Beijing Heating Management

Original Language Title: 北京市供热采暖管理办法

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Beijing heating management

    (November 10, 2009 52nd Executive meeting of Beijing municipality on December 12, 2009, Beijing Municipal People's Government announced order No. 216, come into force on April 1, 2010) article for the protection of urban and rural residents, the winter heating, regulating heating behavior, rational use of resources to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, promote the sustainable development of heat, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city, heating and related management activities applicable to these measures.

    Third winter heating is the basic living needs of urban and rural residents, heating is directly related to the public interest on the basis of public service.

    Heat management in the city follow the same planning, territorial management, security, standardize, promote energy conservation and environmental protection and the principle of optimizing the allocation of resources.

    Establish and improve the heating energy of this municipality guarantees heating, heating assistance, emergency and other security system.

    Fourth, heating, municipal administration Administrative Department in charge of the management.

    Districts within municipal administrations responsible for the administration of the management of heating.

    Municipal and district people's Government departments concerned in accordance with this approach and their respective responsibilities, and do related work.

    The Township people's Governments, neighborhood offices with municipal administrations and make heating management within their respective jurisdictions.

    Article fifth encourages and supports industry associations, agencies involved in the heating industry management and technical services, advocacy training, and so on.

    Encourage the use of clean and renewable energy, promote energy-saving, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe heating of new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new materials, energy saving high efficiency heating technology and environmental effects and project support units have achieved outstanding successes in work of heating be commended or awarded. Sixth municipal administration departments shall organize the relevant departments, program pursuant to the provisions of the municipal heating plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval organization.

    Relates to development of heat, integrated into national economic and social development plan, the city involving urban space resource utilization, incorporated into the city's urban and rural planning.

    District/County Municipal administrative departments shall, jointly with relevant departments, according to the urban heat supply planning, preparation of the administrative area of heating plan, approved by the district and county people's Government implement, and report to the municipal administration administration departments.

    Approved heating plan of adjustment without legal procedures and shall not be changed without permission. Seventh article of the municipal building, rebuilding, expansion of heat supply facilities, shall comply with the heating plan.

    Included in the planning and construction of heat supply facilities, without legal process adjusting plans shall not be changed.

    Planning and administration of construction project planning conditions, relating to heat facilities shall seek the views of municipal administrations. Residential construction project when it is completed, the construction units heating units should be organized, heating units should check heating requirements.

    After the completion, the construction unit shall provide the heating unit to provide information on the project archives. Eighth article of the city should be optimal allocation of heat facilities in urban networks, an area within the boiler heating network and heat capacity, new heat source facility no longer both disperse heat facilities shall be in accordance with the principle of allocation, gradually into the sewer, boiler heating network, except for the application of new energy and new technology.

    Heating units heating conditions, user shall provide access to its pipeline network to provide universal service.

    Nineth, should strengthen the management of heating, this evolutionary manner in accordance with the heat metering and charging. New buildings should be the implementation of building energy efficiency standard, with heat-metering and room temperature control function.

    Does not meet the temperature requirements of the code for design of national residential housing, should be carried out step by step modification of building energy-saving and heating system.

    Building energy-saving, and energy-saving of heat metering and heating system should be implemented simultaneously.

    Tenth heat supply unit should be to the municipal administration departments, and submit the following materials:

    (A) the basic situation;

    (B) heating area and size, type and number of users;

    (C) the basic situation of district heating facilities and depreciation management;

    (D) the operations management system and the basic situation;

    (E) heat emergency plan.

    Heating unit should ensure that archival materials submitted are true and correct and record contents changed, should change in time.

    Municipal administrative departments shall record the relevant information to the public. 11th heating unit heating contracts with users shall conform to the national and municipal regulations.

    Not enter into a written heating contract, heating units heating to the user has one or more of the heating period, users considered the fact that heating with heating unit contract. 12th article of the municipal heating period from November 15 to March 15.

    Municipal Government can adjust the heating period time according to the actual situation.

    Heating period, consistent with existing national specification for residential housing design, bedroom, living room, heating units shall ensure that residential customers (Office) at room temperature with existing national temperature requirements for residential design code, but due to unexpected events or user responsibilities except for normal heating.

    Users have special requirements for heating period time and heating temperature can be otherwise with the heating unit.

    13th heating units should be in accordance with State and this city's standards, norms, to provide the security, stability, quality heating services, establish and improve the operation management of heating systems, service standards and safety procedures, comply with the following provisions: (A) establishing a heating facility inspection system, inspection of heating equipment management, and prepare records.

    Find common heating problems, should be promptly eliminated; users use problems of heating facilities, shall notify the user to remove.

    (B) heating heating system should be carried out before filling, pressure, exhaust, commissioning work and advance notice in the heat range.

    (Iii) heating temperature sampling system for users, regular users tested at room temperature, temperature records should have the signature of user or other person.

    (D) the heating period within a 24-hour service and processed in a timely manner and respond to users ' questions. 14th heating units and users of the compliance disputes at room temperature, you can entrust with room temperature testing qualified third party testing.

    Room temperature detection of specific measures by the municipal administration of administrative departments, municipal departments of standardization administration.

    Heating dispute can be coordinated by the municipal administrative department or relevant Department to solve, parties may also directly apply litigation or arbitration.

    15th heating period, the premature closing of the heating unit may delay, suspend heating or heating shall not renounce or partial exit heating operations; heating supply water, electricity, gas, fuel oil, coal and energy units, guarantee supply, without interruption. Within the non-heating, heating unit needed to quit or partially withdraw from the operation of the heating, heating should be within the scope of the relevant users, facilities, maintenance and heating costs, making proper arrangements, and in July 15 of that year, and undertake a complete heating facilities heating units and technical archives, user materials, heat transfer fees and so on, and inform in writing the original filing.

    When a user's interests cannot be effectively guaranteed heating, part heating unit may not exit or quit heating and operational activities. 16th the heating unit should be charged directly to the user of heating costs.

    Heating unit commissioned a financial institution or other service units of the collecting of heating costs, shall be announced to the user units entrusted with the charge entrusted to the user unit shall not charge any additional fees without heating units commissioned, no unit or individual is allowed to charge users of heating costs.

    Collection of heating charges, tax authorities, this should be provided printed invoices. Article 17th users signed a contract with the heating unit, stipulated by the contract of paying people pay heating costs.

    Is not contracted, by house owners or lessees of Government provided the rent standard of public housing tenants pay heating costs in accordance with regulations.

    Heating costs borne by the users organization unit shall bear.

    18th independent heating system of a system type of users, without affecting the other users normal heating and the premise of heating installations in total safety, following consultations with the heating unit, suspension of heating time, pay basic costs have been agreed, could be suspended by the heating unit heating.

    19th municipal administrative departments administrative law enforcement organs and comprehensive urban management monitoring and checking over heating, heating units, users, and related units should actively cooperate with.

    Heating units heating facility maintenance, repair work and room temperature detection, check table, and the fees charged when users and Realty management company shall cooperate.

    Article 20th residential customers within the heating unit should be heating of outdoor heat supply facilities and indoor common heating facilities management, maintenance, repair and renovation of responsibility, State organs, armed forces, enterprises, provided logistical services community heating service, entrust professional enterprises in accordance with regulations.

    Residential users found abnormal indoor heating facilities, when leakage occurs, to the heating unit should promptly repair, and heating facilities for indoor use costs associated with maintenance, update.

    Non-residential users of heating facilities, maintenance, management, and renewal, by heating units with the user specified in the contract.

    Unit heating facilities shall be borne within the warranty period warranty liability. Article 21st user not demolition room with heating facilities, expanding the area of heating or increase cooling.

    User decoration of housing should not affect the heating effect or impede the normal maintenance of facilities.

    Demolition indoor heating facilities for use by the user, should be confirmed by the heating unit without affecting other users normal heating and without prejudice to the maintenance facilities.
Because of demolition of indoor heating facilities, causing damage, shall bear corresponding responsibility.

    22nd heating unit heating equipment shall ensure that the management intact within the prescribed period, provisions and in accordance with the depreciation provision for heating facilities, regular renovation of heating facilities.

    23rd no unit or individual may unlawfully removed, relocated, alteration or sale of heat source facility.

    Removal, relocation, alteration or sale of heat facilities and heating, which affect users, municipal administration Department in advance a written report providing alternative sources of heat facilities, protect the interests of users of heating.

    24th prohibits the following acts against safety of heating:

    (A) in the provision of underground pipelines within the safety distance between the construction of buildings and structures;

    (B) in the provision of underground pipelines within the safety distance between the stacked items, or excavation, sampling, drilling, piling and buried pole, planted deep roots of plants and blasting operations;

    (C) to the heating tunnel the emission of toxic, poisonous, flammable, explosive, easily blocked items and rainwater, sewage, industrial waste, rubbish;

    (Iv) unauthorized access to heating networks;

    (V) unauthorized endanger system safety devices installed on the heating system;

    (F) emissions without authorization or access to piping hot water or steam;

    (G) the unauthorized removal, damage warning signs;

    (H) the unauthorized operation, removal of heating valves, damaged share the valve seals, alterations or damage to the heat-measuring instruments and their accessories;

    (IX) other hazards, damaged heating behavior.

    25th of municipal and County Municipal administrative departments shall, in accordance with national and relevant provisions of the city, organizing the implementation of heat emergency plan.

    City and county governments set heating special prepared for emergency funding to ensure heating requirements for emergency response.

    Heating unit shall establish and ensure the safety heating suitable for emergency repair team, equipped with emergency equipment, supplies, vehicles and communications equipment, 24-hour emergency service in the heating period.

    Article 26th sudden failure of the heating shall immediately repair, heating units can take the necessary emergency measures to repair units and the user shall cooperate with.

    Heating emergencies such as leaks, heating units must take emergency measures, implementation of a household emergency, urgent repair job, the local public security organs shall cooperate.

    27th cannot guarantee safe and stable heating heating units, seriously affecting public interests, invalid after the Administration coordination, supervision of municipal management, approved by the city or county governments, municipal or County Municipal administrative departments may appoint a qualified heating unit to the emergency heating units heating facilities to take over. Emergency takeover of the heating unit in heating facilities, shall hear the take over of statement and averment, and heat range announcement.

    Local public security organs, the Township people's Governments or sub-district offices, property management companies and other units should be matched.

    During the 28th to take over operation, take over the units shall provide users with secure and stable heating service, to take over the project revenues and expenditures separate bookkeeping, accounting, and accept supervision by the authorities. Take over the unit for the protection of essential heating services running costs incurred, by taking over the provisional advance, being taken over unit responsible for full reimbursement.

    Takeover takeover temporary pay occurs when the audited net loss, approved by the municipal government, municipal and district levels, financial give one-off grants, through the municipal finance departments and the municipal administration Administrative Department.

    Article 29th administrative departments shall establish a sound supervisory and administrative system of municipal administration, shall conduct supervision and inspection on the heating unit.

    Municipal Administration Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with municipal authorities and related departments of standardization administration organizations develop district heating public safety and service standards.

    30th district heating unit in violation of these regulations article tenth, not filing or filing procedures, comprehensive administrative law-enforcement organs a rectification by the city administration, fails to mend, and 30,000 yuan fines; record submitted material misrepresentations, comprehensive administrative law enforcement organs by the city administration ordered corrective action and the circumstances are serious, may be fined not more than 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    31st heating unit in violation of this article 13th (a) requirement, not implementing safety inspection system of heating facilities, comprehensive administrative law enforcement agencies warning by the city administration, warned twice and fined 20,000 yuan.

    Heating in violation of this article 13th (b) provides that no advance notice in the heat range, comprehensive administrative law enforcement by the City Administration Office ordered corrective action, and a 1000 Yuan fine.

    Article 32nd heat violated the first paragraph of this article 15th, during the heating period, delay, suspend the premature closing of the heating or heating, comprehensive administrative law enforcement by the City Administration Office ordered corrective action, may be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    Heating unit violates the first paragraph of this article 15th, quit during the heating period or partially withdraw from the operation of the heating, comprehensive administrative law enforcement by the City Administration Office ordered corrective action and heating unit to a fine below 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan, on the heating unit, legal representative, 10,000 yuan fine.

    Heating unit violates the 15th paragraph these measures, in part allowed to exit or exit in non-heating heating operation and heating, which affect users, comprehensive administrative law-enforcement organs a rectification by the city administration, fails to mend for heating units of 30,000 yuan fines, legal representative of the heating units of 5000 Yuan fine.

    33rd user disobey 21st article, total demolition indoor heating facilities, expanding the area of heating and increased heat dissipation devices or decorating homes hinder the normal maintenance of the facilities, comprehensive administrative law-enforcement organs a rectification by the city administration, fails to mend, can be fined a maximum of 500 Yuan and more than 5000 Yuan.

    Article 34th disobey article 23rd, demolition, relocation, alteration or sale of heat source facility without authorization, does not serve as an alternative heat source facility and heating, which affect users, comprehensive administrative law-enforcement organs a rectification by the city administration, and fines of between 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan.

    35th in violation of article 24th of this approach (a) provided by the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations to deal with.

    Violation of article 24th of this approach (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (I) the provisions of the comprehensive administrative law enforcement by the City Administration Office ordered corrective action, seriously affecting the safety of heating facilities, may be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    Violation of article 24th of this approach (VII), (VIII) provision of, comprehensive administrative law enforcement by the City Administration Office ordered corrective action can be fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan.

    36th article about the meaning of the term in this way:

    (A) the heating is a heating unit relies on a stable heat source, paid through the piping system to provide users with heating heat and related services.

    (B) the user refers to the paid use of heating units provide thermal energy for heating units and individuals.

    (C) indoor use heating facilities refers to indoor pipes, radiators and their accessories.

    (D) heat source facility refers to the facilities for the production and exchange of thermal energy, including various types of boilers, heat exchange station.

    37th article of the measures shall take effect on April 1, 2010. 15th of August 3, 1994 municipal Decree declared, on June 1, 2004 municipal 150th order modifying the regulations on the management of Beijing residential boiler heating, November 15, 1986, governance municipal people's Government Beijing Office [document 1986]141 publishing, June 1, 2004 municipal 150th order modifying the Beijing city public thermal facilities management interim provisions repealed at the same time.