Hebei Province, Organization Code Management Amendment

Original Language Title: 河北省组织机构代码管理办法修正案

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Read the untranslated law here: http://www.chinalaw.gov.cn/article/fgkd/xfg/dfzfgz/201105/20110500340852.shtml

Hebei province, organization code management amendment

    (November 30, 2010, Hebei Province [2010] the 10th release come into force on the date of promulgation), and the "technical supervision" is amended as "the quality and technical supervision," "at all levels" is amended as "above the county level."

    In the second, seventh, eighth, "30th" amended to read "30th".

    Third, the article by deleting the Nineth. Four, tenth to Nineth, and be amended as: "after the termination of the Organization, shall be from the date of termination of the 30th, the original code registration Department for record.

    ” Five, 11th to tenth, and be amended as: "the Organization should be according to the relevant regulations of the State, accept the Department of quality and technical supervision administration organization code check register, and in the code before the expiry of the certificate to apply for registration in the 30th.

    ” Six, 14th to 13th, and be amended as: "apply, alteration, replacement or renewal code certificate, by province, fiscal and price approved by the Department to the Department of quality and technical supervision administration fees.


    Section VII, 15th to 14th, and "planning, economy and trade" is amended as "development and reform," "labor, personnel," amended to "human resources and social security." Section eight, 16th to 15th, and be amended as: "in violation of these regulations the seventh, eighth, tenth and 11th article, quality and technical supervision administration departments at or above the county level shall be warned, be ordered to rectify; it fails, can be sentenced to between 100 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.

    ” Article nine, 17th to 16th, and be amended as: "the Department of quality and technical supervision administration staff in the management of code abuse, neglect their duties, disciplined by the higher administrative authorities or relevant departments according to law constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.


    Ten, 18th to 17th, and will be "released" is amended as "published". Third, according to the above modifications, adjustments to the order of the relevant provisions in these procedures. In addition, the individual words have been modified.