Ningbo Meishan Bonded Harbor Area Management Approach

Original Language Title: 宁波梅山保税港区管理办法

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Ningbo Meishan bonded Harbor area management approach

    (May 24, 2010 Ningbo Municipal People's Government Executive session of the 80th through June 7, 2010 Ningbo Municipal People's Government, the 175th promulgated as of July 10, 2010) article to promote scientific development in Ningbo Meishan bonded Harbor area, accelerate the construction of Ningbo modern international port city, according to the relevant laws, rules and regulations and the relevant provisions of the State Council, these measures are formulated.

    Article in Ningbo Meishan bonded port area (hereinafter referred to as bonded port area) is approved by the State Council, set up in Ningbo Meishan port port area and associated within a particular region, with ports, logistics, processing and other functions, the closed management of special customs supervision zones.

    Bonded port area development, activities related to the construction, operation and management, application of this approach.

    The third bonded port area the main international transit of goods, international distribution, international procurement, international port of entrepot trade and value added processing and production and operation, as well as a complete set of financial, insurance, agents, claims, detect, display of import and export commodities, commodities trading business, and in accordance with development needs related to economic services.

    Fourth bonded port area construction and development should be dovetailed with the – Zhoushan, Ningbo port planning, with the neighboring Hong Kong advantages, resources integration and functional linkage, lead the construction and development of Ningbo modern international port city.

    Article fifth bonded port area construction, development should be pioneering in the system and mechanism innovation, and accelerate the construction of perfect function and preferential policies, running efficient, highly integrated trade zone with international competitiveness.

    Article sixth of investors in a bonded port area the legitimate rights and interests are protected by law, regulations and the ways to protect, to enjoy the national and provincial and municipal policies.

    Enterprises in the bonded port area shall comply with the laws and regulations and these rules, abide by social morality and ethics.

    Seventh municipal people's Government to establish Ningbo Meishan bonded Harbor area management Committee (hereinafter referred to as port management Committee) as its agency, management of administrative services in the region, economic and social management functions within the purview of the provisions.

    City of Meishan island development and construction management committee and the Administration Committee of bonded port area offices, exercise their responsibilities under municipal people's Government.

    Municipal Government related functions to perform their job duties, assist in the development and construction of Administration Committee of bonded bonded port management.

    Eighth Administration Committee of bonded port perform the following duties:

    (A) responsible for the relevant laws, regulations, rules and policies carried out in the port implementation, develop, publish, bonded port regulations and is responsible for organization and implementation;

    (B) formulating bonded port medium-and long-term economic and social development plans and special plans, prepare annual plans for national economic and social development, responsible for organization and implementation after approval;

    (C) Organization of bonded port areas of urban and rural planning, responsible for organization and implementation after approval;

    (D) responsible for enterprise management of investment projects within the competence; responsible for organizing investment promotion work in the region;

    (E) responsible for the port of economic, trade, financial, audit, the State-owned assets, technology, prices, statistics, Foreign Affairs, construction, real estate, urban management and other aspects of management;

    (Vi) participation in port construction and ocean management and related coordination;

    (G) inspect, coordinate and supervise the relevant departments located in the bonded port area branch or agency;

    (VIII) other responsibilities conferred by municipal people's Government.

    Nineth, beilun district according to the relevant provisions of the municipal government, coordinating port development project in support of Administration Committee of bonded port areas relatively independent exercise of powers within.

    Port administrative services related to social, except the municipal people's Government from outside the port management Committee is responsible for, managed by the beilun district related administrative departments to perform their duties, bonded with inspections, coordination and oversight responsibilities of the Management Committee.

    Article tenth Port Management Committee in accordance with the principle of simplification, uniformity and efficiency, establishment of relevant administrative bodies, specifically responsible for the administration of bonded port area's economic and Social Affairs, development needs and in accordance with the bonded Harbor area, appropriate adjustments to the administration settings.

    11th port administration of administrative bodies and their staff shall, in reference to international rules and practices, strengthen and improve services, improve administrative efficiency, for bonded port in the organizations and individuals to provide high quality, efficient and convenient services, to create a good investment environment.

    12th comprehensive services of Administration Committee of bonded port areas to establish the administrative examination and approval, set for a business establishment, registration and administrative approval items involved in investment activities, the implementation of a window on reception, vetting, limited-time management, tracking system. Bonded port in the administrative structure within the competence imposed limit handling of administrative licensing system, apart from the decision can be made on the spot, shall be made within 3 working days from the date of the acceptance decision on the administrative license.

    To qualify, make a written decision on approving an administrative license according to law; do not meet the criteria, no written decision of administrative license according to law, and explain the reasons.

    Within the time limit prescribed in the preceding paragraph cannot make a decision on the administrative license, approved by the heads of administrative agencies, you can extend the processing time limit of not more than 10 working days, it shall inform the applicant of the reasons for the extension.

    Laws and regulations for the licensing terms have special provisions, those provisions.

    13th port administration shall, jointly with relevant departments of the Administration Committee of industrial structure adjustment in accordance with relevant guidelines and other relevant provisions, develop and publish a bonded Harbor area industrial policy, and, in due course, amend.

    14th Port Management Committee according to the relevant regulations of the State, to develop industry support policies, establishment of industrial development, to meet the corporate support of regional industrial development directory.

    15th enterprise production and management activities within the port shall conform to the bonded Harbor area industrial development, may not carry out high energy consumption, high pollution and included in the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of customs of the list of prohibited goods for processing trade goods for processing trade business.

    16th bonded Port Management Committee shall, together with the port, ports, customs, inspection and quarantine, maritime, border control, industry and commerce, taxation, finance and public security department promoting ftpz unified information platform construction, timely release of bonded port areas of public information, information related to enterprise development and the customs management to provide advisory services, and promote the integration and sharing of information resources related to bonded port area.

    Article 17th port port management and coordination mechanism.

    Bonded port area the CMC organization port customs, inspection and quarantine, frontier inspection, maritime ports, port management, and other departments of bonded Harbor area coordination of regulatory institutions, regulation of intersectoral coordination mechanisms, learning from international practices, innovation bonded port regulatory regime.

    18th port supervision departments should strengthen services, integrate and optimize business processes, promoting trade facilitation.

    19th bonded port area the establishment of customs clearance services, regulators focused on positioning, joint Office at the port, making full use of information technology, improving efficiency.

    Article 20th bonded goods centralized inspection stations, are required by law to inspect import and export cargo, the port authorities according to the actual need centralized inspection, accelerate the pace of logistics.

    21st port regulator shall implement the necessary measures, protection in and out of port personnel and transport, normal, orderly and convenient traffic.

    22nd article of bonded port areas and outside between the incoming and outgoing cargo, not subject to import and export quota and license management, but otherwise provided by law, regulations and ministerial regulations, from its provisions.

    Bonded goods can circulate freely.

    23rd the goods from abroad into the bonded Harbor area, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the customs bonded, or exempted from tariffs and import-related taxes, but otherwise provided by the laws, rules and regulations, from its provisions.

    From the port of goods destined for overseas, are exempted from export duties, but otherwise provided by the laws, rules and regulations, from its provisions.

    Enter domestic goods from bonded port area, in accordance with the relevant provisions of customs clearance procedures for goods imported, and according to the actual state of goods tariffs and import value-added tax.

    Article 24th manufactured by a bonded port area for the local sales or product shipped overseas are exempted from value-added tax and consumption tax.

    Trade of goods between bonded port enterprises, no value-added tax and consumption tax.

    25th deemed export domestic goods entering bonded Harbor area, and offer tax rebates in accordance with regulations.

    Article 26th bonded port area and other special customs supervision zones or bonded for transfer of goods between customs bonded areas, bonded continued.

    27th processing within bonded port area and exit product, comply with the relevant requirements, may apply to the inspection and quarantine agencies issuing GSP certificates of origin or regional preferential certificates of origin, special certificates of origin, certificates of origin and other.

    28th a bonded port area construction, renovation or expansion of all types of buildings, structures, and other facilities, shall comply with the bonded Harbor area planning, and approval of the law.

    29th a bonded port area can have related facilities under construction, for local management institutions and their staff to provide services.

    Article 30th bonded port in the relevant administrative departments need to implement the administrative law enforcement inspection, apart from the need for confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of, and should warn Administration Committee of bonded port area, Administration Committee of bonded port areas should be matched.

    31st Administration Committee of bonded port areas should be clear complaint handling body, regulate the complaint handling process, deal with complaints in a timely manner.

    Article 32nd bonded port administration of Meishan island adjacent to the non-bonded area, except otherwise prescribed by laws, rules and regulations, in accordance with the measures implemented. 33rd article this way come into force on July 10, 2010.

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