Central City, Qiqihar City Under Snow

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市中心城区清雪规定

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Central City, Qiqihar city under snow

    (January 28, 2011, Qiqihar city, 14th session Government 53rd times Executive Conference considered through January 30, 2011, Qiqihar city, Government makes 1th, announced since February 1, 2011 up purposes) first article for do winter clear snow work, timely clear removal Street road ice, maintenance this city normal production, and life order, ensure vehicles, and pedestrian passage security and city environment clean, according to national and province about provides, combined this city cities, developed this provides.

    Article, Lonza, tie feng, Jian Hua districts (hereinafter referred to as downtown) in the organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions, the business operators and the Qi force, are required to comply with these provisions.  Article central city, snow, snow command guidance is responsible for coordination, supervision and inspection.

    Downtown snow command district people's Government system responsible for the snow job in the administrative areas of the Organization, complete city snow command post temporary snow job.

    Fourth in the central urban area of organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions, business operators and the Qi forces (hereinafter person) should be subject to regional people's Government, snow command, the snow tasks completed within their area of responsibility. Roads, buildings, structures or any other facilities and sites owners, users, Administrator responsibilities agreed upon between snow, determined according to the prescribed person.

    Responsibilities are not clear, done by the user within the area of responsibility of clearing snow mission. Article fifth snow liabilities shall, in accordance with signed with urban management Department of the snow guarantee agreement, completed as standard snow task on time.

    Responsibilities area of responsibility can also be clearing snow snow job related units or others paid, and will inform the Urban Management Department. Sixth downtown Kiyoshi uphold "Snow Park, snow clearing" principle.

    Falling snow shall be from the date it stopped snowing removal removal is completed within one day; reduced snow should be removed from the date it stopped snowing 3rd removal completed; snow should be removed from the date it stopped snowing 5th removal is complete. Article seventh away from the areas of responsibility must be clear of snow clearing to the kerb, norms pile, is responsible for organizing shipping and handling by the District Government, prohibition of dumping random discharge snow.

    Prohibited in the green space, Green Island stacked use deicing of snow or snow dump garbage, filth.

    Responsible for the article eighth snow not deadlines or standard to clear roads of snow and urban management department ordered clear; of late have not yet been cleared or not cleared standards, organized by the district governments are responsible for clear, clear the costs borne by the responsible and fined urban management Department 10 yuan per square meter.

    Nineth fines shall be uniformly printed using provincial financial instruments and related provisions for separating penalty paid Executive in this city.

    Tenth does not accept the decision on administrative penalty, you can directly apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit.

    11th municipal people's Government is responsible for the interpretation of these provisions. 12th these provisions come into force on February 1, 2011.