Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, The Implementation Of The Ordinance For Rural Five-Guarantee Approach

Original Language Title: 广西壮族自治区实施《农村五保供养工作条例》办法

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Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the implementation of the Ordinance for rural five-guarantee approach

    (December 6, 2010 Executive meeting of the 11th session of the people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for the 72nd review December 22, 2010 by people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the 62nd release come into force February 1, 2011), first under the rural five-guarantee work regulations of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), combined with this practice, these measures are formulated.

Second article this autonomous regions administrative of old, and disability or not full 16 age of rural residents, no labor capacity, and no life source and cannot set maintenance, and raised, and dependency obligations people, or its statutory maintenance, and raised, and dependency obligations people no maintenance, and raised, and dependency capacity of, according to Ordinance and this approach provides, in eat, and wear, and live, and medical, and buried aspects can get life care and material help.

Third people's Governments above the county level shall establish a sound and appropriate funds for rural five-guarantee work, material support mechanism, and solve the problems of rural five-guarantee work, establish and improve the Township home, five-guarantee service centers, rural five-guarantee services, improving the living conditions of rural five-guarantee, improve the level of support.

    Township people's Governments and neighborhood offices responsible for rural five-guarantee work within their respective administrative areas. Fourth civil affairs departments above the county level people's Governments in charge of rural five-guarantee work within their respective administrative areas.

    Development and reform, education, finance, housing and urban-rural development, health, development and other departments and disabled persons ' Federation in accordance with their responsibility to rural five-guarantee work.

    Fifth to encourage and support State organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations and individuals for rural five-guarantee objects and bodies to contribute and help rural five-guarantee services, pairing help.

    Eligible for rural five-guarantee of rural residents in sixth, by or on behalf of the Group of villagers, other villagers to the village (neighborhood) in an application, the village (neighborhood) Committee democratic appraisal, Township people's Governments or street review, approval of the County Civil Affairs Department, made the certificate of rural five-guarantee, since approval this month enjoy the benefits of rural five-guarantee.

Article seventh village (neighborhood) committees and township Governments, neighborhood offices and County Civil Affairs Department shall, in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance, in time for rural five-guarantee procedures may not be any reason to delay or refuse.

    Village (neighborhood) of democratic appraisal, the Commission, that meet the conditions for rural five-guarantee shall be in the village (neighborhood) committees where publicity, publicity for 7 days.

Article eighth rural five guarantees supporting in rural five-guarantee criteria should be guaranteed basic living expenses shall not be less than the local average living standards of rural residents. Autonomous region five-guarantee standards drawn up by the civil affairs departments of the autonomous region, together with the Ministry of finance, reported to the municipality for approval.

    City and county governments can standards of rural five-guarantee system for setting boundaries, but not below the standards set by the State, and submitted to the record by the autonomous regional people's Government Civil Affairs Department announced after the execution. Nineth five guarantees supporting in rural township, where the object can be selected in my household in rural five-guarantee service organizations concentrated or dispersed to support at home.

    Apply concentrated in different places, shall be submitted to the County Civil Affairs Department for approval. Tenth concentrated rural five-guarantee rural five-guarantee service organizations object responsible for daily care, decentralized support from village (neighborhood) committees to provide care, the village (neighborhood) committees may entrust other life care for rural residents.

Township people's Governments or neighborhood offices and rural five-guarantee services, village (neighborhood) Committee and entrusted with rural residents enter into a support services agreement, clearly support services responsibilities to ensure rural five-guarantee access to meet the requirements of daily care.

    To enter into a support services agreement, entrusted with the care of separately supply rural residents of the five guarantees supporting objects, you can grant funding from the five-guarantee service management, benefits enacted by the people's Governments at the county level.

11th people's Governments above the county level should be based on actual rural five-guarantee, preparation of construction plan of rural five-guarantee services, overall arrangement of construction projects and funding, construction, reconstruction, expansion and renovation of rural five-guarantee service.

Rural five-guarantee services by the township government, neighborhood Office or the County Civil Affairs Department is responsible for building and managing.

    Rural five-guarantee service organizations could undertake to improve the living conditions of rural five-guarantee for the purpose of agricultural production activities.

Article 12th rural five-guarantee service is part of the Government for rural five-guarantee provided life care in social service organizations.

    Rural five-guarantee mechanism for Government to purchase services from social services, in accordance with the 10:1 ratio for clients and staff recruitment, resource requirements be guaranteed by the County finance.

13th people's Governments above the county level funding for rural five-guarantee fund and its service management should be included in the annual budget, the implementation of management accounts, earmarking.

City and County financial and manpower arrangement of rural five-guarantee funds and funding for rural five-guarantee service management, the construction fund of rural five-guarantee services by city and County fiscal responsibility, State financial subsidies.

    Welfare Lottery and no clear intention of the social donation donation, you can schedule a certain percentage for rural five-guarantee life and the construction of rural five-guarantee service.

14th for rural five-guarantee should supply grain and oil, foodstuffs and household fuel, supply clothing, bedding and other supplies, and pocket money.

    Requirements for grain and oil, food and pocket money from funding expenses, clothing, blankets, fuel and other daily necessities of life by funding from the five-guarantee service management requirements of Liechtenstein.

15th rural five-guarantee service of housing, facilities should meet the requirements of State standards and national standards for barrier-free construction, is the focus on supporting rural five-guarantee provides convenient and safe living conditions.

    Separately supply rural five-guarantee housing belonging to dangerous or serious damage, organized by the Township people's Governments and street repair, renovate rural priorities.

16th of township and village health clinic provides medical and health services for rural five-guarantee.

Rural five-guarantee required to participate in the new rural cooperative medical costs are covered by the financial burden of medical expenses after the reimbursement in accordance with new-style rural cooperative medical care system, its individual parts from the county-level rural medical aid expenditures.

    Rural five-guarantee object is ill in hospital cannot take care of themselves, by rural five-guarantee service provider or authorised residents who care, the attendant fees from five-guarantee services overhead expenditures. Article 17th rural five-guarantee under the age of 16 years or have reached the age of 16 are still in compulsory education, attending their school should receive their admission, and to waive tuition and fees, accommodation fees, provide free textbooks, grants a boarder living according to the standard.

    Eligible for high school and secondary vocational schools or colleges, educational administrative departments should be included in the students from poor families subsidies. Article 18th rural five-guarantee death, funeral expenses, according to their deaths this month to support a standard 12-month one-time calculation and funeral grant fee.

    Is a concentrated, the funerals handled by rural five-guarantee services; is separately supply, his funeral by the village (neighborhood) Committee or the rural residents who are commissioned.

    Article 19th rural five-guarantee contract are handed over to the villagers in their group or of rural five-guarantee service operation, the proceeds should be used to benefit and improve the lives of the five guarantees supporting in rural areas. 20th County Civil Affairs Department should be rural five-guarantee funds in a timely manner using the program and enjoy the benefits of rural five-guarantee approved list-level financial departments, financial departments should be adequate funds and by the month.

    Concentrated funds directly allocated for rural five-guarantee services; separately supply the funds entrusted by financial departments at the county level financial institutions directly into rural five-guarantee personal account or by Township Governments, neighborhood offices responsible for issuing.

    21st County Civil Affairs Department and the Township people's Government, the subdistrict office of rural residents should be eligible for rural five-guarantee timely granting of rural five-guarantee; the object is no longer eligible or death of rural five-guarantee should be timely cancellation of its certificate of rural five-guarantee and from the month following cessation of rural five-guarantee. 22nd the County civil affairs departments should establish and improve the management of rural five-guarantee system, strengthen supervision and administration of rural five-guarantee work, help rural five-guarantee service organizations improve the quality and level of service.

    For rural five maintenance application, examination and approval and maintenance funds to pay for use of archival information should archive, organize, preserve and provide access to work.

    23rd Civil Affairs, finance, auditing, monitoring and other relevant departments should strengthen the rural five-guarantee fund budget, allocation, distribution, use of supervision and inspection. 24th article this way come into force February 1, 2011.

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