Anshan City Heating Management

Original Language Title: 鞍山市城市供热管理办法

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(October 27, 2005 Anshan Government 49th times Executive Conference considered through November 2, 2005 Anshan Government makes 149th, announced since announced of day up purposes) first chapter General first article for strengthening city heating management, maintenance hot user and heating enterprise of lawful rights and interests of, protection environment, save energy, promote heating career development, improve city heating level, according to Liaoning province city heating management approach, combined I city actual, developed this approach.
    Urban heating in these measures in article, refers to the city in the CHP, industrial waste heat, boiler, dispersing heat sources, such as steam, hot water boiler, through paid public heating supply pipe network in hot.
    Heating enterprises in these measures refers to production, management of steam, hot water and other media businesses.
    Users in these measures refers to consumption heating units and individuals provide public heating heat.
    Article in Anshan City area planning for the urban heating of planning, construction, production, distribution, use, and management of, shall abide by these measures. Fourth Directorate is the city of Anshan city Administrative Department of the city heat.
    Management Office is the city of the city of Anshan city heating heating management, commissioned by the municipal real estate Bureau, responsible for the supervision and administration of specific.
    Development and reform, planning, finance, pricing, public security, civil affairs, labor and social security, environmental protection and other relevant administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with urban heat-supply management. Fifth city heat supply for the city Administrative Department, urban heating, and regulatory bodies shall perform the duty of supervision and management of the heating market, urban heating before, during and after the process of supervision and inspection to ensure quality.
    In the heating Enterprise carry out quality assessment activities, in order to ensure the quality of heating units and individuals that have achieved outstanding successes, should be commended and rewarded. Chapter II planning and constructing the sixth city district heating must be the implementation of an integrated planning and management, giving priority to the development of central heating.
    The existing decentralized heat-supply boiler room, the municipal urban heating, planning, organization of environmental protection Administrative Department of planning, co-ordinating, batches completed reconstruction of central heating. New construction project consists of the construction unit in accordance with the provisions of article VII to pay subscriptions of centralized heat-supply engineering.
    Scattered leaves into the boiler room central heating pipe network, subscriptions from heating companies pay.
    Network fee collecting, storage, monitoring, the use shall be separately formulated by the municipal government and the specific measures and reported to the municipality for approval.
    Heating heat using subscriptions and pipeline construction, formed by the transformation of assets are public assets. Eighth new construction, renovation or expansion projects of indoor heating system and control system of household recycling, should be made to achieve the metering.
    Is not in the design of household heating of buildings, construction drawing design documents shall not be approved, no acceptance of engineering.
    Of the old houses, city heat supply for the city administrative departments should make planning, co-ordination, arrangement, batches completed household heating renovation. Nineth revamping project of household heating should be in accordance with relevant State regulations, standards and technical specifications for the design and construction.
    Shall not be any of the following acts: (a) employment of non-qualified personnel of the construction construction, (ii) the use of substandard materials, (iii) unauthorized fees and other unreasonable requirements; (d) other violations.
    Article tenth due to improper construction, property losses caused to users or delay construction progress and the impact of heating and heat supply enterprises shall assume the responsibilities.
    Chapter III 11th urban heating facilities heating equipment including heat, heat exchanger stations, network well and indoor plumbing, piping, pump, valves, measuring instruments, radiator (film) and other related facilities. 12th construction units of heating services after expiry of the warranty period, for heating the heating company is responsible for maintenance and renovation.
    Non-resident users of indoor heating repairs, maintenance and heating agreed by the enterprise, their agreement shall prevail.
    Should the heating maintenance and reformation of heat supply facilities, shall not be charged to user fees other than the cost of heating. 13th heat supply enterprises shall allow the user to replace the State permits the production of other types of radiators (film) and on the movement of reasonable heating facilities, and shall not charge a fee. But the heat users to replace the heatsink (film) or heating facilities in the number of mobile location shall be agreed by the heating company.
    Dispute arises, users can apply to the city heat-supply management agencies, identified by the municipal urban heat-supply management agencies, and make a decision.
    User replaceable, maintenance of heating facilities and losses caused to a heating company and other users, by the users themselves are responsible for. 14th article ban following damage heating facilities or effect its using function of behavior: (a) in heating facilities management range within mining sand, and take soil, and blasting or for other harmful job; (ii) unauthorized will since built heating facilities and public heating facilities phase connection; (three) relies on boiler room or ground tube network facilities built structures or for led pulled, and lifting, bearing job; (four) in underground pipeline above building construction, and stacked material, and tree planting; (five) to heating pipeline trench or check well within emissions rain (snow) water, and
    Sewage or dumping, (vi) out of indoor heating tube built into or walls of a building; (g) heating equipment or affect the function of other damage.
    15th due to construction of public need affecting the safe operation of construction of heat supply facilities, you must first seek the views of heating, and to take effective preventive measures to ensure heating facilities.
    Fourth chapter hot 16th city heating for heating and introduction of franchising system, heat supply enterprises should have market access conditions in line with State regulations, and access granted by the competent administrative Department for city heating after the franchise, before engaging in the heating operation. 17th system of heating the heating operation an annual inspection.
    Each year from May to July, heating heating equipment, should be provided to the municipal heating supply management personnel, as well as the last heating season heating management, complaints and other information on the status of, and subject to annual inspections.
    To fail to pass the annual inspection of heating, by the competent administrative authority shall order rectification of urban heating, corrective action failed to cancel the franchise.
    Article 18th heating period is from November 1 to March 31 the following year, in case of special circumstances, advance or extend heating time is required, according to the same government regulations.
    Heating period within used thermoelectric cogeneration, and boiler heating of residents hot user bedroom heating temperature standard for 18 ± 2 ℃, but shall not below 16 ℃; used heat water heating of residents hot user bedroom heating temperature standard for 17 ± 2 ℃, but shall not below 15 ℃; non-residents hot user indoor heating temperature standard by related provides implementation, non-residents hot user and heating Enterprise another has agreed of, from its agreed.
    Article 19th heat supply enterprises shall perform the following duties: (a) the heating operation activities carried out according to the franchising rights, are not allowed to receive, transfer, surrender and give up heat supply facilities; (b) the scientific and rational development of enterprises annual production and supply plan, and provide society with sustainable, stable and in line with standard heating services; (c) in accordance with national regulations and industry safety standards, Organization production; (Four) accept city city heating administrative competent sector and the city city heating management institutions on heating quality and service quality of supervision check; (five) by provides time will medium-and long-term development planning, and annual business plans, reported city city heating management institutions record; (six) maintenance, and maintenance heating facilities and guarantee its normal run and stable heating; (seven) established sound repair processing, and heating facilities archives, internal management system, perfect at room temperature monitoring means, at any time master heating effect; (eight) according to municipal government provides of heating term, and
    At room temperature and rate performance of heating duties; (IX) refund paid quality reserves and (10) other duties stipulated by laws and regulations. 20th district heating enterprises should set up representative resident within the heating heat detection at room temperature, and city heat-supply management agencies for the record. Heating an area of 1 million square meters (1 million square meters) the following shall be established according to the total number of 2% room temperature detection point; heating area of more than 1 million square meters, should be established according to the total number of 1% room temperature testing.
    City heat-supply management organizations should organize regular testing and sampling.
    Heat supply enterprises shall establish contact with setting of room temperature detection point to users, keep track of users at room temperature, and do a test record, and shall report at least once a week the city heat-supply management inspection records at a time. Article 21st heating enterprise user complaints mechanism should be established, publicly accepted calls, handle heat problems reflected by the user.
    During heating, schedule staff on duty 24 hours. 22nd heating failure, abnormal heating, heat supply enterprises shall immediately organize the repair work is being urgently, urban heating, and report management.
    In public places require road repair, repairs, after completing the formalities, public security, transportation, construction and other relevant administrative departments shall provide cooperation.
    During the repair period, field should display warning signs and safety facilities repair end, shall be restored.
    Article 23rd heating stops heating, should notice users is well known in a timely manner. Heating is not required or agreed period of heating heating, heating temperature of provisions or the agreement is not reached, users have the right to request refund part or all of the heating heating enterprises; heat loss, compensation shall be made.
    Poor insulation for housing, or users without changing the structure or Interior heating, or renovation, decoration and influencing the effects of heat, as a result of force majeure, except not heating. Article 24th resident users did not reach the required temperature indoor temperature for two hours, heating heating shall be returned according to the following criteria:

    1, and thermoelectric cogeneration, and boiler heating home indoor temperature in 16 – 13 ℃ (containing 13 ℃) Zhijian, heat water heating home indoor temperature in 15 – 13 ℃ (containing 13 ℃) Zhijian, by heating period within day average heating fee of 33% returned; 2, and bedroom within temperature in 13 – 10 ℃ (containing 10 ℃) Zhijian, by heating period within day average heating fee of 53% returned; 3, and bedroom within temperature below 10 ℃, by heating period within day average heating fee of 100% returned.
    Non-resident users indoor temperature for two hours did not meet required or agreed temperature, heating heating shall be returned reference to the provisions of the preceding paragraph; supply, heat otherwise agreed by the parties, their agreement shall prevail. 25th resident users indoor temperature below the required standards, users can test request to the heating, heating heat users within 1 hour of the request arrived at the test site.
    Tested to meet the criteria of return, heat supply enterprises shall be accounted for according to the prescribed standards issued by the qualification process, within 1 month after the end of the heating period and return the corresponding heating costs, agreed by the user, and can also be transferred to the next year in heating costs.
    Article 26th test dispute or heating enterprises have not tested or certified, users may make a complaint to the city heat-supply management agencies, carried out by the municipal urban heat-supply management bodies in a timely manner test and found that can also be directly commissioned legal metrology technical organization for testing and accreditation. 27th article quality refund provision system.
    Heat supply enterprises shall before October 31 in each year, pay to city heat-supply management agencies quality refund provision.
    Quality refund reserves according to the heating area charge, per building square meters of 0.3 Yuan. Heating the heating quality not up to required standards, and not in accordance with the means to compensate customers losses, city heat-supply management agencies have the right to refund with quality reserve compensation heat losses.
    After the end of the heating period, and city heat-supply management agencies shall promptly refund the remaining quality reserves returned to the heat business.
    28th users shall abide by the following provisions: (a) timely payment of heating costs, (ii) are not allowed to operate on and off heating valves (c) are not allowed to remove, move and transform the heating facilities and (iv) may not be discharged or embezzlement of hot water and steam heating cycle (v) shall not effect the heating effect or impede the normal maintenance of heat supply facilities, maintenance of other behavior. Article 29th for housing do not need heating, heat user heating must be in before September 30 of that year enterprises apply for suspension of heating procedure, by heating enterprises to take measures to stop the heating. When you need to restore the heating, heat user heating enterprises restore heating procedure.
    Reconstruction of household users have been implemented, does not pay the heating recovery fee; no reform of household customers shall pay a fee for heat recovery. Stop by hot housing, should take effective measures to ensure the normal use of indoor water supply and drainage facilities.
    Resulting from indoor temperature indoor water supply and drainage facilities in normal use or damage and causes losses to the neighboring users, by the users assume liability. Fifth chapter heating article 30th urban heat who implemented heat, who pay the principle of heat directly to the heating company to pay heating costs.
    Specific measures for the collection, heating fee collection in Anshan city, according to the implementation of the interim measures. Article 31st of heating costs and other fees associated with heating standards are set by the Municipal Department in charge of price.
    Heat supplying enterprises are not allowed to set fees and fee-setting standards. Article 32nd urban heating adjustment funds, used to enjoy the city's minimum living guarantee of residents and residents of other difficult post to pay heating costs.
    Specific measures according to the relevant provisions of the municipal government.
    Sixth chapter legal responsibility 33rd article violates this article sixth, dispersed in the boiler room within the deadline are not implemented or refuses to accept the transformation of central heating,, urban heating, by Administrative Department ordered corrective action and fined 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.
    Article 34th disobey article eighth, for new construction, renovation or expansion projects of indoor heating systems, household heating is not implemented, by the competent administrative Department for city heating shall be ordered to correct, up to 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine.
    35th in violation of the provisions of article Nineth, by the competent administrative Department for city heating more than 500 Yuan for heating of less than 2000 Yuan fine. Article 36th disobey article 14th, by the municipal administrative authorities shall order to stop abuses of urban heating.
    Caused no damage to the facility but refused to stop violations, fined 2000 Yuan fines; caused damage to the facility, in addition to ordering compensation for losses, punishable by a fine of between 1 and 5 times times.
    37th disobey article 19th, any of the following acts, by the competent administrative Department for city heating in a warning, and a fine of 3000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine; the circumstances are serious, cancel the franchise, right to the transfer of heat management.
    (A) receiving, transfers, transfer of heat supply facilities without permission, (ii) repair, maintenance, and operational negligence or mismanagement, resulting in stable heating of heating not working properly, or does not, (iii) allowed to shorten the municipal heating period provided or not up to the standard of room temperature; (iv) refund does not pay the quality reserves.
    Article 38th without giving up heating, stop heating, by the municipal administrative authorities ordered recovery of urban heating, and a fine of 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.
    39th article violates this article 20th, establishes room temperature heating is not detected, no record, no periodic report testing records, by the competent administrative Department for city heating warning, shall be ordered to correct; it refuses, up to 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine.
    40th heating temperature demands on users, not tested or found, by the competent administrative Department for city heating warning, shall order rectification refuses, and fined 1000 Yuan and 3000 Yuan fine.
    41st article violates article 28th of this approach (b) to (e) the provision, by the competent administrative Department for city heating warning, shall order rectification refused to correct, punishable by fines of less than 50 Yuan and 500 Yuan causing heat damage, compensation shall be made.
    Theft of water for heating, heating company from the date of heat, flow water devices charge 5 Yuan per ton loss in fees.
    Users in violation of the foregoing constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    42nd district heating company was fined for violating these rules for heating enterprises and persons that can fine at 5% 1% to the corporate fines, but not more than 1000 Yuan.
    Article 43rd unreasonable obstruction or interference with normal construction of heat supply facilities, maintenance, renovation, as well as theft, damage the heating of public facilities, hindering urban heating administrative departments and city heat-supply management agency staff perform their duties according to law by the public security organs in accordance with the punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    44th of municipal urban heating administrative departments and city heat-supply management bodies functionaries, malpractice, negligence, by their work units or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Article 45th refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty law may apply for reconsideration or initiate litigation to the people's Court directly.
    If no application for reconsideration does not bring a lawsuit, nor performs the decision of administrative penalty, make a decision of administrative penalty authority apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.
    Article 46th acts in violation of these measures involves planning, price and environmental protection department administrative privileges, by the above sector according to the relevant laws, rules and regulations will be punished.
    Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 47th House mentioned in these measures refers to residential, dormitory bedroom and living room.
    48th city planning of heating, heating engineering project approval, for heat-related matters such as contracts, according to the relevant national and provincial regulations.
    49th article haicheng, Taian County, xiuyan Manchu autonomous county may refer to the implementation of these measures. 50th these measures come into force on the date of promulgation.
                                                                                The issuance of Anshan city heating management, General Office of the Municipal Government Office on urban heating facilities management and in violation of several provisions of the notice (saddle the political ban FA [1994]108) repealed simultaneously.