performing official business according to law, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of the regulations on administrative penalties for public security constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    49th road management institutions and their staff, one of the following acts, according to the management authority by relevant departments directly in charge of personnel, as well as directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law: (a) the duties are not required to wear labels or without a certificate of administrative enforcement.
    (B) on highway construction work is not in accordance with the regulations the timely acceptance and restoration of highway.
    (C) not complying with the provisions of administrative license, the administrative punishment and administrative compulsory measures.
    (D) due to poor supervision and management, causing greater damage or personal injury, damage to property of others.
    (E) other acts of negligence, malpractice, abuse.
    50th party for Highway Administration refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law; if no application for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit nor performs the decision of administrative penalty, made the decision on administrative penalty the Agency shall apply to the people's Court for enforcement. Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 51st these provisions come into force on September 1, 2005.