Administrative Measures For Yangshan Bonded Port Area

Original Language Title: 洋山保税港区管理办法

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(October 23, 2006 Shanghai City Government 123th times Executive Conference considered through October 24, 2006 Shanghai City Government makes 63rd, announced since November 24, 2006 up purposes) first article (purpose and according to) to speed up Shanghai international shipping center construction, promote ocean mountain bonded port of development, according to about legal, and administrative regulations and State on established Ocean mountain bonded port of reply and Shanghai City and Zhejiang Province joint construction Ocean mountain deepwater port cooperation agreement,
    These measures are formulated.
    The second (regional) Yangshan bonded port area (hereinafter referred to as port) including small Yangshan port area, the East China Sea Bridge and connects to the overland location, is to implement closed management of integration and unified supervision by the Customs special feature areas.
    Bonded port area the specific scope, according to the reply of the State Council on establishing Yangshan bonded port area the implementation of.
    Article III (region) bonded port area the main container port transportation, loading and unloading, the international transit of goods, international distribution, international procurement, international entrepot trade and export processing businesses, as well as with international shipping support for the financial, insurance, agents, claims processing, testing and other services.
    Fourth (and responsibilities of the CMC) Yangshan bonded port authority (hereinafter the CMC) formed by Shanghai, customs and inspection and quarantine departments, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government departments, Nanhui district, Shanghai and Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, the people's Government of the people's Government to attend, in construction of Yangshan port cities under the guidance of the joint coordination leading group, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the port.
    CMC shall be subject to relevant administrative departments, Shanghai Municipality and Zhejiang Province delegate, perform related administrative duties in a bonded port area, and to coordinate and cooperate with the port, customs, inspection and quarantine, port, maritime and immigration, industry and commerce, taxation, finance, public security, environmental protection, marine and other related departments in the administration of bonded port areas.
    Fifth (Hong Kong airlines governance and public security management) Yangshan deepwater port of Hong Kong, shipping management matters, by the Shanghai Municipal port authority in accordance with the relevant laws, administrative regulations and the relevant departments of the State Council regulations.
    Port matters such as policing, fire control, traffic management, by the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai Yangshan branch in accordance with the relevant laws, administrative regulations and the relevant departments of the State Council regulations.
    Sixth (administrative services) in addition to the port, ports, public security departments and established within the bonded Harbor area outside the offices of the Department, other relevant administrative departments should be under the Management Committee, to bonded port area for the enterprise to provide services on a regular basis.
    Within the relevant administrative departments should be bonded administrative licensing and other administrative matters implemented on the spot for, but requires a hearing, bidding, auction, inspection, testing, identification, demonstration except for the matter of approval or by the competent authority.
    Seventh (service) Management Committee of bonded port area development firm appointed by the Foundation in the early development of land within the port, and provide service for Chinese and foreign investors.
    CMC established institutions for port enterprises in providing advice, guidance and service.
    Eighth (development coordination) bonded port area development and construction, shall comply with the Shanghai international shipping center Yangshan deepwater port plan, Shanghai lingang new city master plan, as well as Shanghai City and Zhejiang Province marine function zoning and other planning and work organization, coordination is undertaken by the Administrative Committee.
    Nineth (industrial policy-oriented development) the Management Committee shall, together with the relevant administrative departments under the State guidelines on adjustment of industrial structure, develop and publish a bonded Harbor area industrial policy, and, in due course, amend.
    Tenth article (administrative license of delegate) except Hong Kong political, and airlines governance and police, management matters outside, by Shanghai City and Zhejiang Province about administration sector of delegate, CMC can in bonded port within implementation following administrative license matters: (a) foreign competent sector delegate of foreign investment project of approval; (ii) development reform, sector delegate of investment project of approved; (three) planning management sector delegate of construction project location submissions, and construction with to planning license and construction engineering planning license of approval;
    (Four) except added construction with to outside, land management sector delegate of construction project with to of approval (containing pre) and State-owned land right of allocated, and transfer; (five) construction management sector delegate of construction engineering reported built, and construction project design programme and construction engineering construction license of approval; (six) municipal engineering management sector delegate of temporary occupied road, and mining road of approval; (seven) city sanitation management sector delegate of building garbage and engineering muck emissions, and disposal of approval;
    (H) other relevant administrative departments to delegate administrative licensing items.
    Management Committee in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be submitted to the Commission on the situation of the implementation of administrative licensing administration record; delegated administration should be carried out on the Management Committee of the implementation of administrative licensing matters guidance and supervision.
    11th article (construction project approval program) CMC should according to delegate permission and following simplified program of provides, on bonded port within of construction project for approval: (a) foreign investment project of approval or investment project of approved, and construction project location submissions of approval, and construction project with to of pre can together for; (ii) construction with to planning license of approval, and construction project with to of approval, and State-owned land right of allocated or transfer can together for;
    (C) the approval of construction project planning permit, and construction engineering construction design approval, construction projects can be carried out; (d) approval of construction permits, and temporary occupation of roads, mining roads and emission and residue disposal of construction waste and engineering matters, such as approval can be carried out together.
    The CMC can be combined with the actual situation of different construction projects, the implementation of administrative licensing procedures provided for in the preceding paragraph due to adjust and simplify.
    12th (enterprises set up a program) to set up enterprises in bonded port area, application materials are complete and in compliance with the statutory form, the Administration for industry and commerce shall make a decision to grant registration after accepting on the spot.
    Established enterprises in the bonded port area, the law should be approved by the relevant administrative department before registration, organized by the administrative departments for industry and Commerce and the CMC respectively relevant administrative departments funded enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises dealt with and completed within 5 working days from the date of acceptance and approval procedures.
    13th (service) Management Committee shall, together with the port, ports, customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime, immigration, industry and commerce, taxation, finance, public security and other departments to promote the port information standardization in construction, timely release of bonded port areas of public information, for bonded port area information resource integration and sharing, and for electronic data exchange and customs management to provide related consulting services.
    14th (power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment) Management Committee to establish the administrative law-enforcement agencies, bonded port areas of administrative management permissions, power of relatively concentrated administrative punishment according to the law.
    15th (law enforcement) shall support and assist the relevant administrative departments of the CMC in accordance with legal procedures, executive law enforcement functions in a bonded port; relevant administrative departments to complete law enforcement matter, the CMC should be informed.
    To the relevant administrative departments in day-to-day administrative law enforcement activities within the port, the CMC should be unified, centralized arrangements; to relevant administrative departments of surprise inspections, checks and emergency administrative law enforcement activities, the CMC shall, together with the relevant administrative departments of protection of law enforcement officers at any time, rapid implementation of programmes.
    16th (vehicle access control) of vehicles carrying goods into and out of bonded port areas shall be in conformity with the conditions prescribed by the customs, private channel designated by the customs, and subject to customs checks.
    Vehicles plying between the East China Sea bridge shall comply with the relevant provisions of the CMC, and examined by Yang Shan branch, Shanghai Public Security Bureau.
    Management Committee is responsible for the coordination of customs and other authorities concerned, implementing the necessary regulatory measures, guarantee the production, operation and management of bonded vehicles, as well as access to Donghai bridge of Yangshan Terminal social vehicles properly and orderly traffic.
    17th (supervision of Donghai bridge maintenance and repair management) Management Committee accept the Commission of Shanghai municipal engineering Administration Department, responsible for the supervision and management of Donghai bridge maintenance, repair work.
    Donghai bridge maintenance, repair, it should be by way of bidding, by a qualified professional according to the State and the Shanghai Municipal bridge management technical standards and norms.
    18th (simplifying exit formalities to go abroad) on port internal business needs often go abroad, out of the persons concerned to implement "an approval within one year, and as many times as" approval to go abroad, or issue during multiple trips to Hong Kong, and Macau S.A.R. procedures. 19th (tariff and import value-added tax) on foreign goods entering and leaving port without management of import and export licenses will be exempted from tariffs and import-related taxes.
    Otherwise stipulated by laws, administrative regulations, and from its provisions.
    20th (production and circulation taxes) bonded port in the production for the local sales or shipped overseas products exempt from value added tax and consumption tax, goods from the port to enter the domestic sales, in accordance with the relevant provisions of customs clearance procedures for goods imported and taxed goods according to the actual state.
    Enterprises in the trade in goods between bonded Harbor area, no value-added tax and consumption tax.
    21st (tax rebates) deemed export domestic goods entering bonded Harbor area, and offer tax rebates in accordance with regulations.
                                                                  22nd (execution date) these measures take effect on November 24, 2006.

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