Guangzhou Street Office Work

Original Language Title: 广州市街道办事处工作规定

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(April 17, 2006 people's Government of Guangzhou City, the 101th general meeting on June 13, 2006, Guangzhou City people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2006, 2nd) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the construction of city streets, regulate subdistrict office of job descriptions and working mechanism, give full play to role of streets in the city, in accordance with the People's Republic of China regulations on urban neighborhood offices organization and other relevant provisions, combined with the practical,
    These provisions are formulated.
    Second Street is the district people's Government agencies, working under the leadership of the people's Government.
    Third Street Office following administration, management and accountability are consistent and efficient convenient principle.
    Fourth District people's Government is responsible for the supervision, guidance and assessment subdistrict office work, integrate and coordinate government departments and streets authorized administrative law enforcement, administrative and other matters related to the work.
    Chapter II Organization Fifth Street offices and funds the establishment, amendment or cancellation should be based on the geographical conditions and population distribution, meets the requirements of effective management and convenience.
    The establishment, amendment or cancellation of the subdistrict office, reported by the regional people's Government public administration review, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval by members of the public service.
    Sixth Street establishments, in accordance with the principle of unifying, streamlining, efficiency, prepared by the municipal agency departments submitted to the municipal people's Government.
    Seventh Street Office funds, into the district people's Government budget.
    Neighborhood offices shall not be business, markets or other profit-making activities.
    Eighth of municipal and district people's Government to gradually improve the transfer payment system, and increased our investment in urban management and community development.
    Nineth in accordance with this article 24th administrative matters delegated to units of the subdistrict office, approved special funding for delegate matters, should be allocated to the subdistrict office management, special expenditure for commitment.
    Chapter III responsibilities article Tenth Street awareness, implement, and enforce laws, rules and regulations, and municipal and district people's Government of the decision, order, direction, residents in the street area, community services, community management, and urban management.
    11th article subdistrict offices on residents work perform following duties: (a) law support, and guide and help neighborhood carried out organization construction, and system construction and other work; (ii) law assist home sector carried out neighborhood of election work; (three) law guarantees neighborhood in neighborhoods of autonomy right, assist District Government for neighborhood of normal Office provides necessary; (four) legal, and regulations and regulations provides of and superior government law gives of other residents work duties.
    12th article subdistrict offices on community service work perform following duties: (a) according to city, and district economic social development planning, developed community service development planning, established, and sound community service facilities, reasonable configuration community service resources, adapted community residents more level of service needs; (ii) assist about sector do social rescue, and social security and social welfare work; (three) organization community volunteer author team, mobilization and guide units and residents set up community service career, carried out convenience Limin of series service;
    (D) organize and conduct community education, science, culture, sports, health and so on; (e) the laws, rules and regulations as well as other community service duties given by the higher people's Government according to law. 13th article subdistrict offices on area within social management work perform following duties: (a) is responsible for coordination organization area within social security comprehensive, and people mediation, and maintenance social stable work; (ii) law is responsible for population and family planning work, implement implementation population and family planning implementation programme; (three) assist about sector do labor employment, and retired personnel socialization management, work; (four) collection area within residents reflect of problem, accepted residents letter visiting, Timely up level Government reflect area within residents and units of views and the requirements, organization, and assist or urged about sector solution; (five) by about functions sector delegate, is responsible for flow personnel stay registration, and information collection, and submitted, management and service work; (six) by about functions sector delegate, is responsible for housing rental registration record, housing rental management work; (seven) assist about sector do Home Affairs, and military service and militia Affairs, and complex soldiers placed, and people air defense affairs, and overseas Taiwan Affairs, and national religious affairs, and Martyrs, and census, and grass-roots statistics, and legal publicity, and labor labor monitoring, and social security, and rescue relief, and funeral reform, and youth education, and drug, and anti-pornography, and penalty release jiejiao personnel help, work, as found problem, subdistrict offices should timely told about sector processing; (eight) law developed and implementation area burst sex public event of emergency disposal programme; (nine) is has rural and economic association of street, is responsible for guide, and support and help villagers Committee and economic association of work,
    Coordination and management services related to agriculture, develop the rural collective economy; (x) laws, rules and regulations and other people's Governments legally granted the community management responsibilities. 14th article subdistrict offices on area within city management work perform following duties: (a) implementation superior Government released of city management of decided, and command, and indicates; (ii) is responsible for area within neighborhoods, and within streets of sanitation and environment regulation work, organization urged area within of units and residents carried out patriotic public health campaign; (three) maintenance area within of city environment and city order, for illegal construction, and illegal occupied road, and illegal change building using function, and no as and no card business, and accounted for road business, and illegal practice, and Violations illegal construction and violation safety, and fire security, and city sanitation, and green management, and environmental protection, and market management, and public facilities management, provides of behavior, should discourage, for refused to corrected of, should timely told about sector processing; (four) assist about sector law supervision area within property management enterprise carried out property management work, assist about sector processing property management enterprise and owners Committee, and owners Committee and owners, and owners and owners Zhijian of contradictions and complaints; (five) legal, and
    Laws and regulations as well as other city higher people's Government according to law gives management responsibilities.
    Fourth chapter working the 15th Street Managing Director responsibility system.
    Subdistrict offices should establish a Director of Office systems.
    16th Street Office to implement open, progressive implementation of e-Government.
    Subdistrict offices should work, work according to policies, procedures, work required materials, fees, the undertaker and concluded time in Office locations open and public information on the network. 17th Street found or received a Bailiwick residents reports, complaints regarding the provisions of chapter needs to inform the departments concerned in handling matters, should be registered, and investigate and verify in a timely manner, for illegal activities be stopped.
    Truth of the investigation shall, within 24 hours in writing, by telephone, fax or other ways filed by inform district people's Government departments, an emergency should immediately notify. Except as otherwise provided in laws, rules and regulations, district people's Government departments after receiving informed subdistrict offices, shall, within 2 working days to start procedures, the urgency of the situation should be handled immediately. Matters requiring municipal people's Government departments, shall timely inform the municipal departments.
    District people's Government departments shall deal with timely feedback to the subdistrict office.
    Subdistrict offices to inform should be informed promptly of any business of the reports, the complainants.
    18th government functions after receiving informed subdistrict offices, matters do not belong to the duties of the Department, shall promptly inform the competent Department; authorities cannot be determined, it shall report to district people's Government departments. Several departments can be seized of the matter, accepted by the received informed the Department.
    Received informed the Department not receiving sector, shall be notified within 24 hours of the main accepted sectors.
    19th Street offices coordinate and supervise government departments standing street administrative enforcement agency.
    Government departments to review the resident agency of the street, should listen to the views of the subdistrict office.
    Head of the local Office of the relevant departments on Mission Street to appoint or remove, reward and punishment, and before the transfer, should listen to the views of the subdistrict office. 20th Government departments assist law enforcement subdistrict offices, shall timely inform the subdistrict office.
    Neighborhood offices shall designate specific personnel responsible for assisting, and registration assistance. Subdistrict offices should assist rather than assistance, relevant departments should report the district people's Government.
    District people's Government thinks that the subdistrict office had assisted the obligation, shall order the subdistrict office assistance, and will assist as a subdistrict office an important basis for reward and punishment. 21st street on the street comprehensive urban management enforcement Squadron commanding rights, right of appraisal and personnel advice.
    Should be subject to comprehensive urban management enforcement Squadron command and dispatch of the subdistrict office, accept the street's assessment.
    Subdistrict office of community policing has right of coordination, evaluation, personnel appointment and removal of the head of the police station advice; before the head of the public security organ appointed Ambassador Street police station, should listen to the views of the subdistrict office. 22nd Street Office within the jurisdiction of the construction have the right. Construction unit after receiving planning permit of construction engineering, construction project is located in public.
    Subdistrict offices should collect the views of timely feedback to relevant departments.
    Article 23rd functions not directly to the subdistrict office, people's Government assigned work tasks. District people's Government departments without approval of the district, subdistrict office shall not be required the setting up of the provisional institutions, and not directly to the street layout tasks.

    Article 24th laws, regulations, rules and regulations may authorize neighborhood offices deal with administrative matters, district people's Government departments can directly delegate.
    Commissioned by other necessary matters, in the case of laws, rules and regulations did not prohibit may be entrusted, but you should listen to the views of the subdistrict office, and the district people's Government Office for discussion and decision.
    25th has not been entrusted matters, subdistrict office departments concerned shall not be required to make administrative processing.
    Streets shall not without the entrusted matters or matters beyond the purview of any of the administrative process. 26th district people's Government departments authorize subdistrict offices to handle administrative matters shall be in written form.
    Delegate should be open to the public. Client departments should supervise to the subdistrict office implementation delegate and entrust the legal consequences of administrative acts in accordance with law.
    Neighborhood Office responsible in accordance with the trust agreement.
    27th article content of the instructions shall include the following provisions: (a) the principal and the principal's name, (ii) the matters entrusted; (c) the Authority; (d) delegate specific requirements; (e) matters entrusted funds; (f) entrusted responsibility; (VII) mandates; (h) the delegate shall take effect.
    28th Street should be regularly convened by the subdistrict office, area units standing Street, heads of agencies and Government departments to participate in joint integrated units within the area of Social Affairs.
    29th Street should be supervised by the residents of the street.
    Citizens, legal persons or other organizations criticized the work and recommendations of the subdistrict office.
    Fifth chapter administrative responsibility of 30th of municipal and district people's Government on administration according to law, serious duty, integrity, outstanding achievements of subdistrict offices and their staff give recognition.
    31st article subdistrict offices violation this provides, has following case one of of, by monitored organ on competent led and directly responsibility personnel be informed criticism, and administrative sanctions: (a) violation this provides seventh article second paragraph of provides, illegal opened enterprise, and market or for other profit activities of; (ii) violation this provides 17th article of provides, not perform registration, and survey verified or told duties of; (three) illegal this provides 20th article of provides, not perform assist duties of;
    (D) violation of the provisions of paragraph 25th article, without Commission or go beyond the scope of delegated authority to make administrative processing; (e) violation of the provisions of the present article 28th, not to set up the system, and (vi) other do not perform their duties in accordance with laws and regulations and the provisions of.
    32nd article city, and district people government functions sector violation this provides, has following case one of of, by monitored organ on competent led and directly responsibility personnel be informed criticism, and administrative sanctions: (a) violation this provides 17th article, and 18th article of provides, not perform administrative processing, and feedback duties of; (ii) violation this provides Nineth article, and 24th article, and 25th article, and 26th article, and 27th article of provides implementation delegate of; (three) other not according to legal regulations and this provides perform duties of.
    Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 33rd subdistrict office, people's Government at the county level by reference to these regulations.
    34th of municipal, district and municipal people's Government at the county level can be based on actual needs, developing specific detailed rules for the implementation of this provision.
                                                                                                        35th article of the regulations come into force on July 1, 2006.