Administrative Measures For The Green Line In Harbin

Original Language Title: 哈尔滨市城市绿线管理办法

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Administrative measures for the green line in Harbin

    (On April 9, 2009 Harbin city government 46th times Executive Conference considered through on April 15, 2009 Harbin City Government makes No. 201, announced since on May 20, 2009 up purposes) first article for strengthening City Green line management, improve city General green level, improved city ecological environment, according to People's Republic of China urban and rural planning method, and City Green Ordinance, and Harbin City City Green Ordinance, legal, and regulations provides, combined this city actual, developed this approach.

    Second this approach applies to the municipal planning area within the green line demarcation, implementation management.

    Within the planning area in accordance with the law and regulations implemented by the Department of forestry administration management of greening work, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations. Article City Green line in these measures refers to urban planning area within the green range of control cable.

    Including the line of control in the built green and plan set aside green space of the line of control.

    Fourth line of urban green management adhere to the scientific designation, the principle of strict control, effective protection.

    Fifth of municipal urban planning administrative departments (hereinafter referred to as the City Planning Department) is responsible for the planning of urban green space system and urban green line of delimitation, City urban landscape administrative departments (hereinafter referred to as city landscaping departments) may be required.

    Municipal landscaping Department responsible for the implementation of the green line of the city management, City Planning Department may be required.

    Urban landscape administrative departments (hereinafter referred to as landscaping sector) in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, responsible for the area of urban green line implementation management related work.

    Construction, real estate housing, transportation, environmental protection, water supply, forestry administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, is responsible for the management of urban green line related work.

    Sixth City Department of planning, landscaping, shall, together with the Department's overall urban planning, land use planning, detailed planning and the national platform for urban green space system planning of the requirements, organization of urban green space system planning, and in accordance with the procedures laid down in national and provincial approval after promulgation and implementation. Seventh article is part of the urban master plan of urban green space system planning.

    In the development of urban green space system planning, urban greening objectives should be identified and layout, control principles of urban green area and green space.

    Urban green space system planning of the eighth approved, without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to change, alteration, shall, in accordance with the original procedures for approval.

    Nineth controlled detailed planning should come up with green parks, green spaces, protective greenbelt land boundaries and coordinates.

    Detailed construction plans should be based on controlled detailed planning, additional requirements for green space afforestation rate control index, green land boundaries and coordinates.

    Tenth city by the Municipal Planning Department together with the green line, landscaping and other administrative departments, according to the delimitation of urban green space system planning.

    11th the following areas should be designated green line:

    (A) existing and planned production of green parks, green spaces, protective green, the accessory Greenbelt and other green;

    (B) the ecological control in cities along the rivers, lakes, ponds and other areas;

    (C) scenic area;

    (D) the scope of protection of ancient and famous trees;

    (E) other areas that have an impact on the protection of urban ecology and landscape.

    12th City Green line approved by the Municipal Planning Department should be announced to the public, subject to public supervision. After the 13th green line demarcation, no unit or individual shall not be changed without permission.

    Alteration shall be organized by the municipal planning authorities and the Municipal Department of landscape evaluation, the original approval authority.

    14th under any of the following circumstances can change urban green line:

    (A) revising the layout adjustment of urban planning to urban land and bring about changes in urban green space, required under the new planning for urban green line is adjusted accordingly;

    (B) with the demonstration of layout of urban critical infrastructure occupies urban green space, green line needs to be adjusted accordingly;

    (C) other arguments it is necessary to adjust the green line.

    15th change shall not reduce the green line green area of the city.

    16th new project site location shall not take up urban green space system plan of green space.

    17th city within the green line does not meet the requirements of the green space system planning of buildings, structures and other facilities should be planned according to planning to move out or removed.

    18th has been completed and the green control line, registered by the municipal and district gardening sector documentation, clear management responsibilities in accordance with the relevant provisions, and supervises the management.

    Plan set aside green space of the line of control by the Municipal Planning Department, landscaping, and departments responsible for supervision and management.

    19th concerning administration and management institutions for failing to perform their duties, resulting in lack of urban green space, be investigated by the Department who will have administrative sanctions according to law constitutes a crime, the attention of the judicial organs shall investigate the criminal liability.

    20th article violates other provisions of these measures, by the relevant authorities in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations will be punished.

    21st the County (City) administration of urban green line, you can refer to these measures. 22nd article this way come into force on May 20, 2009.