Xiamen Gulangyu Scenic Spot Management Approach (2006 Revision)

Original Language Title: 厦门市鼓浪屿风景名胜区管理办法(2006年修正本)

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(On January 31, 2005 Xiamen Government makes 116th, announced, according to on September 9, 2006 Xiamen Government makes 122th, announced of Xiamen City Government on modified, and stop implementation part municipal government regulations of decided Amendment) first article to strengthening on gulangyu landscape places district of management, better to protection, and using and development landscape places resources, promote tourism career development, according to State landscape places district management interim regulations and about legal, and regulations, developed this approach.
    Second gulangyu scenic spot in these measures refers to the gulangyu 10,000 State key scenic gulangyu scenic spot of stone mountain.
    This approach applies to Gulang Island scenic protection, planning, construction and management. Article Gulang Island scenic district management institution established by the municipal government (hereinafter referred to as the management bodies), in accordance with laws and regulations and these rules imposed on Gulang Island scenic district management.
    All units located on Gulang Island scenic district, in addition to their outside business led by the higher authorities, must be subject to the management agency of Gulang Island scenic district of unified planning and management.
    Relevant administrative department shall, within the scope of their respective duties, collaborative management agency of Gulang Island scenic district management.
    Fourth article gulangyu landscape places district should developed including following content of planning: (a) delineation gulangyu landscape places district range and peripheral protection zone; (ii) divided scenic and other function district; (three) determine protection and utilization landscape places resources of measures; (four) determine tour reception capacity and tour activities of organization management measures; (five) and manpower arrangements public, and service and the other facilities; (six) gulangyu business regional, and dot of set planning;
     (VII) to Gulang Island scenic tourist routes and service area plans; (h) other matters that require planning.
    Gulangyu 10,000 Stone Mountain National Scenic Area master plan formulated by the municipal people's Government, submitted to the State Council for approval in accordance with the relevant provisions; detailed planning of Gulang Island scenic district under the leadership of the municipal government, formulated by the authorities, jointly with relevant departments, Xiamen City, in accordance with the provisions of the Town Planning Ordinance, approval of the reporting organization.
    Fifth in Gulang Island scenic district of units and individuals must take care of scenic resources, facilities and the environment, abide by scenic area planning and management.
    Sixth in Gulang Island scenic district shall not be built, rebuilt or expanded on the scenery, pollution environment, endangering safety, prevent tours, the effect of style violations such as gulangyu scenic spot planning projects, buildings and facilities.
    Violation of Gulang Island scenic spot planning to built projects, buildings and facilities, shall be governed by laws and regulations, take the prescribed period of time moved out, alteration, or demolition, among other measures. Seventh Gulang Island scenic district-wide approved the construction project, in the process of preparation of construction plan and construction, to develop and adopt effective measures to protect scenery and surrounding forest, vegetation, water bodies, topography, mountains, coastlines, buildings, heritage buildings, sites and so on, must not pollute the environment and scenery.
    After the end of construction, must be cleaned immediately and restore the original appearance of the environment.
    Construction project pollution prevention facilities must be simultaneously with the principal part of the project designed, built and put into use.
    Eighth in Gulang Island scenic district operating units and individuals must go through the relevant formalities according to law, and the functional areas identified in the planning and network management.
    Prohibition of operating without a license set up stalls, selling goods and services, dissemination of advertising materials, etc. Nineth in Gulang Island scenic district shall be encouraged investment, operation is compatible with the planning of tourism projects and products.
    Related preferential policies formulated by the management organization report released after the approval of the Municipal Government to implement.
    Tenth tourist services in Gulang Island scenic district of units and individuals, should be determined in the planning of tourist routes, and provide services within a service area, it may not be changed or reduced services and content.
    Prohibition of showmanship, no tour guide permits personnel in Gulang Island scenic district tours.
    11th in Gulang Island scenic district to engage in the following activities, in accordance with the laws and regulations shall apply to the relevant administrative departments administrative permits, implemented by the relevant administrative departments to delegate authority: (a) the municipal gardens the off-road sector, green spaces, road openings, move trees, license, (ii) run by port authorities, ship docking permission.
    In construction projects in the scenic Gulang Island, centrally by the Authority accepting the application and put forward preliminary views, the report municipal planning departments relevant formalities.
    The gulangyu Island, Xiamen City historic preservation Ordinance requires the gulangyu District Government related management responsibility, implementation management bodies authorized by the municipal government.
    12th entering the gulangyu Island visitors should buy tickets.
    13th passenger terminals and terminals should be strictly differentiated, without changing the terminal uses and mixed operations. Passenger vessels subject to, stop of Gulang Island scenic district, must specify a dock authority.
    Without a designated port shall not be docked ships, not passenger showmanship.
    Gulangyu Island beach and tour the coastline against wash ships, shipbuilding, ship repair, and put boats, sail repair, network repair, dry goods, piled up debris, waste and so on.
    14th-vehicle, battery car, cart, bicycles and other vehicles driving on gulangyu island.
    Due to public affairs, tourism, protection of persons with disabilities and other needs to use traffic, public security departments should be strictly controlled in the approval, management.
    15th in Gulang Island scenic district engaged in business activities in the unit or individual shall be honest and trustworthy, legitimate business, maintenance of tourist image of gulangyu island.
    Management should strengthen management and order inspections found fraudulent business, unfair competition, affect the city appearance and environmental sanitation and other illegal operations, shall stop and handle in a timely manner.
    16th annual festivals of management should coordinate the development of plans to guide and encourage operators to invest, business with gulangyu characteristics Festival tourism products and tourism services.
    17th management institutions shall carry out statistical analysis of tourism, tourism information management system, regional tourism information sharing, publishing-related travel information to the public.
    18th should set the standard tour guide identifies the area, attractions, visitor center, the main attractions multimedia facilities should be set up self-service interactive travel information, information advisory services for tourists. 19th management should strengthen the gulangyu scenic spot tourism security management. For boat, car, ropeway, docks and other transportation facilities, tourism facilities, a busy crossing and dangerous places to be checked on a regular basis, carry out the responsibility system. Determine the carrying capacity of tourist reception, the implementation of flow control.
    Development of Typhoon, storm, fog, earthquakes and other natural disasters and other emergency response plan for public health emergencies, terrorist attacks, tourism operators and tourists issued travel warnings and information in a timely manner.
    20th article violates these rules, fall within the relatively centralized administrative punishment right in urban management, managed by the city administrative law enforcement departments investigated; violation of management aspects such as culture, tourism, price laws, rules and regulations, relevant administrative departments can entrust the municipal urban management administrative law enforcement departments investigated and dealt with according to law. 21st in violation of the measures set forth in the eighth, 13th, is a non-business activities, sentenced to between 50 Yuan and 500 yuan of fine are engaged in sexual activity, more than 1000 10000 Yuan fine.
    Except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.
    22nd disobey article 12th not tickets purchased by tourists enter the scenic area, the authority shall order ticket, and a fine of 50 Yuan fine.
    23rd management institution for dereliction of duty, abuse, deception, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    24th management agencies can develop specific rules for the implementation of the present measures, reported to the municipality for approval.
                    25th article this way come into effect on April 1, 2005.