Technical Regulations For Kunming Urban Planning Management

Original Language Title: 昆明市城市规划管理技术规定

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(October 17, 2005 Kunming Government 97th times Executive Conference considered through November 15, 2005 Kunming Government makes 59th, announced since January 1, 2006 up purposes) first chapter General first article for Science prepared city planning, strictly city planning management, achieved city planning design and planning management of standardization, and standardized and legal of, guarantees law implementation city planning, according to People's Republic of China city planning method, and Yunnan province city planning Management Ordinance, and     Kunming urban planning regulations and approved of the Kunming urban planning, as well as national, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, norms and standards, combined with the actual situation of Kunming city, provisions are formulated.     Provisions of this article apply in Kunming urban planning areas in the urban planning, engineering design and construction planning management related activities.     Preparation and approval of the partition plan, detailed planning (including controlled detailed planning and detailed construction planning), relating to the professional planning and architecture design should conform to national, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, codes, standards and regulations.     Planning should be uniform national coordinate system.     Kunming urban planning area of land-use and construction activities shall conform to the approved plan; there are no approved plan shall conform to these provisions. The third Kunming urban planning area determined in accordance with approved Kunming urban planning.     The area within the city limits of the urban planning zone, reference to these provisions.     Chapter II with the fourth article of the city construction land classification and construction standards, in accordance with the planning and construction of urban land classification and land-use standards (GBJ137-90).     Article fifth Division of land for construction should follow the principle of compatibility of land use, in accordance with the approved detailed plans of implementation; there is no approved plan, according to the zoning table 2-1 and the provisions of the regulations.     The construction project was not included in the table 2-1, managed by the urban planning department in accordance with environmental impact assessment conclusions and infrastructure conditions, specific well-built scope approved.     Need to change the planning of land use, shall, in accordance with the prescribed procedures and approval rights executed after approval of the relevant authority.     Sixth main town planning layout of land use within the district shall follow "inspections, construction, increasing green space, lower density, function" principle.     Article seventh city land use within the second ring road to financial services, producer services, Business Office, trading mainly adjusted residential land, strictly control the large warehouse-type building commercial facilities and wholesale market, no further new, expanded factories, warehouses and a comprehensive major medical institutions and other facilities.     In cultural relics protection units and buildings protection within the scope of protection may not be new buildings, needed new buildings, shall comply with the relevant regulations, codes, standards and planning requirements; construction within the control zone around it new construction, renovation or expansion of a building, shall be coordinated with cultural relics protection units and protection for the building, meet the requirements of relevant conservation planning.     Eighth major city construction projects within the size requirements of the planning area.     (A) the main city within the second ring road construction project shall comply with the following provisions: 1. the construction projects should be based on planning of way width 15m or 15m development and construction of these roads surrounding neighborhood as a whole. 2. cannot be the overall transformation of the neighborhood land development should be integrated in the same neighborhood around the site.     Its land, in principle, shall be not less than 10 acres, except for the main shopping area of non-residential projects.     3. the scale is less than 10 acres of land, generally are not permitted to commercial housing projects, in principle for environment, roads and public facilities, public welfare, municipal facilities and construction.     4. planning of way width 40m and 40m both sides of the trunk road construction project land, planning, way outside and depth not less than 50m.     (B) the main city area outside the second ring road construction project land use shall comply with the following provisions: 1. goods mainly to living land dimension of residential project in principle must not be less than 50 acres; less than 50 acres should be integrated as far as possible the surrounding land.     2. planning of way width 40m and 40m on either side of the trunk road construction project land way topical depth shall not be less than 60M.     Nineth scale does not meet the provisions of article eighth business purposes should be referred to the municipal land and resource management sectors for land resources, to land, upon request, to the city by the municipal land and resource management planning and management authority for land-use planning and design criteria.     Tenth in the urban planning area within the infrastructure need to requisition from country to country according to the related policy of rural collective land reserved for farmers ' lives, production sites, shall comply with the requirements of urban planning, in principle, relatively centralized arrangement. Chapter III building capacity control indicator 11th building, rebuilding or expansion projects of building capacity control indicator (with plot ratio and building density, the same below) should be performed according to the provisions of this chapter.     Building capacity control indicator shall not exceed the maximum value provided in table 3-1.     On the overall reform of "village in city", old dangerous houses and construction projects, in accordance with the urban planning requirements, and meet the requirements of the premise, is available in table 3-1 on the basis of appropriate land development intensity.     12th the capacity of existing buildings in a neighborhood controlled index table 3-1 has been exceeded, shall not be expanded.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               In the main city within the planning area, and existing buildings shall not be added. 2 2 13th construction company in city planning approved by the Administrative Department of planning indicators based on, and with fire, sunshine, transportation and other conditions, within the project area increased street or within the second ring road city     Planning administrative departments designated other blocks for public green space and public public facilities and municipal facilities (such as public toilets, sanitation, etc) construction, green or 1M for each additional land and planning required to build, in its development and construction projects, allowing 6m of floor space.     Article 14th overhead area of a building shall not be included in the green or other open space.     Without any form of building overhead enclosure, public purposes such as parking, landscaping, leisure, after examination and approval by the Municipal Department of urban planning administration, floor space not included in floor area ratio.     City Arcade buildings on both sides of the road, of a width not less than 3.5M, and headroom not less than 3.6m, and do not set up any stairs or obstacles, arcade section area at the bottom of the excluded volume.     15th repair of dilapidated housing shall not move basis, shall not increase the floor space, layer, height, etc. Fourth chapter public service facilities and parking berth 16th article in live project construction in the, elementary and middle schools, and kindergarten of set provides following: (a) elementary and middle schools, and kindergarten should according to table 4-1 grading set; (ii) elementary and middle schools, and kindergarten with to shall not is less than table 4-2 of provides; (three) elementary and middle schools, and kindergarten area shall not is less than table 4-3 of provides; (four) in elementary and middle schools, and kindergarten around 50m RADIUS range within, shall not arrangements production, and business, and store flammable easy burst and emissions toxic harmful material, and Noise pollution in construction projects.     30m range on either side of the main entrance in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, may not set up a waste transfer station, motor vehicle parking lots, Fairgrounds.     17th new schools, kindergarten teaching building, hospital and other buildings should be from the same side road edge (or planning to control the red line) and 30m (30m) red line of urban planning road control in 30m.     18th new construction, extension of the hospital, surrounding certain protection should be set up and should comply with environmental, health and other requirements.     19th city roads, residential areas, for the planning, design and construction should be strictly in accordance with the code for barrier-free design of urban roads and buildings (JGJ50-2001) simultaneously.     20th parking of all types of construction projects set standards shall not be provided in table 4-4. 21st who meet one of the following conditions of new construction, expansion, renovation and construction projects should be designed by qualified traffic impact assessment unit: 2 (a) the main city area larger than 4000m commercial building project within the second ring road; 2 2 (b) the area within the second ring road is greater than 1 000m, the second ring road over 2000m contain restaurants, entertainment and construction projects and (iii) external car park (garage) and all kinds of markets, a large warehouse-style commercial facilities, theaters, stadiums, exhibition venues, industries, hotels, restaurants and other projects, which can flow, logistics, 2 2 (d) within the second ring road city total area greater than 50000m     Second construction project outside the total construction area of more than 100000m.                                                        Included in the traffic impact assessment of construction projects, prepared by the planning and design of programmes should meet the requirements of traffic impact assessment. Article 3 3 22nd who meet one of the following conditions, and recycle water 45m, water demand of reclaimed water in the 30m building, rebuilding or expansion projects, the construction unit shall synchronize planning, design, construction of water facilities: 2 (a) of floor space greater than 20000m Hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, service buildings and high-rise residential; 2 (second) floor space greater than 30000m Government offices, research units, colleges and a comprehensive large-scale cultural and sports facilities; 2 (iii) area settlements or focus on building greater than 50000m areas. 23rd each housing cluster should be configured a certain amount of public toilets public toilets should be combined with a commercial facility or other service facility layout.     Distance between primary and secondary road public toilets suitable for 300~500m, commercial high population density streets should be less than 300m, the distance between the slip road public toilet, should be 750~1000m.                        24th new residential area shall be installed not less than one to operate agricultural and sideline products, commodity-oriented supermarket.     2 per 1km set of 2 small garbage transfer station, medium and large waste transfer station per 10~15km setting.     Fifth chapter greening and landscape articles 25th in new construction, expansion, renovation and construction projects within the land, green rate must not be less than provided in table 5-1. Green should be dominated by trees, appropriate distribution plant shrubs, ground cover, grasslands, in situ conservation of valuable and old trees, avoid transplanted in different places.     Encourage vertical form, roofs, platforms, such as green, if the platform height is not more than the ground levels of reference 1M, and road access from the ground, and average overburden thickness is greater than 1.2m, its green space area can participate in rate, or green space area shall not be included in rate.     26th in the construction of residential, intensive green setting should be at least one edge adjacent to the appropriate level residential roads, and meet the requirements of table 5-2. Green setting for a group shall meet not less than 1/3 of green areas in building Sun shadow line beyond the requirements of the standard, and easy to set up children's play facilities and adult leisure activities.     Courtyard-style green setting for a group should also meet requirements of table 5-3.     27th article landscape road, and Avenue, and street, and planning red wide ≥ 30m of city primary and secondary distributor sides, and square around of new, and alterations, and expansion buildings landscape provides following: (a) buildings should meet City Road and square of interface changes requirements, Pro City Road or square of State surface should for main State surface, State surface and roof styling should rich, and city street and square landscape phase coordination.     (Ii) Pro City Road or square of buildings continuous width in principle should meet following provides: 1. senior building continuous width is less than 60M; 2. in the senior building continuous width is less than 70m; 3. multilayer and lower building continuous width is less than 80m; 4. different building height combination of continuous width is less than highest buildings of continuous width; 5. logo sex building, and important public building of continuous width by city city planning administrative competent sector according to landscape need approved.     (C) urban roads or buildings of the square façade design and decoration shall be coordinated with the environment and landscape, not setting air conditioner outdoor unit and ancillary facilities such as building façade attachments, should be combined with a façade to be set, uniform design, covert, and report to the Department of urban planning Administration for approval.     (D) residential buildings of city road or square one may not set up the kitchen and highlight open balcony and city road or square side of the balcony and Windows may not install any form of cantilever type security cage is prohibited in residential building new restaurants, entertainment set in the strict control of residential building projects have a greater impact on the environment.     28th stadiums, theaters, hotels, restaurants, libraries, exhibition halls and other public buildings open to the public, City Road or square one, in principle, not the construction of the wall, intensive green road or square layout of the city.     Colleges, schools, kindergartens, residential, government agencies such as absolutely necessary to the construction of the wall should be designed to be permeable, and height not greater than 1.5M in principle, focus on green street layout in principle.     Oil, water plants, there are special requirements for the construction of the wall, wall height must not exceed 2.2m in principle, and walls should be greening, landscaping. Article 29th shall comply with the outdoor advertising outdoor advertising sets special planning and management of outdoor advertising regulations.     In buildings Shang set outdoor advertising also should meet following provides: (a) shall not damage buildings of State surface form, and main features, should and buildings of style, and form, and color, coordination; (ii) new, and alterations, and expansion of buildings should in programme design Shi reserved advertising location, no reserved of, shall not in its buildings Shang set outdoor advertising; has reserved outdoor advertising location of, its set of outdoor advertising location, and scale should and reserved of advertising location, and scale match.     30th article primary and secondary roads, shopping street of the city, such as the tall buildings should be conducted in parallel, important public buildings exterior walls and roof lighting, lighting design, construction. 31st arrangement of primary and secondary roads of the city no longer any overhead lines.     New construction, renovation and expansion of urban roads, pipelines should be buried into the ground.     Sixth chapter building 32nd construction spacing in addition to meet fire protection, transportation, health and seismic, engineering, construction, environmental protection, the protection of landscape and urban space requirements, but should also conform to the provisions of this chapter.     Architectural space should ensure that residential building ground floor room with an unblocked window winter solstice full sunshine time of one continuous hours.     Buildings insolation interval calculation standards determined by the municipal urban planning administrative departments.     Article 33rd multi-storey residential buildings, low-rise residential building shall not be less than the spacing of table 6-1 requirements.     Vertical layout of Gables residential building width should be not greater than 14m; gable width is greater than 14m, spacing according to the parallel arrangement of residential building control;-point mosaic within residential, special circumstances needed stitching, splicing shall not exceed two.     Calculated according to table 6-1 of architectural space could not meet the spacing or channels required should be controlled according to the actual requirements of fire prevention space, or channel.     Article 34th residential buildings are neither parallel nor perpendicular arrangement of space, principles of calculation in accordance with Appendix b for control.     35th width does not exceed 25m of high-rise residential buildings and other architectural space, principles of calculation in accordance with appendix c control, and shall conform to the provisions of this article 32nd.     Article 36th width more than 25m of high-rise residential buildings and other residential buildings arranged in parallel space, according to the provisions of the table 6-1.     37th article with many high-rise buildings, distance between walls of low-rise residential buildings, in accordance with the code for fire protection design of tall buildings (GB50045-95) provides for control, but Gables residential fenestration, spaced not less than 13m.     38th article non-live building and live building of spacing, should meet following provides: (a) non-live building is located in live building South or East West of, its spacing according to this provides 32nd article to 37th article of provides control; (ii) non-live building is located in live building North of, building spacing according to this provides 40th article provides implementation; (three) non-live building and live building of gable spacing according to architectural design fire Security specification of provides control. 39th hospital ward building, Hugh (rest) the residential buildings, kindergartens, nursery and primary school teaching building and the adjacent buildings on the South side of the pitch, should ensure that these buildings obscured window winter solstice full valid for no less than 3 hours of sunshine.     Meanwhile, outside the second ring road, adjacent building height not less than 1.3 times times within the second ring road, adjacent building height not less than 1.2 times.     40th article non-live building (this provides 39th article by column of non-live building except) of spacing, should meet following provides: (a) senior building parallel layout Shi of spacing 1. North-South to of, many Yu South building height of 0.4 times times, and its minimum value for 20m; 2. things to of, not is less than high building height of 0.3 times times, and its minimum value for 13m.     (B) with many high-rise buildings, low-rise buildings arranged in parallel time, rise in minimum space between the north side of the value of 13m senior 20m is the minimum value of spacing on the South side.     (C) when several buildings arranged in parallel spaced not less than South of 0.8 times or higher buildings, and to meet the space requirements of fire safety.     (D) the side of adjacent buildings for residential buildings, shall be executed pursuant to this chapter on residential building space requirements.     (E) urban planning administrative departments may, fire protection, transportation, health, environmental regulations and piping layout, architectural preservation and safety and other special requirements, and spacing to make special provisions for non-residential buildings.     Chapter seventh Setback 41st construction projects along with borders and city roads, highways, waterways, railways and power line protection zones boundaries on both sides of the building, its compromise distance in addition to meet fire protection, flood control, electricity, green and traffic safety requirements should also be consistent with the provisions of this chapter. 42nd article building concession road red provides: (a) building concession road Red distance in meet sunshine spacing of while, shall not is less than table 7-1 of provides; (ii) large mall, and theaters, and hotel, and hotel, and elementary and middle schools, and kindergarten, people, and traffic gathered of public building concession road Red distance except meet table 7-1 of provides outside, also should while meet people, and traffic evacuation of requirements; (three) building concession fast road Hou of with to should planting tall trees as shelterbelt with.     Building and road spacing does not meet noise requirements for protection, and shall then submit to the principles, set noise protection facilities in buildings or roads.     Article 43rd in the living quarters, housing cluster, red line Setback without planning roads controlled the road edge distance shall not be less than provided in table 7-2.     44th building concessions without planning the construction of road projects using boundary distance meet sunshine distance requirements at the same time, must not be less than provided in table 7-3. Article 45th Dang construction with to line another side for space Shi, building concession by another side for multilayer building concession; Dang should concession building and another side building into ≤ 30 ° angle Shi, building by parallel layout concession; Dang should concession building and another side building of angle >30 ° and ≤ 75 ° Shi, buildings away from construction with to line recently points concession distance for parallel layout Shi concession distance of 0.8 times times; Dang should concession building and another side building into >75 ° angle Shi, building by vertical layout concession.     46th article has has planning red control of highway, according to this provides 42nd article provides concession road red; has has green line control Highway belt of, according to planning green line control requirements implementation; no planning control red and green line control of highway, its belt width provides following: (a) status and the planning determine for State Road, and high grade highway of sides the 50m; (ii) main highway sides the 20m; (three) secondary Highway and the following grade Highway sides the 10m.     In highway planning and control line and within the buffer zone, not new construction, expansion or reconstruction of a building, but within the median can be cultivated or afforestation, upon approval by the urban planning administrative departments and related departments, or digging ditches, laying pipelines, erecting pole lines or service lane opened up and other activities.     47th Setback overpass and intersection rules: (a) the Setback overpasses and intersections shall be not less than provided in table 7-4, (ii) high-rise building compromise distance should also meet sunshine distance and evacuation requirements.     48th buildings give way in accordance with planning for long-term retention of natural, artificial canals and distance of the ancillary facilities, in accordance with the relevant plans and laws, rules and regulations at the same time, and shall conform to the provisions of table 7-5. 49th article building concession railway of provides: (a) building concession and recently side of railway side rail distance, associate rail route ≥ 30m; associate rail extension, and lines ≥ 20m; meters rail ≥ 15m; (ii) wall and railway recently side side rail distance ≥ 10m, wall of height ≤ 2.5m; (three) senior building, and tall structures (towers, and chimney,), and dangerous goods warehouse and plant and recently side of railway side rail distance and in railway crossing near for construction activities should meet railway management of about provides     (Iv) special section of belt width determined by the competent administrative authorities and the railways Department of city planning.     50th Setback electricity line requirements: (a) the Setback distance of overhead power lines not less than provided in table 7-6, (ii) underground power channel with side Setback margin shall be not less than 0.75m.     51st radio transceiver station Setback protected areas need special protection areas such as distance, in accordance with the approved planning and detailed planning of implementation of the partition.     Building height control in the eighth chapter 52nd building height should adhere to fire prevention, safety, sunshine and other requirements, you should also comply with the provisions of this chapter.     53rd in the limited headroom and signal channel airport, weather stations, radio and other wireless communication (including communication) and other special facilities and channels, the landscape around depending on the porch, new construction, expansion and renovation of the height of a building shall meet the headroom, channel limits and landscape Gallery rules. 54th in cultural relics protection units and building construction within the control zone around buildings building, rebuilding, expansion, its height should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the protection of cultural relics and historic districts.     No conservation plans, shall prepare a conservation plan, relevant departments for town planning and culture after the competent authority approval, in accordance with plan implementation.     In the Dianchi Lake in Xishan, (grass), Green Lake, the yuantong mountain, the Expo Park scenic area, surrounding the City Park building, rebuilding, expansion of buildings, shall comply with the provisions relating to regional planning, landscape planning and requirements, its height should ensure visibility of landscape Gallery.     55th along urban roads newly built, expanded and reconstructed the height of the building except in accordance with the provisions of 52nd outside, the provisions of articles 53, 54, building height (h) shall not exceed the planned red line the road width (w) and the Setback distance (s) and 1.2 times, namely: h ≤ 1.2 (W+S) (see Figure 1).     56th building along the scenic river and panlong River across the layout, building height (h), shall not exceed the river Setback distance (s): h ≤ s (see Figure 2).     Nineth chapter of urban road and 57th municipal pipeline engineering of city road planning and construction should be based on the corresponding town planning, dovetailed with the relevant planning, in accordance with the principles of overall planning, development, construction, General construction, avoiding duplication road excavation, and in conformity with the relevant norms and regulations.     58th pipelines referred to in this chapter shall be as follows: buried (frame) located under the road (on) the water pipe, drain (drainage) road, reclaimed water pipes and power lines (including cable and overhead wire), telecommunication lines (including communication cables and fiber optic cable, broadcast television), ground and underground pipelines and their auxiliary facilities such as gas pipeline.     59th article the municipal pipeline engineering of planning and construction, should according to city construction and transformation of development need, in city based facilities the professional system planning of guide Xia, according to full planning, and development, and supporting construction of principles, do and city road of planning and construction close combined, according to area and the road along for balanced, and manpower arrangements; should followed first underground Hou ground, first deep buried Hou shallow buried of science construction program, integrated organization construction, avoid repeat excavation.     Conditional status and new roads, pipeline tunnel or tunnel, avoiding duplication road excavation. 60th article new, and alterations City Road Engineering, should meet related specification and the following provides: (a) should meet city planning determine of road red, and vertical to elevation and cross section distribution; (ii) should set convenient disabled using of no obstacles facilities, and ensure unobstructed; (three) road red width ≥ 40m, and belongs to bus main route of City Road, should be set bus dedicated road; (four) road red width ≥ 30m, and City Road and other city times Distributor and the above grade of road plane cross Shi,     Import section of the number of lanes should be greater than the number of lanes, the added length should be from the intersection curb stones extend forward no less than 50m RADIUS endpoint.     61st when building internal roads and urban roads, the slope shall not be in the way of urban planning.     62nd article new, and alterations city bridge should meet bridge design specification requirements, and followed following provides: (a) new, and alterations bridge NET width shall not is less than planning road red width; (ii) bridge design should consider municipal pipeline laid and flood control requirements, can burning, and flammable, and easy burst engineering pipeline should not be using traffic bridge across River; (three) bridge of cross section divided should and planning road cross section consistent; (four) across railway, and city primary and secondary distributor of bridge clearance height ≥ 5M. 63rd pipelines should be determined through the comprehensive planning of the pipeline pipeline planar and spatial arrangement, and guided by the following principles: (a) all types of pipelines should be laid parallel to the center line of the road, and has separate installation, try to avoid crossing the road. Absolutely necessary to cross the road, should be as perpendicular to the center line of the road; (b) the supply pipes, laying power lines should be on the road on the West side or North side, telecommunication lines (radio and television), laying gas pipes should be in East or South side of the road.     From road sideline to road center line direction parallel layout of pipeline order should for: water distribution water, and power cable, and telecommunications cable, and regeneration water pipeline, and sewage pipeline, and gas distribution gas, and gas lost gas, and water lost water, and rain pipeline; (three) planning red wide ≥ 25m of City Road, should double side layout water distribution water and the drainage pipeline, planning red wide ≥ 40m of City Road, except water lost pipes road, and gas lost tracheal road outside, remaining pipeline should be in road double side layout; (D) municipal pipelines should as far as possible under the pavement, when the sidewalk width is not sufficient, pipes can be laid under the motorway, telecommunications cables, water supply and water, gas transmission and gas pipeline laid under the bicycle lane. In meet security spacing requirements of premise Xia, also can will part pipeline arrangements in road red and building Zhijian; (five) municipal pipeline Zhijian should as reduced cross, as cross Shi, pipeline Zhijian of avoid principles following: temporary pipeline let permanent pipeline, pressure pipeline let artesian pipeline, easy bent pipeline let easily bent pipeline, small tube diameter pipeline let bassoon diameter pipeline, intends built pipeline let has built pipeline; (six) municipal pipeline vertical cross Shi, since surface down of arranged order should be for: power pipeline, and gas pipeline, and water pipeline, and Reclaimed water lines, telecommunications lines, water pipes, sewage pipes, (VII) between various types of municipal pipelines, pipelines and buildings and structures between the net minimum horizontal and vertical distances, shall conform to the relevant specifications.     Due to objective factors limit when it fails to meet the standard requirements, the Department of City Planning Administration in conjunction with the pipe units according to the actual situation to take safety measures, it may be appropriate to reduce the minimum net distance.     64th in the urban minor arterial roads in the pipes and above shall be in accordance with the scale of city planning requirements laid, with the exception of temporary construction pipeline and direct embedded power and communication cables, shall not be less than the following number and size: 6 of power cable, telecommunication cables 6 hole, water supply pipe diameter 200mm, drainage pipe diameter: 500mm.     65th 110,000 volts in the city planning area (110,000-volt) the following are not entitled to overhead power lines and communication features.     Exceptional or provisional arrangements for the really necessary arrangement of overhead power lines and communication, not under the influence of other facilities, line joint use should be of the same nature, not be joint use of telecommunication lines from power lines. In road planning and construction of the red line in the 66th pedestrian underpass, civil air defense projects and other underground structures, no compression section of the pipeline through.     Cannot be guaranteed through the cross section of the pipeline, underground structures shall reduce the elevation, in order to ensure that the pipeline can be rectified through the underground structure's roof. 67th Buried (frame) range of pipeline road trees and crossing conflicts, in accordance with the principles of building before they are planted where buried (frame) range of pipeline road trees have been planted, all kinds of buried pipeline () set up should take, wound or way to solve such as height and depth to stagger.     68th underground pipeline lateral size of manhole should be in accordance with industry standards and norms setting may not be built on top of the other pipeline.     Article 69th local telecommunications cables and troop units, in accordance with the planning requirements, uniform layout.     Tenth chapter town and village planning in urban planning in the 70th of village and town construction, you should first prepare town planning and town planning should be consistent with the overall urban planning, zoning and regulatory detailed planning, approval, planning and implementation.     71st rural house in village groups organizations as the basic unit and above carry out unified planning, unified approval, unified construction, construction and reconstruction of the old village shall be conducted in parallel, dominated by multi-storey apartment houses, prohibiting new single-family detached houses.     72nd building on the premise of consistent with town and village planning in rural areas, should also meet the following requirements: (a) conform to the urban planning of land use, land-use planning and related laws, rules and regulations, (ii) the proposed location shall not be occupied, such as roads and other public lands, (iii) compliance with the safety, health and fire protection requirements.     11th chapter by-laws section 73rd terminology.     Building space: adjacent buildings outside the minimum horizontal distance between the vertical projection. Building height: outdoor floor to parapet height at the top of the building.     For sloping roof, when the slope is less than 40 °, building height for outdoor floor to the cornice height; when the slope is greater than 40 ° (40 °), the height of the roof of the building height for outdoor flooring to.     Way: planning of urban road roadway lines.     Building back: lateral vertical projection space of the buildings of way or with the distance. Building: building base covers an area of and around within a reasonable distance (including construction of green space and trails) combined.     General planning of urban road line (or land borders) surrounding land.     Density: within a certain block, total basal area of all buildings construction land area ratio (expressed as a percentage).     Floor area ratio: within a certain block, ratio of total floor area and building area on the ground.     Ratio of green space: within a certain block, calculated according to the norms and regulations of green area and built-up land area ratio (expressed as a percentage).     Low-rise building: height ≤ 10m buildings, low-rise residential buildings for one to three layers.     Building: high >10m and 24m building; multi-storey residential buildings for a four-to six-story buildings.     Building construction: refers to the layer for seven to nine floors of residential buildings.     Building construction: refers to the height of buildings greater than 24m; high-rise residential buildings above ten storeys buildings. Podium: refers to the close connection with the high-rise building, composed of a plastic, low rise buildings.     Does not exceed the maximum height of the podium 24m, over 24m by high-rise buildings.     The second ring road: refers to the second ring road in the downtown of Kunming East, North, West and South transit road (Shi Hu Guan Ming overpass).     Expressway: long distance fast traffic services for urban roads, the Middle has a central divider, decorated with four or more lanes, all using interchange control vehicle access, and to control the exports of the building on both sides.     Trunk roads: also known as the city's main roads, burden on city districts, groups as well as the main transport link between the external traffic hub, played an important transportation role in the urban road network.     Distributor: is composed in conjunction with trunk road network, distributing traffic role and service road.     Branch: is the connection to the neighborhood road lines, local area transportation, mainly to serve the function of roads.     Community: refers to the different size of the resident population living settlements and in particular to be enclosed by the main roads or natural boundaries, and with the size of the resident population (30000--50000 people) corresponds to construction has a set of relatively complete with the needs of residents in the area of material and cultural needs of living colonies of public service facilities.     Residential: refers to being enclosed by urban roads or natural boundaries, and with the size of the resident population (10000--15000 people) corresponds to construction there is set to meet with residents in the area of basic material and cultural needs of living colonies of public service facilities.     Housing cluster: refers to be separated by community roads, and with the size of the resident population (1000--3000 people) corresponds to allocation of local public services needed by the residents living settlements.     Arcade: urban road building ground floor Lin road sections, or one or two two-story Colonnade building used as a walkway in the form.     74th before the implementation of this provision has been approved by the competent administrative Department of the city planning plan and design conditions, approval of detailed planning, or has been made to the construction project planning permit for construction project, according to the original file.     75th article this prescribed form, Appendix, drawings and text of these provisions shall have the same effect.     76th content not covered by these regulations by country-related technical specifications or related regulations. 77th these provisions come into force on January 1, 2006.     Kunming city, October 1991, built, urban and rural construction Committee (91) No. 200 approved Kunming urban planning management technical regulations repealed simultaneously. Note: 1. This table motor vehicle bit to small car for standard equivalent; 2. first class hotel refers to foreign hotel, second class hotel refers to reception domestic passenger of Hotel; 3. seat number over 4000 seat of stadium and seat number over 15000 seat of stadium for a stadium (Museum), other for two class Stadium (Museum), Stadium parking spaces number can appropriate below Stadium parking spaces number; 4. a theaters refers to province, and city level theaters, other for two class theaters; 5. a tour places refers to classical garden, and Places of interest.     Two carrying visiting places general urban park, 6. category refers to low-rise residential, other than type II except low-rise houses.         Note: l-positive, two floor spacing (m); II l-housing standards in the local insolation interval (m), 2 2 ③ North of s-multi-storey group of green area (m), 1 2            ④ North of the s-group green area on the top floor (m). 2 notes: 1.         • Building space; h is height; SH for the South side of the building height; HH to a higher height.     2. gable width cannot be greater than 14m 3.-style building with a length of no more than 20m of architecture.     Note: ① l concession building height requirements; II high-rise building of large surface for width ≥ 25m façade c wide 30 ° and ≤ 60 ° Shi, its most narrow at spacing not is less than South (or high) building height of 0.8 times times; 3. Dang two building building of angle is greater than 60 ° Shi, its most narrow at spacing by vertical layout of live building control. Three, and multilayer residential and senior building of spacing control calculation principles and Northern and Southern dynasties to live building, its South for points type senior building, spacing not is less than formula D=24+1/4 (H-24) calculation value; things towards live building, its West, and East for senior building, spacing not is less than formula D=13+1/4 (H-24) of calculation value (type in the: d for spacing (m), and h for building of height (m)).  _______________________________________________________________________________________________