Administrative Measures For The Safety Of Agricultural Machinery In Liaoning Province

Original Language Title: 辽宁省农业机械安全管理办法

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Administrative measures for the safety of agricultural machinery in Liaoning province

    (March 2, 2009 the 18th Executive meeting of the people's Government of Liaoning province considered by Liaoning Provincial Government order No. 230, March 27, 2009 release as of May 10, 2009) first in order to strengthen the management of agricultural machinery safety, ensuring job security, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second article this regulation is applicable in the province within the administrative area of tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery in accordance with State regulations concerning the registration management (hereinafter referred to as agricultural machinery) security management.

    Third of provinces, cities and counties (including County-level cities and districts, the same below) administrative authorities responsible for the administration of agricultural mechanization in the agricultural machinery safe management, agricultural machinery safety supervision organization to which they belong (hereinafter referred to as agricultural machinery safety supervision organization) is responsible for farm machinery safety management work.

    The township (town) people's Government farm machinery safety supervision organization to help make farm machinery safety management within their respective jurisdictions.

    Article fourth mechanization of administrative departments and farm machinery safety supervision organization shall, in accordance with the safety and prevention policy, publicity machinery safety using knowledge, education drive, the operator comply with safety laws, rules and regulations, and to enhance safety awareness.

    Fifth all of agricultural machinery owned agricultural machinery should be obtained within 30th of the following materials to the residence of the County farm machinery safety supervision organization applying for registration:

    (A) the owner identification;

    (B) origin invoices or other proof of purchase;

    (C) the factory certificates or import certificate;

    (D) the safety and technical inspection certificate;

    (V) other materials stipulated by laws and administrative regulations. Sixth agricultural machinery safety supervision organization within 3 working days from the date of receipt of application materials to complete the registration examination and registration of agricultural machinery for inspection.

    Meet the requirements, issuance of registration certificates, number plates and vehicle license; does not meet the criteria, and give reasons for their registration to the applicant.

    Certificate of registration, license plate and driving certificate is lost or damaged, the original Licensing Office Party proposed a replacement replacement within 1 business day from the date of application for registration certificate, driving license, issue number plates within 15 business days.

    Seventh municipal agricultural machinery safety supervision Organization for the harmonization of farm machinery driver's examination for examination, in issuing a driver's license within 5 business days.

    Driver's license valid for 6 years after the expiration of the original license-issuing organs to examine the certificate change; loss of or damage to, the original issuing authority put forward by the parties within 3 working days from the date of the application to verify the replacement is completed, be issued retrospectively. Article eighth of agricultural mechanization on agricultural machinery should be registered by the Administrative Department organized a safety inspection each year.

    Tested in accordance with safety standards and issue inspection certificate.

    Safety and technical inspection agencies charge a fee for inspection of agricultural machinery, should be strictly enforced and publicity fees set by the State. Nineth all agricultural machinery should be plate and inspection certificate suspended, placed within the specified area.

    Tractors towing trailers, license plate number should be in accordance with the provisions of fonts, spray behind the trailer body.

    Number plate shall be kept clear and complete, and shall not be blocked or soiled.

    Article tenth of agricultural machinery drivers when driving a farm machinery shall carry the driving license, driver's license, to comply with State regulations for safe operation, and attach a random job safety knowledge to inform.

    Attach a random operators, small farm machinery shall not be more than 1 person, large agricultural machinery shall not be more than 2 people.

    Attach a random operators to prohibit passenger-carrying and exceeding the prescribed limits.

    11th tractors driving tractors in the fields, yards, tractor road, towing trailers loaded on a country road, contained the weight and volume of the goods shall conform to the safety requirements; towing implements through villages, should have special designer line, staff may not close.

    Combine harvesters to leave the workplace when harvesting may not be manned on the stage.

    12th farm machinery drivers may implement the following actions:

    (A) lend, altered or forged driver's license;

    (Ii) inconsistencies in the drive and the drive models of agricultural machinery or agricultural machinery referred to drive without a driver license personnel;

    (C) driving without registration certificates, number plates and safety technical inspection mark or mechanical failure of agricultural machinery;

    (D) with interfere with safe driving disease driving farm machinery;

    (E) other behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations.

    13th farm machinery safety supervision organization in fields, yards, tractor road and rural jobs, driving farm machinery safety checks should be carried out on the road, check register, proof of driving.

    Inspected unit and individual shall cooperate with and provide relevant information or proof.

    14th fields, yards, tractor and transport agricultural safety workplace accidents, processed by the agricultural machinery safety supervision organization; traffic accidents occur on the road, and dealt with by the public security organs.

    15th agricultural safety incidents, workers should be immediately shut down, securing the scene, rescue the injured, and property, and report the accident to the agricultural machinery safety supervision organization. 16th farm machinery safety supervision organization after receiving the report, shall immediately investigation at the scene, collect evidence, investigation, and organizes rescue injured personnel and property.

    Need to be on the scene of the accident, vehicle, equipment, goods, physiological and mental conditions of inspection or verification by the parties, shall appoint a professional or employment of the relevant units, and writing a conclusion.

    Parties shall truthfully machinery after the accident, other insiders have an obligation to provide relevant information to the agricultural machinery supervision bodies.

    The party causes controversy for the accident caused no casualties, can resolve on their own.

    17th agricultural machinery safety supervision organization shall, in accordance with the accident scene investigation, investigation and related examination, conclusions, the timely production of accident responsibility confirmation served on the parties concerned. Party refuses to accept the responsibility for farm machinery accidents, since the date of receiving the certificate of farm machinery accidents within 15th up request a re-evaluation of agricultural machinery safety supervision authority.

    Farm machinery safety supervision organization at a higher level shall, from the date of receipt of the application in the 30th, maintained, altered, or authorisation decision. 18th farm machinery safety supervision Organization for accident compensation disputes, should the parties request mediation.

    Parties may also directly to the Court. 19th farm machinery safety supervision personnel security checks and to deal with farm machinery accidents, should wear a uniform logo and produce a certificate of administrative law enforcement.

    Use of surveillance and reconnaissance vehicles, should be unified signs.

    20th in violation of these rules, any of the following acts, agricultural mechanization by administrative departments agricultural machinery safety supervision organization or by the delegate to be education, correction and refused to correct, in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) without agricultural registration certificate, plate, driving permit and driver's license to drive farm machinery, fine at 300 yuan;

    (B) alter or falsify the registration certificate, plate, driving permit, driver's license, inspection certificate, collection of illegal license plates, signs, fines of between 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan;

    (C) the capacity of farm machinery, passenger fine at 20 Yuan per person;

    (D) the drive with the drive type does not match or untested and unqualified agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery or be referred to drive without a driver license personnel, fines of between 50 Yuan and 100 Yuan.

    On-road agricultural machinery, by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People's Republic of China and other relevant provisions of the road traffic safety law.

    Article 21st mechanization of administrative departments, agricultural machinery safety supervision organization and its personnel have one of the following acts, administrative sanctions by the unit or by the competent departments constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) does not meet the statutory conditions of the agricultural issue driving permits, number plate or the inspection certificate;

    (B) is not eligible for driver's licenses without examination or examination unqualified personnel to issue a driver's license;

    (C) illegal detention of driving license, driver's license and license plate;

    (D) solicit or accept a bribe;

    (E) other acts of abuse, malpractice, neglect their duties. 22nd article of the regulations come into force on May 10, 2009.