Xiamen City Civil Air Defense Management Approach (2006 Revision)

Original Language Title: 厦门市人民防空管理办法(2006年修正本)

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(On May 11, 2005 Xiamen Government makes 117th, announced, according to on September 9, 2006 Xiamen Government makes 122th, announced of Xiamen City Government on modified, and stop implementation part municipal government regulations of decided Amendment) first article for specification people air defense construction and management, according to People's Republic of China people air defense method, and Fujian province people air defense Ordinance and the other about legal, and regulations, combined this city actual, developed this approach. Second city as designated by the State key protection of civil air defense of the city.
    Municipal and district people's Government shall incorporate civil air defense construction into national economic and social development plan. The third municipal and district people's Government shall, in accordance with the national regulations set the competent departments for civil air defense, manages the administrative work of civil air defense.
    City civil air defense departments responsible for the implementation of these measures.
    Street, town and the important protection unit, he shall do well in this area, the units of civil air defense work.
    Planning, planning, construction, financial, land, and other relevant departments and units, within the scope of their respective duties and responsibilities related to civil air defense work.
    The fourth Government and society pays all the expenses for civil air defense.
    Civil air defence command works, public works, communications and warning of the construction and maintenance of civil air defense education funds, included in the city or district people's Government budget for the financial year in accordance with law, and its growth rate commensurate with the people's air defense needs and level of development of the national economy.
    The expenses for civil air defense of the social burden, in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial people's Government.
    Fifth, the competent departments for civil air defense organization and formulating civil air defense education program provides education, training and education backbone.
    Civil air defense education in schools by the education authorities and the competent departments for civil air defense organization. State organs, public organizations, enterprises and institutions staff civil air defense education, carried out by the units; others civil air defense education, organized by the town and subdistrict offices to implement.
    Training departments for civil air defense education into the training of civil servants should be planned. Sixth of municipal and district people's Government is responsible for organization-level air defense programmes and implementation plans, and may organize exercise when necessary.
    Exercise programme drawn up by the competent departments for civil air defense, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.
    Police, fire, transportation, construction, environmental protection, health, services, information, communications, the power industry and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective functions, develop appropriate air raid protection scheme.
    Important economic objectives, key protective units, emergency repair program should be developed, and to take effective preventive measures, assume protection functions.
    Seventh of municipal and district people's Government shall strengthen the wartime air defense evacuation base geographical construction and evacuation, evacuation of the city's population resettlement and preparation for storage and transportation of materials, supplies.
    Eighth article masses air defense organization by following sector according to flat war combined, and counterparts, and easy command of principles is responsible for formed: (a) construction, and municipal, and electric industry, sector formed rescue repair team; (ii) health, and medicine sector formed medical rescue team; (three) Ministry of public security door formed fire brigade, and security team; (four) health, and environmental, sector formed anti-of epidemic prevention team; (five) post, and communications, sector formed communications team; (six) traffic transport sector formed transport team; (seven) other sector according to need formed masses air defense organization.
    Relevant departments, enterprises and institutions shall bear the mass organizations for air defense personnel training and equipment costs.
    The Nineth district offices of the competent departments for civil air defense shall be responsible for the area of civil air defense warning facilities installation and management. Units and individuals for alarm installation installation shall cooperate, and convenience.
    Air Defense warning facilities set up unit shall determine the alarm management personnel, implementation of air defense warning facilities maintenance management system. Tenth article on May 10 to Xiamen every year air siren. Municipal government organizations try to sound air raid sirens as needed and tried Ming's 5 days before the announcement.
    Try ming from the city after the approval of the competent departments for civil air defense submitted to the municipal people's government organizations. 11th civil air defense departments should strengthen the construction of people's air defense command and communication, usually for disaster prevention and mitigation services.
    The departments concerned and to the competent departments for civil air defense shall promptly provide disaster-related information. 12th civil air defense construction plan into the overall urban planning.
    Detailed city planning should reflect people's air defense construction plan requirements.
    City Planning Department to organize the preparation of development and utilization of urban underground space planning, should seek the advice of the competent departments for civil air defense, taking into account the needs of civil air defense.
    13th encourages enterprises, institutions, social organizations and individuals to make full use of preferential policies, investment and construction, development and utilization of civil air defense works. 14th civil air defense engineering survey, design, construction, consulting and project management agency shall have corresponding qualifications, implement the national mandatory standards and design specifications.
    Special equipment for civil air defense works must conform to the State standards.
    Civil air defense project construction quality supervision and management system, combination of aerial defence basement of building projects, engineering quality supervision management formalities according to law by the employer; Dan Jian-commissioned by the competent departments for civil air defense of civil air defense works with qualified supervision of engineering quality supervision institutions to implement quality management. 15th national civil air defense engineering shop drawing design document review system. On combination of construction of the basement, construction drawing review body should be based on basement design specifications and technical requirements of civil air defence works review of construction drawing design documents.
    Civil air defense departments should strengthen supervision and inspection.
    16th personnel of civil air defence command works, public shelter and evacuation roads engineering and support of the access roads, entrances, port management and oral channels and other facilities required by the municipal people's Government, according to law, the allocation. In addition to management of civil air defense works outside the room, not in the people's air defense command engineering, Department of civil air defense works for public safety within the building and other unrelated to civil air defense building.
    Safety area of mouth: the mouth section shall prevail, before and after 20 meters, 15 meters around.
    17th where in the city urban planning area and the key towns of civil air defense building 10 new layer above or Foundation beam and depth of 3 meters above the buildings, construction of basement units shall in accordance with the first floor, the ground floor space.
    New buildings other than those stipulated in the preceding paragraph, in accordance with the 4% construction of the basement in total floor area on the ground.
    18th article combined civil built air defense basement, meet following case one of of, units can application easily construction: (a) used pile base and pile base bearing Taiwan top surface buried reset depth is less than 3 meters or insufficient provides of basement space NET high of; (ii) by provides index should built air defense basement of area only accounted for ground building first layer local, structure and based processing difficult, and is not economic of; (three) built in quicksand, and river, and bedrock buried deep is shallow, lots of project, for geological conditions cannot built of;
    (D) the compact housing building lot or underground pipelines, basement not construction or to take measures to ensure the safety of construction; (e) laws and regulations can easily build other cases. Construction of the competent departments for civil air defense units on ex situ received, upon written request, shall make a decision on whether to approve in the 7th.
    Be approved, built by the construction unit should be the basement of the building area construction costs paid easy; approved, competent departments for civil air defense shall state the reasons in writing. 19th article on following new civil of air defense basement, by people air defense competent sector approved easily construction of, air defense basement easily construction fee be halved or from received: (a) enjoy Government offers policy construction of low rental, and housing, residents housing, halved charged; (ii) new kindergarten, and school teaching floor, and nursing home and the for disabled built of civil, halved charged; (three) for suffered flood, and fire or other not resist of disaster caused damaged Hou by original area reconstruction of civil,
    Be free of charge and (iv) other relief under the national and provincial projects. The 20th article of the same employer within the scope of the land identified in planning stages of construction buildings, first phase of the project in accordance with the construction of basement approach article 18th out of sync, approved by the competent departments for civil air defense, adjusted to the next building together, but according to initial construction fees should be paid the corresponding Building basement area easy.
    After project acceptance, construction fee be refunded corresponding easy; does not build or build, construction fees will not be refunded or build appropriate easy shall not be refunded.
    21st civil air defense construction projects easy fee collected by the competent departments for civil air defense in accordance with State regulations, paid in full the financial, the two lines of income and expenditure management, earmarked for construction of civil air defense works.
    Except as provided in article 19th of this approach, but any organization or individual is allowed to approve reduction, exempt or defer construction of civil air defense works easy.
    The 22nd civil air defense engineering completion approval to implement filing system.
    Combination Building basement project unit at the time of completion of construction Administrative Department to record, it shall issue the accreditation of the competent departments for civil air defense.
    Dan Jian-civil air defense project construction units shall from the date of project completion acceptance in the 15th, completion reports, and laws and regulations issued by the relevant authorities authorized documents or authorization to use the documents reported to the competent departments for civil air defense.
    Article 23rd combination construction of the basement, set up using the registration system for civil air defense works, from investors to register with the competent departments for civil air defense, its civil air defense works exercised the right to possess, use, benefit, has the obligation of maintenance and management of civil air defense works shall not change its air defense efficiency, relative to the unified arrangement by the Government.
    Property rights are not clear tunnels, tunnels and other civil air defense projects, formulated by the competent departments for civil air defense departments identify their property rights.
    24th article violation this approach 16th article second paragraph provides, in people air defense command engineering, and public of people air defense engineering of mouth Department security range within built other engineering of, by people air defense competent sector on party give warning, and ordered deadline corrected violations, can on personal and at 5000 Yuan following of fine, and on units and at 10000 Yuan above 30000 Yuan following of fine; late not corrected of, by people air defense competent sector application Court forced demolition.
    25th violates the first paragraph of this article 23rd, is not used for civil air defense works to register, given to parties by the competent departments for civil air defense warning and ordered to correct violations; fails and fined 1000 Yuan fine.
    26th article of the competent departments for civil air defense staff neglect, abuse, deception or other illegal misconduct, by their work units or by the competent authorities shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                                                                                  The 27th article of the rules take effect on July 1, 2005.

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