Administrative Measures For Bulk Cement In Chengdu

Original Language Title: 成都市散装水泥管理办法

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(July 10, 2007, Chengdu municipal people's Government consideration at the 110th general meeting on August 6, 2007, Chengdu municipal people's Government, the 138th announced as of October 1, 2007) the first (objective basis) to accelerate the development of bulk cement, conserve resources, reduce environmental pollution and improve the social, economic and environmental benefits, according to the People's Republic of China cleaner production promotion law and the People's Republic of China construction law and other laws and regulations, Chengdu city, combined with the actual,
    These measures are formulated.
    Article II (scope of application) cement production in the administrative area of the city, business, storage, transport, use and supervision procedures apply. Article (subject) municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and management of bulk cement, direct management of Jinjiang District, qingyang district, Jinniu District, wuhou district, Chenghua district, five urban areas (including the high-tech zone, hereinafter referred to as five urban districts) within the bulk cement works.
    Municipal Office for bulk cement concrete implementation management of bulk cement.
    District (municipal), County construction administrative departments or local governments to determine bulk cement within the administrations responsible for the administration of supervision and management of bulk cement can entrust the district (municipal) County Office for bulk cement concrete implementation management of bulk cement.
    Development and reform, transportation, water, economy, finance, quality, environmental protection and public security Administrative Department in accordance with their duties of supervision and management of bulk cement.
    Fourth (planning and planning), district (City) County and municipal relevant departments should strengthen the development of bulk cement leadership and preparation of bulk cement special plan for the development and improvement of bulk cement supply is included in the annual work plan. Fifth (encourage recognition) encourages the development of scientific research and technological innovation of bulk cement, vigorously promote the use of bulk cement technology, new products, new processes, new equipment.
    Development of bulk cement units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cause, should be given recognition. Sixth (facilities) cement production enterprises and production enterprises should improve supply ready-mixed mortar cement and bulk of ready-mixed mortar ability.
    Construction, expansion and reconstruction of cement manufacturer and manufacturer of ready-mixed mortar, facilities must reach more than 70% in bulk.
    Seventh (Enterprise), cement products, ready-mix concrete, ready-mixed mortar manufacturer must all use of bulk cement.
    Eighth (quality) of ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar production qualified enterprise should have national requirements, organizing production in strict accordance with the quality control procedures to ensure ready mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar in accordance with quality standards.
    Prohibition of ready mixed concrete using kiln.
    Nineth (environmental measures), cement production, operation, transport units and individuals, the use of effective environmental protection measures should be taken to prevent dust and noise pollution.
    Tenth (statistics) of cement, ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar production and bulk cement storage and transportation enterprises, to the local Office for bulk cement to submit relevant statistical information in accordance with law.
    11th (use) the following buildings and municipal infrastructure engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering (hereinafter referred to as project) bulk cement must be used: (a) five urban districts and district (City) county seat towns planning and construction projects in the area, (ii) use of cement in the construction of more than 300 tons.
    12th (ban) within the outer ring road of the city prohibited new premixed concrete mixing stations, ready-mixed mortar manufacturer prohibition set up a temporary batch plant or mobile mixing plant.
    Within the outer ring road, construction works, prohibition of mixing concrete on the construction site; in other districts (City) County banned by local governments at the county level to determine the scope of on-site mixed concrete. Construction should use the bulk of ready-mixed mortar or dry-mixed mortar, five urban districts from July 1, 2008, banned construction site mixed mortar.
    Prohibition of mixing mortar on site and the specific measures, developed separately by the municipal construction Administrative Department.
    13th (bidding conventions) 11th construction under these measures, the construction unit shall be set out in the tender documents using bulk cement, ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar content of tender units should be carried out according to the conventions of the tender document tender offer.
    Employer shall not express or imply the construction using bagged cement contract agreed to buy cement by construction units, the construction unit shall not be in violation of these provisions provide bags of cement. 14th (Special Fund) bulk cement special funds belonging to Government funds.
    Cement manufacturers, cement companies, construction units and other units of production and use of cement, shall be paid in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State, province, bulk cement special funds.
    Special capital levy of any unit without changing the object, scope, standard or special funds for relief.
    15th (special provisions) public security traffic Administrative Department for construction projects need to go into city of bulk cement trucks, rear truck, concrete pump trucks, concrete mixers, mortar carrier, shall be according to common procedures, provide traffic convenience.
    Traffic administration of bulk cement and ready mix concrete, ready-mixed mortar special transport vehicles for transportation fees, Sichuan province, according to related regulations.
    16th (inspection), and district (City) county administrative departments should strengthen the administrative area for bulk cement using bulk cement, ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar in supervision and inspection.
    Five urban districts within the scope of supervision and inspection, implementation by the Municipal Office for bulk cement unity; other areas (cities) the supervision and inspection of the County by the local administration of bulk cement sector or bulk cement Office Organization.
    Administrative Department for construction, transportation, water supplies, and relevant functional departments, at the time of construction project supervision and inspection, should be used for construction of bulk cement, ready-mixed concrete, pre-mixed mortar into the contents of supervision and inspection.
    17th (administrative penalties) any of the following circumstances, bulk cement administrative departments should be ordered to rectify, and a fine of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan fines: (I) ready-mixed concrete manufacturers using shaft kiln cement of the contravention.
    (Ii) cement products, ready-mix concrete, not all manufacturers use ready-mixed mortar cement.
    (C) according to the provisions of the construction enterprise use of bulk cement and ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortar.
    (D) violation of these measures article 12th, at the construction site of mixing concrete, mixing mortar; set up a temporary batch plant or mobile mixing plant.
    (E) violating these rules article 13th, units are not explicitly used in the tender documents for bulk cement, ready-mixed concrete, ready-mixed mortars; the employer explicitly or implicitly using bagged cement in construction enterprises; construction of bagged cement in violation of this provision.
    18th (administrators ' liability), administrative organs and their bulk cement Office of personnel who abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engage, by their work units or upper management penalties constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    19th (explain) problems in the application of these measures by the Chengdu municipal people's Government Affairs Office is responsible for the interpretation. 20th (execution date) these measures shall take effect on October 1, 2007.
  Chengdu municipal people's Government on April 5, 1992 by the Chengdu city management of bulk cement repealed simultaneously.