Provisions On Administration Of Barrier-Free Facilities Construction In Lanzhou City

Original Language Title: 兰州市无障碍设施建设管理规定

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Provisions on administration of barrier-free facilities construction in Lanzhou city

    (Lanzhou municipal people's Government, the 17th Executive meeting of November 23, 2010 by people's Government of Lanzhou city, December 10, 2010 [2010] the 6th release from February 1, 2011) first in order to strengthen the construction of barrier-free facilities management, promote social civilization and progress, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on the protection of persons with disabilities and the People's Republic of China laws and regulations on protection of rights and interests of the elderly Act provisions, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city, renovation and expansion of public buildings, residential buildings, residential areas, urban roads (including bridges, pedestrian, pedestrian underground passage crossing the street) and main tourist attractions, attractions and other construction works (hereinafter referred to as project) supporting the construction of barrier-free facilities and related management activities, these provisions shall apply.

    Construction project construction requirements and standards for barrier-free facilities, according to the State of the city roads and building of barrier-free design standard (hereinafter the code) and the city regulations and standards.

    Third section of barrier-free facilities in these rules refers to protect persons with disabilities, the elderly, children and other inconveniences of traffic safety and the use of facilities, supporting the construction of service facilities in a construction project.

    Fourth municipal people's Government on the city's construction of barrier-free facilities managed under unified leadership.

    County, district people's Government is responsible for the administrative area of barrier-free facilities construction and management and supervision.

    Barrier-free construction Administrative Department is responsible for construction, maintenance, supervision and management.

    Development and reform, planning, finance, civil affairs, law enforcement, transportation, public security, supervision, tourism, land, real estate, business, finance, broadcasting, education, sports, health and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do the construction of barrier-free facilities management related work.

    Federation of persons with disabilities, the elderly work Committee, the women's Union and other public organizations responsible for oversight, coordination and inspection barrier-free facilities construction and management of work within their respective administrative areas.

    Fifth Government encourages the development and application of barrier-free products and support scientific and technological research of barrier-free facilities.

    Sixth planning, construction, and other relevant departments should be prepared in accordance with economic and social development of the city construction planning barrier-free facilities.

    City, County and district people's Government departments should develop barrier-free facilities for implementing programmes and encourage, through financial subsidies, administrative fees and other relief measures, actively push forward the construction of barrier-free facilities renovation project.

    Seventh barrier-free facilities construction projects should be simultaneously with the principal part of the project design, construction, commissioning, and links up with barrier-free facilities construction projects has around.

    Article eighth building barrier-free facilities should comply with the safety, accessibility, usability and convenience are the basic requirements, subject to the following specific provisions:

    (A) pedestrian walkways, public buildings, ground flat, anti-slip;

    (Ii) paving blind road is continuous, on the blind without poles, wire, underground manholes, trees and other obstructions, and with nearby public transport stops, overpasses, underpasses, public buildings connected to the barrier-free facilities;

    (C) pedestrian paths, public building entrances and set the Curb ramp or ramp; urban major road intersection and gradually set voice prompt system crossing the street;

    (D) public transport stops set Braille stops, Braille bus stop location, height, color, form and content used by visually handicapped persons;

    (E) public transport vehicles should be equipped with voice and subtitles stop stop-reporting system; public car parks, parking lots should be setting the disabled vehicle parking, and express;

    (Vi) providing services to the public areas or places set up desks, telephones, and low set low at front desk telephone

    (VII) public buildings with glass doors, glass walls, stairs, Elevator, channels, set up warning signs or informational facilities;

    (H) the bright colors of barrier-free facilities and distinct with its surroundings;

    (I) the barrier-free facilities, in a prominent position meet the norms and standards for barrier-free flag is set.

    Nineth County, district people's Government should be gradually improved fire, police, medical first aid, traffic accidents, evacuation, community public service emergency call and display system, ensure the word alarm, calling features, security alarms and first-aid needs of hearing and speech impaired.

    Public services should be based on the characteristics and needs of persons with disabilities, facilitate the hearing, speech, and vision disabilities text messages, voice messages and other communication services accessible.

    Tenth project design unit at the time of design and construction projects, shall, in accordance with the design specifications and construction standard for barrier-free facilities in the city, supporting the design of barrier-free facilities. Construction drawing design document review bodies when they examine the design documents shall be in accordance with the design specifications, barrier-free facilities, and the construction of barrier-free standards of design.

    For not following the code for design of construction standards and barrier-free facilities in the city design of barrier-free facilities construction projects, building not be issued by the administration of the construction drawing examination book and a construction license.

    11th planning administrative departments shall, in accordance with the design specification, barrier-free facilities construction standards organization, and the preparation of special plans.

    12th construction units shall in accordance with the design requirements for the construction of barrier-free facilities.

    The construction supervising units shall be in accordance with the laws, regulations, rules and related technical standards, design documents and construction contracts, construction supervision of barrier-free facilities.

    13th construction company in construction project when it is completed, which should include inspection of construction of barrier-free facilities, and engineering completion approval set out in the document.

    Construction administration construction engineering quality supervision institutions to submit construction project quality supervision report, should contain contents of barrier-free facilities construction.

    Article 14th construction of barrier-free facilities is part of the project, its warranty obligations in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and contractual commitments, responsibility for its maintenance, repair and construction projects and maintenance person to bear.

    Within the scope of urban road maintenance of barrier-free facilities, according to the road and traffic signs and signal facilities maintenance Division, respectively, by the construction, transport and traffic management departments.

    Barrier-free facility maintenance management responsibilities shall, in accordance with the prescribed standards and requirements for barrier-free facilities for routine maintenance and repairs, ensure that the normal use of barrier-free facilities.

    Section 15th of the built-up area within the scope of this municipality has been built but not have barrier-free facilities under construction or supporting the construction of barrier-free facilities do not meet the requirements of the standards and requirements of the construction project, municipal construction administrative departments should be based on urban construction and development needs, in conjunction with relevant departments to develop barrier-free facilities renovation plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    16th departments and units should take a variety of forms, through radio, television, newspapers, magazines, construction of barrier-free facilities, networks, and other media promote, popularize the knowledge of barrier-free to raise public consciousness of barrier-free environment.

    17th no unit or individual is allowed to damage, unauthorized occupation of barrier-free facilities, barrier-free facilities shall not affect the normal use and change in use of barrier-free facilities.

    Due to exceptional circumstances, such as the construction of barrier-free facilities in the temporary occupation of urban roads, shall be subject to approval of the relevant departments, and set up warning signs to take expired should be restored in time.

    18th construction project design in violation of this provision and the design specifications of a mandatory requirement, no design of barrier-free facilities, the construction Administration Department in accordance with the regulations on the management of construction engineering quality provisions of 63rd.

    Construction project construction in violation of this provision and the relevant provisions of the construction engineering quality management regulation, in accordance with design drawings and technical standards for the construction of barrier-free facilities construction and construction quality problem of barrier-free facilities, the construction Administration Department in accordance with the provisions of the 64th article of construction engineering quality management regulation.

    Construction in violation of these provisions, is not in accordance with the provisions of the construction of barrier-free facilities for acceptance or unqualified acceptance of unauthorized use by building administration in accordance with the provisions of article 58th of construction engineering quality management regulation.

    19th in violation of the provisions of article 17th, illegal occupation of barrier-free facilities or altering the use of barrier-free facilities, by the Administrative Department shall be ordered to stop construction, and restitution, and shall be punished pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations caused damage to barrier-free facilities, in addition to compensation for losses, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China related provisions of the law on administrative penalties for public security.

    Article 20th owners or managers are not effective barrier-free facilities maintenance management, causes beyond the normal use of barrier-free facilities, maintained by the construction Administrative Department in charge shall command them, and punished in accordance with relevant regulations.

    Due to improper maintenance resulting in users ' personal and property damage, the owner or manager shall be liable.

    21st administrative organs and their staff in the construction of barrier-free facilities management work, the acts of abuse, malpractice, negligence, by their work units or by the competent departments give notice of criticism and rectification are serious, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 22nd article of the regulations come into force on February 1, 2011.