Hangzhou City, Building Energy-Saving Management

Original Language Title: 杭州市建筑节能管理办法

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(August 28, 2006 Hangzhou municipal people's Government at the 117th Executive meeting on September 8, 2006 Hangzhou people's Government announced order No. 226, come into force on November 1, 2006) first to strengthen the administration of building energy saving, increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, according to the People's Republic of China Law on energy saving, the People's Republic of China renewable energy law, the People's Republic of China Law on construction, the construction engineering quality control and other relevant laws,
    Regulatory requirements, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of Hangzhou City, engaged in civil construction, renovation, expansion, energy saving renovation of existing buildings, building systems operation and management of activities and the implementation of the supervision and management of building energy-saving, these measures shall apply.
    Third article this approach by said building energy-saving, is refers to in buildings of planning, and design, and construction, and transformation and using process in the, according to about legal, and regulations of provides and building energy-saving standard, used energy-saving type of building technology, and process, and equipment, and material and products, improve buildings of insulation insulation performance, and air conditioning refrigeration business hot system efficiency and the lighting equipment efficiency, strengthening buildings with can system of management, in guarantee buildings indoor hot environment quality of premise Xia, reduced air conditioning refrigeration business hot, and lighting, energy.
    Fourth Hangzhou municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and administration of building energy saving of the whole city, Xiaoshan, Yuhang district and the County (or city) construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and management of building energy efficiency work within their respective jurisdictions.
    Development and reform, planning, economy, science and technology, quality and technical supervision administration authorities, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, coordinate the implementation of these measures.
    Fifth of municipal, district (City) Government should strengthen the publicity and education of building energy-saving and architectural energy saving consciousness of the whole society, from the prototype, production, practical strengthening building energy efficiency work, promotion and other links, and to provide appropriate policy.
    Sixth construction Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with economic, administrative departments such as planning, based on local energy planning, organizing special planning of building energy conservation, reported to people's Governments at the same level for approval organization.
    Planning of building energy conservation of new buildings should be energy-saving requirements, existing buildings energy-saving, renewable in the construction of development, building systems operation and management and other work objectives, specific arrangements and safeguards.
    Seventh of municipal construction administrative departments should be based on the development of building energy saving and technically advanced and economically rational principles, organization of lower energy consumption of the building energy conservation design standard and the corresponding construction procedures, evaluation standards and assessment system test. Implementation of construction energy conservation design of architecture in this city article (s) assessment system, the energy efficiency of buildings identifying and marking system.
    Specific measures for implementation by the municipal construction Administrative Department in conjunction with the departments concerned separately. Eighth to encourage energy conservation technology research and product development.
    Administrative departments of science and technology at the time of arranging funds for science and technology at all levels should increase building energy saving technology research, product development and application of inputs.
    Nineth of municipal construction administrative departments should strengthen the wall material, insulation, Windows and doors, air conditioning systems, lighting and other energy-saving building materials and the application of construction technology of work, publish on a regular basis to encourage the application of building energy-saving products and technology directory.
    Tenth new buildings should strictly implement the national building energy conservation standards and provincial and municipal regulations and standards for building energy efficiency.
    Encourage new buildings use renewable energy. 11th to encourage energy saving renovation of existing buildings.
    Existing building with energy saving reformation focused on the energy saving reform of high energy consumption of public buildings.
    Existing buildings renovation should as far as possible the use of renewable energy. Energy-saving retrofit of existing residential buildings should be highlighting the energy-saving renovation of roofing and Windows and doors.
    Residential building renovation of reroofing can be combined with the application of solar water heaters.
    Renovation or expansion of existing buildings involves retaining structure, should be carried out in accordance with building energy efficiency standards and requirements.
    12th formulated in the planning sector city of constructional detailed planning, planning (building height, spacing, natural ventilation), and building layout, orientation, size, volume should be considered in terms of building energy efficiency. 13th for owners of new buildings should be organized prior to the project special demonstration of building energy efficiency. Development and reform commissions prior to the approval of the project application report or approval by feasibility study report, thematic review of building energy conservation should be carried out.
    Where a project report or no special demonstration of building energy saving feasibility study report, not the project.
    14th construction unit should be in accordance with standards commissioned the design and construction of building energy saving, design, construction units shall not express or implied reducing building energy efficiency standards, and shall not express or imply the construction units do not meet the requirement of building energy-saving wall materials, insulation, Windows, air conditioning systems, lighting and other products.
    In accordance with the contract by construction units to purchase wall materials, insulating materials, Windows and doors, air conditioning systems, lighting equipment and other products, the construction unit shall ensure that purchased product conforms to building energy efficiency standards.
    15th design units shall in accordance with tender documents and building energy efficiency standards for energy-efficient design, ensure the quality of building energy-saving design. 16th construction drawing design document review design documents consistent with building energy efficiency standards should be reviewed, and separately presented in the review of building energy saving review content.
    Does not meet the building energy efficiency standards, on the conclusion of the figure should be defined as being unqualified.
    Walls, roofs, doors and Windows building energy saving design of exterior-protected structure of major changes should be reported to review bodies review of construction drawing design documents.
    Construction drawing design document review bodies review the construction drawing design articles (chapters), the professional bodies may be entrusted to the construction energy conservation design review (chapter) to assess, and make the corresponding conclusions according to the appraisal report. 17th construction Administrative Department accepting the construction license application, the review shall examine the construction drawing.
    Failed the review of construction drawings of building energy efficiency, building administrative authorities not to issue the construction permit.
    18th construction units should be strictly in accordance with the examination of construction drawing design documents and construction procedure of building energy-saving construction.
    Construction units concerned should strengthen the access to the construction site of architecture energy-saving materials, components of acceptance and witness sampling by Convention.
    Before the wall and roof insulation works, such as hidden, the construction unit shall notify the supervisor and the construction engineering quality supervision institutions.
    19th supervising units shall in accordance with the law and regulations of and examination of construction drawing design documents and construction procedure of building energy-saving management does not meet the requirements of and construction units should be requested rectification; construction units without the required corrective actions, the supervisor shall promptly report to the unit, simultaneously to the competent construction department or construction project quality supervision report. Supervisor shall examine into energy-saving building materials and equipment, and witness sampling and inspection by the regulation.
    Without supervisor inspection building materials and equipment shall not be used in the project, the construction unit shall not be carried out for the next process of construction.
    Before the wall and roof insulation works, such as hidden, supervisors should be special acceptance.
    20th construction administrative department or its authorized construction of construction project quality supervision organization shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation process of building energy-saving standards, not an examination of construction drawing design document of construction, shall order corrective action.
    Construction engineering quality supervision institutions should strengthen energy-saving building materials, products and important part of the special inspection, with emphasis on the building envelope and the HVAC system in the main completed, acceptance of two stages of conducting supervision and inspection, construction engineering quality supervision and special supervision and comments made in the report. 21st construction organization projects when it is completed, acceptance of building energy-saving should be special.
    Completion report of construction administrative departments for the record, you should indicate the implementation of building energy saving content.
    Employer violations of building energy-saving in the process of completion and acceptance of the relevant provisions, or did not pass special acceptance of building energy conservation and construction administrative departments shall not be filed and ordered rectification.
    22nd design, construction, supervision and their registered personnel, should be on the design, construction and supervision in line with building energy efficiency standards.
    23rd when pre-sale real estate development enterprises, housing should be provided for doors, Windows and wall insulation material samples, and clearly in the sales contract.
    Sales of real estate development enterprises in housing provided by the housing manual, should express the House's energy-saving measures and building envelope insulation performance, energy systems, renewable energy utilization and appropriate protection requirements, and other basic information.
    Promotion and sale of the real estate development enterprises in energy-efficient buildings, shall entrust a professional building evaluation institution building effectiveness found that before they can carry out.
    24th building owners and users at the time of the repair and use of buildings, without changing the energy saving of the building enclosure system, reducing building energy efficiency standards.
    Property management units should strengthen the energy efficiency of public buildings within the residential facilities and equipment support, maintenance, repair and operation process of supervision and management. 25th implementing energy efficient building demonstration project (community) selection system.
    Encouraging the creation of energy efficient building demonstration project (community), the construction of energy-saving demonstration standard, awarded "Hangzhou building energy-saving demonstration project (community)" logo.
    26th construction administrative departments should strengthen the day-to-day supervision and management of building energy-saving, of a violation of these rules is found, it shall be stopped, and dealt with according to law. All units and individuals have the right to supervise the building energy-saving activity, found in violation of relevant provisions of building energy-saving behaviors, you can report to the construction Administrative Department.
    Construction Administrative Department upon receipt of the report, should be promptly investigated.
    27th construction units, design units, supervision of construction units or units in violation of these regulations, in accordance with building energy efficiency standards and building energy efficiency norms related to project design, construction, supervision and acceptance, in accordance with the People's Republic of China construction law, construction engineering quality management regulation and other relevant laws and regulations will be punished.
                                                                                  28th article of the rules take effect on November 1, 2006.