Qingdao City Of Dangerous Buildings Regulations (Amended In 2007)

Original Language Title: 青岛市城市危险房屋管理规定(2007年修正本)

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(November 27, 2007 33rd Executive meeting on December 29, 2007, the people's Government of Qingdao, Qingdao, the people's Government of the 195th promulgated as of February 1, 2008, Qingdao, the Qingdao municipal people's Government on the modification of the usual civil air defense projects management and charges 11 government regulations, such as the measures for the implementation of decision amended) Chapter I General provisions article to strengthen risk management, secure housing and safe use, according to the law,
    Relevant provisions of the regulations, combined with the municipality, these provisions are formulated.
    Article II dangerous houses in these rules refers to structure has been severely damaged or dangerous components of bearing, could lose stability and bearing capacity of the structure at any time, cannot guarantee the residents and the use of safe houses.
    Provisions of this article apply to city, City North, square, four in licang district, county-level cities and, Huangdao district, Chengyang district and the urban areas, laoshan district and town.
    Fourth, Qingdao City, land and resources and the Housing Authority of the city of dangerous buildings management of the Administrative Department.
    All county-level cities and districts housing Administrative Department in accordance with Division of duties, responsible for the administration of dangerous buildings within their respective jurisdictions.
    Article fifth urban homeowners, users, should be reasonable use and maintenance of urban housing, and to comply with these provisions.
    Identification article sixth chapter, Qingdao, China land and resources and establishment of the Housing Authority's housing security and authentication institution (hereinafter accreditation bodies) and county-level cities and districts established under the administrative authority of the Housing Authority for housing security and authentication institution (hereinafter referred to as the identification of county-level cities and districts), the authority as set out in Division of labor, responsible for urban House safety appraisal work.
    Seventh article city identification institutions is responsible for City South, and City North, and Quartet, and licang four district within following housing of security identification: (a) is army produced, and outside produced, and overseas produced and the Hong Kong, and o, and Taiwan compatriots property of housing; (ii) is city level above heritage protection units, and style protection building of housing; (three) three layer above (containing three layer) or area in 500 square meters above of housing; (four) city identification institutions think should by its identification of housing.
    Each county-level cities, laoshan district, Huangdao district, Chengyang district within a city-level cultural relic protection units of housing by an accreditation body responsible for security identification.
    All county-level cities, and in addition to Provisional Regional accreditation bodies are responsible for the safety appraisal of housing outside the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs. Article eighth House safety appraisal, must have an accreditation body identification of two or more persons to participate in.
    The identification of particularly complex projects, institution may engage experts or invited authorities to send personnel to participate in identification.
    Nineth housing owner, used regularly on the housing safety checks found that serious damage or endanger the safety of abnormal signs, should apply for accreditation bodies to safety appraisal of housing.
    Tenth reaches the following age of housing, owners should apply for accreditation bodies carry out a safety appraisal of housing: (a) has completed 60 years of reinforced concrete structures (including steel) housing, (b) use the completion of 50 years of brick-concrete structure building, (iii) has completed 40 years of brick and wood House; (d) has completed 30 years of simple houses.
    Section 11th House safety appraisal, applications for housing security identification should be submitted to the accreditation body, and also the supporting documents and information.
    12th article identification institutions for housing security identification, by following program handle: (a) accepted application; (ii) survey housing of history and status; (three) site exploration, and test; (four) detection checking, finishing technology information; (five) full analysis, argument qualitative, made integrated judge, proposed processing recommends; (six) making, and issued housing security identification instruments. Article 13th safety identification of agencies accepting housing applications, general civil buildings should be made within the 30th expert conclusions; for industrial buildings, public buildings, high-rise buildings and cultural relics protection units and identification of landscape preservation architecture projects, conclusions should be made in 60 days.
    Among them, the houses belonging to the exceptional risk, accreditation bodies must make an immediate conclusion. Article 14th body identification of dangerous buildings, perform the appraisal standard of dangerous buildings, Ministry of construction (JGJ125-99).
    For industrial buildings, public buildings, high-rise buildings and cultural relics protection units and character building, identification, also with reference to the relevant technical standards, specifications and regulations.
    15th of identified hazardous housing, accreditation bodies shall give timely identification of instruments, and put forward recommendations on the identification document belonging to non-risk housing shall be indicated on the identification document issued by the Housing Authority under the normal conditions of use of a time limit, usually not more than one year.
    Safety appraisal of housing security identification document shall be stamped with the housing seal. 16th article by identification is dangerous housing of, should by following provides for processing: (a) observation using: applies Yu take appropriate security technology measures Hou, is can short-term using, but needed continues to observation of housing; (ii) processing using: applies Yu take technology measures Hou, can lifted dangerous of housing; (three) stop using: applies Yu has cannot using, and no repair value, but temporarily inconvenience demolition, and not endanger adjacent building and effect others security of housing; (four) overall demolition: applies Yu dangerous and has no repair value,
    For immediate removal of the whole House. 17th accreditation body to conduct housing safety appraisal, identification should be required to charge fees.
    Appraisal fee collection standards, by the price Bureau of land resources and housing management in conjunction with city of Qingdao, the Municipal Finance Bureau to develop, according to the procedure provided for approval before implementation.
    According to the provisions of article 18th article Nineth safety appraisal of applications for housing, certified hazardous housing, appraisal cost borne by homeowners; certified non-dangerous housing, identification of costs borne by the applicant.
    According to the provisions under article tenth home safety assessment, appraisal cost borne by homeowners. Chapter III governance 19th homeowners on the appraisal of dangerous houses, should be dealt with by an accreditation body recommends the timely management recommendations on housing by accreditation bodies in all who refused to control or user has hampered governance practices, decided by the Housing Authority, specified units management or take other measures.
    Charges incurred will be borne by the person responsible.
    20th dangerous housing cost, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations or otherwise agreed by the parties, shall be borne by the owner.
    Governance risk of private housing is rental housing governance of co-financing from the lessor and lessee, tenant management costs can be offset by rent or by the amortization of the lessor.
    21st Governing dangerous housing using the temporary relocation, owners should inform the people, completion of treatment shall promptly notify the user fetches; housing used shall not be refused treatment, relocation, or the resulting consequences borne by the housing.
    22nd governing homeowners of dangerous houses, when required to the relevant departments of various procedures, the relevant departments should give time to avoid delays and accidents.
    23rd identified bodies identified as dangerous housing, and when the required demolition and reconstruction, the departments concerned should be required to support.
    24th confirmed by the identification of dangerous houses, during the control period or do not return to normal before use, owners are not withholding the fact that the real estate transaction.
    Fourth chapter supplementary articles article 25th in violation of these provisions by the parties, by the Housing Administration Department in accordance with the urban real estate management law, the provisions of regulations to deal with it. Article 26th accreditation bodies and judges should be impartial.
    For abuse of power, favoritism, bribes or other illegal acts with serious consequences, given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                            On the 27th article of the regulations as of the date of promulgation.