People's Government Of Shenzhen Municipality On Amendment Of Provisional Rules Of The Shenzhen Special Economic Zone On School Protection, 7 Regulation Decision

Original Language Title: 深圳市人民政府关于修改《深圳经济特区学校保护暂行规定》等7项规章的决定

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People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality on amendment of provisional rules of the Shenzhen Special economic zone on school protection, 7 regulation decision

    (December 31, 2010 Shenzhen Municipal People's Government announced order No. 225 as of January 1, 2011) in accordance with the regulation on the notification requirements of the regulatory issues related to cleanup work, by clearing all the regulations in force, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government for decision on provisional rules of the Shenzhen Special economic zone on school protection, such as 7 regulations read as follows:

    One, of the provisional rules of the Shenzhen Special economic zone on school protection (October 21, 1993, Shenzhen People's Government so that 16th issue)

    19th "People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations the expression" is amended as "People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security."

    Second, the management measures of the Shenzhen Special economic zone on city greening (released 29th June 25, 1994, Shenzhen People's Government, the people's Government of Shenzhen City, August 26, 2004 the 135th amended) An article shall be added as the 16th after the 15th, "this way to 13th, 14th, 15th standards provided for in section does not apply to Baoan, Longgang District as well as new district, Ping Shan district.


    Third, of the administrative rules of Shenzhen Special economic zone on the trading market of metallic materials (August 25, 1994 Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, the 32nd release 82nd revised January 26, 1999, Shenzhen People's Government) (A) modify the article to, "in the trading markets engaged in the metal trades, shall enter into a contract. Content and form of contract, must be consistent with the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of contract law.

    ” (B) amend article 40th, "members engaged in the business, must be in accordance with customer commitments or conditions or engage in trade.

    ” (C) amend article 50th, "members in violation of the provisions of article 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st, provisions losses caused to a customer, Commission members and persons directly responsible shall be liable to be ordered to correct.

    ” (D) amend article 52nd, "any entity or individual in violation of the provisions of this article 45th, disrupts market order, damage the trading interests of the parties and the interests of the public, the perpetrator shall be liable and illegal by the Municipal Department of market supervision and management turnover below 1 time penalty.


    (E) at its 15th, 20th in the second paragraph of article "municipal price control Department" amended to read "City Department in charge of price".

    (F) article fifth, 11th, 29th, 43rd and 53rd in the "municipal Trade Development Bureau" is amended as "city of science and technology, industry and Trade Department".

    Four, of the rules of Shenzhen Special economic zone on environmental protection management for service industries (February 11, 2002, Shenzhen People's Government, the 109th issue)

    (A) amend article fifth, "prohibited in the following areas and sites set up to produce smoke, odour, noise and vibration in service:

    (A) residential areas, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and other environmentally sensitive areas (regional planning service facilities);

    (B) residential building;

    (C) commercial-residential buildings and live in adjacent floors.

    Without a dedicated flue commercial and composite buildings prohibits the establishment of oil and food service items. Any unit and individual property may not be rented, loaned, contracted to other units and individuals in banning the establishment of services.


    (B) increase the eighth article: "eighth building, rebuilding, expansion and relocation services, with one of the following circumstances, without having to go through the construction project environmental approval procedures:

    (A) in non-restricted areas and the place and the total building area of 100 square metres (100 square meters):

    (B) in non-restricted areas and places with appropriate pollution prevention facilities, pollutants discharged after they have been processed, does not affect the surrounding living environment;

    (C) hot and cold drink manufacture, powder noodle snacks, such as emissions from smoke-free dining services. Other than those provided for in the preceding paragraph, renovation, expansion and relocation services in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations for environmental management of construction projects for approval and acceptance procedures.


    Five, the Shenzhen green taxi regulations (113th published March 13, 2002, Shenzhen People's Government, the people's Government of Shenzhen City, August 26, 2004 the 135th first amendment, October 6, 2008, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government order 192th second amendment) (A) modify the article to, "Shenzhen green rental cars in these rules (hereinafter referred to as the Green taxi) refers to the right to operate in accordance with these provisions, operating area in Baoan, Longgang District, district, Ping Shan district, carrying four or less passengers, charged in the standard rental fee rental cars.


    (B) the fourth paragraph delete "and Baoan, Longgang District people's Government Transport Management Department (hereinafter referred to as the games administration sector)" provisions.

    (C) delete seventh, 24th, 30th, 48th, 49th, 62nd on the first paragraph ", district transportation authority" requirement.

    (D) delete second paragraph article 21st and 51st, 54th, 56th in the first paragraph on "games, or political authority" requirement.

    (E) delete 47th, 50th, 60th, on "games, and the political authority" requirement.

    (F) 34th, 44th article first, 45th, 53rd in the first paragraph of the first item, "the Shenzhen Special economic zone" is amended as "operating outside the region to other parts of the city."

    (VII) article 55th and third paragraph be deleted.

    Six of the management pilot scheme, the Shenzhen authorities and institutions employees (June 23, 2004 Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, the 133th publishing)

    17th delete "each period of employment shall not exceed 3 years contract expires pursuant to these measures to renew the contract, and may be renewed at most 2 times, each of contract renewal period of not more than 3 years" rule.

    Seven, the Shenzhen municipal solid waste disposal fee collection, and use regulations (158th released October 17, 2006, Shenzhen People's Government)

    (A) modify the article to, "city administrative departments (hereinafter referred to as City urban management Department) is responsible for guiding, supervising the city's garbage disposal fee collection, and organization-specific expropriation, Luohu district, Futian, Nanshan District, Yantian district-wide waste disposal fee. New District Baoan, Longgang District, Ping Shan district, and the city administration (hereinafter referred to as urban management Department) is responsible for the organization within this area of the landfill disposal fee.


    (B) amend article seventh, the "municipal urban management departments determine the Luohu district, Futian, Nanshan District, Yantian district within the different user fees or equivalent standard garbage disposal charges. Baoan, Longgang District people's Government as well as the district, Ping Shan district administration to determine different users within their respective jurisdictions in accordance with standards or equivalent standards impose refuse handling charges.

    ” (C) the tenth article modified as "garbage disposal fee paid is insufficient to cover actual costs for waste disposal, insufficient, Luohu district, Yantian district, Futian District, Shenzhen, Nanshan District, the municipal fiscal subsidy, Ping Shan district, and the new district Baoan, Longgang District, district subsidies.


    According to the modified conditions, articles and paragraphs of the above regulations, item deleted, serial number to rearrange the provisions and penalties articles, paragraphs, and the references in the article, paragraphs, serial number the serial number increases or decreases due to provisions or provisions adjusted accordingly modified, republished. This decision shall enter into force on January 1, 2011.