Administrative Measures For The Carriage Of Goods By Road In Sichuan Province

Original Language Title: 四川省道路货物运输管理办法

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(April 3, 2007 the 114th meeting of the people's Government of Sichuan province considered by Sichuan provincial people's Government on April 24, 2007 order No. 212, promulgated as of May 25, 2007) Chapter I General provisions article to regulate road freight transport, road freight station, freight forwarding and cargo loading operations, maintaining the order of road freight transport market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of road goods transport the parties, in accordance with the People's Republic of China regulations on road transport and the
    Road transport regulations of Sichuan province, Sichuan province, this approach is formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of Sichuan province, engaged in the carriage of goods by road (hereinafter referred to as cargo), road goods transport stations (hereinafter referred to as the cargo terminal), transportation (hereinafter referred to as freight) and the cargo stowage (hereinafter referred to as freight) operating units and individuals (hereinafter referred to as the operator) shall abide by these measures.
    Operators engaged in international freight forwarder in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    Article traffic administration departments above the county level in the administrative area of cargo and freight station, freight forwarding and freight management, road transport authorities above county level shall be responsible for the implementation of management.
    Road transport road transport management body shall, in accordance with article development plan to guide development of the carriage of goods by road to encourage the operators to improve the quality of services, extension services and meet the needs of economic construction and people's lives.
    Fifth to encourage freight intensive, large-scale, specialized operations, container, closed box, multi-axle heavy and special vehicles such as tank and the development of energy-efficient vehicles, advocating commodities selected carrier operators when bidding form.
    Business license article in chapter II forwarding the applicant should apply to the road transport authority cargo operating license.
    Engaged in general cargo and transport and terminal operators, three large objects, apply to the county road transport authority; in four large object transport, private transport and transport operations of dangerous goods to the local (State) apply to the road transport authority.
    Article seventh grade large object transportation management applications for road transport authorities should arrange specialist vehicles, management personnel, technical personnel for verification and integrated assessment.
    Eighth in container transport operations shall comply with the conditions prescribed by State and province, the driver should have the qualifications of drive trains, traction vehicle traction capacity should be 20 tons and install the real time dynamic driving recorder, semitrailer vehicle should turn locking device.
    Nineth engages in dangerous goods transport operations shall meet the conditions set by the State, according to the national province and assessment of relevant provisions for dangerous goods transport safety situation.
    Dangerous goods transport enterprises should carry out company business.
    Tenth Article engaged in freight forwarding and freight business, subject to the following conditions and in accordance with the law business license before the operation: (a) have a fixed office space, necessary communications and computer equipment, (ii) its business professionals and managers, (iii) have a sound business practice and management system.
    11th article engaged in freight agent and freight stowage business of, should since opened of day up 15th within to location County Road transport management institutions record, and submitted following record material: (a) freight agent, and freight stowage record application table; (ii) Organization institutions code card, and business license and tax registration proved original and the copies; (three) statutory representative people ID copies; (four) housing property proved or housing rental agreement; (five) business operation, and management system text.
    12th article freight operators established engaged in freight business of branch, should to branch established to county road transport management institutions proposed application and submitted following material: (a) applicants of organization institutions code card, and license and road transport business license are, and copy original and copies; (ii) branch using of land, and housing of legal proved; (three) branch security management system text; (four) branch head served file and ID copies. Road transport administration office shall verify from the date of receipt of the material in the 15th, to meet the conditions, road transport operators permit, issued by the branch.
    Operator's acquisition branch management should be to the original license when the license copy of the road transport authorities go through the relevant formalities.
    Chapter III management 13th cargo operators should be used in accordance with national provisions on energy consumption and environmental protection of our province and vehicles engaged in cargo operations, improve the level of transport organization, reducing empty running, saving energy.
    The vehicle does not meet the provisions of the preceding paragraph, cargo operators should be in accordance with the country and to reform or scrap the update relevant provisions in our province.
    14th cargo operators should be in accordance with national and relevant regulations of the province of freight vehicle maintenance and inspection to ensure vehicle technology is in good condition. Maintenance daily maintenance, vehicle maintenance is divided into level and second level maintenance. Routine maintenance by the driver before driving, driving, after the shift is responsible for implementation of maintenance and maintenance carried out by motor vehicle maintenance enterprises II. Mileage level maintenance intervals must not exceed 2500 km mileage statistics for the inconvenience, the interval 1 month shall prevail.
    Second-stage maintenance interval shall not exceed 15000 km mileage and mileage statistics for the inconvenience, the time interval of 3 months shall prevail.
    After secondary freight wagons, cargo operators the vehicle second class maintenance should be recorded in the vehicle technical files in a timely manner, and keep the secondary factory completion certificate. 15th freight, shipping the Parties shall in accordance with the provisions of the contract law, entered into the contract of carriage.
    Freight forwarding business operator shall transport contracts with shippers and carriers, respectively, clearly the respective rights and obligations.
    16th freight operator shall not accept the laws and administrative regulations to prohibit the transport of goods.
    Provisions of laws and administrative regulations shall go through the relevant formalities before the transport of the goods, the shipper of the goods shall, in accordance with provisions of relevant procedures, cargo operators shall examine and onboard procedures. 17th cargo operators transporting large objects, and should develop road transport organizations, four large items the carrier programme for road transport organizations, as experts, should be submitted to the relevant departments for the record.
    Involving the transport of excess shall use road transport operators permit copy, vehicle road transport certificates to road management agencies such as overlimit traffic permit procedures.
    18th transport operators dangerous goods dangerous goods transportation dispatch management system should be established, in accordance with the management system of vehicles and personnel arrangements meet the conditions of transport of dangerous goods and dangerous goods consignment note issued by the regulation.
    Organization without dangerous goods transport operators, transport of dangerous goods vehicles are not allowed to carry dangerous goods.
    19th transport of dangerous goods should be onboard vehicle transporting dangerous goods requirements, consistent with the goods of the road transport of dangerous goods security card, vehicles shall be in accordance with the national regulations on flying cars for the transport of dangerous goods special signs, strictly in accordance with the transport of dangerous goods transport regulations.
    Combustion, explosion in the course of the transport of dangerous goods, pollution, poisoning or be stolen, lost, diaspora, leakage accident, drivers and escorts should be immediately to the local public security Department and the transport enterprise reports.
    20th air cargo operators use outside the province (municipalities and autonomous regions) registered vehicles, in my province engaged in freight forwarding business activities more than 1 month, shall hold the vehicle road transport certificates based on county road transport management agency to apply for filing procedures, vehicle stationed in Sichuan received the mainlander operation record card, pay a fee according to the province's regulations and management.
    The Taiwanese vehicles stationed in Sichuan operation record card should onboard, used in conjunction with the road transport certificates.
    21st business operators shall meet the required conditions of employment practitioners, development of annual training plans for employees, practitioners are regularly safety and ethics education, knowledge, procedures and emergency response training.
    Operators of the transport of dangerous goods should be improving the transport of dangerous goods drivers, supercargo and loading management for the recruitment, training, appraisal, reward and punishment, eliminating system, unified management of drivers. Implementation of truck drivers, the transport of dangerous goods in China professional management and qualification management system.
    Truck drivers and the transport of dangerous goods in China shall, in accordance with province and relevant stipulations of the corresponding qualifications before they can practice.
    Road transport management body shall, in accordance with provincial regulations on truck drivers and I the implementation of professional management and qualification management system.
    22nd cargo operators should strengthen safety management, with commensurate with the scale of dedicated security personnel.
    Dangerous goods transport enterprises (units) shall, in accordance with each 20 cars 1 full-time security personnel equipped with the standard, full-time security managers a minimum of not less than 3 members. 23rd road transportation management agencies should be on the operators of operating conditions, operations such as supervision and inspection.
    Operators should be under the supervision and inspection of the road transport administration.
    24th road transport management freight operators ' reputation for quality assessment system should be established, regularly on the operating conditions, management, safety management and service quality, evaluation, and announced to the public, appraisal results as cargo operators expand their scope of operation, freight rating basis.
    25th dangerous goods transport operator shall purchase the carrier liability insurance.
    26th road transport management body shall accept the road freight transport quality complaints, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract of carriage of goods and quality dispute mediation.
    Fourth chapter legal responsibility 27th article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by County above road transport management institutions ordered operators deadline corrected, can at 200 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine: (a) carrier law should handle and not handle associate shipped procedures of goods of; (ii) dangerous goods transport operators not by provides issued road dangerous goods AWB of; (three) without dangerous goods transport operators organization scheduling, dangerous goods transport vehicles unauthorized carrier dangerous goods of;
    (D) the carriage of dangerous goods by vehicles not onboard is consistent with the transportation of dangerous goods on the road transportation of dangerous goods security card.
    28th article violates these rules, any of the following acts, the road transport authorities above the county level shall order the operator to correct within, it refuses to, may be fined a maximum of 200 Yuan more than 1000: (a) the operator does not provide for training of employees; (b) engaged in freight forwarding and freight business, not to the road transport administration for the record. 29th article violation this approach provides, dangerous goods transport operators exists following major security hidden one of of, by County above road transport management institutions ordered deadline corrected, at 20,000 yuan above 50,000 yuan following fine; not by requirements corrected of, by original license organ revoked road transport business license: (a) not by provides established dangerous goods transport scheduling management system of; (ii) arrangements not meet conditions of vehicles transport dangerous goods of; (three) arrangements not meet conditions of driver, and escort personnel, and
    Persons engaged in the transport of dangerous goods transportation and handling management and (iv) not complying with the provisions of safety managers, and (v) there are other significant security risks.
    30th article violates these rules, set up branch offices are not required to apply for road transport operators permit, by the road transport authorities above the county level rectification can be fined a maximum of 3000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.
    31st breach these rules, other laws, regulations and rules have been penalties from its provisions.
    Road transportation management agencies in monitoring and checking found operating without a license or freight forwarding and freight operator does not have corresponding conditions are still engaged in related business, transfer of Administration for industry and Commerce penalties.
    Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 32nd cargo terminals in these measures refers to the facility based on the reimbursement for the services provided to the community with warehousing, storage, loading, information services, loading and unloading, cargo handling and other functions of the integrated air cargo terminal, container freight station, logistics centres, car parks and other locations.
    Freight mentioned in these measures refers to any other person to supply transportation facilitation, in kilobytes, forwarders, cargo service operations.
    Freight mentioned in these measures refers to the provision of vehicles and goods information, car cargo cars, on behalf of the merchant group business activities.
    Dedicated transport mentioned in these measures refers to the use of containers, refrigeration equipment, special vehicles such as tank-containers for transportation of goods.
    Large objects in the 33rd article of the measures of identification and classification, traffic, in accordance with the standards prescribed by the management of the road transport of large objects implementation. 34th article of the rules take effect on May 25, 2007.
                                  18th release of January 8, 1991 in Sichuan province, Sichuan provincial people's Government on December 29, 1997 the 103th Sichuan Road, publication of the interim measures for the management of transport repealed simultaneously.

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