In Shaanxi Province, The Mausoleum Protection Management

Original Language Title: 陕西省黄帝陵保护管理办法

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In Shaanxi Province, the mausoleum protection management

    (December 29, 2009 143th promulgated by the people's Government of Shaanxi Province as of February 1, 2010) in order to strengthen the protection and management of the mausoleum of the first, according to the People's Republic of China cultural relic protection law and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the actual mausoleum of protected areas, these measures are formulated.

    Article in the mausoleum sanctuary within the protection, management, construction, development and management activities shall abide by these measures.

    Article mausoleum sanctuary North to 1021 metres above sea level South of the Highlands North of the Huangdi mausoleum mound, Liu Jia chuan East Road, East of the mountain ridge to the East, South to the Han dynasty Zhou Jia WA sites North, West to the West Village the Tiger's tail.

    Article fourth mausoleum sanctuary is divided into protection and construction control zones.

    Refers to the Huangdi xuanyuan Temple Park, the scope of protection and the qiaoshan mountain and Piedmont space; building control area includes around the qiaoshan mountains, down on both sides of the water ditch Yu, in huangling County and the surrounding area attractions.

    Article fifth mausoleum of protection and management should be guided by the scientific planning, principles of protection, rational use, and strengthening management.

    No organization or individual has the obligation to protect the mausoleum, to damage and destruction of cultural relics and historic and natural power to block and report.

    Article sixth Memorial Mausoleum in Shaanxi Province Office of the Working Committee is responsible for coordinating the mausoleum protection, management, planning, construction and other major events, organize and implement public Memorial activity.

    Provincial cultural relics administration departments to supervise and administer the mausoleum cultural relic protection.

    Provincial public security, housing and urban-rural development, forestry, tourism and other relevant administrative departments, in the mausoleum protection within their respective areas of responsibility and management.

    Article seventh Yanan city people's Government on the protection, management and construction of the mausoleum, exercising administrative functions.

    Yanan city people's Government established the mausoleum administration, responsible for the mausoleum of the day-to-day protection and management.

    Article eighth of huangling County people's Government exercise of the administration functions of the mausoleum administration, organizing and supervising the mausoleum mausoleum of authority and the Department of conservation, management and rational use of work. Nineth mausoleum is one of Chinese ancestor Huangdi mausoleum, is a place where descendants of ancestral roots at home and abroad.

    Sacrifice, visits should be dignified, orderly, and conducive to the transmission of Chinese civilization, to promote the unity of the Chinese nation.

    Article tenth mausoleum in protected heritage and related literature, calligraphy, are State-owned, are protected by law.

    Mausoleum of reserve ancient trees, ancient bridge Berlin belongs to the protected cultural relics, is protected by law, no person shall damage.

    11th article within the scope of protection the following actions are forbidden:

    (A) damages, mobile cultural objects;

    (B) construction of grave digging sand soil, and waste water, discarded solid waste and other acts that could undermine the safety of cultural relics;

    (C) the storage of inflammable, explosive, radioactive and other dangerous substances;

    (D) in heritage preservation and protection facilities, sign post, write on, scratch, climb;

    (E) new, renovation or expansion of heritage, scenic resource protection and rational use of unrelated to the construction works;

    (F) installation of outdoor advertising, building man-made attractions outside the plan.

    12th in the following construction works within the scope of protection or job, project implementation unit approval step by step by the provincial people's Government shall, in accordance with legal procedures, and to take measures to ensure the safety of cultural relics:

    (A) the construction, reconstruction or expansion of cultural relic protection project;

    (B) engage in blasting, drilling and mining operations;

    (C) setting up communications, electricity, water supply, gas supply, sewage pipelines;

    (D) implementing the greening and beautification of the environment.

    Heritage conservation shall make the environmental impact assessment of construction project and evaluation of seismic safety.

    13th in building control areas of new construction, renovation or expansion projects at present, archaeological exploration and environmental impact assessments should be carried out, and shall perform the approval procedures.

    Building control that the building style and tone should be compatible with the mausoleum of historic and natural environment.

    Article 14th mausoleum of eco-environmental protection shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the vegetation and topography of strictly protected area, maintain natural area is strictly forbidden in the deforestation, destruction of vegetation and other terrain activities;

    (B) to develop green plan, increasing the green area;

    (C) the prohibition of hunting in forest areas;

    (D) to control the number of visitors, keep the balance of ecological environment carrying capacity.

    15th mausoleum should be kept quiet, solemn, you may not use sirens and drum Bell must not be used for business activities, restrictions on the use of loudspeakers.

    16th mausoleum of business activities within the scope of protection should be in accordance with the unified plan, tourist-friendly principles of management.

    Events should be held in accordance with the relevant provisions of approval procedures.

    17th mausoleum of protected areas should be strengthened its full-time fire troop construction, development of fire prevention measures, improve fire protection systems, improve fire-fighting capabilities.

    No smoking, having a picnic in the forest districts, as well as the use of open flames.

    18th mausoleum over the existing Tablet (Tablet) is a precious historical relics, should be implemented to protect management, ancient Tablet (Tablet) not free rubbings, modifications and migrations. 19th mausoleum sanctuary new Tablet (Tablet) implementation of an integrated planning, category management.

    The following conditions can new Tablet (Tablet):

    (A) national leaders for the inscription of the mausoleum;

    (B) the commemoration of the historic event of the Chinese nation;

    (C) celebrates Huangdi, Chinese cultural masters of calligraphy, paintings;

    (D) the mausoleum of donations, repair records.

    20th new Tablet (Tablet) place area:

    (A) before paragraph (a), steles stand xuanyuan Cooper homes east of the temple;

    (B) the former paragraph (ii) steles stand xuanyuan Cooper hospital on the West side of the temple;

    (C) the former paragraph (c), (d), steles stand Ling DAO Temple Tablet corridor or shaft on both sides.

    21st mausoleum sanctuary new Tablet (Tablet) shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of approval procedures.

    22nd special funds such as conservation and construction of the mausoleum, you must follow the plan earmarks, no unit or individual shall embezzle.

    Article 23rd units and individuals donated the property should be used for the protection and construction of the mausoleum, no unit or individual shall embezzle.

    Article 24th of the mausoleum protection have made outstanding contributions to the work of units and individuals, the Memorial Mausoleum in Shaanxi Province Office of the Working Committee shall award.

    25th in violation of the provisions of article 15th, time to stop by the mausoleum administration, and a fine of 50 Yuan and 500 Yuan fine.

    Article 26th who violate these rules, and by their work units or by the competent administrative departments administrative sanctions.

    27th article violates these rules, regulatory penalties, from its provisions. 28th article of the rules take effect on February 1, 2010.