Fushun City, Individual Purchase Of Housing Accumulation Fund Loan Management

Original Language Title: 抚顺市住房公积金个人购房贷款管理办法

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(Released April 10, 2006, Fushun city people's Government, the 119th since as of June 30, 2006) Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of housing accumulation Fund loan, protect legal rights of borrowers and the housing Provident Fund management provisions of the Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the practical, these measures are formulated.
    Article personal housing accumulation Fund loans in these measures (hereinafter referred to as the housing accumulation Fund loan) refers to the Housing Fund for funding, in accordance with the regulations issued by the workers who have paid into the Housing Fund for the purchase of owner-occupied housing loans.
    Article in Fushun city Housing Fund Management Center (hereinafter referred to as Fund Management Center) is the custodian of the city's housing accumulation Fund loan. Commissioned by the Fund Management Center of housing accumulation Fund loan business Bank (hereinafter referred to as Agent Bank).
    Housing accumulation Fund loan risk borne by the Fund Management Center. Second chapter loan conditions and program fourth article borrowing people application housing Provident Fund loan, should while has following conditions: (a) continuous full deposit housing Provident Fund one years above; (ii) in this city work of on-the-job workers; (three) has stable of economic income and reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity; (four) has purchase since live housing of about procedures and provides proportion of raised funds; (five) in this administrative within purchase town since live housing of housing ownership people; (six) agreed handle housing Provident Fund loan guarantees; (seven)
    Other conditions stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.
    Before the fifth borrower does not pay the housing accumulation Fund loan, allowed to re-apply the housing accumulation Fund loan.
    Sixth article borrowing people application housing Provident Fund loan should to Provident Fund Management Center proposed application and submitted following information: (a) I identity card, and has spouse of provides marriage certificate and spouse of identity card, and unmarried or no spouse of provides unmarried or no spouse proved; (ii) housing purchase contract, and PIN (pre) sale license, and housing plane figure, and completed acceptance record book; (three) first purchase payment proved; (four) units issued of income proved.
    Article seventh Provident Fund management centres shall be accepted within 10 working days from the date of the loan application, decisions to grant loans or no loans, and notify the applicant in writing; to grant loans from Provident Fund Management Center of personal housing loan contract with the borrower. Eighth after the borrower has been granted a loan, mortgage formalities should be agreed in the loan contract.
    Fund Management Center should the borrower within 10 business days after the relevant formalities commissioned agent banks to buy commercial housing loan funds transferred to housing units in a bank account.
    Chapter III loans, term and interest article Nineth loan amount does not exceed the borrower's purchase of 70%, up to 250,000.
    Tenth term of the loan and the borrower's age and may not exceed the statutory retirement age of the borrower, up to no more than 25 years. 11th interest rate in accordance with provident fund interest rate for loans issued by the people's Bank of China.
    Loans for a period of one year, the implementation contract rates, statutory interest, not sectional interest; loan period for more than a year, met the statutory interest rate adjustment, and the following year began on January 1, according to the corresponding interest rate level the implementation of the new rates.
    Chapter fourth loan repayment 12th borrower shall contract for loan repayment, and repaying the loan principal and interest repayments.
    13th the borrower repay the principal and interest on a monthly, is available from two types of servicing in the choice of one of the following: (a) equal principal repayment method: = monthly repayment of the loan principal and interest amount = loan/loans for those who count + (today loan-repayment of principal amount) x monthly rate =tbl/> (b) matching principal and interest repayment: = number of months of repayment repayment months
    Monthly repayment of the principal and interest of loan amount = loan principal x monthly rate x (1+ per month)/((1+ per month)-1) =tbl/> article 14th one year after the expiry of the borrower in the loan ahead of partial or full repayment of the loan, and according to the provisions of the relevant procedures.
    15th borrower can extract themselves and their spouses the housing accumulation Fund account balances to pay back the loan. 16th the borrower shall at the agent bank to open a personal bank account, the monthly repayment date deposit amounts not less than the period of repayment of the deposit.
    Agent banks shall be transferred in accordance with the contract.
    Fifth chapter 17th loan mortgage mortgage purchased by the borrower, the borrower shall sign a mortgage contract in writing with the Fund Management Center, and the property management agency for registration of mortgage.
    18th the borrower to purchase mortgage, housing values must be pledged as security for the loan in full.
    Within the warranty period, the borrower shall not repeat mortgage collateral and collateral has the responsibility for repairs, maintenance, guarantee good. 19th mortgage terms starting from the registration date, to terminate when the borrower paid off the whole loan principal and interest.
    After the termination of the mortgage contract, the Parties shall in accordance with the contract, lifting set mortgage and property management agency for mortgage cancellation procedures. 20th the borrower purchased building mortgage of owner-occupied housing, without prior to housing ownership certificates, signed the purchase contract of all available equity mortgage and registration of property rights management bodies. Within the warranty period, Fund Management Center is first of all the interests of the beneficiaries of the mortgage.
    Owner-occupied housing under construction after acceptance, the borrower shall promptly handle the property right registration of mortgage.
    Sixth chapter the loan contract modification and termination article 21st needed changes in the loan contract, the debit by consensus can be validly signed modification agreement.
    22nd borrowers die, is declared to be missing or incapacitated, the property of the heir, legatee, property custodian or guardian shall continue to perform the contract.
    23rd the contract for loan repayment after the full loan principal and interest, return of collateral the borrower, loan contract terminated.
    Dispose of the 24th chapter seventh collateral borrowers during the repayment period of death, was declared missing or incapacitated without heirs, legatees, property custodian, guardian, or his or her heirs, legatees, property custodian, guardian refused to fulfil the contract, Fund Management Center can dispose of the collateral, the proceeds of repayment priority.
    25th dispose of the proceeds to repay the loan principal and interest of the mortgage, Fund Management Center has the right to recourse against the borrower; proceeds exceeds the outstanding loan principal and interest portion of provident fund management centres shall be returned to the borrower.
    Eighth chapter legal supervision 26th article borrowing people has following case one of of, Provident Fund Management Center by loan General, about provides on borrowing people held responsibility: (a) borrowing people not regular returned loan principal and interest of; (ii) without Provident Fund Management Center agreed, borrowing people will mortgage real repeat mortgage of; (three) borrowing moved for he with of; (four) borrowing people violation borrowing contract other terms of.
    27th the borrower shall cooperate with the relevant departments of supervision and inspection of housing accumulation Fund loan and their use.
    28th Fund Management Center and dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism and housing accumulation Fund loan losses caused, shall be given an administrative sanction constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. The Nineth chapter by-laws 29th these measures shall come into force on June 30, 2006.
                                                              The Fushun city workers policy guarantees loans for individuals to buy housing of interim measures for the Administration (Government issued [1997]25) repealed simultaneously.