Jiangsu Provincial Price Monitoring And Early-Warning Management

Original Language Title: 江苏省价格监测预警管理办法

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(January 15, 2008 102th general meeting of Jiangsu Province on January 15, 2008, Jiangsu provincial people's Government promulgated as of February 15, 2008, 39th) first for science, effective organization and price monitoring and early warning, guaranteed price monitoring the authenticity, accuracy, and timeliness of the data, play the price monitoring plays an important role in macro-economic control and price management, production, circulation and consumption in the right direction,
    Keep the general price level basically stable, according to the People's Republic of China price law and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Second price monitoring and early warning in these measures refers to the Government Department in charge of price under the macroeconomic regulation and price management needs, social development, and for important goods and services prices, costs, changes in market supply and demand, and information collection, analysis, forecasting, reporting, and dissemination of warning information activities.
    Third article this regulation is applicable in the province within the administrative area of price monitoring and early warning activities.
    Article fourth price of local people's Governments at or above the county level authorities are responsible for monitoring and early-warning work within their respective administrative areas.
    Local people's Governments at or above the county level in other relevant sectors within the scope of their respective duties, in collaboration with competent departments in price monitoring and early warning. Article fifth local people's Governments at or above the county level shall strengthen price monitoring and warning the leadership, infrastructure in support of price monitoring and early warning.
    Price monitoring and early-warning requirements for work, included in the budget at the same level.
    Sixth working mainly on price monitoring and early warning functions are: organizing price monitoring reporting system, monitoring and analysis of important goods and services within their respective administrative areas the price and the costs associated with the changes in market supply and demand situation; tracks important economic policy, measures in the field of prices reflect price forecasting, early warning, timely policy recommendations issued price monitoring information.
    Article seventh price system of monitoring the implementation of the report, including a price monitoring Sentinel units and police intelligence reports and periodic reports to the Department in charge of price.
    Provincial pricing departments in accordance with the national system of price monitoring reports, combined with the actual conditions of economic activities in the province and the need for price regulation, development, price monitoring reporting system. City divided into districts, counties (cities) prices Department provincial price monitoring reporting requirements, combined with the local situation, price monitoring and reporting system, but not with national and provincial price monitoring report contradict the system.
    City divided into districts, counties (cities) prices Department of price monitoring report, submitted to the provincial Department in charge of price for the record.
    Article eighth price monitoring and early warning to fixed price monitoring and periodic price monitoring reports as a basis, and key issues of price, hot issues to carry out special investigations; when major disasters or other unforeseen circumstances occur, non-fixed price monitoring or the temporary price survey.
    Nineth pricing departments should strengthen price monitoring information and network system, to detect and report signs that may cause price fluctuations, the tendency of health problems.
    Article tenth as important abnormal fluctuation of prices of goods and services indications or when an exception occurs, price authorities shall immediately to the people's Government and the superior Department in charge of price reporting price change alert, emergency price monitoring.
    11th pricing departments should be established to deal with emergency monitoring plan for market price fluctuations, order the level people's Governments and emergency prices assigned by the superior Department in charge of price monitoring.
    12th the price administrative departments according to the price monitoring reporting requirements, refer to relevant administrative authorities within their respective administrative areas, enterprises and institutions as price monitoring Sentinel units or other organizations, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to sign.
    Price monitoring Sentinel units for production and business adjustments or for some other reason cannot provide timely, accurate data of price, pricing departments should be adjusted in a timely manner to recover the price monitoring point unit sign, and specify a price monitoring fixed-point units.
    Non-price monitoring Sentinel units and individuals have the obligation to cooperate with departments in charge of prices price monitoring surveys. 13th article price competent sector determine price monitoring Sentinel units should meet following provides: (a) price monitoring Sentinel units of select should has representative, its submitted of monitoring data should can reflect local similar commodity or service of price level; (ii) price competent sector should according to provides of management range and Division permission determine this area of price monitoring Sentinel units, shall not repeat specified; (three) price monitoring Sentinel units once determine, General shall not free replaced, and adjustment,
    In order to ensure the continuity and comparability of monitoring data.
    14th price monitoring Sentinel units shall enjoy the following rights: (a) asking price departments inform price monitoring survey content and procedures; (b) asked pricing departments to its offer price monitoring information for training and guidance and (iii) require pricing authorities offered their submission of commodity or service price the price information of the local area.
    15th article price monitoring Sentinel units should perform following obligations: (a) accept, and tie price competent sector of price monitoring warning survey; (ii) according to price monitoring report system of provides, accurate, and timely to to price competent sector submitted by units head audit of price monitoring information, shall not false, and concealed or forged, and tampered with price monitoring information; (three) established price monitoring of internal management system, specified personnel is responsible for this units price monitoring information of collection, and finishing and report work.
    16th price monitoring staff should possess the expertise necessary to perform price monitoring and early warning functions and passing the examination, provincial price monitoring warrant issued by the Department in charge of price.
    17th article price monitoring staff in price monitoring work in the should comply with following provides: (a) according to price monitoring report system provides of content, and standard, and method, and time and program for price monitoring warning work; (ii) in survey, and collection price information Shi, according to provides show price monitoring survey card, using specification, and unified of price monitoring form or software; (three) is responsible for and price monitoring Sentinel units of work contact, timely reflect situation, help solution price monitoring warning work in the of business problem.
    18th price departments shall provide to the local government authorities regularly submit price and superior price monitoring and early-warning reports and price situation analysis report, if necessary, to inform the departments concerned at the price monitoring and early-warning of important and timely to the public important information goods and services prices.
    Price monitoring data belonging to the State or commercial secrets, pricing departments and their staff should be kept confidential.
    19th price monitoring point unit sign and price monitoring survey permit, issued by the province, the price administrative departments and management.
    20th the price administrative departments in monitoring and early warning of price have achieved outstanding successes in work of the units and individuals that recognize and reward.
    Article 21st disobey article seventh, price authorities not to implement the price monitoring report system, resulting in serious consequences, from superior Department in charge of price correction is criticized.
    22nd article violates this article 14th paragraph (c) provides that pricing departments not to price monitoring Sentinel units to provide relevant information, by superior competent authority shall order rectification are serious, managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.
    23rd violates article 15th of this approach (b) provided, price monitoring Sentinel units refusing to report, making false statements on or concealing or falsifying or tampering with data of price, issued by the price departments shall be ordered to correct price monitoring task, give notice of criticism.
    Article 24th price departments and staff in monitoring early warning of price abuse, negligence, malpractice, to managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
  25th article of the rules take effect on February 15, 2008.