Jilin City, Jilin Municipal People's Government On The Revision Of The Outdoor Advertising Board Sets Administrative Policy Decision

Original Language Title: 吉林市人民政府关于修改《吉林市城市户外广告牌匾设置管理办法》的决定

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Jilin city, Jilin Municipal People's Government on the revision of the outdoor advertising Board sets administrative policy decision

    (December 16, 2010 14th session of the Standing Committee of the people's Government of the 49th district, Jilin city review December 22, 2010 by people's Government of Jilin announced order No. 211, since as of February 1, 2011) people's Government of Jilin city, Jilin 14 49 Executive meeting decided on the management measures of urban outdoor advertisement plaque set to amend as follows: One, the second is revised as follows: "article in the urban built-up area as well as determined by the municipal urbanization management of the other locales outdoor ads units or individuals, signboard, you must comply with these measures.


    Second, fourth, revised as follows: "fourth city appearance administrative departments in charge of outdoor advertising, Board management.

    Municipal and district administration authorities are responsible for the illegal installation of outdoor advertising, plaque acts of investigation. Planning, land and resources, industry and commerce, public security, traffic, water, municipal public sectors according to their respective functions assist in outdoor advertising, Board management.

    ” Three, fifth revised as follows: "article fifth city appearance management administrative departments shall, in accordance with the overall urban planning actual planning of the development of outdoor advertising, the plaque, and organization.

    ” Article IV, sixth revised as follows: "the sixth outdoor advertising design shall be determined by tendering; sets the location of outdoor advertising, should be made by auction, and the specific measures formulated by the Administrative Department of city appearance management and implementation.

    ” Five, an article shall be added: "the seventh outdoor plaques should be set in the main entrance on both sides under or above the door to the second floor window. Set the plaque shall be without prejudice to the adjacent property owners or property using the normal life and production, not to affect the city appearance.


    Six, seventh, modified to: "setting must comply with article eighth of outdoor advertising, plaque design and these rules, except as provided in article seventh should also comply with the following requirements:

    (A) main streets, squares, bridges, outdoor advertising body, signboard, neon outline ad profile and lighting must be used;

    (B) the street in the advertising and business premises of the plaque should be translucent or neon lights in accordance with the standard set, equipped in accordance with the standard set of neon vertical plaque;

    (C) the bus stations, shelters using light in advertising;

    (D) is true, health, legal, standard text, in line with the requirements of the social spiritual civilization construction; (E) the adoption of new technologies, new materials and new technologies. Modeling and decorating should be beautiful, innovative, and harmony with the surrounding environment, plaques hanging straight, one family, one plaque.

    ” Section VII, IX is amended as: "the tenth set outdoor advertising requires the consent of city appearance Administrative Department agreed, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the approval procedures.

    ” Eight, tenth revised as follows: "article 11th units or individuals should be right on city outdoors advertisement installation within 3 months after completion and publication of advertisements. Fails to complete, set by the city appearance management administrative departments free to recover power.

    ” Nine, 11th is revised as follows: "article 12th outdoor advertising age is 1-3 years.

    Outdoor advertising location set right after the expiration of new tenders, auctions; in the same condition, original users priority access.

    Temporary suspension of advertising, banners, Rainbow Portal terms of use for 3-7, a maximum of 15th. Transfer of outdoor advertising, the plaque of the city during the term of use, alteration, must go through to city appearance management administrative departments.

    ” Ten, 12th amended as: "the 13th article prohibited in the main streets, squares, green spaces settings to banners, flags, license plates, pneumatic devices, physical modeling, as the carrier of promotional materials and in other public places to set up such advertisements must be approved by the municipal city appearance administrative departments.

    Settings to charge light-than-air gases as the carrier of advertising materials, subject to Meteorological Administration Department. Approved set of publicity materials should be in accordance with the approved range, location, quantity, specifications, content, duration settings, and the prescribed period of self-cleanup, removed.

    ” Third, 14th revised as follows: "15th set up outdoor advertising must be designed by a qualified designer, after approval by the relevant authority, by a qualified construction units of construction. The construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the design standards, and meet the safety requirements.

    Set the units and individuals shall regularly for outdoor advertising, signboard safety checks to ensure safety.

    For outdoor advertising, the plaque collapses, falls and other accidents, resulting in personal injury, property damage, set the units or individuals shall bear the responsibility.

    Set-Optimus Prime independent Billboard (column) must be executed in special planning. Installation of roofing advertising, large wall ads, must be with the consent of the housing the owner's consent.

    ” 12, 15th revised to read: "articles 16th outdoor advertising within the approved terms of use, due to reasons such as city construction update, remove, and set unit must obey, and developed by original examination and approval organ or the project owner compensation.

    ” 13, and 18th article (a) modified for: "(a) violation seventh article, and eighth article, and tenth article, and 15th article provides, outdoor advertising, and plaque set not meet requirements of, unauthorized set large outdoor advertising of, ordered stop violations, deadline corrected; late not corrected of, forced corrected, by needed costs by violations people bear, and sentenced 500 Yuan to 2000 Yuan of fine; plot serious of, sentenced 2000 Yuan to 10000 Yuan of fine.

    ” 14, 18th (b) is revised as follows: "(b) contrary to article Nineth, outdoor advertising outdoor advertising ban, ordered to stop the illegal practice, correct within; it fails to force correct, the cost borne by the offence, and a fine of 1000 to 5000 Yuan in fines.

    ” XV, 18th (c) is revised as follows: "(c) contrary to article 12th, over periods have not dismantled or unauthorized transfer, change, ordered dismantled, and a fine of 2000 to 5000 Yuan penalty fails to dismantle, forced to correct, the cost borne by the violation.

    ” 16, and 18th article (four) modified for: "(four) violation 13th article provides, in ban set to banners, and flag, and brand Board, and inflatable type device, and real styling, for carrier of advertisement of regional set above advertisement of, or in other public without approved unauthorized set above advertisement of, ordered stop violations, deadline replacement related procedures, not to approved of, ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, forced corrected, by needed costs by violations people bear, And a fine of 500 Yuan to 2000 Yuan fine in serious cases, impose a fine of 2000 to 10000 Yuan.

    ” 17, 18th (e) is amended as: "(v) breach of article 14th, installation of outdoor advertising, the plaque changed building (structures) finishes and an eyesore, a rectification; fails to mend up, forced to correct, the cost borne by the offence, and a fine of 1000 to 5000 Yuan in fines.


    18, the 18th (of six).

    19, 18th (VII) is revised as follows: "(f) violation of the 17th article, outdoor advertising, the plaque is not kept in good condition, city, rectification, and a fine of 100 Yuan to 1000 Yuan fine;" 20, and 18th article (eight) modified for: "(seven) violation 18th article second paragraph provides, in advertising posted bar outside posted, and spray, and writing various outdoor advertising of, ordered immediately clear, and on violations people sentenced 1000 Yuan to 5000 Yuan of fine; on organizers confiscated illegal property and illegal proceeds, and sentenced 5000 Yuan to 10000 Yuan of fine; plot serious of, on organizers sentenced 10000 Yuan to 50000 Yuan of fine; in illegal posted, and spray, and Writing indicating their communication number, order the violator to specified places for treatment, and inform the relevant telecommunication authorities suspended the number of communications and telecommunications departments concerned should be suspended after receiving the notice. Allow recovery use, law enforcement agencies shall promptly notify the telecommunications sector. Suspended and re-opened number and other costs borne by the violation.


    Under article 21, the eighth, 13th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, the order will be rescheduled. The Jilin city outdoor advertisement plaque set management policy (148th) according to this decision and amended accordingly.

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