Tianjin International Trade And Shipping Service Center Management

Original Language Title: 天津国际贸易与航运服务中心管理办法

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(May 22, 2006, Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the 71st General meeting on June 1, 2006, Tianjin Municipal People's Government announced the 102th come into force July 1, 2006) article into northern Tianjin international trade and shipping center, and enhance the environment, play Tianjin international trade and shipping service center capabilities, raising the city's comprehensive competitiveness, these measures are formulated.
    Established by the second municipal people's Government of Tianjin international trade and shipping service center (hereinafter the "service"), is the city's marine cargo import and export trade, shipping and immigration focused on providing administrative approval, electronic data exchange, information dissemination, exchange of personnel, as well as brokerage services sites.
    Article within the Service Centre for international trade, customs clearance, shipping of goods and the personnel of immigration services, these measures shall apply.
    Otherwise provided for by laws and regulations, from its provisions.
    Fourth Service Centre's work should be to improve the efficiency of port operation as the goal, follow the principles of centralized, convenient, economical, efficient, and businesses to provide services for the community.
    Fifth article city port competent sector representative City Government on Service Center for unified management, perform following duties: (a) implementation national and the I city related legal regulations and about policy; (ii) developed and organization implementation Service Center specific of administration and security management work specification; (three) coordination processing stationed in units in handle business process in the of dispute and problem; (four) supervision stationed in units comply with and implementation legal and policy of situation; (five) Organization promoted port spiritual build work;
    (Vi) other matters assigned by the municipal people's Government. Sixth municipal people's Government in accordance with the principles of efficient and convenient.
    Related administrative departments at the Service Center for international trade and shipping business of the parties proposed business applications, centralized management, joint management administrative examination and approval applications. Seventh in the service centre to establish a unified electronic platform, improve international trade system, progressive realization of international trading and shipping business of electronic transactions, data exchange.
    Electronic platform to implement remote customs clearance, provide services to the surrounding areas and the hinterland. Article eighth administrative departments into service centers should work together towards port information construction of coherent, unified standard customs clearance, information sharing, and centralized treatment of logistics data, promote the establishment and improvement of e-port.
    E-port management measures shall be formulated separately. Nineth service centers to create an electronic information exchange system, promote the development of e-Government.
    Administration into the service center should strengthen contact and exchange of information, timely business information in this sector through information exchange system to inform the authorities.
    Tenth entered service center Division of administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective functions to develop this sector into staff accountability, strengthened partnerships between the business and other sectors, communicate, improve customs clearance models and business processes.
    11th into the service center of Administrative Department shall, in accordance with statutory terms of reference and procedure-related business, in strict compliance with the Department's business processing time and other commitments, accept the supervision of the applicant.
    12th into the Service Center's executive branch applicants submitted applications to the business, comply with statutory requirements shall be admissible, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant laws, regulations and measures in time. Application materials are incomplete or not in compliance with the statutory form, shall, on the spot or within the 5th time inform all applicants need to correct content, fails to inform the, shall be accepted as of the date of receipt of the application materials.
    That can correct the error, should be allowed to be corrected on the spot.
    13th on dedicated Windows Service Center receive business applicants business appointments, for eligible booking request, the administrative departments shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions and commitments.
    For off-site business electronic platforms and booking request made by Service Center, entered administration in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph in time.
    14th green channel clearance of foreign enterprises at the service centres, dedicated Windows accepts the application for customs clearance operations of foreign enterprises, to meet the conditions of eligibility, should be handled in a timely manner, and enterprises enjoy the same treatment in the city.
    15th into the service centre of administration support for the national high-tech enterprise providing priority service.
    To relevant administrative departments in the territory of foreign high-tech enterprises enjoying preferential treatment, in the Service Center for the record enjoyed equal treatment within their jurisdiction in the territory. 16th in the service centre to establish corporate credit rating system.
    Into the service centre shall, in accordance with procedures determined by the Administrative Department of enterprise credit rating, classification management on business applications.
    On the higher credit rating of enterprises, the relevant administrative departments should streamline business process.
    17th into the service center when the Administration in handling the ship inspection business, should simplify procedures and improve efficiency, applications made on the ship or his agent, and approved in a timely manner in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, comply with the relevant requirements, should carry out the rapid test, test.
    Determined in accordance with the relevant provisions of article 18th "trustworthy" ships, in the Service Center Online preflight inspection, customs declaration, the Internet the Internet, relevant administrative departments can provide the ship with the shipping documents for inspection.
    Administrative departments of the 19th into the service centre shall, in accordance with national, relevant provisions of the ship and its employees, and the immigration and facilitate domestic activities.
    20th into the service center of the Executive Branch and in violation of the commitments made in this sector, businesses applicants have the right to challenge, the departments concerned shall reply within the 2nd.
    Article 21st entered service centre of administration shall establish a service emergency coordination office, and published telephone number to solve business problems, ensure business processes smoothly.
    According to business needs, the administrative departments shall, in accordance with uniform requirements for service centers arrange for 24-hour on duty; during the national holidays, schedule staff shifts.
    22nd, port authority organizations stationed in joint meetings on a regular basis, the communication of information, coordinating dispute to solve the problem.
    In case of emergency, city port authority considers it necessary, you can temporarily held into contact meeting, and to report on the situation to the municipal people's Government.
    23rd into service centers Administration should make public their job responsibilities, work processes, service standards and so on; presence of other units should make public their business information and fees, except those involving trade secrets.
    24th in the Service Center information platform for international trade and shipping, personnel exchanges, progressive realization and the main port city, scientific research institutes and enterprises sharing information.
    25th article into the Service Center agencies should have corresponding qualification of the statutory and regulatory requirements, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this municipality and industry standards, services and business activities. 26th at the service centres guarantee agency, responsible for positioning units, job security, and management and technical maintenance, and so on.
    Its daily provision allocated centrally by the municipal finance, municipal port authority management.
    27th established public Advisory Service Center service window solution business consulting and service oriented.
    28th city departments to service centres monitoring agency, specializes in business the applicant's complaints, and complaints to the public.
    29th of municipal port authorities together with the municipal supervision Department presence on a regular basis into the unit's efficiency, business management and service attitude of staff evaluation.
    Evaluation results at the Service Center information, in written form and sent to superiors or authorities into units, and submitted to the municipal people's Government.
    Evaluation results are not qualified, the city port authority can contribute to the presence of superior or Department in charge of processing proposals.
    Article 30th positioning unit shall perform duties according to law, business, comply with Service Center within the system, obey the unified management and independent responsibility.
    31st into unit shall establish and improve the unit stationed in the service center personnel job responsibilities, and strengthen management.
    Article 32nd into the unit and its staff are in violation of, is provided for by national laws and regulations, from its provisions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    33rd business service centre in the presence of the applicant the specific administrative act undertaken by the Administrative Department may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    Article 34th into the Service Center Executive staff violate these rules or other violations, by the municipal port authorities or supervisory departments administrative sanctions and disciplinary recommendations to the their units.
    35th into the Service Center agencies of violations of regulations, regulatory or violates the Service Center, and authorities by the Service Center in a warning, and rectification; if not corrected or if the circumstances are serious, can cancel its eligibility to engage in business activities in the Service Center.
    Intermediaries shall promptly inform the competent authorities.
                  36th article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2006.