Administrative Measures For The Pre-School Education Of Fuzhou City

Original Language Title: 福州市学前教育管理办法

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Administrative measures for the pre-school education of Fuzhou City

    (March 2, 2010 4th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Fuzhou City on April 2, 2010 42nd, Fuzhou City people's Government promulgated as of June 1, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of pre-school education, and promote the healthy development of pre-school education in our city, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on education and the People's Republic of China laws and regulations on private education promotion law, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applied in preschool education and its management activities in the administrative area of the city of units and individuals.

    Pre-school education in these measures refers to education for 0-6 children.

    Pre-school educational institutions in these measures refers to 0-6 children in educational institutions, including kindergartens and 0-3 early childhood education institutions.

    Pre-school education facilities in these measures refers to premises of the pre-school institutions, sites and facilities.

    Article pre-school education implementation of local governments, management and Division is responsible for management of the departments concerned.

    Administrative departments of education are within the Administrative Department of pre-school education, is responsible for implementing the guidelines and policies of pre-primary education, formulation of relevant rules and regulations and career development planning and implementation.

    Health, development, personnel, fiscal, price, town and country planning, land and resources, public security, fire fighting, civil affairs, labor and social security, family planning and other departments for industry and commerce in accordance with the Division of duties, responsible for the management of pre-school education.

    Fourth article city, and County (City) District Government should established by education, and health, and series do, and personnel, and financial, and prices, and urban and rural planning, and land resources, and police, and fire, and home, and labor and social security, and business, and family planning, related sector composition of pre-school education joint system, joint by city, and County (City) District Government is in charge of education of led convened, regularly research, and coordination solution pre-school education problem.

    Article in kindergartens in Governments at all levels should actively promote the 0-6 integration, attention to 0-3 early childhood education, and departments of education, health, family planning, women's federations to establish and perfect for children 0-3 parents and care givers of popularising science and parental guidance mechanism.

    Chapter II establishment of planning and Sixth of municipal or County (City) districts in the planning of pre-school education should be improved.

    Pre-school facilities shall be in accordance with the code for design of urban residential areas, combined with residential areas, population size, set the scope, its site location and design to the district administrative departments of education, Department of educational administration lane comments.

    Construction planning construction of pre-school facilities, urban and Rural Planning Department should be clear in the planning conditions; notice of land and resource administration in the land, contract or transfer decisions should be made clear in the documents such as ownership of pre-school facilities.

    Pre-school education facilities construction and construction projects at the same time planned, designed, built and delivered simultaneously, facilities should comply with the relevant national building code requirements, and acceptance.

    Seventh article is forbidden to change the nature of planning construction of pre-school facilities.

    Educational administrative departments shall, together with the town and country planning Department of pre-school facilities were clean before the implementation of these measures, without changing the nature of, and ordered to restore the original function, and punishment according to law.

    Land, planning and construction Administrative Department for not complying with the planning and construction of pre-school education with facilities or diverted the development of pre-school education facilities construction, shall be entered into the bad credit records, take measures to restrict its access to the city's real estate market. Eighth people's Governments at various levels shall strengthen the construction of public institutions of pre-school education.

    City streets each set should be at least 1 public kindergarten; each township in rural areas should be set at least 1 public Township Central kindergarten. Nineth pre-school institutions should be independent, independent personnel, Garden House independent.

    Five urban districts of the city and County (City) Government seat of Chengguan organized pre-school and primary school attached kindergarten.

    Layout and adjusted the idle school buildings should be priority to organized pre-school education establishments. Article tenth bid for pre-school education institutions must be under the jurisdiction of the County (City) district education administration application for license registration. Kindergarten, kindergarten establishment must comply with the Fujian province (class) basic conditions of 0-3; early childhood education setting must be consistent with the Fuzhou 0-3 early childhood education setting basic conditions in institutions (for trial implementation).

    Units and individuals organized pre-school education establishments before applying for a school license, health evaluation of the public health Administrative Department shall obtain reports, proof of certification of the buildings and fire departments.

    Private schools in Fuzhou City, bid for the private pre-school educational establishments shall be consistent with the established standard and approval of the relevant provisions of the measures.

    Educational administration for pre-school education institutions sponsor educational idea, purpose, social credit assessments, and from the garden layout, condition, safety and health, teaching staff, teaching materials and other aspects of the review, make a decision on whether to license.

    Chapter III requirements and security

    11th the Governments at various levels should increase funding for pre-school education, establishment of special funding of pre-school education in education funding in the budget, and to achieve growth year after year.

    Special funds are mainly used for pre-school educational institutions of preschool education building, various types of pre-school education to teacher training, rewarding excellent preschool education institutions.

    12th pre-school institutions shall be required to recruit staff, and required to complete teacher-student ratio of personnel. Preschool faculty jobs by city and County (City) area related post sets the standard, and set the position by appointment (including teachers in General not less than 88% per cent of total kindergarten job, other posts, in principle not more than 12%).

    Attached to primary schools in rural preschool faculty jobs should be attached to the scale and standard setting in proportion with park staff positions. 13th of municipal or County (City) District Government to implement public institutions of pre-school education teacher preparation, approved part of the existing teachers in batches and added in place within three years.

    Preparation of the staffing sector response to public pre-school educational institutions carry out dynamic management, nuclear series on a regular basis, the personnel, the education sector to replenish empty series.

    Temporarily empty series of public kindergarten in the Treasury sector according to the number of kindergarten preparation preparation Department, on an empty series reference average annual wages of kindergarten teachers to allocate funding for hiring staff.

    Article 14th tax should be implemented according to relevant regulations of the State tax incentives for pre-school educational establishments and private pre-school education institutions for registration by providing tax bills. 15th pre-school institutions nursery education fees by the commodity price departments together with financial, education departments in accordance with the classification, grading, cost accounting, parent approved the principle of fair sharing of.

    Specific measures for implementation by the municipal price control authorities and the Treasury and education departments separately.

    Conservation education of public pre-school educational institutions charge fees and agency fees use printed financial sector financial instruments; private pre-school educational establishments to charge conservation education for children, you should use the tax bills of the local tax authorities.

    16th administrative departments of education pre-school teacher training programme should be established, for all kinds of training for pre-school teachers in various forms.

    Fourth chapter of private pre-school education 17th to encourage and support social forces organized pre-school institutions take many forms.

    Administrative Department of education private pre-school educational establishments should be included in the unified management of the local preschool education, strengthening the services of private pre-school educational establishments and guidance and promoting the healthy development of private pre-school education. Article 18th educational administrative departments shall establish public and private pre-school education bodies Exchange platform, through teaching, training and assessment of teaching and research activities such as grading, improve the overall educational level of private pre-school educational establishments.

    Encourage and support actively strive to model kindergartens private kindergartens. Article 19th Administrative Department of education private pre-school teacher training should be included in the master plans of the local teacher training, training in pre-school education in special funds and manpower costs. Private pre-school teachers of professional titles assessment, assessment assessment with public institutions of pre-school education in the field of equal treatment.

    Social insurance treatment according to the relevant provisions of national and provincial implementation. Article 20th private preschool institutions shall publish its admissions, education, management and other false information and advertising is not consistent.

    Private preschool admissions brochures and advertisements, shall be reported to the County (City) district education administration departments. Article 21st private pre-school educational institutions should strictly regulate the charges, and consciously accept the prices, guidance and supervision in the education sector, public announcements of fees and standards.

    Shall not charge linked to the admission and sponsorship fees shall not be offered class, features, interest classes, such as by extra charge.

    22nd education administrative departments should strengthen the private pre-school educational establishments guidance and management, implementation of annual examination system of private pre-school institutions, periodic checks of the basic requirements for kindergarten, regulating school behavior.

    The fifth chapter management and supervision

    23rd du should be established at all levels of Government Chief Inspector with a combination of steering system of pre-school education, bringing pre-primary education into the educational supervision, timely pre-school of the advanced units and individuals to be commended. Article 24th educational administrative departments shall, in accordance with the criteria for evaluating the model kindergarten in Fujian province, to model kindergarten the kindergarten assessment, created the provincial, city and County (City) district-level demonstration kindergartens.

    On dynamic management model kindergarten should be carried out at all levels, to carry out special inspection on a regular basis, do not meet the conditions for model kindergarten Park, rectification, downgrade and revoke the title. 25th educational administrative departments should strengthen the 0-3 of early childhood education guidance and management, establishment of community support, pre-school institutions-core, radiation scientific guidance to the family services system, meet the needs of 0-3 children and parents a wide range of services.
Improving early childhood education training system, promote model kindergarten early education at all levels of instruction, consultation service center.

    Article 26th educational administrative departments should periodically assess the basic level of all types of pre-school institutions, enhance the overall upgrading quality of running various types of pre-school institutions.

    Not qualified to assess, depending on the circumstances order the rectification or stop recruiting, stop running.

    27th to pre-school institutions without approval by the Administrative Department of education punishment according to law, and organize relevant departments to be banned by the District Government.

    28th the health sector under the nursery kindergarten drawn up health care grading health care measures for the administration of assessment methods, and in accordance with the classification principles of management, is responsible for the supervision and guidance of area health care institutions of pre-school education. Article 29th of pre-school education establishments with the implementation of territorial management.

    Counties (cities) should organize the relevant departments of the District Government, town (Street) on the area of food hygiene and safety, construction of pre-school institutions and facilities and equipment, safety, traffic safety, fire safety and internal security for special inspection and regulation to implement comprehensive measures to eliminate security risks.

    Article 30th pre-school institutions should implement the kindergarten regulations and the guidelines for kindergarten education (for trial implementation), strict implementation of the Fuzhou City child care education management rules, regulating school behavior.

    0-3 early childhood education institutions managers (Director), teacher, in addition to the basic conditions of the kindergarten teachers should also be trained, access to Labour Department issued nursing qualification. 31st pre-school facilities shall be approved by the fire services of acceptance or for complete fire record clearance.

    District public security fire control institutions and police stations should be according to the terms of reference of the work of the Division to enhance the fire safety at pre-school institutions guidance and supervision.

    Article 32nd pre-school educational institutions should strictly implement the State's security, health, health management systems, work safety responsibility and accountability established emergencies emergency planning and reporting systems, regularly carry out safety education and training, and ensure the safety of children. Article 33rd pre-primary school buses to transport young children, shall be submitted to the administrative departments of education and local public security traffic Administration Department for record.

    By the public security traffic Administrative Department to verify the condition and set a uniform school bus signs.

    Pre-school educational institutions hiring school bus drivers should be reported to the respective administrative departments of education and public security traffic administrative departments for the record, the public security traffic Administrative Department to verify driver's qualification.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 34th article of the rules take effect on June 1, 2010.

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