Failure Of Some Government Regulations Of Abolition And Shenyang City People's Government Decision

Original Language Title: 沈阳市人民政府废止和失效部分政府规章的决定

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Failure of some government regulations of abolition and Shenyang city people's Government decision

    (November 24, 2010, Shenyang city people's Government at the 44th Executive meeting November 30, 2010, Shenyang city people's Government released 21st come into force on the date of promulgation) adopted by the municipal people's Government, the 44th Executive meeting, decided to repeal or invalidation of the following regulations:

    , Shenyang science and technology research archives management Shen Zheng [1987]146

    Second, implementing rules for the whole people's obligatory tree-planting, Shenyang city, Shen Zheng [1988]22

    Three, Shenyang forest fire prevention measures for implementation by Shen Zheng [1988]77

    Four, the interim provisions on the management of retired cadres, Shenyang city, Shen governance [1989]12

    Implementation measures for the spark Awards, five, Shenyang city Chen Decree [1991]6

    Decree six, mortgage, Shenyang city, interim provisions on the administration of Shen [1991]29

    Seven decrees, and regulations on urban landscaping in Shenyang Shen [1993]4

    Eight, the implementation measures for the paid use of State-owned land in Shenyang Shen Zheng [1993]46

    Nine, administrative measures on urban housing demolition administration in Shenyang delegate Shen Decree [1994]31

    Ten, Shenyang urban House property right producing cadastral management Shen Zheng [1994]31

    Administrative institution State-owned assets management approach, Shenyang, XI Shen Decree [1995]13

    12, TB management Shen Zheng in Shenyang [1995]21

    13, set the towers on high-rise buildings in the center of Shenyang Shen provided governance [1996]27

    14, the implementation measures for the agricultural technology promotion award in Shenyang Shen Zheng [1996]10

    XV, and endanger public security measures of mental patients were treated in Shenyang-Shenyang Decree [1996]19

    16, Shenyang city agriculture and forestry specialty tax levying management Shen Zheng [1990]61

    17, Decree provisions improving the external environment of Shenyang-Shenyang [1998]1

    18, Decree implementation measures for the revitalization of science and technology award in Shenyang-Shenyang [1998]23

    19, urban unemployment insurance for employees of enterprises in Shenyang city Shen Decree [1999]25

    20, Decree rural five-guarantee approach in Shenyang-Shenyang [2000]54

    21, Shenyang pig breeding, slaughter, quarantine and sales management Shen Decree [2003]26

    Decree 22, Shenyang land reserve way, Shen [2004]32

    Minibuses, Shenyang, 23, interim provisions on the management Shen Zheng [1988]101

    24, Shenyang city prohibit the use of steelyard Shen in public trade Decree [1997]12

    25, Shen decrees, illegal investigation methods for environmental protection in Shenyang City [1998]20

    26, Shenyang real estate price control regulation Decree Shen [2000]46 Defense of lightning disaster management approach, Shenyang 27, Shen Decree [2004]29

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