Luoyang City, Kennel Management

Original Language Title: 洛阳市养犬管理办法

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Luoyang City, Kennel management

    (The people's Government of Luoyang City, on December 3, 2010 the 35th Executive meeting on December 10, 2010 112th promulgated by the people's Government of Luoyang City as of February 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to regulate dog breeding behavior, and protect the health and safety of citizens, safeguard the environment and public order, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the Luoyang City dog regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article II units and individuals within the city limits of dog shall comply with these measures.

    Restricted area boundaries, drawn by the municipal public security authorities, submitted to the municipal people's Government and the public.

    Dogs in these measures include dog keeping, carrying, management and treatment.

    Article management combined with service dogs, management combined with grass-roots organizations, dog-breeder of self-discipline and social public supervision principles.

    Fourth in each County (City) District Kennel management coordination mechanisms should be established, unified leadership of area dog management.

    Fifth is the dog management work of public security organs of administrative departments, is responsible for the registration of dogs, dog kennel and investigation of illegal dog behavior.

    Health administrative departments publicize knowledge of rabies prevention, treatment, protection of human rabies vaccine supply, rabies injections and human medical monitor, inform the rabies outbreak.

    Animal husbandry Administration Department is responsible for promoting canine illness prevention and treatment knowledge and ensure supply of dog vaccines, injections and the dogs immunization certificate issued; supervision of harmless treatment of canine corpses; dog registration and the law clinic of the clinics to deal with monitor, inform the rabies outbreak.

    Administration of industry and commerce is responsible for dog management agencies, clinics in business registration and investigation of the illegal business.

    Landscape Administrative Department is responsible for the illegal to bring dogs into the Park, Plaza investigation.

    City is monitoring the administrative body responsible for sanitation, and damage to dog the investigation of violations of sanitation.

    Financial administrative departments responsible for canine management requirements for protection. The sixth (village) committees according to law should be residents, villagers in the kennel, raising the dog's education and training.

    Radio, television, newspapers and other news media, and shall do a good dog laws, rules and regulations, as well as the publicity of epidemic prevention.

    Seventh unit of collective living quarters, schools, nursery schools, prohibiting dogs.

    Chapter II dog registration

    Eighth unit or individual feeds dogs, shall be registered to the municipal public security authorities for raising, for a would-be adoptive card.

    Nineth apply for kennel, subject to the following conditions:

    (A) registered in limited areas;

    (B) belongs to the public security organs to determine security key protected units;

    (C) the person in charge;

    (D) the dog cages, kennels, fencing, closed facilities and conditions in captivity;

    (E) the dogs did not suffer from contagious human diseases.

    Tenth individual dogs, subject to the following conditions:

    (A) has a limited area (temporary) account;

    (B) the dog meets the required type and number;

    (C) the dogs did not suffer from contagious human diseases.

    11th units and individuals apply for a dog, should fill Kennel registration form, and submit the following materials:

    (A) the applicant, client identification;

    (B) a valid certificate of the canine immune;

    (C) two dog photos.

    Keeping imported dogs should also have entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities proof of animal inspection and quarantine of entry. 12th breeding were born puppies of under 90 days shall be from the date of breeding records residence in the 10th police station.

    Dogs of the full 90-day, shall, in accordance with the rules of procedure for registration.

    13th complete materials submitted by the applicant, in compliance with the statutory form, the public security organs shall accept applications for application materials are incomplete or not in compliance with the statutory form, the public security organ shall at once inform all applicants need to supplement the content on the spot, all corrected application materials in accordance with requirements of the applicant, the public security organs shall accept the application. Accepting an application for units of public security organs, the materials submitted by the applicant should be reviewed, field verification and assignment of staff, made the decision to register or not to register.

    To comply with the conditions specified in article Nineth shall be registered within the 7th, issuance of permits and dog license; does not meet the conditions, it shall make a registration decision, written reasons. Public security organs to receive individual applications, should conduct a review of the material submitted by the applicant on the spot.

    To comply with the conditions specified in article tenth, should be registered on the spot, issuance of permits and dog license; does not meet the criteria, informed of the reasons in writing. 14th dog registration shall follow the principles of convenience.

    Public security organs shall, in conjunction with stock administrative sector immune, registering a one-stop service.

    15th dog breeder has any of the following circumstances, shall hold a certificate to the public security authorities for changes, cancellation, filing and replacement of registration:

    (A) change of address shall be from the date of change within the 30th for registration;

    (B) transfer of dogs shall be from the date of transfer of 30th together with the assignee shall register such changes;

    (C) give up the dog, dogs should be sent to the Dog Kennel site and sent to the 5th days of cancellation of registration;

    (D) the dog dies, shall from the date of death within the 30th for cancellation of registration;

    (E) the lost dog permit, should know or should know that the date of supplement registration within 3rd;

    (F) the dog missing, shall from the date of disappearance in the 5th to register.

    16th public security organs shall establish a dog registration of electronic files, specify the following particulars:

    (A) dog breeders name or company name, address and contact information;

    (B) the dog breeds, photos, major physical features;

    (C) the dog's immune;

    (D) associate card number, payment period;

    (E) permit modification and cancellation, evidence, filing;

    (Vi) other matters shall be recorded.

    17th dog breeder management service fees shall be paid in accordance with the relevant provisions of dogs.

    Dog management services fees collected by the public security authorities, included in budget management.

    Persons with disabilities raising own disabled dogs exempt dogs management services fees.

    Chapter III dog behavior

    18th dog breeders should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to vaccinate dogs, dogs and control other diseases.

    Dogs infected or suspected to be infected, dog-breeder shall immediately report to the local administrative Department of animal husbandry.

    Die of unknown causes dogs, dog breeders should immediately report to the local administrative Department of animal husbandry, and under its supervision for treatment.

    19th dogs may harm public interests, not disturbing others ' normal lives, shall not be allowed, driving dogs threatening, harm to others.

    Bark effect others, dog-breeder or bring dogs and people should take steps to stop it.

    Dogs attack a human, dog breeder or bring dogs shall immediately deliver the patient to the health and anti-epidemic agencies and medical institutions for treatment, advance the medical costs and bear civil liabilities according to law.

    20th dog breeder dogs should be provided the necessary dietary conditions, space and living environment, not abuse, abandonment of dogs.

    No person shall abuse and unlawful injury in dogs.

    21st shall not bring dogs into the Park, Plaza, scenic areas, government offices, banks, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, child and adolescent venues, stadiums, museums, libraries, theatres, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, farmer's market, fire (gas) stations and other public places. 22nd may not carry dog riding public transport except the small taxi.

    Dog-carrying small taxi, should ask the driver's permission.

    23rd dogs breeders and carrying dogs shall also comply with the following provisions:

    (A) non-business or non-handicap needs, every threshold get a dog, and not raising strong dogs, large dogs;

    (B) citizens to bring dogs home from 20 o'clock to 7 o'clock the next day;

    (C) the Dog feces in the outdoors, it should be immediately clear;

    (D) carry dogs take the elevator or stairs, dogs should be put into bags, dog cage, holding or wearing a muzzle, and avoid the rush hours;

    (E) carry outdoor dogs shall carry the card, dogs hanging dogs, harness dog chain, dog chain cannot exceed 1.5 meters in length and have full civil capacity of a led led (except persons with disabilities use assistive dogs), to comply with traffic laws and actively avoid pedestrians and vehicles;

    (F) the dog should be tied to raised or bred in captivity, breeding, training, registration, immunization, diagnosis and treatment needs to go out, should put dogs in a dog cage dog chain, wear a muzzle or beam, led led by management personnel.

    Diagnosis and treatment of dogs with the fourth chapter deals with and only

    24th in the dog business activities, the operator shall go through the formalities, and to the public security organ for the record.

    Prohibition of rabid dogs.

    25th practise dog bodies and their staff shall obtain the appropriate license to practice photos.

    Established within the 26th is prohibited in residential dog breeding farm.

    Article 27th dog operations, shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) business premises should be in limited areas, designated by the public security office area, and to meet the requirements of the national epidemic prevention;

    (B) in addition to immunization, diagnosis and treatment, training, breeding and trading, and dogs may not be out of the premises;

    (C) the sale was born of the full 90-day dog dogs should hold a valid certificate and certificate of the canine immune;

    (D) establish a business account and records of dogs in and out direction, variety, quantity;

    (E) finding dogs infected or suspected to be infected, shall immediately report to the Administrative Department of animal husbandry, and monitoring the scene, shall not be transferred, sold and slaughtered.

    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter

    28th (village) committees, owners of residential (the Committee) shall be formulated dog Convention, provisions allowing the regional specific norms, such as walking the dog and to monitor the implementation of the Convention.

    29th supervision and administration of the public security organ shall perform the following duties:

    (A) the implementation of dog registration and handling of dogs does not satisfy the registration conditions of conducting supervision and inspection;

    (B) the printed issue of dogs banned logo;

    (C) capture, take in stray, abandoned, breeding and dogs were confiscated according to law;

    (D) the establishment of electronic information system of canine management and service, and social organizations to provide relevant information and services to the public;

    (E) to receive dog complaints, mediate, investigate and deal with illegal dog behavior dog dispute; (F) establish a record of dogs illegal files.

    Dogs behavior is reported many times, punishment or the dog only hurt, focused supervision and management should be carried out;

    (VII) guidance, support (village) committees, owners of residential (Commission) and property management service organization develop, implement canine Convention.

    30th Kennel Association should be in accordance with regulations, strengthening self-discipline, advocating dog-breeder raising the dog, assistance dog management. 31st article any unit and individual have the right to the illegal dog behavior criticizing, discouraging, reporting, complaints.

    Authorities shall publish reports, complaints, reports, complaints should be dealt with promptly.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    32nd breach of article 23rd of this approach (a) provided by the public security authorities fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan.

    33rd article violates this article 23rd (c) the provision, by the Department of sanitation, 50 Yuan fine.

    34th article violates this article 23rd paragraph (iv), (vi) provision, the public security organ shall order rectification, and fines of between 50 Yuan and 100 Yuan.

    35th in violation of the provisions of article 26th, by the public security organs between 10000 and 5000 Yuan Yuan fine.

    The 36th article violates this article 27th (a) the provision does not require the regional dog, by the public security organs between 5000 and 3000 Yuan Yuan fine.

    37th article violates this article 27th (b) States, warned by public security organs, and can be fined a maximum of between 500 Yuan and 200 Yuan.

    38th article violates this article 27th (d) provision, the public security organ shall order rectification, and fined a maximum of between 1000 and 500 Yuan RMB.

    39th administrative departments and their staff, one of the following acts, by their work units or by the competent authorities shall be given administrative sanctions shall be responsible constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) failing to perform their duties or buck-passing;

    (B) not required certificate, immunization or purposely delayed;

    (C) to the masses not processed in a timely manner:

    (D) other acts of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in.

    40th article violates other provisions of these measures, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the provisions of the Luoyang City dog regulations, pursue the appropriate legal responsibility.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    41st article this approach by said potent dog including: hid Mastiff, and bit Bull stem, and cattle head stem, and Behring Deng stem, and Kelly Blue stem, and Argentina Dogo, and Brazil non-pulled, and Japan Tosa dog, and Central Asia Shepherd, and Soviet Shepherd, and Germany Shepherd, and Chuandong dog, and United Kingdom horse scholar mention husband, and Italy Cane Corso, and big Dan dog, and Caucasus, and Italy twist glass Lee meal, and Stafford, and Afghanistan, and Boeing up dog, and Weimar Hound, and snow up dog, and found blood Hound, and BA fairy JI dog, and United Kingdom Bull Dog, and Akita dog, and Newfoundland Dog, and Chinese pastoral dog (soil dog),.

    Large dogs means, adult weight 10 kg (10 kg) or adult height more than 60 cm (60 cm) more than larger dogs.

    42nd military dogs, dogs, dogs management of teaching and research in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State. Article 43rd counties (cities), the jili district of dog management in accordance with the measures implemented.

    Reported to the restricted area by the local public security organs after their Government agreed to draw. The 44th article of the rules take effect on February 1, 2011.

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