Nanning Urban Lighting Management

Original Language Title: 南宁市城市照明管理规定

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(August 10, 2007, Nanning city, consideration by the Standing Committee on August 17, 2007, Nanning municipal people's Government promulgated as of October 1, 2007, 7th) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen management of urban lighting, landscaping lighting cities, according to the Nanning municipal facilities management and related provisions, these provisions are formulated.
    Provisions of this article applicable to urban lighting work in the administrative area of the city planning and management.
    Article city lighting with street lighting, landscape lighting as a supplement, adhere to the economical and practical, energy saving, environmental protection and the principles of beauty and harmony. Fourth Municipal Administration Department is the lighting of the city's administrative departments, is responsible for organizing the implementation of these provisions.
    City lighting management institutions entrusted by the municipal administrative departments, specifically responsible for the city lighting of operation, maintenance and management.
    The County (district) people's Government Administrative Department in accordance with the duties of city lighting lighting management within their respective jurisdictions.
    Development and reform, finance, planning, construction, landscape architecture, public security and power supply departments and units in their respective areas of responsibility within the collaborative management of urban lighting.
    Article fifth urban lighting design, construction, maintenance and management to strictly enforce the safety specification and implementation of fire, theft, lightning protection, leakage protection and other security measures.
    Sixth of municipal and county administrative departments should improve the city for urban lighting lighting control automation network, establishing and perfecting the archives of urban lighting technology, progressive realization of the lighting of the city program that runs automatically.
    Seventh article of any unit and individual shall care for urban lighting, for damage, theft and illegal acquisition of urban lighting violations have the right to report it.
    Administrative Department for urban lighting according to the relevant provisions of the whistleblower reward.
    Eighth chapter planning and construction of urban lighting planning by the city and county administrative authorities are responsible for the preparation of urban lighting, after the city and County planning departments balance, into the overall urban planning.
    Urban lighting planning include: (a) under road lighting and landscape lighting needs, proposed lighting measurements; (b) under the natural environment, human resources and the level of economic development of the city, according to the city's zoning and determine its lighting effects.
    Nineth of municipal, County and city Administrative Department of lighting based on urban lighting planning lighting projects, from the year of construction administrative departments into urban construction plans.
    Clause tenth annual urban construction planning of urban road lighting construction of infrastructure projects should be carried out according to the city construction plan; not included in the annual construction plans of urban road lighting and urban landscape lighting facilities construction projects should be requested by the special plan for construction.
    11th construction projects should be carried out in accordance with the energy efficiency standards of urban lighting design, using energy-saving technology, certified by the State as our first choice of energy-efficient products.
    Urban road lighting and landscape lighting set based on urban lighting planning shall set the lighting control monitoring devices supporting.
    12th planning and construction administrative departments under their respective responsibilities of urban road lighting and landscape lighting set in accordance with the urban lighting planning facility design review, the design should be seeking the views of competent administrative Department for urban lighting.
    Urban lighting shall conform to the design of urban lighting standards and technical specifications, shall not be less than design standards for construction.
    13th by people's Governments at all levels are responsible for construction of urban road lighting facilities.
    Urban road lighting facilities shall be synchronized with the road planning, design, construction, inspection, and put into use.
    14th to encourage social forces take many forms such as sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, participation in the construction of urban road lighting.
    15th urban landscape lighting by roads, buildings (structures) buildings and other facilities or places the owner or relevant right holder is responsible for construction.
    City new construction, renovation or expansion projects and construction of old city reconstruction project of the urban landscape lighting, landscape lighting facilities shall be synchronized with the main part of the project planning, design, construction, inspection, and put into use.
    In accordance with the special planning for urban landscape lighting landscape lighting facilities should have been building (structures), and should be completed within the time stated in the relevant sector lighting projects.
    16th the following urban roads, buildings (structures) buildings and other facilities or premises should be in landscape lighting facilities planning, specific location, extent, determined by the competent administrative Department for urban lighting and announced to the public.
    (A) City Road, and port, and station, and Terminal, and airport, and square, and public green, city based facilities and public; (ii) city trunk road street of main built (frame) built real, and green with; (three) height for 40 meters above of non-residential built (frame) built real and height for 60 meters above of residential building (containing business live dual-use building); (four) downtown downtown range within of main built (frame) built real; (five) has history Memorial meaning of built (frame) built real and city logo sex built (frame) built real;
    (F) urban lighting planning determining setting of landscape lighting other buildings (structures) of buildings, facilities and grounds.
    17th article set city lighting facilities should comply with following provides: (a) meet city lighting special planning; (ii) Science configuration brightness and color, pattern and styling beautiful; (three) meet light pollution control standard, and around environment phase coordination; (four) lighting styling and lights lighting effect shall not and road traffic led, airport, and channel, and railway, special uses of lights same or similar.
    Article 18th supporting acceptance of urban lighting construction projects, construction administrative departments should proceed together on urban lighting project.
    19th units and individuals to apply for transfer to their investment construction or modification of urban road lighting facilities, subject to the following conditions, urban lighting shall be received by the Administrative Department: (a) urban lighting planning; (b) in accordance with quality standards for road lighting installation and construction, and (iii) provide complete technical data and records; (d) acceptance by the relevant departments.
    Chapter III maintenance and management article 20th does not transfer the city lighting of urban road lighting installation by the competent administrative department construction or management unit is responsible for the maintenance and management, maintenance and management costs for construction or management unit responsible of city road lighting has been transferred by the city administrative departments in charge of lighting maintenance and management, maintenance and administrative expenses from expenses of urban maintenance and construction funds.
    Government investment landscape lighting set by the Government for the construction of the facility is responsible for maintenance and management, maintenance and management costs from urban maintenance and construction funds expenditures in social capital building landscape lighting of the facility owner is responsible for maintenance and management, maintenance and management costs borne by the facility owners.
    21st article city lighting facilities of maintenance and management should implementation national and autonomous regions about technology procedures, and specification, and reached following requirements: (a) landscape lighting facilities keep intact, run normal, road lighting facilities of intact rate in 85% above; (ii) road lighting facilities bright lamp rate in 95% above; (three) city lighting facilities of General fault should Yu 24 hours within repair, serious fault except force majeure reasons outside, should Yu three a days within repair;
    (D) the timely cleanup or demolition waste of lighting.
    22nd centralized monitoring and opening and closing time of the city lighting control mode.
    23rd city roads lighting should open and close every day, opening and closing time determined by the competent administrative Department for urban lighting. Article 24th during the holidays, and other important activities during the Government's special landscape lighting facilities of opening and closing time required by the city and county governments to perform; automatic monitoring device for lighting landscape lighting is configured by the municipal, County and city lights Executive Director Department of opening and closing.
    Time of opening and closing the lighting facilities managers to decide. Landscape lighting of unity during the opening and closing of tariff by the municipal and county governments to give appropriate subsidies.
    Subsidies and the specific measures drawn up by the competent administrative authorities and the financial sector of urban lighting, city and county people's Government for approval before implementation. Trees near the 25th city road lighting from electric lighting facilities shall not be less than 1.0 metres.
    Safety distance requirements are not met due to natural growth, or influence the effect of lighting, lighting the administrator shall promptly inform the landscape management, landscape management in accordance with the regulations.
    Set in the trees and green space landscape lighting, should be commensurate with the plant growth, and principles to protect the natural ecological environment, may destroy the natural environment.
    Article 26th due to typhoons, rainstorms and other force majeure or accidents causing trees seriously endanger the safety of urban lighting operation, urban lighting management bodies to take urgent measures to deal with, and inform the landscape management.
    27th due to construction needs, relocation, demolition of urban road lighting, the construction unit shall be submitted to the approval of the Administrative Department of urban lighting, and to bear the related costs.
    28th damage of urban lighting, damages should be properly protected, to prevent damage to the expansion, and to immediately notify the competent administrative Department for urban lighting and lighting facilities managers.
    Due to traffic accidents of urban road lighting facilities were damaged, public security and traffic departments shall timely notify the lighting of the city administrative departments and lighting facilities managers.
    Fourth chapter penalty provisions article 29th city lights executive departments or the urban lighting management institutions entrusted to sanction acts in violation of these provisions. 30th article violates article 11th paragraph, without the required supporting set of monitoring device for lighting control, rectification, it refuses, fined a maximum of more than 2000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan, and specified by the competent administrative Department for urban lighting set the device according to the requirements of the relevant departments, the costs borne by the penalty.

    31st article violates article 16th, without the required set of landscape lighting, rectification, it refuses, fines of between 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan, and specified by the competent administrative Department for urban lighting installed according to the requirements of the relevant departments, the costs borne by the penalty. 32nd breach of article 21st, city lighting and commissioned by the Administrative Department of urban lighting facilities management staff are at fault, on administrative liability be investigated.
    Other illegal provisions of this article, carried out according to the following penalties: (a) contravenes subsection (c) provides, if not repaired, ordered to repair or replace; late shall not be repaired or replaced, and fined 1000 Yuan fine.
    (B) contravenes subsection (d) provides, ordered to clean up fails to clear, organized by the Administrative Department for urban lighting clean, costs borne by the facility owner, and fined a maximum of between 2000 Yuan and 500 Yuan. The fifth chapter by-laws in the 33rd article of the provisions relating to the meaning of the term: (I) urban lighting, road lighting and landscape lighting. Road lighting refers to the use of lighting facilities and technology for urban road lighting, convenient traffic night lighting collectively.
    Landscape lighting lighting refers to the use of floodlights, outline form, to beautify the city, rich urban landscape lighting for the purpose of collectively.
    (B) urban lighting refers to distribution Chamber for urban lighting, transformers, underground pipelines, lamp, lamps, and other lighting accessories, and so on.
    (C) City Road is the main road, minor roads, access roads, viaducts, urban Cross-River bridges, flyovers, pedestrian footbridges, pedestrian subways, urban public Plaza. 34th article of the regulations come into force on October 1, 2007.
                                                                                                                                October 18, 2001, Nanning, Nanning government orders 6th release of the outdoor lighting regulations repealed simultaneously.