Administrative Measures On Maritime Safety And Prevention Of Pollution From Ships, Tangshan City

Original Language Title: 唐山市海上交通安全和防治船舶污染管理办法

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(July 25, 2007, Tangshan City people's Government, the 54th Executive Meeting July 26, 2007, Tangshan City people's Government released 1th come into force on September 1, 2007) Chapter I General provisions article to maintain traffic order, protect the safety and vessels and installations, prevention of sea pollution, according to the People's Republic of China maritime traffic safety law and the People's Republic of China Law on marine environmental protection and other relevant provisions, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article in the city area of navigation, berthing, and operation of ships, installations, personnel, facility and ship owners, operators and other relevant units and individuals shall comply with these measures. Tangshan article, sea, maritime administrative agencies at all levels are responsible for the maritime traffic safety and supervision and management of prevention and control of pollution from ships.
    Tangshan marine oil spill emergency response command structure, maritime search and rescue agencies responsible for marine oil spill emergency response and search and rescue work.
    Port, the environmental protection administration, and laws and regulations authorized by the Organization in accordance with their respective responsibilities responsible for maritime safety and pollution prevention management.
    Chapter II ships, facilities and personnel fourth ship shall have the appropriate and effective technical certificates, in accordance with the regulations indicate the name and port of registry, identifies, equipped with fire-fighting and life-saving, pollution prevention and emergency equipment and equipment, with documented competency to ensure ship safety crew.
    Facilities shall be in accordance with State regulations is equipped with master collision avoidance, signaling, communications, fire-fighting and life-saving skills of staff.
    Ships can be copied as needed for all crew members, but shall not exceed the total number on board ship inspection agency approved lifesaving equipment will consist of standards.
    Fifth ship personnel, and facilities shall comply with maritime safety rules and safety regulations, ensure the safety of navigation, berthing and operation of ships, facilities.
    Sixth marine overloading of passenger and non-passenger ships.
    Passenger ships should be in a prominent position indicates a passenger, not in the cabin, and channel stack cargo.
    Chapter navigation, berthing and operation seventh vessels entering and leaving Hong Kong, anchoring, and shifting, should report to the maritime administrative agency the ship an hour earlier developments, and maintain continuous listening watch within the specified channel, subject to the maritime administrative agency.
    The maritime administrative agency shall, without delay after receipt of the report informed the port administration authority.
    Eighth International shipping entering and leaving the port shall be declared within the stipulated time and go through the formalities of the import and export Bank.
    Chinese domestic vessels entering and leaving the port, shall have access to the visa.
    Ship navigation and operations in Hong Kong in accordance with visa on a regular basis.
    Sailing in the Nineth vessels entering and leaving Hong Kong, in Hong Kong, move parking or when away from the dock and mooring, loading and unloading station, required pursuant to the provisions shall apply to the pilot the pilot of pilot. Pilot agencies should develop a pilot plan, and arrange to have the appropriate level of pilot to pilot.
    Pilots should be under piloting the starting location, pilot destination, away from the ship and pilot reports the maritime administrative agency.
    Article tenth the following ships sailed out of Hong Kong or in Hong Kong, shall apply to the maritime administrative agency escorts: (a) carrying explosives, level, radioactive materials, flammable liquids, toxic substances, (ii) engaged in very large, heavy towing, (iii) according to actual port necessary escort.
    Maritime administrative agency after receiving the escort request, after reviewing the need to escort, shall notify the applicant and the Organization in a timely manner for convoy escorting the ships.
    11th article ship sailing Shi should comply with following provides: (a) according to at of environment and situation using security speed sailing; (ii) through or drove into channel of ship should active avoid in channel driving of ship, ban Rob more he ship bow; (three) found he ship through channel, should take ming,, and deceleration, effective measures avoid; (four) in channel, and turned district turned, should in navigation environment license of situation Xia for, and in turned Qian displayed signal.
    12th ship sailed, away from the dock, float, through or into waterways, should take the initiative to use sound, very high frequency radio-telephone or other effective means that the vessel is intended and avoid relationships keep in touch with the ship.
    13th ship in port when you move away from the Terminal, parking, suspenders, ramp back inboard, conveyor belts and other fittings.
    14th article ship in Hong Kong within engaged in following activities of, should ahead of to written form to maritime management institutions reported prepared; job end Hou, should clear security hidden and report maritime management institutions: (a) split repair host, and anchor machine, and rudder machine, and boiler, and radio of; (ii) trial, and test; (three) put boat raft for lifesaving exercises; (four) welding or fire job; (five) hanging Lantern; (six) correction magnetic compass; (seven) for may effect ship and port security of other job.
    15th terminal operators or port transportation and production units should be based on channel and Hong Kong ship design capabilities of pooling, berthing arrangements, and 12 hours in advance for ships entering and leaving Hong Kong, anchoring, by moving away from the dock and parking plans report the maritime administrative agency.
    16th ship shall according to the type of ships and tonnage, draft published in Anchorage within the anchor.
    Ship anchor, should be expanded to take immediate and effective measures to prevent dangerous situation and informed nearby ships and maritime administrative agency as soon as possible.
    Ship channel and turning basin, basins and no anchor zone anchor, under special circumstances, need to be broken down, you should promptly report to the maritime administrative agency.
    17th 500 gross tons or more (or 750-kilowatt) ship moored in Hong Kong during the captain and Chief Officer, Chief Engineer and second engineer not at the same time from the ship. 18th ship loaded cargo, containers shall comply with loading, securing, stability and load line requirements.
    When the ship deck cargo, shall conform to the stowage requirements.
    Article 19th among salvage things, ships engaged in marine towing and towing ships and facilities shall obtain a statutory inspection of the towing test report issued by the Agency and in accordance with the provisions of the maritime administrative agency to apply for towing procedures, publishing, navigation police (General) divisions. Article 20th barge operations, advance navigation environment safety assessment.
    Have an impact on traffic safety, appropriate security measures should be developed, applied for safe operation area, and report to the maritime administrative agency for approval.
    Article 21st ships stay in port to be attached, in accordance with law, suspension of trading, its owner, management should be taken to ensure safety and order measures. 22nd rig should be in accordance with the provisions of article is equipped with sound and light signals, signs and safe berthing facilities, and development of safety contingency plans.
    Emergency plans shall be submitted to the maritime administration agencies for records.
    Article 23rd aquatic submarine construction maritime administrative agency or owner shall set security vessel, maintaining the order of traffic and construction.
    Construction units in the navigable waters of the underwater operations after the end of the job, shall not impede the safety of navigation, berthing and operation risks left over.
    During the 24th ship in navigation, berthing and operation should ensure sufficient overdraft, and comply with the special provisions of the maritime administrative agency.
    Fourth chapter security guarantees 25th article met has following situation one of Shi, maritime management institutions can according to situation take limited airlines or ban airlines, temporary traffic control measures: (a) bad weather; (ii) water Sheung Shui Xia construction job; (three) effect sailing of water Shang traffic accident; (four) visibility is less than 1000 meters Shi; (five) effect navigation security of other situation.
    Article 26th the port authorities waterways and facilities should be maintained in good technical condition, guaranteed channel open.
    27th ferry terminal and supporting facilities shall conform to the safety requirements, are equipped with fire-fighting equipment and the necessary security check facilities, guarantee the safety of the passengers.
    28th new construction, renovation or expansion of port facilities, construction should follow the port communications, AIDS to navigation, pollution prevention, fire safety, vessel traffic management and other related requirements, building safety and environmental protection facilities, and simultaneously with the principal part of the project designed, built and put into use.
    29th article port all, and business people should according to following requirements on channel, and turned district, and Hong Kong pool, and berth of depth for measurement, and will measurement results and depth drawings reported maritime management institutions record and announcement: (a) new, and alterations, and expansion of channel, and turned district, and Hong Kong pool, and berth input using Qian should for sweep measuring; input using Hou at least annual sweep measuring once; (ii) port waters within ship normal sailing, and parked Shi occurred wipe, and put (seat) shallow accident or after larger storm tide, situation;
    (C) other situations that require measurement.
    30th is forbidden to damage the port communications, AIDS to navigation, pollution prevention, facilities such as fire safety, vessel traffic management, hazard facilities; any units or individuals found damage to the facility, shall immediately report to the maritime administrative agency and related sectors.
    Leading marks within the visibility zone shall be constructed or set obstacle affecting their performance, to impede the safety of navigation lights shall be properly covered.
    31st out of control on the ship in the channel or at risk of sinking, the captain should take immediate and effective measures, as far as possible leave the channel.
    Vessels and installations sank objects or impede the safety of navigation in navigable waters, the owner or operator shall immediately report to the maritime administrative agency; sank in the waters of Hong Kong, should report the port administration and set a flag in accordance with the regulations.
    Former owners or managers under no flags are set, the maritime administrative agency shall entrust the relevant institutions, the cost borne by the vessel owner or operator.
    32nd prohibiting the use of distress and safety channels calls regardless of the distress and safety calls.
    Ships of false distress signals, shall immediately report to the maritime administrative agency. Article 33rd in navigable waters is prohibited and the traffic control zone, anchoring prohibited area, construction work in the district to set nets, cages and other safety of navigation obstruction prohibited conduct fishing operations in the channel and basin.

    Article 34th in the navigable waters within the sport, training, recreation and other activities shall be subject to approval of the maritime administrative agency.
    The fifth chapter article 35th of transport of dangerous goods storage, handling, transport of dangerous goods by ships, the facility should have safe and reliable equipment and conditions, compliance management and transportation of dangerous goods regulations of the State.
    Article 36th ban on carrying dangerous goods in general cargo, Punic reported dangerous goods shall not be, or false for general cargo.
    The maritime administrative agency of the dangerous goods on Board should be stowed, quarantine checks and other security measures, and the Punic reported or lied about their investigation.
    The maritime administrative agency shall engage in dangerous goods declaration and container loading Inspector skills training.
    37th in hazardous chemical handling, storage, and operation of port production unit shall conduct a special safety assessment every two years.
    Sixth ship pollution prevention article 38th ports, terminals pollution emergency capability assessment should be carried out, with appropriate cleaning materials and equipment.
    Loading dock should improve the safety facilities of hazardous chemicals, equipment and emergency response, and vessel tank washing water capacity.
    For sludge oil or other hazardous waste collection, transportation and treatment of unit shall obtain the recognition of the environmental protection administration; engaging in these activities in the port area, port administration authorities shall be obtained permission.
    Fails to meet the safety conditions and washing water absorption capacity of the Terminal, the maritime administrative agency shall guarantee safety and protection of the aquatic environment under the conditions, take appropriate restrictive measures such as marine berthing.
    39th article in coastal navigation waters for following activities, should law reported maritime management institutions approved: (a) ship in port waters within using burning furnace; (ii) ship in port waters within for wash class, and clear class, and drive gas, and emissions ballast water, and residual oil, and containing oil water received, and side outside copy shovel and the paint, job; (three) ship, and Terminal, and facilities using chemical elimination oil agent; (four) ship flush dip has pollutants, and toxic harmful material of deck; (five) ship for bulk liquid pollution harm goods of had connection job;
    (F) engaged in the dismantling of ships on the water, fishing, building and other water, underwater ship construction. 40th and barge loading and unloading of bulk liquid dangerous goods, ships for refueling, ship cleaning, clearing, receiving treatment for pollutants from ship, ship-building, water activities such as dismantling of units shall be submitted to the maritime administrative agency for record.
    Its workers through the prevention of pollution from ships should be knowledge and professional skills training. 41st ship pollutants, waste and other hazardous substances should be classified and collected should be entrusted with the corresponding ability of receiving and processing.
    Receiving and processing units must be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the ship pollutants, trash and other harmful substances, and receiving and handling of the maritime administrative agency for record.
    42nd on works in the port of Hong Kong ships, ships, 30th ship does not leave the Bohai Bay above sewage disposal system sealing system.
    Article 43rd ships, terminals pollution accidents shall take immediate and effective measures to control and eliminate pollution, and effective means to report to the maritime administrative agency, and to the maritime administrative agency shall, within 24 hours of submitting a written report.
    Seventh chapter search and rescue, salvage, cleared and traffic accident investigation to the 44th ship and facilities is in distress should be sent a distress signal, and actively organize self-help aid and quickly report search and rescue agencies, correspondence.
    Ships, facilities near the scene of the accident receives a distress signal and found that people's lives are in danger, without serious danger to their own safety case shall aid and immediately reported to the search and rescue agencies.
    45th article search and rescue agencies received information about the distress at sea, or report, shall search and rescue procedures, organization and coordination of search and rescue forces, carried out search and rescue operations.
    Ships and rescue ability of units, ships, and received instruction from search and rescue agencies, in less serious cases of danger to their own safety, should be subject to the disposal, and participate in search and rescue at sea.
    Article 46th found in coastal waters of wind, fog, freezing, such as inclement weather or other emergencies, units, ships, facilities and personnel should pay attention to receiving notice about the search and rescue agencies and developed according to the actual situation to take the necessary emergency measures, subject to scheduling of the search and rescue agencies.
    47th on the sunken or drifting objects that affect navigation safety, barrier, its owners, operators or persons responsible should salvage within the time prescribed by the maritime administrative agency; fails to salvage and removal, by the maritime administration of compulsory wreck removal and related costs borne by the owners, operators, or related.
    48th ship, facilities, traffic accidents, by very high frequency radio-telephone or a water search and rescue private telephone report to the maritime administrative agency, and submitted in accordance with the relevant provisions of the traffic accident report and relevant information, for investigation and settlement.
    Eighth chapter legal liability article 49th maritime administrative agency law enforcement officials who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engage, causing significant water traffic safety accidents or serious pollution damage, shall be given administrative sanctions, criminal, transferred to judicial organs for handling.
    50th in violation of paragraph one of this article sixth, Nineth first, tenth, 11th and 13th article in the first paragraph, by the maritime administrative agency for offenders given a warning or fined a maximum of 1000; the law units, ships between 10,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan fine.
    51st in violation of paragraph III of this article fourth, seventh paragraph, 17th, 23rd, specified in the first paragraph, by the maritime administrative agency the law units, ships of 10,000 yuan fine.
    52nd disobey article Nineth, 14th and 16th article, by the maritime administrative agency for offenders given a warning and may be fined a maximum of 100 Yuan and 500 Yuan; the law units, ships more than 1000 Yuan and 5,000 yuan fine.
    53rd violates this article 22nd, ordered to stop the ship berthing; violation of article 29th of this approach, the maritime administrative agency shall the waters navigable depth is reduced.
    54th violated the provisions of article 27th, 34th, by the maritime administrative agency for illegal organizations or individual fines of between 30,000 yuan.
    55th in violation of article 33 of the present measures, by the order the party to remove the people's Governments at the county level or organizational units torn down.
    56th other acts in violation of these regulations, laws, rules and regulations shall be punished, according to the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations. 57th of specific administrative act undertaken by the parties, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit.
    If no application for reconsideration does not bring a lawsuit, or carry out a specific administrative act, specific administrative acts by the authorities legally enforceable or apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution. Nineth chapter schedule 58th article this approach in the of waters is refers to by following seven points Shun even and Coast Zhijian of waters: a,, and e 119 ° 32 ' 42.74 ″/N 39 ° 21 ' 42.65 ″ b, and e 119 ° 24 ' 07.20 ″/N 38 ° 58 ' 28.80 ″ c, and e 119 ° 18 ' 14.98 ″/N 39 ° 25 ' 58.08 ″ d, and e 118 ° 40 ' 00.00 ″/N 38 ° 50 ' 00.00 ″ e
    , E 118 ° 01 ′ 38.77 12 53.38 ″ ″/N 39 degrees f, e 118 ° 01 ′ 26.33 ″/N 38 ° 57 ' 40.35 ″ g, e 117 ° 59 ' 03.28 ″/N fisheries article 38 ° 59 '/31.82 59th vessels engaged in commercial transportation, aquatic submarine construction work and activities related to the application of this approach.
    Ships and military ships, sports fishing vessel by the competent authorities in accordance with national and local regulations within their respective functions and powers of the management.
                                                                                                                  60th these measures shall come into force on September 1, 2007.

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