Administrative Measures For The Civil Construction Energy Saving In Handan City

Original Language Title: 邯郸市民用建筑节能管理办法

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Administrative measures for the civil construction energy saving in Handan city (Handan municipal people's Government at the 25th Executive meeting of June 18, 2009 through July 1, 2009 131th Handan people's Government promulgated as of August 1, 2009), civil architecture, first in order to strengthen the management, increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, protecting the environment, promoting economic and social development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Energy Conservation Act, the civil construction energy saving Ordinance and the provisions of relevant laws and regulations,

    This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies within the administrative area of the city of civil architecture and civil construction energy-saving supervisory activities. Third municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and administration of energy conservation in civil buildings in the city, and accept the guidance of the municipal energy conservation Administrative Department.

    Municipal building energy-saving management bodies commissioned by the municipal construction Administrative Department, responsible for the supervision and administration of energy conservation in civil buildings in the city. Counties (cities), fengfeng mining area construction Administrative Department is responsible for the administrative supervision and administration of energy conservation in civil buildings and receive energy conservation Administrative Department at the same level of instruction.

    Ma Tou industrial park, economic development zone, building departments, commissioned by the municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and administration of energy conservation in civil buildings in their jurisdiction.

    Other responsibilities in accordance with the provisions of the relevant competent administrative departments of the Government, building energy-saving management work.

    Fourth of municipal construction Administrative Department Organization of civil architecture in the downtown specific plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Counties (cities and districts) in charge of construction sector organizations in the preparation of the administrative area of civil construction energy saving special program, reported the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

    Fifth of municipal or County (City), fengfeng mining district people's Government shall arrange civil construction energy saving fund category this year's budget, introduction of earmarking.

    Civil construction energy saving special funds are mainly used for civil construction energy-saving technologies, new materials, new products, new technology research and development and application, energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, energy efficiency demonstration projects and civil construction energy-saving awareness training and civil construction energy conservation-related work.

    Civil construction energy saving at the specific use of funds and management measures shall be formulated by the people's Governments at the corresponding level.

    Sixth of municipal construction administrative departments should strengthen the civil construction energy-saving awareness, training, organizational units engaged in civil architecture and related management activities of practitioners the civil construction energy saving standards and technical expertise, such as training.

    Seventh for use in civil construction energy-saving products and technology, the production and sales entities should take the following information into the administration of building energy saving review, submitted to the provincial housing and urban-rural construction departments for the record:

    (A) business license;

    (B) licensing for the enterprise sales prove;

    (C) the product quality inspection report;

    (D) product standards;

    (V) construction of energy-saving products certificate of product identification and related materials;

    (F) the laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the other materials.

    Eighth construction company in building projects begun, shall be paid to the local construction Administrative Department of new wall material Special Fund, and at the time of construction permits, submitted to the review bodies review of qualified building energy-saving design files.

    Nineth construction design and construction should be implementing national and provincial civil construction energy saving compulsory standards, and obtained the certificate of construction materials and equipment used for the record in Hebei province construction of energy-efficient products.

    Tenth unit in building energy-saving activities shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) energy efficiency standards required by the civil construction energy conservation policies and civil buildings, commissioned units with appropriate design qualification to carry out design, and expressly agreed upon the civil construction energy saving in the design contract technical requirements and the associated standards and technical specifications of names;

    (B) the civil architecture design review documents and other related information entrusted the construction drawing review bodies;

    (C) in the Hebei province, made the construction materials used in the construction of filing certificates of equipment energy-efficient products;

    (D) shall not express or imply design, construction in violation of civil architecture of mandatory standards for design, construction, shall not express or implied construction construction drawing design documents do not meet requirements, and does not meet the technical requirements of energy-saving wall in civil buildings materials, insulation, doors, Windows, heating and cooling systems and lighting products, materials, equipment and fittings;

    In accordance with the contract by construction units to purchase wall materials, insulating materials, Windows, heating and cooling systems and lighting equipment products, ensure that purchased product conforms to the civil construction energy saving standard and requirements of construction drawing design documents;

    (E) no unauthorized changes approved after examination of civil architecture design document or reduce building energy conservation standards;

    (Vi) do not meet the standards of the civil construction energy saving building products shall not provide the construction completion report shall not be sold or delivered;

    (G) prior to completion of construction projects, organizing special acceptance of building energy-saving, and accept supervision by the relevant administrative department, promptly to the competent construction department.

    11th design unit in building energy-saving design shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) in accordance with the national building energy-saving policies and civil buildings mandatory standards designed to ensure design quality;

    (B) set the building energy-saving design in construction drawing design documents special;

    (C) shall not use design included in the prohibited list announcements of technology, equipment, materials and products. 12th construction plan review body should be in the drawing design document of construction energy-saving and thermal calculations for review.

    On examination, review of certificates in a separate building energy saving review content without review or examination does not meet the criteria of civil architecture, not proof of examination of construction drawing design documents.

    13th construction units in building energy-saving in construction shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the preparation of special construction technology of building energy saving programmes, technical director of signature, Chief supervision engineer after the audit implementation;

    (B) in accordance with the examination of design documents and civil construction energy-saving standards for construction, are not allowed to modify the design document; notice shall not be included in the list of prohibited technologies, equipment, materials and products;

    (C) in accordance with the engineering design and construction technical standards and the terms of the contract, to enter the construction site wall materials, insulation, doors, Windows, heating and cooling systems and lighting and other energy-saving products, building materials, equipment and fittings for identification; construction drawing design documents do not meet requirements, or fail to pass the examination shall not be used;

    (D) improve the thermal bridges thermal defects and quality control to ensure construction quality;

    (E) preparation of the energy chapter of the construction log.

    14th supervision unit in construction energy conservation supervision shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the development meets the requirements of civil architecture project management planning and implementation rules, in strict accordance with civil construction energy saving at compulsory standard supervision;

    (B) the Chief supervision engineer to review the specific construction techniques for building energy-saving programmes and acceptance; professional engineer on the construction of the wall material, thermal insulation materials, doors and Windows, building energy-saving equipment such as heating and cooling systems, lighting, as well as an important part of construction quality of building energy-saving function for inspection and acceptance;

    (C) have a thermal bridge and thermal defects on easy, as well as the construction of the wall, and roof insulation engineering, professional engineer in accordance with the requirements of engineering overseeing standard site supervision, inspections and parallel tests and other forms;

    (D) the project quality assessment report implementation of building energy efficiency standard set out in;

    (V) find construction units are not in accordance with the civil construction energy-saving standard construction, it needs correct; construction unit refused to correct, shall promptly report the construction unit and report to the relevant administrative departments.

    Article 15th without supervision engineer sign, wall materials, insulating materials, Windows and doors, heating and cooling systems and lighting equipment shall not be used on the building or installation, the construction unit shall not be carried out the next working procedure of construction.

    16th new (rebuilt or expanded) for energy saving of public building energy conservation in civil buildings and information. Real estate development and sales of commercial housing, should be at the sale site prominently publicized the sale of commercial housing and energy-saving, energy-saving measures and protection requirements, as well as energy-saving project civil construction energy saving information such as warranty period.

    Publication information should be reliable, and in the sale contract, residential quality guarantee and House set out in the manual.

    Article 17th evaluation of building energy-saving testing institution shall have the appropriate testing qualification, evaluation results should be accurate. 18th construction project quality supervision organization shall strengthen the supervision and inspection of civil architecture construction, issued by the construction project quality supervision report shall have special supervision of building energy saving advice.

    Examination of construction drawing design documents for is not construction, not up to the standards of the project, shall be ordered to correct. 19th construction building energy efficiency-related content should be incorporated into the overall acceptance of completion of the construction, in building energy-saving management and acceptance of engineering quality supervision institution under the supervision of the organization.

    Of acceptance, signed by the project construction all quarters main responsibility of the civil construction energy saving in Hebei province and inspection reports and completion of building energy conservation information, construction administrative departments.

    Review does not meet the standards prescribed by the civil construction energy saving, prohibition of the use, after and ordered the employer to correct within, reorganize special acceptance of building energy efficiency.

    20th article main city of Handan, fengfeng mining district, Wu ' an urban planning area within the building is strictly prohibited design and use clay as raw material of wall materials other county building projects in the area of urban planning to ban design and the use of solid clay bricks, phasing out to wall materials of clay as raw materials.
Construction of non-load-bearing walls, structures, walls and temporary building may design and use clay as raw material of wall materials.

    Article 21st actively promotes the use of coal (or ash) sintering porous bricks and concrete load-bearing hollow blocks, bearing fly ash aerated concrete block, brick wall construction waste materials.

    Using coal gangue and fly ash solid waste production enterprises of new wall materials in line with conditions set by the State and recognized by the relevant departments, can enjoy preferential tax policies.

    22nd construction units, design units shall ensure that buildings and structures under the premise of quality and service, mature solar, geothermal and other renewable and other energy-saving technologies, products, and advancement of civil architecture and energy saving functions. 12 the following centralized hot water supply of new residential buildings and hospitals, schools, restaurants, swimming pools, public bathroom (bathing places) and other buildings, solar water heating systems and building integration technology must be used; using solar hot water system 13-storey residential building, the construction unit shall use solar hot water systems.

    Construction of solar water heating systems, solar hot water systems are synchronized with the main part of the project design, construction, synchronization synchronization acceptance, delivery.

    Violation of provisions not to use solar hot water system of civil construction, construction construction drawing examination issued by the review bodies are not books, construction Administrative Department is not issuing construction permits.

    23rd civil construction energy-saving reconstruction should be based on the local economy, social development and geographical and climatic conditions, the actual situation, and urban infrastructure, transformation of the old city, the combination of comprehensive improvement of village, community, planned and implemented step by step. Article 24th of existing building with energy saving reformation of State organs should be office buildings and large public buildings as key.

    Country office building with energy saving reformation by the people's Governments at the corresponding level included in the budget.

    Education, science, culture, health, sports and other public welfare costs of building energy saving of existing public buildings, mainly with the owners raised, raise appropriate subsidies by the Government. Does not meet the civil construction energy-saving standard of existing residential buildings, on the basis of respect for the building owner wishes, expansion, renovation combined progressive implementation of energy saving.

    Energy-saving house owner is responsible for all the charges. 25th home ownership units or relevant departments entrusted the property services agency, shall organize the building energy efficiency agency and related experts to technology demonstration programme of energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, and entrusted to a qualified team of professionals construction makeover.

    Upon completion and acceptance of the works, property unit may appoint a qualified testing agency reconstruction effect of implementing building energy-efficiency evaluation of existing buildings.

    26th State Office building and the owner of more than 20,000 square meters of public buildings should be on building energy efficiency evaluation and identification and evaluation results will be publicized in accordance with State regulations, subject to public supervision.

    Article 27th architecture should be installed for central heating with household heat metering and heating system control device and in-room temperature control device; public buildings should also install electricity metering device; the public corridors, staircases and other building parts, use energy-saving lamps and energy-saving control device should be installed.

    Article 28th of the County (city, district) construction administrative departments should guide farmers to build their own homes using the new wall materials and construction energy-saving technologies.

    Article 29th construction administrative departments should strengthen supervision and inspection of civil architecture.

    Building energy-saving management of construction energy-saving important parts, maintenance of the building structure (including roof, walls, doors, Windows, curtain) bottom elevated floors, as well as central heating and cooling systems Division (sub) project completion of when special inspection, acceptance of the two-stage, you can take the following measures:

    (A) enter into the inspected unit or building inspection, asked to be an inspection to check on matters related to explanation and description, and provide relevant information;

    (B) the inspection found violations of civil construction energy conservation laws, rules, regulations and mandatory standards, correction; it refuses can be ordered to desist from the illegal act and the Office investigated and dealt with according to law. Article 30th construction liability in violation of these regulations, any of the following circumstances, the construction Administrative Department shall order correction within; it fails, fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    Losses shall bear liability.

    (A) in violation of these regulations article Nineth, using provincial administrative departments of construction energy-saving building materials and new wall materials;

    (B) construction (development) in violation of this article eighth, tenth first, second, third, fifth, seventh, 19th article;

    (C) design in violation of the provisions of article 11th second;

    (D) construction in violation of this article 13th first, fourth, fifth and provision;

    (E) supervision violates this article 14th the first, second, fourth and provision;

    (Vi) to detect breaches of the 17th article false testing reports issued;

    (VII) violates this article 20th, 22nd paragraph. 31st article construction (development) units violation this approach tenth article fourth items, and sixth items, and 15th article second paragraph provides, design units violation this approach 11th article first items, and third items provides, construction figure review institutions violation this approach 12th article provides, construction units violation this approach 13th article second items, and third items provides of, supervision units violation this approach 14th article second items, and fifth items provides of, by construction administrative competent sector in accordance with State construction engineering quality management Ordinance, and civil energy-saving Ordinance

    Punishment shall be imposed.

    32nd registered practitioners in violation of the rules, does not perform civil construction energy saving compulsory standards, influence the quality of energy-saving building or cause accidents, the construction engineering quality management in accordance with the State Council regulations and the relevant provisions of the regulations of the civil construction energy saving penalties.

    Article 33rd construction administrative departments and building energy-saving management institution for dereliction of duty, abuse, deception, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, judicial departments shall be investigated for criminal liability. 34th article of the rules take effect on August 1, 2009.

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