Xuzhou Fire Management

Original Language Title: 徐州市消火栓管理办法

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Xuzhou fire management

    (December 30, 2010 in Xuzhou city people's Government, the 37th Executive meeting January 6, 2011, 124th, Xuzhou city people's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2011) first in order to prevent and reduce fire hazards, protection of personal and property security, maintenance of public security, according to the People's Republic of China fire protection law, the Jiangsu fire protection regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second fire hydrants in the administrative area of the city planning, construction, maintenance, use, supervision and management of activities, these measures shall apply. Article fire hydrants in these measures refers to set placed in outdoor water supply pipe network connection, by components, such as valves, outlet and shell dedicated to fire prevention and fire fighting and rescue fire-fighting water supply device and its accessories.


    (A) the urban road construction on the fire hydrant (hereinafter referred to as urban road fire hydrant);

    (B) the flats equipped with hydrant (hereinafter referred to as fire hydrant);

    (C) residential construction the fire hydrant (hereinafter referred to as the residential fire hydrants).

    Fourth is the fire supervision and management departments of public security organs, if the Fire Department is in charge of the supervision and administration of the fire hydrant.

    Finance, planning, water supply, road and construction departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, fire supervision and management of related work. Fifth public security authority in conjunction with the Planning Department to prepare a fire plan, should include layout planning of fire hydrants.

    Related departments in the preparation of urban roads and water supply special plans, should be based on the national construction fire protection technical standard contents of layout planning of urban roads and hydrant fire hydrant, urban road fire hydrant and set the contents of seeking the views of the public security fire control institutions. Sixth city roads Department in conjunction with the water supply departments of urban road fire hydrant new construction, relocation, fill construction, demolition and other construction work.

    Water supply companies in accordance with planning and technical standards, implementation of urban road hydrants for construction work.

    Hydrant fire hydrant, residential units, the unit is responsible for construction in accordance with the relevant standards.

    Seventh for construction projects shall conform to the technical standards for fire and fire hydrant layout planning.

    Large densely populated places and special construction projects construction of fire hydrants, the construction unit shall be related audit report to public security fire control institutions; after completion, the construction unit shall apply to the public security fire control institutions fire inspection.

    Construction project to construct the fire hydrant, the construction unit shall will be filed the design documentation of public security fire control institutions; after the completion, the construction unit shall report to public security fire control institutions for the record.

    Eighth fire hydrants and City Road, unit construction, residential construction project synchronized synchronization design, construction, and put into use.

    Building project does not have fire hydrants under construction, employer or other liability shall be constructed step by step.

    Nineth fire hydrants for the fire-fighting and rescue and fire control training to use, no other units or individuals are not allowed to use; green, sanitation, road construction, the temporary use of land of fire hydrants, units should be handled at the water supply enterprises tap water uses procedures, fire hydrant made provisional certificate, and actual payment of water charges.

    Tenth way temporary use of city fire hydrants, fire hydrant provisional certificate shall, in accordance with the prescribed time shall not be damaged fire hydrant undisturbed, changing temporary use, near the fire, should immediately stop using the restitution.

    11th fire hydrant water supply enterprise is responsible for the maintenance of urban roads; fire hydrant fire hydrant and residential units by units or real estate service company responsible for maintenance.

    12th fire hydrant maintenance unit shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) full-time personnel, establishing and perfecting the inspection, maintenance and management system;

    (B) to ensure that fire hydrant in good working condition, no component defect and leaking and found fire hydrant is lost, damaged or received a repair call, shall within 24 hours for repair, replacement or complement;

    (C) testing the waters on a regular basis twice a year, and clear the hydrant water;

    (D) to provide public security fire control institutions fire hydrant location, quantity, number, specifications, maps and other information.

    13th public security fire control institutions shall strengthen the daily check of fire hydrants, hydrant number, file work.

    Fire hydrant into digital city, urban road grid management.

    14th water supply pipeline large buck when the water supply, water supply enterprises shall first notify the public security fire control institutions.

    15th due to construction needs alteration, demolition or removal of urban road fire hydrants shall be agreed by the water authority, after public security fire control institutions and jurisdictions for the record, can be carried out.

    16th hydrants for construction and maintenance of urban road funding and costs should be included in the people's Government at the fire budget.

    Units fire hydrants with units covering the construction and maintenance of funding.

    Residential fire hydrant cost and warranty repair and maintenance expenses borne by the employer, after expiration of the warranty repairs and maintenance special maintenance funds of funds into the property.

    17th article violates these rules, did not go through the formalities for temporary use unauthorized use of fire hydrants or violation of the requirements of the temporary use of fire hydrants by public security fire control institutions shall be ordered to correct, fined a maximum of between 2000 Yuan and 200 Yuan.

    Fire hydrant water is not used for the temporary use of procedures without authorization shall be made to the water supply enterprises pay five times more than 10 times less than of water.

    18th in violation of these rules, any of the following acts, a rectification by public security fire control institutions; it fails, less than 1000 Yuan and 5,000 yuan fine:

    (A) the inspection, maintenance and management system established in accordance with, and perform duties of inspection, maintenance, and management;

    (B) received a repair call or notification of the relevant departments, not by the date of absence, facilities maintenance, repair of damaged fire hydrants installed;

    (C) failing to provide archives of fire hydrants.

    19th around fire hydrants stacking goods or construction of the building (structure) of fire-fighting water, by public security fire control institutions shall order rectification refuses, fined 500 Yuan and 5,000 yuan.

    20th due to causes such as collision damaged fire hydrant or water leaks, repair costs and the losses borne by the perpetrator; failed to timely report to the public security fire control institutions or enterprises, by public security fire control institutions at less than 500 Yuan and 5,000 yuan fine.

    Article 21st of the following acts by public security fire control institutions shall be ordered to correct, fined a maximum of between 50,000 yuan and 5,000 Yuan:

    (A) fire hydrant configuration does not meet national standards, industry standards, or not maintained in good working condition;

    (B) who bury, occupy, blocking fire hydrant;

    (C) without authorization, remove, deactivate, or damage, misappropriation of fire hydrants.

    Individuals have second and third acts in the preceding paragraph, warning or fined a maximum of 500 Yuan.

    22nd other acts in violation of these regulations by public security fire control institutions in accordance with the People's Republic of China fire protection law and other laws and regulations will be punished.

    23rd violates these rules, punishment shall be given in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security penalties constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    24th staff related administrative departments should strengthen supervision and administration of fire hydrants, dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in, by the unit or by the competent administrative Department of administrative sanctions. 25th article of the rules take effect on March 1, 2011.

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