Implementation Measures For Fire Protection Safety Responsibility System In Shandong Province

Original Language Title: 山东省消防安全责任制实施办法

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(1th of January 29, 2008, Shandong provincial executive meeting February 21, 2008, Shandong provincial people's Government promulgated as of April 1, 2008, No. 201) first in order to clear responsibilities and implementation of fire safety, fire prevention and fire hazard reduction and ensuring public safety, according to the People's Republic of China fire protection law, the Shandong provincial fire regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article fire safety management work in the administrative area of the province, according to "who's in charge, who is responsible for" principle, the implementation of fire safety system.
    Within the administrative area of the province of organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions, private non-enterprise units, as well as Habitat (village), individual businesses, the Committee should follow the fire laws, regulations and rules as well as provisions of the measures implementing the fire safety system.
    The third Chief of the people's Governments at various levels are the responsibility of fire safety within the administrative area, the leadership responsibilities for fire safety work within their respective administrative areas; in charge of fire safety in charge of direct leadership responsibility for fire safety.
    Organs, organizations, enterprises, and institutions, legal representative of the privately-run non-enterprise unit or person is in charge of fire safety first responsible person of the entity, the lead responsibility for the fire safety of their unit; in charge of fire safety works to this unit, head of direct leadership responsibility for the fire safety work.
    Individual industrial and commercial household fire safety at its responsibility to operators who directly responsible for fire safety of their premises.
    Fourth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen leadership of the fire safety works, establish and improve the coordination mechanism of fire prevention, coordination, supervision departments to implement fire safety responsibilities, research, developing policies, strengthening the fire measures. Fifth article County above Government should perform following fire work duties: (a) will fire work into economy and social development planning, guarantees fire work and economic construction and social development phase adapted; (ii) will fire business funding into this level financial budget, increased input efforts, constantly strengthening public fire facilities construction, improved fire equipment; (three) strengthening special disaster accident emergency rescue rescue capacity construction, according to powers, and property divided principles, special solution police fire team emergency rescue rescue equipment and team station
    , And facilities construction funding; (four) will fire professional planning into city general planning, and village construction planning, guarantee public fire facilities, and fire equipment and other based facilities of planning, and construction synchronization implementation; (five) will fire work into work agenda, analysis this area of fire security work situation, timely research solution fire work in the exists of major problem; (six) strengthening contract, variety form fire team construction, established contract fire Member wage treatment, and social security and Welfare guarantees mechanism;
    (VII) to the people's Governments at the corresponding level sector and lower level people's governments carry out fire safety duties of inspectors and the assessment; (VIII) for approval of public security fire control institutions shall be ordered to suspend production, major fire hidden issues, timely decisions according to law; (IX) other duties stipulated by laws, rules and regulations. Sixth article County above Government police fire institutions on this administrative within of fire work implementation supervision management, law perform following duties: (a) in this level Government of led Xia, is responsible for fire security accountability implementation situation of guide and supervision; (ii) perform construction fire design audit, and acceptance and public gathered places fire security checks, administrative license duties, strengthening fire products supervision management; (three) Organization fire supervision check and fire security special governance work, Urged responsibility units take fire security, law ordered spot or deadline elimination fire hidden, law implementation administrative punishment; (four) on full-time and obligations fire team for Business Guide, on fire post personnel for education and training; (five) bear fire saves and national provides of rescue rescue task; (six) law survey, and finds fire reasons, statistics fire loss, identified fire accident responsibility; (seven) carried out fire investigation, regularly organization fire security evaluation, analysis fire security situation,
    The people's Governments at the corresponding level in a timely manner to improve fire safety advice and recommendations; (h) the provisions of other laws, rules and regulations fire safety duties. Article seventh relevant departments and units of the people's Governments above the county level shall fulfill the following fire-fighting duties: (a) the financial sector should be guaranteed the necessary fire service operational funds allocated on time, in full and (b) Administrative Department of planning does not meet the of town fire control planning determines the layout of the fire safety construction projects, construction land use planning permits may issue. Construction administrative competent sector on not law through fire design audit of construction engineering, shall not issued construction license; on not law made fire acceptance qualified file of construction engineering, shall not handle completed acceptance record procedures; (three) education sector should will about of fire security knowledge into teaching content, schools should has targeted to carried out fire security education; (four) judicial administrative, and labor and social security, and safety supervision management sector should will fire legal, and regulations and regulations included Franco-Prussian, and training, and
    Safety assessment of content and (v) cultural, health, home, agriculture, transport, tourism and other sectors, should be on the fire safety management of the sector, the industry, assisting public security fire control institutions in fire supervision; (vi) media such as newspapers, radio and television, should actively carry out fire safety publicity and education, strengthen the social contents of public fire safety reporting.
    Development and reform, finance, construction, planning and other departments shall, in accordance with the provisions of the urban public fire facilities management in Shandong province, and fulfill urban public fire facilities construction and maintenance responsibilities.
    Relevant departments in reviewing proposed schools, kindergartens, child care centres, homes for the aged, welfare institutions, medical institutions, as well as cultural, sports and other public places when the statutory conditions are met, should be reviewed in conjunction with their buildings or premises has been reviewed by public security fire control institutions; not to grant without a review by public security fire control institutions, and told to fire public security fire control institutions to review procedures.
    Eighth article Xiang (town) Government, and subdistrict offices should perform following fire security duties: (a) according to County (city, and district) of fire professional planning, combined local actual developed and organization implementation fire planning or programme; (ii) according to local economic development and fire work of need, established full-time or obligations fire team, participation fire saves work; (three) Organization carried out fire security special governance and fire security checks, elimination fire hidden; (four) Organization carried out regular of fire security publicity education;
    (E) fire laws, rules and regulations of other fire safety duties. Nineth article village Committee should perform following fire security duties: (a) developed fire security village rules and organization implementation; (ii) carried out family, and grain field, fire knowledge publicity education, in this village public set publicity bar and other fire security warning logo; (three) on villagers free stacked fodder, and violations received pulled electrical line, may raised fire of behavior be corrected or stop, timely elimination fire hidden; (four) urged this village economic organization do fire security work; (five) occurred fire Shi immediately alarm,
    And organized the first fire fighting.
    Article tenth residents Committee shall perform the following duties on fire control security: (a) carry out home fire safety knowledge propaganda and education, (ii) Residential (House) fire safety checks, correct plug, take up violations such as fire, water, (c) assisting public security fire control institutions that put out the fire when there is a fire, evacuation of residents.
    11th State organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions, fire safety management within the private non-enterprise units shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial, standardized management, and build fire files. Article 12th contract, lease or authorize the operation, management, building owners should provide for compliance with fire safety requirements.
    Parties entered into the contract shall define the fire safety responsibilities is not specified in the contract, fire safety responsibility by contracting, leasing or entrusted with the operation of, an administrator account.
    Shared by two or more owners or users of buildings, owners or users of the fire Lane, evacuation and other fire-fighting equipment should be clearly related to public security management responsibility, may entrust unified management of the property services company or other management personnel.
    13th in densely populated places shall ensure the safety of the public, actively covering fire and public liability insurance. 14th fire product quality must conform to the State standards or industrial standards. Banning the production, sale or use shall be determined in accordance with the law of product quality inspection agency inspection of fire protection products.
    Fire products production enterprise shall set up a system of substandard products voluntarily recalled.
    Fire-fighting equipment, equipment installation, testing, repair and maintenance of enterprise shall meet the technical conditions specified by national or provincial, quality assumed responsibility for construction and services.
    15th fire industry association should strengthen industry self-regulation, trade service and industry oversight role, specification production, sales, and fire equipment, equipment installation, inspection, repair and maintenance, fire managers business practices, improving the quality of its products and services.
    16th our Governments at all levels should be fire-fighting as the Government objectives assessment and mainly responsible for the performance appraisal of important content, included in the comprehensive management of public security and peace created, create a civilized city (town, village) evaluation scope, establish a scientific assessment mechanism, periodically check the evaluation. 17th at a higher level people's Governments and the lower level people's Governments, people's Governments and subordinate departments, agencies shall be made by fire safety responsibility, clear fire safety responsibilities, scope of responsibility, the responsibility terms, objectives, assessment tasks, work measures and incentives, and more.

    Between the authorities and the supervisory and administrative units, as well as organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions, private non-enterprise units may, by signing a form of fire prevention safety responsibility to implement fire safety responsibilities.
    18th do not fire safety accountability, public security fire control institutions shall be ordered to correct within a Department to inform its competent authorities; fails to make corrections, shall be subject to administrative penalties.
    19th administrative supervisory organs shall, in accordance with the provisions of the law on administrative supervision, the Governments at all levels and relevant administrative departments and monitor administrative staff to carry out fire safety duties.
    20th in fire safety accountability working outstanding contributions or achievements of units and individuals shall be rewarded.
    21st article subordinate Government not implementation this approach provides of fire security accountability, exists fire hidden of, by Shang level Government ordered deadline corrected or give informed criticism; occurred fire accident, caused major personal casualties or property loss of, on this approach third article provides of first responsibility people, and directly responsibility people and other directly responsibility personnel law give disposition; constitute crime of, law held legal responsibility.
    22nd article levels Government and police fire institutions, and other about sector not perform or not seriously perform fire work duties, on involved fire security of matters not in accordance with legal regulations and regulations implementation approval, and supervision check of, or on major fire hidden urged rectification poor of, should law held about responsibility personnel and head of responsibility; led to major personnel casualties or property loss, social effect bad of, should law held main head and other responsibility people of legal responsibility.
                                                                  23rd these measures shall come into force on April 1, 2008.

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