Construction Of Hunan Electric Power Requirements

Original Language Title: 湖南省电力建设若干规定

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(November 15, 2006 95th meeting consideration of Hunan province on January 9, 2007, Hunan provincial people's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2007, No. 210) first in order to protect and promote electric power construction smoothly, meet the needs of economic and social development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China electric power law, the protection of power facilities Ordinance and other laws and regulations, this provision is enacted.
    Second, supervision and management of electric power construction in the administrative area of the province, these provisions shall apply.
    The third people's Governments above the county level and comprehensive economic departments should strengthen the power guidance and coordination, through the implementation of relevant laws, regulations, rules, take strong measures to support electric power construction, safeguard and promote the development of the electric power industry.
    Fourth power development planning into the overall plan for national economic and social development of the province.
    Preparation of electric power development plan shall follow the electric power construction and power load demand, right ahead of the principles, and land-use planning, river basin planning, urban planning, urban system planning phase with convergence and co-ordination.
    Fifth power facilities, new construction, expansion, renovation projects (hereinafter referred to as power construction project), shall conform to the power development plan.
    The need for Governments at all levels should be based on electric power development plan, arrange and set aside land for electric power construction and electric power line corridors.
    Sixth article of any citizen, legal person or other organization, electric power construction project may illegally occupy land and power line corridors or change the nature of their use.
    Article seventh power enterprises to build electricity projects, shall, in accordance with national and provincial regulations, make an application to the relevant authorities and submitted to the relevant information. Development and reform, construction, planning, land and resources, transportation, water conservancy, forestry and environmental protection sectors, should be completed within the statutory time limit for electric power enterprise's applications and information related to the review.
    Eligible, permit does not meet the criteria, no permission and shall inform the reason.
    Eighth overhead power line crossing of railway, highway, waterway, no unit or individual is allowed to charge a fee, but except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.
    Services, landscaping, road, railway, waterway, the water works, bridges and other facilities and the construction of power facilities when the mutual prejudice, should be established according to legal approval, according to the plan the principle of prior consultation, by planning in which direct economic losses or responsible party.
    Nineth power construction projects into the province or city divided into districts, autonomous prefectures key projects, according to the province or district municipalities and autonomous region people's Government focus on preferential policies pay the cost of the project.
    Tenth power construction projects land acquisition, demolition, carried out by the people's Governments above the county level, according to the district's municipalities and autonomous region formulated and approved by the provincial people's Government of the people's Government, the compensation standard of land expropriation, paid compensation to ownership units or individuals shall not be withheld, misappropriated.
    Any citizen, legal person or other organization shall not exceed the power construction projects land acquisition and compensation standards ask for compensation, shall impede the normal progress of electric power construction.
    Electric power construction project land compensation dispute, does not affect the land acquisition, demolition, the implementation of the programme, coordinated by the local people's Governments.
    11th overhead power line Tower foundation of land by electricity enterprises in counties unified to provincial land and resources Administrative Department in charge of land application, according to the approval process for land clearance.
    Into national and provincial key construction project of power construction land, from electricity to the provincial land and resources Administrative Department in charge of land application, examination and approval before implementation.
    12th overhead power line poles, Tower Foundation area of occupation, calculated in accordance with the following provisions: (a) the exposed parts of the self supporting tower at the base outside extends to 1 meter, (ii) poles, pulling the main pit and pull pit-by-pit 2 sq m.
    13th pole of overhead power lines, cable and electric enterprise in accordance with the provisions of this article tenth one-off compensation.
    14th power companies new overhead power line the ground under the trees, bamboo, may endanger the safety of power lines, according to law shall be trimmed or cut down, the power companies by province or district municipalities and autonomous region people's Government provisions about lump-sum compensation for forest charge.
    15th article in the overhead power line protection zones defined according to law within the demolition of buildings, structures, in accordance with the provisions of article tenth provides for compensation of cutting down trees, bamboo, in accordance with the provisions of the present article 14th one-off compensation.
    Article 16th all citizens, legal persons and other organizations may not be in the legally demarcated power facility protection zones in the construction of buildings and structures, may endanger the safety of power facilities shall not be planted trees, bamboo and other plants.
    Construction of buildings and structures in a power facility protection area, by the attention of the local people's Government shall order the owner of electric power Enterprise dismantle; fails to dismantle, torn down by law by the local government.
    Power facility protection zones growth of newly planted or natural trees, bamboo and other plants could endanger the safety of power facilities, be ordered by electric power enterprise owners pruning or felling of limited duration; fails to trim or cut, the power companies to trim or cut, any citizen, legal person or other organization may obstruct.
    Dismantling of illegal buildings and structures in a power facility protection zones, or pruning, logging growth of newly planted or natural trees and bamboo pole plants shall not be compensated for.
    17th electric power enterprises in the construction of 500,000-volt overhead power line, the line outside the vertical projection within 5 meters across the housebuilding, should be dismantled.
    Electric power Enterprise build 220,000-volt and below overhead power lines needed to cross houses, shall, in accordance with national standards to ensure a safe distance of the power industry, no award of compensation for removal and housing; does not guarantee a safe distance, and should be dismantled.
    Demolition of compensation, in accordance with the provisions of the present article tenth implementation.
    Article 18th above the minimum water level of the hydroelectric power plant reservoir to reservoir Bank first within the watershed area between the ridges, building roads, bridges, piers, ferries, water intake and sewage, pipes, cables and other projects need to cross, wearing, wearing di's, before approval formalities shall seek the views of the hydro-electric power plant.
    19th due to major construction is necessary to adjust the power plan, or absolutely necessary to adjust power construction projects using land and power line corridors, should seek the advice of electric power enterprises; loss of electric power enterprise, the construction unit shall be subject to restitution or compensation.
    20th electric power construction in urban load Center, you need to use pipes, channels, pipe, channel built by building management and manpower services.
    21st power construction shall comply with the safety regulations for construction, civil construction, take basic safety precautions to protect adjacent facilities, security and public safety.
    22nd article violation this provides, without approved or not take protection measures for construction construction and other job, endanger power construction and power facilities security of, power Enterprise right to stop and right to requirements corrected, and recovery undisturbed, and compensation loss; not listening to stop, and refused to corrected or has other violations of, by economic integrated, and planning, and construction, and land resources, and forestry, administrative competent sector according to statutory permission be investigation.
    23rd in violation of the provisions of the Act and meet the requirements of public security penalty, by the public security organs in accordance with the punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                                                                                      24th article of the regulations come into force on March 1, 2007.