Martyrs In Jilin City Approach

Original Language Title: 吉林市拥军优属办法

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Martyrs in Jilin city approach

    (December 16, 2010 the 14th session of the Standing Committee of the people's Government of the 49th district, Jilin city review through December 22, 2010, people's Government of Jilin announced order No. 209 come into force February 1, 2011) first to strengthen the work of martyrs, promote and consolidate unity between the army, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second this approach applies to the martyrs in the city.

    Article city and district civil affairs departments are martyrs of the competent agency of the Government. Fourth municipal and district people's Government and martyrs leadership responsibility system.

    Municipal and district people's Government departments and units implementing martyrs target management responsibility system, is responsible for this sector, the martyrs mission.

    Fifth of municipal and district people's Government shall establish contact with forces system, solutions to economic development, social development and national defense construction, army building issues.

    Municipal and district people's Government and its departments, service organizations, units should be established and martyrs, perfect service system to help garrison troops and allowances to solve practical difficulties.

    Municipal and district people's Government and its departments, the relevant units should assist forces protect military installations, maintain camp security troops.

    Sixth city and district governments in the work of the martyrs should be made outstanding achievements or to units and individuals who have made outstanding contributions shall be commended and rewarded.

    The seventh municipal and district people's Government and its departments, units should be completed for the army and national defense construction, combat readiness training, military exercises, emergency rescue and disaster relief, service, test, production tasks, such as providing transportation, lodging and other necessities, and keeping military secrets.

    Eighth and construction of land and resources departments should give priority to national defense and troop combat readiness training, barracks (dorms) transformation, productive use of land, in accordance with the minimum standards for charging fees in accordance with law.

    Force new for the socialization of logistical facilities project (except for construction projects in real estate development), recognized by the city people's Government, exempt from all administrative fees in the early infrastructure.

    The Nineth active servicemen, disabled military personnel with valid ID free to visit parks and scenic areas, and visit memorials, museums and galleries for free. Active military personnel, disabled military personnel with valid ID free self-service bus in the city.

    On urban public transportation company soldiers were redeemed by the increase in spending, the Government should provide appropriate financial assistance.

    Military vehicles free access to parks and scenic areas (banned except for motor vehicles), by roads, bridges, ports, ferries, tunnels, and free parking in the parking lot, are exempt from city road construction fee.

    Tenth parks, sights, monuments, museums, exhibition halls, bus station, train station, hospital, shops, parking places military priorities should be established, such as preferential treatment of signs.

    Railways, highways, aviation, ports and other ticketing sites should be on active duty soldiers and disabled war veterans to establish priority ticket window, setting up military waiting room (area).

    11th of municipal and district people's Government and the Department, the relevant units shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the forces of grain, oil, vegetable, food, water, electricity, fuel and daily necessities of security of supply.

    12th news martyrs and national defense education and publicity should be strengthened, open column, project or use an existing column, channel, promotional purposes, traditions and achievements of the people's army.

    13th city and district governments, universities, research institutes, enterprises and institutions shall carry out scientific and technological support activities, active in the military garrison troops invited to participate in the research studies, helping force solve technical problems encountered in the build a strong army through science and technology, science and technology training.

    14th municipal and district people's Government and the cultural sector should develop culture, radio, film and television sector support activities, and actively organize libraries, art galleries, cultural centers (stations), film distribution, professional performing arts groups to the garrison forces on a regular basis, such as book reading, screenings, performances, training and other activities and help the garrison troops of the basic conditions to establish library (room). The 15th municipal and district people's Government and the human resources and social security, education and other departments should carry out educational support activities, actively carry out training and education of jundiliangyongrencai work, and appropriate relief costs.

    Condition of schools and other training providers to practice specializing in organized classes, training courses, recruit troops for further study to assist the garrison forces do well in professional and technical, ex-soldiers (sergeants) employment training. High schools should apply for troops military Academy teacher and location. Vocational teachers, venues, skills assessment, learning to give troops support.

    Colleges and universities should actively mobilized and sent graduates to join the national defense construction. 16th during compulsory military service, the local City Government providing preferential payment on their family.

    Privilege gold standard not below the minimum standards prescribed by the provincial government.

    17th municipal people's Government treats the resettlement town of ex-soldiers (Sergeant) by not less than the minimum living standards of local residents to the living.

    Ex-soldiers (officers) did not receive basic living expenses during the takeover, paid by the receiving unit, which is in accordance with the urban minimum living standards.

    18th no units may not be issued or proposed and contradict the Government policy documents and requirements must not delay or refuse to accept forces displaced cadres, demobilized soldiers (Sergeant).

    To receive the ex-soldiers (sergeants) tasks must be ex-soldiers (sergeants) place the assigned task orders within three months, to receive the ex-soldiers (sergeants) files.

    19th to receive the ex-soldiers (sergeants) task of the unit, in accordance with the assigned tasks, receive the disabled ex-soldiers (Sergeant), and properly arrange the jobs suitable to their physical condition.

    No unit shall be permitted to receive the disabled ex-soldiers (Sergeant), health reasons, be dismissed, dismissal or termination of labor relations. 20th to six soldiers with disabilities be guaranteed medical care in accordance with State regulations, participating in basic medical insurance for urban workers, enjoy the allowances on the basis of this Medicaid.

    Who have work units with the insurance unit, no work unit arranged by the local district people's Government funding of the person insured, and ensure that medical treatment have been reduced.

    Seven to ten soldiers with disabilities suffered recurrence of medical costs, have participated in work-related injury insurance, paid from the work injury insurance fund; not involved in work-related injury insurance work, resolved by his employer, did not participate in the work-related injury insurance and no work unit, the local district people's Government to solve. 21st District people's Government shall allocate funds, no work units of seven to ten disabled soldiers and enjoy regular pension in rural veterans, in spite of returning veterans, retired war into local new-style rural cooperative medical care, medical insurance for urban workers or basic medical insurance for urban residents.

    Seven to ten soldiers with disabilities which include work, participating in basic medical insurance for urban workers costs paid as prescribed by his employer. 22nd of municipal and district people's Government should be appropriate arrangements for dependents. Family war before State organs, social organizations, and workers should be in accordance with the principles of proper placement jobs in specialties and trades.

    Human resources and social security sector should be laid off and non-working dependents to provide free vocational training and recommend employment, or provide public service positions.

    23rd sectors such as industry and commerce, taxation on the self-employed revolutionary martyrs, sacrificed soldiers, died soldier, active duty military personnel, relatives and disabled soldiers with relevant documents at the time of registration, tax registration, shall enjoy relevant preferential policies and priorities related to business registration, tax registration procedures.

    24th active servicemen and revolutionary martyrs, was awarded the merit citation above some Hotel des Invalides and died while on duty soldiers, disabled children four levels to enjoy the following privileges:

    (A) the active duty examination of ordinary high school into privately admission of their children, according to fee reduction 20%; candidates admitted to senior high schools, vocational high schools by 10 points;

    (B) the public sacrifices military children, disabled children in four levels to enjoy the offer of active duty when school children, admitted to apply for secondary vocational schools, technical schools, school enrollment;

    (C) the revolutionary martyrs, children of some Hotel des Invalides was awarded the merit citation above apply for high school reached the school line at their own expense, according to fee reduction of 50%; reduced 20 points when you apply for high school admission.

    Above drop or incentives such as waived fees and high principle, does not repeat today.

    25th district departments difficult key entitled groups should be in accordance with the provisions in both urban and rural residents minimum life security and poor urban and rural Medicaid range, enjoy the benefits of relief.

    Key entitled groups by the seat of the district people's Government in accordance with the national and provincial regulations, providing preferential payment in full and on time.

    26th article included in the subsistence allowances for urban and rural residents of key entitled groups, housing area of 60 square meters (including the number) below the area free of heating costs, beyond the area part of heating costs borne by individuals.

    27th no key entitled groups priority access to Government housing to provide low-rent housing, affordable housing benefits.

    Key entitled groups living in rural houses, the local district people's Government to help solve the housing construction funding through government-funded, social contributions, Bao Bao, reduction of costs and other channels.

    Medical institutions liejunshu the 28th article, disabled army into, old veterans ' registration, doctor, hospital priority system, relief, as appropriate, the relevant medical expenses.

    29th article violates these rules, and by municipal and district authorities in accordance with the following penalties:

    (A) violation of the 18th article, receive the unit refuses to receive the ex-soldiers (Sergeant), order received within and in accordance with each of the ex-soldiers (sergeants) criteria for 10000 to 20000 Yuan fines;

    (B) the violation of the article 18th paragraph, receive units in the former soldiers (sergeants) place the assigned task orders within three months, not to receive the ex-soldiers (sergeants) archives, ordered to receive file, and in accordance with each of the ex-soldiers (sergeants) standard 5000 to 10000 Yuan fines;

    (C) the violation of the relevant provisions of these measures, units do not perform the obligation of privilege is liable to preferential treatment, ordered implementation of their obligations; late and failed to perform, a fine of 5000 to 10000 Yuan fine for breach of privilege obligations on pensions and preferential treatments have suffered losses, shall be liable.

    30th a party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.

    31st district of the Department in charge or relevant departments of personnel who abuse their power, engage, by the unit to which they shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    32nd article this way that key entitled groups refers to the non-wage income and enjoy regular pension benefits 1-10 disabled soldiers, martyred, died while on duty military survivor, died of the military family, and before October 31, 1954, by the army's old veterans, returning veterans are ill.

    The 33rd article of the approaches implemented by the municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and is responsible for the interpretation. 34th article of the rules take effect on February 1, 2001.