Wuhan City Affordable Housing Management

Original Language Title: 武汉市经济适用住房管理办法

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Wuhan City affordable housing management

    (August 25, 2008 Wuhan municipal people's Government at the 45th Executive meeting on September 12, 2008, Wuhan municipal people's Government announced the 191th come into force on November 1, 2008) Chapter I General provisions

    Article management system to improve and standardize the affordable housing, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, according to the State Council on solving the housing difficulties of urban low-income families opinions (guofa [2007]24) and seven ministries such as the Ministry of construction issued the documents such as management of affordable housing provision, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second affordable housing in these measures refers to preferential policies from the Government, limited set area and price, in accordance with reasonable standards for construction, facing housing difficulties of urban low-income families serving with welfare policy housing properties.

    Housing difficulties of urban low-income families mentioned in these measures refers to family income, housing conditions, family eligible for municipal people's Government.

    This approach applies to this article city jiangan district, jianghan district, (Editor's Note: this stone by the left, the right for Joe) mouth area, Hanyang, Wuchang district, Peak District, Hongshan district, Wuhan East Lake high-tech development zone, Wuhan economic and technological development zone (Wuhan export processing zones), East Lake ecological tourism scenic area of affordable housing within construction, supply, use and supervision and management.

    Fourth municipal people's Governments solve the housing difficulties of urban low-income families to develop plans and annual plans, prepare annual affordable housing construction plans, land use plans, specific affordable housing construction, project layout, and arrangement of such content, and incorporated into the national economic and social development of the city planning and housing construction program to the public in a timely manner.

    Government objective accountability affordable housing, municipal and district people's Government, signed goal responsibility management, clear Governments at all levels and relevant departments of the annual affordable housing goals and responsibilities.

    Fifth joint meeting of the municipal people's Government established the affordable housing system, responsible for coordinating the city's affordable housing construction and management of major issues in the work.

    Municipal land and housing, affordable housing, departments are responsible for the supervision and management of work borne by the municipal housing institutions.

    City development and reform, construction, planning, civil affairs, finance, price control and urban development departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, is responsible for the management of affordable housing-related jobs.

    District people's Government is responsible for organizing and coordinating the area to purchase economic housing qualification and land acquisition, demolition for construction of affordable housing, placement and so on.

    Subdistrict offices according to the provisions of this approach to affordable housing related work.

    Chapter II preferential policy Article sixth supply of economical and applicable housing construction land allocation.

    Construction of affordable housing into the city's annual land supply plans, reporting annual land quota list separately, ensuring priority supplies. Seventh economical and applicable housing construction projects urban infrastructure supporting fees waived and other administrative fees and Government funds.

    Affordable housing projects outside of the infrastructure costs, borne by the municipal people's Government, into the city's infrastructure-building plan priorities.

    Construction of affordable housing units under construction as collateral from commercial banks applying for a housing loan. Article eighth low-income families buy affordable housing can extract personal housing accumulation Fund.

    Units of affordable housing construction may not refuse to purchase domestic use of Provident Fund loans, housing Provident Fund management institutions should be given priority in the purchase of affordable housing common reserve fund loan business.

    Nineth affordable housing loan interest rates according to the relevant State provisions.

    Article tenth it is forbidden under the name affordable housing for allotted land, to pay a land transfer fees and other ways, disguised by housing development.

    Chapter III administration building

    11th affordable housing to overall planning, rational distribution, construction, housing difficulties of urban low-income families fully into account requirements for transportation and other infrastructure, arranging the layout.

    Shall comply with the requirements of urban planning construction of affordable housing projects, in principle, the minimum size of no less than 30,000 square meters.

    12th city land and real estate Department, Planning Department, in conjunction with the city's affordable housing development planning, in accordance with the affordable housing project site and conditions, project reserves. 13th construction of affordable housing in accordance with the Government organizing, the principle of operation of the market, you can take the form of legal tender, select a qualified and good real estate development corporate social responsibility implementation can be defined by the municipal government, municipal housing agency organization directly. In the construction of affordable housing, should focus on large State-owned enterprises to play an active role.

    Encourage institutions to invest construction of affordable housing. 14th annual plans for affordable housing construction to implement management.

    The municipal development and reform Department together with the municipal land and housing, Division of reserve under the city's affordable housing development planning and projects, in accordance with the principles of total control, balanced, reasonable layout, developed in the last quarter of each year annual affordable housing construction plan for next year, approved by the municipal people's Government issued the implementation.

    15th affordable housing projects should be strictly in accordance with the fixed assets investment project management procedures. Economic applies housing construction plans issued Hou, has clear construction subject of project, its units should in plans issued Hou 60 days, holding plans file respectively to planning, and land property, and environmental protection sector application handle planning location, and with to pre and ring assessment approval procedures; implemented project corporate tender of project, bid units should in bid Hou 30th within holding bid notice and plans file respectively to planning, and land property and environmental protection sector application handle planning location, and with to pre and ring assessment approval procedures. Fails to register, seen as surrender.

    After the completion of the relevant procedures, the construction unit to the development and reform authorities submit reports on their application for approval, and according to the approved documentation for planning permission and official procedures.

    16th in the housing construction of affordable housing in the community, shall, on the conditions of assignment of the project, agreed to support construction of affordable housing construction area, single area, the number, proportion, construction standards, as well as matters such as the transfer of repurchase after it was built. 17th economical and applicable housing construction area is 60 square meters around.

    Municipal land and housing departments should rationally determine the proportion of affordable housing, city planning and management planning of programme approval process is strictly controlled. Article 18th affordable housing planning design and construction must be in accordance with the requirements of the development of energy-saving, environmentally-friendly houses, strict implementation of the residential building code and other national compulsory standards on housing construction, realized in the smaller set of basic functions.

    Actively promote the use of advanced, matured and applicable new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment. 19th construction of affordable housing units for the construction of affordable housing project quality is ultimately responsible, the residential quality guarantee issued to the buyer and the housing with the instruction manual, and warranty responsibilities to ensure quality and safety.

    Housing quality and performance requirements should be clear in the construction contract.

    Affordable housing construction and supervision, tenders should be taken, select a qualified and good social responsibility of construction enterprise and project management company implemented. 20th affordable housing projects should be strictly in accordance with the construction plan and project approval approval required.

    Construction of affordable housing construction project delivery prior to use, shall apply to the municipal housing construction project completion and acceptance of the policy, the acceptance of projects and deliverables.

    21st affordable housing projects to take tenders to select property service enterprises implement the prophase Realty service, or in the neighborhood, among others, under the guidance of, and managed by the residents themselves, provide residential property service of the basic living needs of the people.

    The fourth chapter price management 22nd determined according to the principle of guaranteed profit affordable housing price and a price-cap management. Its sales price and margin by the Municipal Department in charge of price together with the municipal land and real estate sectors, according to the relevant provisions in the affordable housing price management, considering the construction, determined on the basis of administrative costs and profits.

    Real estate development enterprise's economic profit by not more than 3% of the housing project approved; the city housing agency directly organized the construction of affordable housing can only be sold at cost price. 23rd affordable housing sales price should be made, sales price and floating rate shall not be higher than the benchmark price shall not be not marked by any costs beyond the price charged.

    Affordable housing prices determined by the Municipal Department in charge of price to the public, and shall supervise and management. Article 24th of affordable housing a charge card system, when departments charge a fee, you must fill in, paid registration card issued by the Department in charge of price.

    No unit shall be permitted in the name of security deposit, security deposit and other, disguised to charge affordable housing units.

    25th, pricing departments to enhance the cost supervision and examination, full control of economic housing cost and profit changes to ensure affordable housing do the price match.

    The fifth chapter access and sales management 26th affordable housing by municipality according to the validation of price, unified organization eligible for affordable housing to buy housing difficulties of low-income families for sale.

    Purchase affordable housing, the implementation of applications, auditing, publicity and Queuing system.

    27th for the purchase of affordable housing of the family must also meet the following conditions:

    (A) with urban registered permanent (including this city relocation of military personnel);

    (B) families with low-income families meet the requirements of the municipal people's Government income standards;
(C) no family or housing an area lower than the municipal housing standards.

    Affordable housing priority to sell to low-income families who meet these criteria are houseless, street-and retired disabled soldiers, city-level (including municipal) families of model workers.

    Specific measures shall be formulated by the Municipal Department of land and real estate.

    28th article of the city's affordable housing supply target family income criteria for the annual per capita disposable income on 80%, on the family's average per capita housing space standards for annual per capita housing floor space 60%, implement dynamic adjustments to the public once a year.

    Article 29th for the purchase of affordable housing are required to submit the following information: (A) proof of income. By the unit to provide proof of income of family members.

    Unemployed persons submitted to the labor and social security departments or community neighborhood Committee proof of unemployment; low staff enjoy urban minimum living guarantee certificate issued by the civil affairs departments; description of free professional income provided by me. (B) the housing situation to prove. Units issued by the Housing Department or area of existing housing certificate or housing title certificate, the housing rental contracts. Issued Street-original relocation agreement (copy).

    Houseless provided related proof materials.

    (C) proof of residence and proof of identity.

    (D) marital status.

    (E) common maintenance, upbringing or care for family members to prove. Applicant is a retired disabled veterans or city-level (including municipal) of model workers, should also provide related proof materials.

    Applicant and related institutions, organizations or individuals should be subject to investigation, and provide relevant information. 30th the applicant shall hold the information specified in article 29th of this approach to their domicile street or township people's Governments for approval of the purchase of eligible.

    Specific audit procedures are as follows: (A) the subdistrict office shall, within 15 working days from the date of acceptance of the application, application to verify the family demographic, income, housing conditions, considered qualified, 7th at the domicile of the community publicity, publicity including households, housing, income, and so on.

    Public notice expires without objection or verified objection does not stand, signed the preliminary review opinions, together with the application materials are submitted to the District Department.

    (B) the district departments shall receive street or town within 10 working days from the date of the submitted materials, for families with income whether they meet the requirements of the audit opinion, along with meet the low-income criteria related materials be sent to real estate sector. (C) the district shall receive the real estate sector sector transfer within 10 working days from the date of the material, on the housing conditions of families whether they meet the required conditions to submit an audit opinion. To meet the stipulated conditions, online publicity 7th in Wuhan City real estate market information.

    Public notice expires without objection or verified objection does not stand, purchase affordable housing for urban residents of Wuhan City will be issued qualification certificates, and report to the municipal housing agency records.

    Street or town Governments, district, area real estate sector audited, considers the application does not meet the requirements of the family, shall notify the families, and explain the reasons.

    Article 31st of Wuhan urban residents to purchase economic housing qualification is valid for 24 months.

    The Wuhan urban residents to buy affordable housing qualifications of family, you can purchase a set of affordable housing. Article 32nd affordable housing project construction figure progress reached layers in multilayer structure 2/3, middle-level and senior principal structure when it reached the layer of 1/2, the construction units before they can apply for licence. Licence applications by municipal housing agency accepted at City Department of land and real estate, urban development, and management review.

    Construction in accordance with the regulations after obtaining a licence, can be admitted buying households purchase registration has been made. Article 33rd when selling affordable housing, registration number of families is less than actual supply, in accordance with the registration of purchase order sales; registered families than actual supply, determined through a lottery to buy objects.

    Lottery specific measures formulated by the Municipal Department of land and real estate. 34th construction units should work with home buyers who sign a written contract for the sale.

    , Land and real estate shall, jointly with the municipal industrial and commercial sectors through the implementation of the uniform format standard contract for affordable housing, protect the legitimate rights and interests of buyers and buyers to define their rights and obligations.

    35th of municipal land and Housing Department affordable housing projects should be the address number, availability, sales price, is expected to release information to the public.

    The sixth chapter exit management

    Article 36th affordable housing buyers had limited property rights.

    After residents to purchase economic housing, should apply for registration in accordance with regulations.

    When houses and land registration Department at the time of registration, each Party shall indicate the "affordable housing" and "land".

    37th purchase affordable housing less than 5 years, not listed transactions, buyers to transfer due to special reasons, the municipal land and housing sectors and the original price and taking into account depreciation and price factors, such as buybacks.

    Buy affordable housing for 5 years, buyers market transfer of affordable housing, shall pay land revenue ratio in accordance with municipal people's Government and other related price, land and real estate sector will be given priority to buy back; buyers who can pay such price, full property rights.

    Individuals to purchase affordable housing in front of the full property rights must not be used for rental business. Article 38th households buying affordable housing and other housing, original affordable housing by the urban land and real estate sectors in accordance with the provisions and the contractual repurchase.

    Buybacks continue to solve the housing difficulties of low-income families.

    39th has participated in the welfare of the family, returned to the House to buy affordable housing (including funding housing), has bought affordable housing to family to purchase affordable housing.

    Seventh chapter funds cooperative housing 40th farther away from the city's independent industrial and mining enterprises and housing the needy more enterprises, in line with the overall land-use planning, urban planning, housing construction plan of the premise, approved by the municipal people's Government, land collects the cooperative housing units can be used for personal use.

    Participate in the funding of cooperative housing, it must be qualified in the units comply with the municipal housing difficulties of low-income families. 41st fund-raising part of cooperative housing is affordable housing, construction standards, preferential policies, supply objects, property rights are in accordance with the strict implementation of the relevant provisions of the affordable housing.

    Units raise cooperative housing, affordable housing, should be included in the annual construction plans of management, and in strict accordance with project management procedures. 42nd no unit may use new acquisition buying land or new organization funding cooperative housing. Municipal units of various organs are not allowed to finance the cooperative housing.

    Units raise cooperative housing not affordable housing supply conditions are not met, the home is sold.

    Article 43rd raising cooperative housing to meet the housing difficulties of low-income families after purchase, houses still remaining, organizations centrally by the municipal people's Government to meet the conditions for affordable housing to buy the home is sold, or at cost after the acquisition as the low-rent housing.

    44th unit funding charged to employees cooperative housing funds to implement special fund management, special use, and accept supervision by the financial and real estate sectors. Article 45th participated in welfare housing and housing difficulties than standard, purchase affordable housing or participated in the Fund raising of cooperative housing officer shall again raise cooperative housing.

    Prohibit any borrowed funds on behalf of the cooperative housing units, physical allocation of housing or housing development in disguise.

    Article 46th unit does not charge management fees funds cooperative housing in principle, not profit.

    Supervision and administration of the eighth chapter

    47th of municipal land and real estate sectors should be strengthened to purchase affordable housing management, municipal housing institutions to effectively carry out their duties, irregular spot checks issued by the real estate sector of the urban residents in Wuhan to buy affordable housing qualifications, had sales of affordable housing housing conditions are checked and found that irregularities corrected.

    48th city and district housing sector and subdistrict offices should be graded to build affordable housing archives.

    49th of municipal people's Governments and relevant departments should strengthen affordable housing construction, process discipline, violations investigated:

    (A) allowed to increase affordable housing or finance the cooperative housing sales price, the price by city authorities to investigate and punish.

    (B) without changing the land use for affordable housing or finance cooperation, the municipal land and housing departments to investigate and punish.

    (Three) not made qualification of family purchase economic applies housing or participate in fund-raising cooperation building of, its by purchase or fund-raising construction of housing by city land property sector deadline by original price and consider depreciation, factors pricing acquisition; cannot acquisition of, by city land property sector obliges its fill paid economic applies housing or units fund-raising cooperation building and with lots similar general commodity housing price poor, and drew attention to the related sector on responsibility units and responsibility people law for processing. (D) the selling of development project construction in violation of the rules to not be eligible for affordable housing to buy family or violation of the provisions of this article 33rd, by the municipal land and housing authority or the city entrusted fined housing agency sale 3 times, but up to 30,000 yuan, and irregularities recorded into the enterprise credit file.

    Violations of development project construction may not participate in the affordable housing construction activities.
(E) violation of these measures related to the planning, project management, construction engineering quality requirements, by the relevant administrative authorities to investigate and punish.

    50th on deception, concealment household income and housing conditions, purchase affordable housing units or fund raising of cooperative housing, the municipal land and housing authority to cancel its purchase qualifications; the purchase of housing within the original price and taking into account factors such as depreciation, equivalent to buy back, and drew attention to the false certificates issued by the relevant departments of the responsible person according to law.

    51st state organ staff in affordable housing construction, management abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engage in the process, according to JI responsibility according to law; a suspected crime, transferred to judicial organs for handling.

    52nd no units and individuals have the right to impeach and accuse any acts in violation of these rules.

    Nineth chapter by-laws 53rd issued herein have not been sales of economical and applicable housing construction projects related to implementation of this approach access and exit management, price management, regulatory provisions; had sales of affordable housing is still under the original provisions.

    Previously authorized but not yet started construction of affordable housing projects, where the matter does not meet the content as provided herein, and shall make a corresponding adjustment in accordance with the means.

    54th this caidian district city, dongxihu district, Hannan,, Jiangxia district, huangpi district, Xinzhou County affordable housing management in accordance with the measures of the regulations. 55th article of the measures shall take effect on November 1, 2008. Affordable housing management, Wuhan municipal people's Government on the issuance of notice (Takemasa [2005]30) repealed simultaneously.