Zhejiang Province Sports Competition Management

Original Language Title: 浙江省体育竞赛管理办法

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(September 19, 2007, Zhejiang Provincial people's Government, the 103th general meeting on September 19, 2007, Zhejiang Province people's Government promulgated as of December 1, 2007, No. 239) Chapter I General provisions article in order to standardize and strengthen the management of sports competition, protection of sports activities in a safe and orderly, promoting the development of sports, according to the People's Republic of China sports law and the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article sports in these measures refers to international sports organizations and the sports administrative departments as well as provincial people's Government announced the sports competitions and performances.
    Organizer mentioned in these measures refers to initiate, organize sports competitions of the citizens, legal persons and other organizations.
    Article organized socially oriented sports within the administrative area of the province, these measures shall apply.
    Legal persons and other organizations to organize the units, competition within the system, can refer to the relevant provisions in these procedures.
    Article fourth sports contests, should follow the principles of lawfulness, fairness, impartiality and integrity, adhere to the unity of social and economic benefits, will benefit public health.
    Fifth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the sports competition management leadership and coordination, and urged relevant government departments to perform their duties of supervision and management of the sports.
    Sixth Administrative Department of people's Governments above the county level sports (hereinafter referred to as sports administration) is responsible for the supervision and administration of sport within their respective administrative areas.
    People's Governments above the county-level public security, health, safety supervision and administration, quality supervision, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do well in sports-related work.
    Seventh to encourage and support social forces to organize sports competitions.
    Sports management implementation of the principle of combining government regulation and industry self-regulation, progressive discipline of management of sports industry.
    Chapter II conditions and procedures held eighth sports practices classified administration system.
    Organizing sports competitions across the province and the province to host national and international sporting competition, shall be submitted to the approval of the provincial sports administration.
    Government and its departments authorized or entrusted sports competitions held across boundaries, organized units shall be approved by a higher administrative Department organized administrative area of the sport, held by this level shall be reported to the approval of the sports administration.
    Apart from the provisions of the second paragraph of this article, third paragraph of sport, a dangerous sports held business activities, held by related materials should be submitted to the Administrative Department for the record.
    Nineth article held sports should meet following conditions: (a) has held sports of functions or business range; (ii) has and held sports phase adapted of funding; (three) has and race scale phase adapted of events organization institutions, and management personnel and professional technicians; (four) has race project provides of race procedures, and organization implementation programme; (five) has and race scale phase adapted of meet security, and health, and fire requirements of site, and equipment and facilities equipment;
    (Vi) in line with the relevant provisions and standards of the sports industry association; (VII) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations. Tenth Article application held sports of units, should to sports administrative sector submitted following material: (a) sports application table; (ii) held units of about proved material; (three) sports race procedures, and organization implementation programme; (four) sports security work programme, and medical health guarantees measures and burst event emergency plans; (five) statutory institutions issued of about places, and facilities, and equipment, security test, and detection report; (six) held units Zhijian signed of written agreement; (seven) legal, and
    Regulations and other materials.
    11th article eighth of this approach held the second and third paragraph of sport, organizers should be held 60 days before the sports administration in sports applications, sport administrative departments shall, from the date of acceptance of the application made within 20th if agreed in writing.
    12th article eighth of this approach provided in the fourth paragraph of the sports competition, organizers should article tenth sports competition held by 20th (ii) to (VII) provision of relevant material submitted to the Administrative Department for the record; sport administrative departments may record matters be corrected on the spot corrections or deadline requirements. 13th organized unit should be in conformity with the approved conditions and sports contests, are not allowed to change, cancel.
    Due to special reasons need to change, cancel, the consent of the organizer shall obtain the consent of the original organ.
    Due to special reasons need to change or cancel the filing and content of organized units to the sports Administrative Department shall, before athletic competition held 5th check in change or cancellation.
    Any change or cancellation of competition affecting the interests of the public, organizing units should be before the 3rd in sports to society announcements, and assume the corresponding responsibility according to law.
    14th sport should have names corresponding to their grade and scale.
    People's Governments above the county level and sports administration, sports associations, sports associations, organized sports, you can labelled as administrative division name or similar names at the same level.
    Federation of trade unions, women's federations, Communist Youth League, the Federation and other groups and organizations in the sports competitions organized within the scope of its functions, you can labelled as administrative division name or similar names at the same level.
    Corporate, private non-enterprise units and other organized sports competition shall not use separate administrative division name or a similar name, but with the second paragraph of article organized in cooperation, the provisions of the third paragraph of organization, you can use the corresponding administrative division name or similar names.
    15th sport administrative departments shall establish a comprehensive sports information publicity system, to the community to provide timely and accurate information about sports, and actively promoting electronic government, to data messages by units for applications to organize sports competitions, such as applications, submitted for the record material, improve working efficiency.
    Chapter sports management and supervision article 16th sport administrative departments should strengthen the supervision and management of sports competitions, qualification, conditions of holding of the Organizer, organizing programs and comply with laws and regulations relating to sport of conducting supervision and inspection. Inspectors imposed on synthetic, dangerous sport system.
    Inspectors sent by the administrative departments, responsible for in athletic saifeng, racing discipline and referees carry out supervision and inspection.
    Organizing units should conscientiously accept the supervision of sports administration, administrative law enforcement personnel, shall not be denied or obstructed inspectors from performing their duties. 17th sports safety management regulation, the principle of holding units are responsible for.
    Held responsible for sports safety work, sports, public security, fire fighting, health and other relevant departments in accordance with the law, regulations duties imposed on sports safety supervision and management.
    Sports venues, facilities, equipment and supplies shall conform to the technical and quality standards set by the State.
    Sports competition before the organizing units should conduct comprehensive checks on places of safety facilities.
    Sports competitions during the organizer shall strictly implement security programmes, implement security measures, ensuring the safety of participating personnel.
    Large sports contests the security capacity of the unit should be approved by the Ministry of public security published, issue, sell tickets. 18th organized unit shall implement health safeguards, have special requirements for dangerous or other physical sports, organizer shall inform the participants to conduct medical checks before the game.
    Contestants should be required before matches physical examination and testing, and submit to the organizers of health.
    Calls for organizers and participants are insured and sports security-related risks.
    Prohibited the use of banned drugs and methods in sport.
    Article 19th sports contests, organized unit shall appoint and employ a registered according to law by the administrative departments of the referees referee.
    Article 20th participation in sports coaches, players, referees, shall comply with the relevant provisions of national and provincial sports competitions, to comply with sportsmanship, not trickery, deception.
    21st competition held by participants and spectators shall comply with the order of sports administration, consciously accept the security check, subject to site management, care for sports facilities, abide by social morality, must not disturb the order and social order and undermine the sport.
    No unit or individual may make use of sports gambling.
    22nd without the organizer's consent, no units or individuals shall not be used inside a sports venue with the nature of advertising banners, posters or flags and other items.
    23rd ruling occurred in sports activities, standards, equipment and other impartial dispute, controversy, sports arbitration body responsible for mediation or arbitration.
    Fourth chapter legal responsibility article 24th in violation of the eighth article, third paragraph, without prior approval of sports contests, the administrative authority shall order to stop the illegal practice, may be fined not more than 5000 Yuan and 50,000 yuan.
    Article eighth of this approach provided in the fourth paragraph, and related materials are not submitted to the sports activities held at the record by sports administrative departments shall issue a warning and may be fined not more than 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.
    25th article violates this approach set forth in tenth, 12th, concealing facts or providing false information, the sports Administrative Department ordered corrective action and may be fined not more than 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan.
    Article 26th disobey 13th article, not the modification, cancellation, notice formalities by sports administrative departments shall issue a warning and may be fined not more than 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan. 27th article violates this article 14th paragraph Fourth, known as administrative division name or similar names for sporting events, the sports Administrative Department ordered corrective action and give a warning, and may be fined not more than RMB 10,000 yuan and 50,000.

    28th article violates this way 19th, selected according to law or employment without the administrative registration of persons act as referee, the sports Administrative Department ordered corrective action and give a warning, and may be fined not more than 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.
    Article 29th disobey article 21st, disturb or destroy competition of order and public security, the public security Department be ordered to desist from the illegal act and shall be subject to punishment.
    30th article sports administrative sector and staff has following case one of of, by where units or its superior administrative organ, and monitored organ on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel law give administrative sanctions: (a) on meet statutory conditions of application not approved, and not agreed or not in statutory term within made written replies of; (ii) on not meet statutory conditions of application be approved, and agreed or beyond statutory terms made approved, and agreed of; (three) illegal implementation administrative punishment of;
    (D) of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and (v) other acts shall be given administrative sanctions according to law.
    31st acts in violation of these rules constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                                        Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 32nd these measures shall take effect on December 1, 2007.