Zhuhai Bridge Toll Collection Of Motor Vehicles Regulations

Original Language Title: 珠海市机动车路桥通行费征收管理规定

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(April 7, 2006 at the 6th Zhuhai city people's Government Executive meeting on April 29, 2006, Zhuhai city people's Government announced as of June 1, 2006, 52nd), motor vehicle, first in order to standardize the collection and management behaviour road and bridge tolls, ensure loans are repaid, according to the toll road Management Ordinance and relevant regulations of the people's Government of the province, combining city actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Second motor road and bridge tolls in these rules (hereinafter referred to as the tolls), means approved by the provincial people's Government, to repay within the administrative area of the city to build roads, bridges, tunnels and the fees charged for the loan principal and interest. Article traffic administrative departments in Zhuhai City (hereinafter referred to as the City Transportation Department) is road and bridge toll collection of motor vehicle administration of Zhuhai city.
    Zhuhai bridge Administration (hereinafter referred to as collection agencies) responsible for toll collection and management work.
    Municipal public security, prices, finance, urban governance, and other relevant departments should coordinate the implementation of these provisions in accordance with their respective responsibilities. Fourth section to obtain a uniform motor vehicle license plates in the City field, or enter the city motor vehicle tolls must be paid in accordance with this initiative.
    No unit or individual may obstruct the collection of tolls, shall not be refused transportation departments of the city and imposed a body check.
    Fifth divided by annual pay tolls tolls (hereinafter referred to as access fees) and by payment of tolls (hereinafter referred to as access fees).
    Traffic fee collection standards approved by the provincial Department of standards. Sixth article of the city's motor vehicles or stuck in the city for more than a month of imported motor vehicle shall pay the traffic fee, by month, quarter, half year and full year, one-time payment by the owner to choose.
    Pay a one-off annual passage fees, preferential taxation during the offer period by ten months.
    Collection agencies annual fee shall be paid annually in advance to the public access fees, time and period. Seventh, temporary access to the imported motor vehicle shall pay the traffic fee, passage fee is imposed by the one-way, with tickets into the administrative area of the city into a paid, valid for a 7th each 7th press collection.
    Stranded for more than a month of imported motor vehicles in accordance with the provisions of the sixth article.
    Payment vouchers should be kept for inspection.
    Eighth through annual fees collected by the collection agency set up collection points.
    Traffic fee imposed by agencies approved the establishment of the toll stations imposed in accordance with law; on the Highway into the movement of motor vehicles within the administrative area of the city, collected through collection agencies may authorize the highway Management Department.
    Nineth toll belongs to the provincial government approved the collection of administrative fees, the two lines of income and expenditure management, government non-tax income management; toll collection agencies must use the Finance Department printing, issuance of special paper, no unit or individual shall not be lent, fraudulent use and counterfeiting.
    Is imposed by the prevailing annual fees and access fees site suspension fee license, and announced approval of authorities, the approval number, Department, fees and standards, pay period, complaint calls, subject to public supervision.
    Tenth collection agencies should establish and improve the financial, audit, statistics, document management system and reporting system, toll collection and management work, and publish a regular toll collection, management, use and repayment of loans.
    11th the following vehicles are exempt from tolls: (a) suspension of special number plates for the army, armed police vehicles.
    (B) the suspension of "police" size of police vehicles.
    (C) a fixation device of fire engines, ambulances and funeral vehicles.
    (D) bus.
    (E) provincial and municipal people's Governments shall be exempt from tolls of other motor vehicles.
    Sanitation, urban maintenance, highway maintenance, orphanages, homes for special-purpose vehicles, examined by the collection agency to agree to halve fees. 12th public security traffic Administrative Department in handling of vehicle ownership, scrappage and issuance of motor vehicle inspection procedures, payment of annual fee shall verify the motor traffic, unpaid access fees, inform their pay in a timely manner.
    Owners of unpaid access fees should be recovered in time procedures.
    13th new vehicles purchased in the city of naturalization, foreign vehicles into the city, shall bring the motor vehicle driving license and vehicle registration certificates of payment collection, by naturalization, levied the initial registration time.
    14th article change toll collection standards or cease the levying of tolls of vehicles by motor vehicle departments or individuals holding public security traffic management sector and the relevant certificates issued by the Transportation Department, on the 10th to collection agencies to handle the clearance procedures: (a) vehicle modification, change and transfer, should go through the procedures of alteration.
    (B) the vehicles are parked, go home, scrapped, stolen, is imposed by the Agency inspection, waive tolls from the month.
    (C) vehicles seized by administrative organs, judicial organs, attachment of reconciliation chaired by the car testimonial, submit a written application, by collection agency inspection, apply for waived or toll procedures again.
    Where late of the above provision procedures, failure to pay tolls in arrears; toll paid, before going through the relevant formalities will no longer refund.
    15th annual fee through vouchers were damaged or lost, the owner of the motor vehicle driving license holders to collection agencies for the replacement procedures; traffic fee voucher is lost not fill.
    16th shall perform the following functions of the various departments, ensure the implementation of these provisions: (I) the Transportation Department is responsible for paying tolls for vehicles year (times) fees for inspection, inspection of the motor vehicle driver shall cooperate, subject to inspection.
    (B) traffic requirements is imposed by the competent authorities or bodies verifying payment information on vehicles, shall cooperate with the public security traffic management sector.
    (C) the enforcement of public security traffic administrative law enforcement personnel in the pavement, vehicles found to pay the prevailing annual fees shall inform the collection agency to resolve.
    (D) all sectors of municipal, district, town (Street) Government has the responsibility for inspecting and supervising subordinate units, enterprises or hire, foreign domiciled motor vehicles pay traffic fees on time.
    (E) the charging station toll stations within the jurisdiction of police station in order to maintain public order, according to the red card to escape charges against France, beating and violence toll levies or inspectors, using fake license plates, charging disorder offences.
    (Vi) is imposed by the Transportation Department and agencies should strengthen information exchange for trading vehicles, establishment of an information exchange platform, the collection agencies keep track of vehicles changes, security levy's job candidates do not leak.
    17th transport law enforcement should focus on traffic inspection station, charging station (dot) entrances, transit station (field), parking, passenger and cargo distribution center, a large building site and checking motor vehicle traffic within the residential fee payment.
    18th without paying current year (time) trying to force the vehicles pass through the toll, toll levy collection of law enforcement personnel should be processed in a timely manner; cannot deal with or affect the traffic, you can drag the vehicle toll lanes and ordered the driver to specified places for treatment, disposed of before they can leave.
    Transport station (field), parking, passenger and cargo distribution center, large construction sites and the evidence seized in the residence did not pay the prevailing annual fees motor vehicle traffic law enforcement personnel should be investigated in a timely manner, cannot deal with or affect traffic flow, it may order the driver to leave your vehicle at specified places for treatment.
    19th traffic enforcement agents when the inspection, shall wear a uniform administrative law enforcement symbols, present a law enforcement document, code enforcement, civilized law enforcement.
    20th in violation of the provisions of the following acts, by the municipal traffic authorities or commissioned by the municipal departments of transportation collection agency a rectification, and be dealt with according to the following provisions: (a) is not required to pay traffic fees, shall be ordered to pay, and on a daily basis from the payable date plus 2 per thousand of the amount will be charged a late fee.
    (B) is not required to pay access fees, shall be ordered to pay, and punishable by a fine of 50 Yuan.
    (C) the fraudulent use, altered, forged, lent the prevailing fee vouchers, collection use, altered, forged, lent the prevailing fee vouchers, ordered to pay and impose a fine of less than 500 Yuan.
    (D) is not required to pay tolls driving force through toll stations, ordered to pay, and a fine of 200 yuan in fines.
    Article 21st was ordered to pay tolls vehicles parked at designated locations, the vehicle owner or user does not pay tolls within three months, the Transportation Department may request the people's Court of the stranded vehicles auction, proceeds from the sale to offset traffic fees, late fees and other related fees and the balance returned to the party.
    22nd refuses or obstructs the traffic law enforcement personnel shall perform corporate or other acts violating the Administration, by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security shall be penalized constitutes a crime, judicial organs shall investigate the criminal liability.
    Damage toll facilities, in addition to the above provisions dealing with and ordered their compensation according to price or repaired within a specified time. Collection agencies should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of article 23rd toll.
    Price, the financial authorities should strengthen supervision and inspection of toll collection, acts in violation of the stipulations, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations in the investigation. 24th article of the regulations come into force on June 1, 2006.
                                                                                The Zhuhai municipal people's Government promulgated measures for road and bridge toll collection of remote car (Zhu Fu [1995]25) repealed simultaneously.