Zhejiang Province Putuo Mountain Scenic Area Protection And Management Measures

Original Language Title: 浙江省普陀山风景名胜区保护管理办法

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(December 27, 2005 Zhejiang Province Government makes No. 210, announced since announced of day up purposes) first chapter General first article to strengthening PuTuo mountain landscape places district (following referred to scenic) of management, better to protection, and development and using landscape places resources, according to landscape places district management interim regulations, and Zhejiang Province landscape places District Management Ordinance, legal, and regulations of provides, combined scenic of actual, developed this approach.
    Article scenic protection, development and management, application of this approach.
    Article scenic spot is based on Buddhist mountain and island scenery as the main characteristic of a national scenic area, PuTuo mountains (Huo sand hills), and zhujiajian lojiashan Isle which lies east of three parts, in particular in accordance with the implementation of the master plan of the PuTuo mountain scenic area.
    Article fourth scenic spot Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Management Committee), in Zhoushan City, under the leadership of the people's Government, is responsible for the protection of scenic spots, use, planning, construction and management.
    PuTuo district, Zhoushan zhujiajian scenic area by the Government management in accordance with these measures. Fifth article Zhoushan Government grant Management Committee following terms: (a) publicity and implement national about legal, and regulations, and regulations and policy, is responsible for organization implementation this approach; (ii) is responsible for landscape places resources, and natural ecological environment of protection and management; (three) according to approved of PuTuo mountain landscape places district general planning, organization prepared and implementation the scenic of detailed planning; reasonable development, and using landscape places resources, law on scenic within of construction project implementation management; (four) is responsible for scenic tourism, and safety
    , Environmental protection, protection of cultural relics, religious administration, law and order, environmental hygiene and other management; (v) organize relevant departments to do scenic transportation, communication, power, water and services, such as infrastructure construction, improving the environment, improving tourist reception capacity and service levels, (vi) other scenic spots management functions.
    Sixth Temple real estate ownership and management within the scenic area, in accordance with religious rules and regulations and policy implementation, the temple's legal property protected by law. Chapter II plan and build seventh Management Committee should be in accordance with the master planning for PuTuo mountain scenic area, preparation of detailed planning of the scenic area. Scenic area planning shall include the scenic nature, characteristics, scope, attractions in protection programmes, green, tour the facilities and tourism service facilities and other infrastructure layout, important architectural design, etc.
    Scenic spots during the detailed planning, demonstration and evaluation shall, according to law, and to seek the views of Mount PuTuo Buddhism Association.
    After the detailed planning of the area examined by the Zhoushan City Government, submitted to the provincial administrative authorities.
    Scenic detailed planning process, to comply with the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of the law on protection of military facilities, involving the protection of military installations, shall solicit the views of the relevant military authorities.
    Scenic spot of the eighth approved master plan and the detailed planning of the scenic scenic protection, development, construction and management of evidence, relevant units and individuals must be strictly enforced.
    Overall planning and detailed planning of scenic sights really necessary adjustments and modifications, shall be executed according to the original program.
    Nineth scenic area project location and layout, its business services must conform to the scenic, and places of worship of the harmony style and environment.
    Article tenth scenic area project site approval, land for construction, construction project planning and approval in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations shall apply.
    Chapter III protection of the 11th Commission and related departments shall make scenic area of afforestation, forest conservation, fire protection, pest control, and other natural disasters prevention, protection of topography and vegetation, strict control of alien species into and protection of wild animal and plant resources and their habitat. 12th Management Committee shall, in accordance with environmental capacity control planning scientifically determined to visit the reception scale, under the control of planning to accept visitors.
    Not unlimited excess accepts visitors. 13th control scenic area resident population size and residential construction, in accordance with community planning scenic area resident population migrations.
    Really necessary to create a new residential, shall, within the residential area built according to uniform requirements for planning and design standards, and strictly control the construction of scale, area and volume.
    Existing housing shall not be expanded and renovated, rebuilt, dangerous building maintenance and fire safety reasons needed renovation, alteration, shall be approved by the consent of the Commission. 14th prohibits the construction of scenery, safety, prevent visits to buildings and facilities.
    For scenic area planning of buildings and facilities, are not met, it shall dismantle or relocate.
    Prohibited in the core area of scenic settings stored in flammable, explosive, toxic and hazardous goods warehouse, yard, warehouse, storage yard shall be in accordance with the deadline has been set to move.
    15th has approved the opening of the temple reconstruction, extension, Buddhist Association of by PuTuo mountain, a proposal after review by the Management Committee, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations upon approval.
    Antang units or individual use, the temple reconstruction, extension, review, the Management Committee shall seek the views of Mount PuTuo Buddhism Association. 16th levels of cultural relic protection unit, shall delimit the scope of protection and construction control zones. In the scope of protection and construction control zones, may affect the safety of cultural relics protection units should not be conducted, pollution, cultural relic protection unit and environmental activities of the history and impact of cultural relics protection units.
    Is really necessary in protection and construction control zones falling within the scope of other projects or blasting, drilling and mining operations shall be in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations upon approval.
    To repair cultural relics protection units, should maintain its original historical style, and according to the levels reported for approval in accordance with law of cultural relics protection units.
    Article 17th scenic area protection, management of military facilities, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of military installations and the relevant provisions of the State.
    Non-military army facilities in the scenic area of new construction, renovation or expansion, in accordance with the provisions of these measures. 18th article scenic within ban engaged in following activities: (a) illegal occupied landscape places resources or land; (ii) hunting wildlife; (three) collection precious rare plant, damaged, and cut or unauthorized transplant ancient tree name wood; (four) quarrying, and mining sand; (five) illegal emissions exhaust, and waste, and wastewater, mess trash, mess put debris; (six) business, and using national expressly ban of items; (seven) forced to visitors provides service project or selling commodity; (eight) in scene, and trees Shang carved, and designated, and coated, and wrote or drying Clothing, and nail hanging and lashing object, pick branches; (nine) in expressly ban of pond, and river, and reservoir catching (fishing) fish, and swimming, and washing clothing,; (10) business sex feeding or stocking livestock poultry; (11) in fire district within smoking, and fire, and incense points candle, and discharge fireworks firecrackers; (12) introduced or with into foreign species and without quarantine of flora and fauna; (13) unauthorized established subject statue, and recovery or added Cliff stone, and stele; (14) against heritage security, damage its original history style and around environment
    (15) unauthorized, unauthorized use of heritage scenery, attractions, movies, television, (16) other damage the landscape, landscapes, cultural relics, public infrastructure, environment, and so on.
    19th is prohibited in front of the mount PuTuo mountain, Zhongshan, foding mountain building, expanding all types of leave (hospital), guest houses, hotels, dance halls and other facilities.
    Article 20th scenic scenic resources paid use System.
    To scenic resources based on units and individuals engaged in business activities, you must pay a fee for maintenance and management of scenic. Scenic area maintenance fees and other income paid use of scenic resources, mainly for scenic landscape maintenance and construction, environmental protection, infrastructure construction, and so on.
    The specific standards and approaches, by the Zhoushan City Government put forward a proposal reported by the provincial financial and pricing departments for approval.
    Fourth chapter 21st Committee shall strengthen scenic spot of security, safety and fire protection, sanitation and environmental protection management, establish and improve the management system, improve the management of facilities, and prevent the occurrence of accidents and violations.
    Management Committee should establish fire organization, to take fire prevention measures and implementation of fire safety management responsibility system.
    22nd in the scenic area to engage in the following activities, should be reported to the examination and approval of the Management Committee: (I) setting up outdoor advertising posters, display of various types of promotional materials, (ii) due to construction and other special needs to build permanent buildings, structures and other facilities, temporary stack items.
    23rd article in scenic engaged in following activities, should first reported by Management Committee review agreed, again by about legal, and regulations provides reported by competent sector approved Hou, party can for: (a) in scenic within collection specimens, and wild herbs and other forest by-product, for update tending, reasons need cut forest of; (ii) engaged in the business sex activities of; (three) built graves of; (four) other should by approved of activities. 24th motor vehicle control program management committee shall, in accordance with scenic area, controlling access to the sights of the number of motor vehicles.
    Enter the scenic area to engage in the trading of motor vehicles shall be subject to approval of the Management Committee, and according to the relevant operating procedures.
    Enter the scenic area's scenic spot of all motor vehicles shall, in accordance with the consolidated designated routes, and parked in the place.
    Apart from the special motorcycle for law enforcement agencies, and other motorcycles, tractors, motor-driven bicycles into the scenic road. Residents in the scenic area of the 25th purchase necessary control-owned vehicles.
    Specific measures for motor vehicles according to the scenic area by the Zhoushan City Government control plan, submitted to the provincial people's Government for the record. Article 26th competent authorities can delegate the Management Committee in accordance with the relevant legal provisions and regulations, approve the following activities in scenic areas:

    (A) in the context of ancient and famous trees protection construction; (b) the excavation or construction needs to temporarily occupy green space, migration, pruning the branches of trees, (iii) other acts shall be approved according to law.
    27th scenic public pipe housing without consent of the real estate management Department shall not sublet, lent or engage in business activities.
    Private rental housing shall comply with laws and regulations.
    28th construction project should be a civilized and safe construction, and to take effective measures to protect the construction site around the terrain, scenery, landscapes, trees, vegetation, water bodies and ancient buildings, should promptly clean up the site after the project ends.
    Approved non-permanent buildings, structures and other facilities built, dumps of material must be cleared within the stipulated period, restored to its original condition.
    29th approved in the scenic spot of units and individuals engaged in business activities shall be in accordance with the provisions of the laws, regulations and rules, in the location and operation of civilized business. Article 30th normal religious activities within the scenic area, according to law to protect it.
    Respecting the religious beliefs of religious citizens, religious bodies, sites for religious activities and religious believers to the legitimate rights and interests of citizens.
    The fifth chapter legal liability article 31st administrative penalties stipulated in violation of these regulations, laws and regulations are provided, from its provisions.
    32nd article violates this way 14th section does not remove or relocate within the period prescribed, by the removal or relocation of the Committee of management, costs are borne by those responsible, and to a fine of up to 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan. 33rd article violation this approach 18th article provides, ordered its stop violations, and by following provides processing: (a) on violation subsection (four) items provides of, at 1000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following of fine; (ii) on violation subsection (seven), and (eight), and (nine), and (11) items provides of, at 50 Yuan above 300 yuan following of fine; (three) on violation subsection (10) items provides of, ordered its deadline corrected, can and at 300 yuan following of fine; (four) on violation subsection (12) items provides of,
    To be destroyed, and between 5000 and 1000 Yuan Yuan fines; (e) contravenes subsection (13) of the regulations establishes the main statue, ordered to dismantle, and to a fine of up to 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan; restored or new cliff stone, stele without authorization, of up to between 5000 and 1000 Yuan fine.
    Violation of the provisions of this article 22nd of 34th article, to meet the planning requirements, ordered to go through examination and approval procedures of limited duration, and a fine of less than 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan; does not meet the requirements, ordered to rectify, restitution and a fine of less than 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan.
    35th in violation of the provisions of the third paragraph of article 24th shall be ordered to correct it, and to a fine of less than 50 Yuan and 300 yuan.
    36th article in violation of the provisions in article 28th have not cleaned up in a timely manner, shall order the deadline to clean up its; fails to clean up, clean up, costs are borne by those responsible, and to a fine of up to 500 Yuan more than 2000.
    37th article of the rules of administrative punishment except in accordance with the power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment provided by law enforcement agencies enforce but other administrative punishments executed by the Management Committee.
    Article 38th authority without consent of the Management Committee for review and approval units or individuals engaged in the activities set forth in article 23rd, its approval document is invalid; the direct charge and the other persons, by the duly empowered authorities, impose administrative sanctions in accordance with administrative privileges. 39th article Management Committee, and integrated law enforcement institutions has following case one of of, on directly competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel according to management permission, by right to organ give administrative or disciplinary: (a) violation planning provides for scene, and landscape and other construction project construction of; (ii) not according to general planning determine of environment capacity requirements for management, makes scenic of ecological environment caused damage of; (three) not law implementation effective of management, led to scenic within business, and security order chaos,
    Consequences more serious; (d) the in management there are other acts of abuse of authority, dereliction of duty and corruption.
    40th article violates these rules, violated, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs. Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 41st this approach come into force on the date of promulgation.
                                                          September 7, 1995, issued by the people's Government of Zhejiang Province PuTuo mountain scenic area protection and management measures (66th, the provincial government) abrogated.