Tianjin Rural Five-Guarantee Work Approach

Original Language Title: 天津市农村五保供养工作办法

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(July 18, 2008, Tianjin Municipal People's Government at the 11th Executive meeting on August 5, 2008, Tianjin Municipal People's Government promulgated as of October 1, 2008, 10th) first for rural five-guarantee the normal life of the object, and promote the development of rural social security system, according to the State Council for rural five-guarantee work regulations (promulgated by Decree No. 456), combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.
    Article five guarantees supporting in rural areas refers, in accordance with the Ordinance and these rules, the provisions of rural five-guarantee work, food, clothing, housing, medical, burial and other aspects of village life care and material assistance.
    Third rural five-guarantee work to follow the following principles: (a) for the protection of rural five-guarantee the normal life of the object, (ii) level of protection commensurate with the level of economic and social development, and (iii) mainly to government channels improve the lives of rural five-guarantee (iv) fair, open and just.
    Article people's Governments at all levels should strengthen leadership for rural five-guarantee work, to put into national economic and social development of rural five-guarantee program. City and county governments develop rural five-guarantee criteria. Standard for rural five-guarantee: concentrated, 4000 Yuan per person per year; separately supply, 2500 Yuan per person per year. Each district and county people's Government in accordance with the level of economic development, financial status and average living standards in the local development of rising standards.
    Rural five-guarantee criteria should be with the improvement of economic and social development. Rural five-guarantee funding arrangements in each district and county people's Government budget.
    Municipal finance in accordance with the relevant regulations of appropriate subsidies.
    People's Governments at various levels shall systematically new construction, extension of rural five-guarantee services, irrational layout of rural five-guarantee services, gradually merging, and constantly improve the level of concentrated feed.
    Fifth of municipal and district departments of civil affairs in charge of the administrative areas of rural five-guarantee work, is responsible for the development of rural five-guarantee policy, development of rural five-guarantee system and supervise the implementation.
    Development of reform and construction, agriculture, education, finance, labour and social security, health, planning, auditing, CDPF sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, rural five-guarantee work.
    Article sixth Township people's Governments and subdistrict offices responsible for the implementation of this administrative area of rural five-guarantee object auditing, reporting and maintenance work.
    Villagers ' committees assist the Township people's Governments or neighborhood offices to do rural five-guarantee application processing, democratic appraisal, notice, report and daily care.
    Seventh in accordance with standard construction, in accordance with the provisions of operation of rural five-guarantee services, in accordance with the relevant provisions from the municipal, district and County Finance and subsidies, welfare lottery.
    Eighth recruit to the unemployed, and the transfer of rural surplus labor force and employment of disadvantaged groups of rural five-guarantee services, can enjoy the municipal reemployment funds provided by employees of urban enterprises social insurance benefits or wage subsidies.
    For rural five-guarantee services institutions engaged in the care and service work, participation in organized by the rural five-guarantee services of vocational skills training and acquire vocational skills certificate granting training subsidies, subsidies required, by County departments of Civil Affairs, welfare lottery in accordance with the regulations, or from solution.
    Nineth establishment of rural five-guarantee service to the urban unemployed, you can apply for small secured loans in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Social forces organized rural five-guarantee services, can apply for loan guarantees, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the loan. Tenth people's Governments at various levels shall encourage social organizations and individuals for rural five-guarantee rural five-guarantee work and contributions and services.
    District Civil Affairs Department in conducting social contribution activities to raise supplies, priority should be given to addressing the needs of rural five-guarantee life.
    11th people's Governments at various levels and the Ministry of civil affairs departments have made remarkable achievements in rural five-guarantee work units and individuals, recognition and rewards.
    Article 12th rural five-guarantee object is defined with the following conditions of old age, disability, or age of 16 villagers: (a) the incapacity, (ii) no source; (c) the maintenance, upbringing, support obligations cannot be human, or its legal support, maintenance, maintenance obligations, without maintenance, upbringing, support capacity.
    13th of rural five-guarantee object identification and treatment of rural five-guarantee terminated, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ordinance for rural five-guarantee. 14th article rural five dependent including following content: (a) supply agri-, and food, and life water and life with fuel; (ii) supply seasons clothing, and bedding, life supplies and pocket money; (three) provides meet live conditions of housing, ensure ventilation, and lighting, and lighting and the Security; (four) provides disease treatment, rural five dependent object participate in local of new rural cooperation medical, personal burden of part costs by rural medical Rescue Fund burden, rural five dependent object enjoy new rural cooperation medical compensation Hou,
    Individual actual burden in accordance with the relevant regulations, enjoy medical assistance (v) for a funeral matters, after the death of rural five-guarantee, or village Committee by the rural five-guarantee services responsible for the funeral, were charged cost from rural five-guarantee funding required.
    In rural five-guarantee under the age of 16 years or have reached the age of 16 are still in compulsory education, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, eliminating the costs associated with providing the necessary school supplies, guaranteeing their rights to receive compulsory education in accordance with law.
    Article 15th rural five-guarantee of private property in accordance with the inheritance law, villagers must not be private property to the State or for the group as a condition to enjoy the benefits of rural five-guarantee.
    16th district financial Department of rural five-guarantee funds according to the civil affairs departments in planning, allocation of rural five-guarantee fund on a quarterly basis, and according to the changes of rural five-guarantee object to adjust the budget in a timely manner, to ensure funding of implementation. Concentrated rural five-guarantee funding of the object, direct the allocation of rural five-guarantee service.
    Separately supply rural five-guarantee funding, social issue.
    Rural five-guarantee fund special accounts management, earmarking.
    District and county people's Government, the Township people's Governments for rural five-guarantee services and subdistrict offices should provide the necessary equipment, management of funds, and are equipped with the necessary staff and expenses may not be needed in rural five-guarantee funds in Liechtenstein.
    Article 17th Township people's Governments and village committees or rural five-guarantee services support services agreement.
    Concentrated in rural five-guarantee service organizations of rural five-guarantee to stick to voluntary admission and discharge the principle of freedom, sign the admission agreement, clarify responsibilities and obligations, serviced by rural five-guarantee service. Separately supply rural five-guarantee object can provide the care by the villagers ' Committee, or by a rural five-guarantee services provides support services.
    Promote other social organizations and volunteers provide services for rural five-guarantee.
    18th rural five-guarantee services shall, in accordance with article per 8 take care of rural five-guarantee at least 1 staff, every 4 unable to care for rural five-guarantee at least 1 staff ratio, equipped with the appropriate number of staff. Article 19th of rural five-guarantee service staff shall be subject to the necessary professional training, continuously improve skills and service levels.
    Rural five-guarantee services shall establish a labor contract according to law.
    Article 20th rural five-guarantee services to improve hospital transparency and internal democracy management system, accept the democratic supervision of rural five-guarantee.
    21st rural five-guarantee service institutions should develop nutritional balanced diet and reasonable disposition suitable for rural five-guarantee food meals, feeding shall be consistent with the People's Republic of China Law on food hygiene hygienic standards and requirements. Five guarantees supporting in rural areas for rural five-guarantee service agencies must establish health files, periodic physical examinations, preventive care.
    Establishment of sanitation and disinfection system, periodic disinfection of tableware, wash clothing, maintain a clean indoor and outdoor environment.
    Rural five-guarantee service should be configured for characteristics of rural five-guarantee facilities for cultural and sports activities, and organization is good for rural five-guarantee the physical and mental health of the culture, sports, health care and recovery activities. 22nd levels of people's Governments shall arrange funding of separately supply rural five-guarantee living dangerous ugly house repairs to ensure safety, in line with the living conditions.
    Organization of villagers ' committees in rural collective operation income from funding or providing manpower, material, improved housing and other living conditions of rural five-guarantee.
    23rd District Civil Affairs Department and town people's Governments shall establish a sound rural five-guarantee archive and information management systems. 24th people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the supervision and management of rural five-guarantee funds, no interception, misappropriation, and ensure the safety of funds.
    Audit Department shall strengthen the audit on the use of rural five-guarantee funds. 25th for rural five-guarantee of information disclosure system.
    Civil affairs departments at all levels should open rural five-guarantee application conditions and approval procedures, rural five-guarantee standards and licensing and use of rural five-guarantee funds, subject to public supervision. 26th article about administrative organ and staff has following behavior one of of, on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility people law give disposition; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) on meet rural five dependent conditions of villagers not approved enjoy rural five dependent treatment of, or on not meet rural five dependent conditions of villagers approved its enjoy rural five dependent treatment of; (ii) corruption, and misappropriated, and interception, and privately rural five dependent paragraph real of; (three) has other abuse , Dereliction of duty or engages in behavior.

    27th village Committee members of corruption, misappropriation, interception of rural five-guarantee, be removed from Office in accordance with law constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Rural five-guarantee service agency staff privately, misappropriation, interception of rural five-guarantee rural five-guarantee or abuse resulting in serious consequences, be dismissed case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Article 28th villagers ' committees or rural five-guarantee services for rural five-guarantee provides support services do not meet the requirements of, by the township government, neighborhood offices rectification; fails, Township people's Governments and neighborhood offices have the right to terminate support services agreement; losses caused shall bear liability. 29th these measures shall come into force on October 1, 2008.
                                                                                                              March 2, 2007 by the municipal people's Government by the municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the municipal development and Reform Commission issued the Ordinance on the implementation of rural five-guarantee work suggestions (jinmin [2007]13) repealed simultaneously.

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