Guiyang City Administration Of Public Relief For Vagrants And Beggars Without Any Assured Living Rules

Original Language Title: 贵阳市城市生活无着的流浪乞讨人员救助管理规定

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Guiyang City Administration of public relief for vagrants and beggars without any assured living rules

    (April 12, 2010 Guiyang Government Executive Conference considered through April 30, 2010 Guiyang Government makes 11th, announced since July 1, 2010 up purposes) first article for rescue in city life no with of stray, and begging personnel, guarantees its basic life interests, perfect social rescue system, according to state city life no with of stray begging personnel rescue management approach, about legal, and regulations, combined this city actual, developed this provides.

    Cities referred to in the provisions of article with no stray, and beggars (hereinafter referred to as vagrants and beggars), is due to their own inability to deal with Board and lodging, without friends and family take refuge in, city personnel to live homeless, begging, or for various other reasons encountered existential crisis, troubled home street officers.

    To beg for a living begging or money who do not belong to the State bailouts. Third people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen leadership of the administration of public relief for vagrants and beggars work, establish and improve aid management mechanisms.

    Requirements for rescue work in the budget at the same level. Article fourth home vagrants and beggars in the Department responsible for the administration of relief work and help to guide and supervise the management bodies.

    Rescue station in the city of Guiyang City administration bodies, specifically responsible for the rescue of vagrants and beggars in the city, mainly in charge of household registration in this city across the province, relief for vagrants and beggars.

    Yunyan district, nanming district people's Government shall establish a district-level administration, mainly responsible for the areas of vagrants and beggars in relief work.

    Other districts, cities and county governments may establish, as necessary, aid management station or aid the management point, responsible for the vagrants and beggars in the relief work in the region.

    Aid station (dot) (hereinafter referred to as aid management) the contact telephone numbers and addresses should be through the media or a sign to the public.

    Article fifth rescue authorities to help vagrants and beggars, is a temporary social assistance measures, in accordance with the principle of voluntary aided, voluntary relief aid.

    For vagrant minors in accordance with the first rescue, saving principle of conservation after rescue.

    Vagrants and beggars with critical illness in the first treatment, the principle of rescue after rescue.

    Sixth to encourage and support social organizations and individuals to actively participate in this public relief work, assisting government departments to vagrants and beggars to persuade work and accepting Government aid.

    Seventh article police sector should strengthening inspections, found stray begging personnel should told, and guide its to rescue management institutions help, on which of minor people, and elderly, and action inconvenience of other personnel should guide, and escort to rescue management institutions accept rescue; is responsible for on organization, and abetting, and stress or control minor people, and disabled for strong please evil to, and disrupt social order personnel of investigation; assist home sector maintenance rescue management institutions of security order, tie do stray begging personnel identity query work. Article eighth urban management Department (City law enforcement authorities) should be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, according to the acts of Street beggars in violation of city regulations.

    Found stray begging personnel should told, and guide its to rescue management institutions help, on which of minor people, and elderly, and action inconvenience of other personnel should guide, and escort to rescue management institutions accept rescue; on accounted for road (lying to) begging behavior should be discourage or escort to rescue management institutions accept rescue; increased holiday during inspections efforts, found strong please evil to, and disrupt social order of, timely told police organ.

    Nineth medical departments for public health shall specify vagrants and beggars designated hospital, guiding hospitals prepare for unexpected medical emergency treatment of vagrants and beggars; guiding administration of institutions responsible for disease prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and so on. Tenth Department of transportation for vagrants and beggars should be returned home or unit provides convenient transportation.

    On the transport unit to aid management agencies or departments of civil affairs when purchasing cars, tickets for vagrants and beggars (by rescue authorities or civil affairs departments of the people's Governments above the county level to prove) should give priority to solving.

    11th financial sector should increase of the funds, safeguard the effective operation of aid management, and dynamic management, according to salvage the situation, adjust the budget. 12th article of the city's main road, railway stations, airports, squares, pedestrian overpasses, pedestrian underpasses, parks, more than three-star hotel around, bodies, busy streets and scenic, important public and foreign venues, roads, lots and other aid as a key area of the window.

    Public security, urban management (urban law enforcement), the subdistrict office and executive staff found in the above places the performance for vagrants and beggars, should take active measures to inform and guide the rescue authorities for help.

    Subdistrict offices, community residents and property owners or other management-related units into their management of site for vagrants and beggars, should inform the administration of agencies.

    13th article of vagrants and beggars in the city in the minors, the elderly, other persons with reduced mobility, public security, urban management (urban law enforcement) staff, district offices and the relevant units shall in accordance with the implementation of protective relief, found immediately escorted to aid management agency aid.

    Article 14th administration of public relief to help vagrants and beggars, shall provide basic information such as my name, and carry-on items on administration of registration proposed assistance.

    Aid management agencies should be carefully screened, to help persons belonging to bailouts, shall promptly provide assistance shall not refuse; not bailouts help-desk personnel, shall give reasons for no relief.

    Aid management body shall, in accordance with client personnel need to provide food or accommodation; help to contact their relatives or the units; the lack of transport to return to their domicile or the units, provide proof of travel. 15th to be escorted to aid management organization begging minors, the elderly, close relatives, with legally valid documents back. Rest by rescue authorities to verify the name, address and identity, notify his relatives or his employer to recover.

    The homeless, properly placed by the people's Government of its domicile. 16th no units and individuals found sick lying in the streets of critically ill patients, the mentally ill, infectious disease, and shall promptly call 120 Emergency Center told 120 Emergency Center shall promptly send patients into hospitals or the nearest hospital for emergency treatment and treatment. Principles of relief after the first treatment, the patient is stable and can tell when I basically by the public security authorities to find, identify its identity after detailed address and notify relatives or settle back after medical expenses.

    Belonging to vagrants and beggars, the hospital sent local rescue authorities to help. Article 17th recipient of unexpected illness of personnel within the Administration, shall be sent to the hospital in time for treatment. Cost relief budget expenditures of the Department of regulatory agencies at all levels.

    Recipients in the recipients during the fever of unknown origin or other suspicious symptoms of infectious diseases, aid management body shall promptly report to local disease prevention and control institutions, the local disease prevention and control institutions dealt with according to law. Died of disease during the 18th recipient in the recipients, aid management agencies should faithfully record the situation and the relevant procedures under the law. Medical, funeral and other expenses borne by their relatives or the units; relatives and units cannot be identified or not, by inflows to civil affairs departments in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    Belongs to the unnatural deaths, save the management organ shall promptly report to the local public security organs and the superior civil affairs departments, by the relevant authorities according to law.

    Article 19th aid management agencies should establish and improve the management system, in accordance with the regulations to help personnel providing relief services to ensure subvented staff in aid management agencies within the personal safety and property security, legally aided persons shall not be restricted to leave the rescue authorities, and not to charge clients, their relatives or the units shall be subject to any organization legally aided persons who produce.

    Article 20th aid management agencies should obey the laws and regulations shall not be detained or disguised cases of detention of legally aided persons and shall not abuse, corporal punishment, abuse of clients personnel or incitement to abuse, corporal punishment, abuse of legally aided persons; not to withhold the documents of client personnel, appeals against material, as well as the other acts prohibited by laws and regulations.

    21st affecting social order does not listen to discourage vagrants and beggars, according to the relevant provisions shall be punished by public security organs. Article 22nd try in rescue work or dereliction of duty, malfeasance, and to hold those responsible accountable.

    Because of irresponsible delay salvage, delay sending delay admitted to treatment or refuse treatment, to the units and individuals shall be affixed responsibilities.

    Article 23rd relief management agency to perform relief duties, can help staff to report to the Department of civil affairs; civil verified, shall order the administration of relief agencies provide assistance in a timely manner, and persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.

    Rescue authorities who violate this provision, by its competent authorities shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 24th article of the regulations come into force on July 1, 2010. Original of the Guiyang City Administration of public relief for vagrants and beggars without any assured living regulations repealed simultaneously.

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