Sichuan Provincial Recreation Area Management Approach

Original Language Title: 四川省娱乐场所管理办法

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Sichuan provincial recreation area management approach

    (March 2, 2011 the 77th meeting of the people's Government of Sichuan province considered by Sichuan Provincial Government order No. 253, May 3, 2011 release come into force July 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the management of entertainment, recreational and promoting prosperity and healthy development of the market, according to the State Department the entertainment Management Ordinance and the relevant regulations of the State, combined with practical, Sichuan, these measures are formulated.

    Entertainment within the administrative area of Sichuan province, the second setting up, operation and management of activities, these measures shall apply.

    Article entertainment business activities should adhere to the orientation of serving the people and socialism, advocates promoting national culture, civilized, healthy and good entertainment.

Fourth provincial cultural administrative departments in charge of the province's entertainment management, developed recreation area development plans, General guidance and management of entertainment venues in the province work supervision and inspection, approval and management of entertainment and business activities.

    County Authority as set out above by the competent administrative department is responsible for the entertainment and economic activities of management and supervision and inspection.

The fifth province, the public security organ responsible for the entertainment of the public security management, supervision of the recreation area public security administration, guidance and inspection.

Above the county level, the public security organs shall be responsible for supervision and management of entertainment, fire prevention conditions.

    Above the county level, industry and commerce, environmental protection, public health and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities imposed on entertainment management.

    Chapter II establishment

Established by article sixth entertainment should meet the requirements of provincial cultural administration departments at or above the total layout planning, space, in which the Entertainment Entertainment, the game machines, game machines operate requirements.

Not at the State Department with the entertainment Management Ordinance listed seventh place for entertainment.

    The establishment of entertainment and entertainment business projects suitable for funding, equipment that complies with the prescribed technical supervision; entertainment names should conform to the industry.

Article seventh entertainment, shall apply to the Administrative Department in charge of the County; the establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures, Sino-foreign co-operative entertainment, an application shall be submitted to the provincial administrative departments of culture.

    Entertainment start-up period, applicants to the cultural Administrative Department for business consulting, cultural Administrative Department shall perform the obligations, strengthen construction services guide.

Article the applicant made fire, health, environmental protection and other approval documents issued by the Department, issued by the administrative departments for cultural culture for entertainment license issued by the Administrative Department, license should be clear and effective duration applicants entertainment license and related approval documents to the registration of the business sector to obtain business licenses.

    Entertainment after obtaining the business license shall be to the local county-level public security organ for the record in the 15th.

    Nineth culture, fire, health, environmental protection and other sectors to the admissibility of the application, shall be statutory approval decision within the time limit; is not granted, it shall notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons and informed of their right to apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.

Tenth bid for the entertainment license, an application shall be submitted to the Administrative Department for cultural materials, application materials should include the following:

(A) set forth the name, address, place name, business nature, engaged in the project, the amount of registered capital and source of request report.

(B) the business name prior approval written notice issued by the industrial and commercial sector.

(C) the investors, the legal representative to be appointed and official proof of identity and the presence of non-State recreation area regulations referred to in the fifth article of the written statement.

(D) proof of ownership of the premises; leased premises, submit proof of the right.

(V) entertainment location map, interior floor plans.

(F) entertainment facilities, technical supervision and management system of related materials.

(VII) fire, health, environmental protection Department issued the approval documents and other materials required by the laws and regulations.

    Bid for Sino-foreign joint ventures, Chinese-foreign cooperative entertainment should also be submitted to the foreign-invested Enterprise approval certificate issued by the Commerce Department. 11th cultural Administrative Department accepting entertainment applications for setting up, shall make public notice, and in accordance with the People's Republic of China administrative permission law program is holding a hearing.

    Public notice, hearing time, it does not calculate the approval period.

    12th change of increasing entertainment, amusement, gaming machine, machines, circuit boards or alteration, expansion of entertainment, entertainment license or change the matters set forth shall apply for re-issuance of permits to the issuing authority, and to the public security organ for the record; needs alteration registration, they shall register such changes to the Commerce Department.

13th last entertainment license validity period, shall, on the expiry of 30th to the original issuance of the administrative authorities in writing.

    Cultural administrative departments shall from the date of acceptance of the application, make a decision on whether to approve the extension within 20 business days; not to continue, and shall state the reasons in writing; fails to make a decision, considered to approve the extension.

    14th entertainment fails to handle the entertainment license valid for continuous, cultural administrative departments shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China relevant provisions of the administrative licensing law, in accordance with the law of administrative license cancellation.

    Chapter III operation and management

15th entertainment should be in accordance with the approved and registered by the competent administrative Department of culture engage in business activities. Entertainment using cultural products and content consistent with laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the regulations.

    Identified within the entertainment, game shows and entertainment content shall be in the national language.

16th entertainment should be in the business place prominently hanging entertainment license, health permit and business license.

    Relevant departments shall strengthen food safety supervision in the entertainment.

17th entertainment license for 1.1 certificate prohibiting more than one license.

    Others prohibited places of entertainment to sublet, subcontracting.

18th daily at 2 o'clock in the morning to 8 o'clock in the morning, entertainment place may operate.

    Entertainment business or out of business, shall be submitted to the original examination and approval and review of the relevant administrative departments.

    Entertainment setting for the 19th game machines, game machine, machines, circuit boards shall conform to the relevant regulations of the State shall not engage in gambling game machines, amusement and business activities.

20th entertainment legal representative or principal responsible should be responsible for fire safety in entertainment venues and other security.

    Entertainment should establish security and emergency evacuation, and periodic safety inspection and maintenance and updates in a timely manner. 21st entertainment should set clear signs at the exits, doors open to the outside.

    Entertainment identified evacuation routes, emergency exits, evacuation instructions, emergency lighting and fire setting and use shall comply with the relevant technical standards and regulations. 22nd entertainment to accommodate consumers shall not exceed the number approved by the cultural Administrative Department.

    Is strictly prohibited the carriage of any dangerous goods and contagious-disease pathogens into entertainment. 23rd entertainment shall prominently set at the entrance of minors prohibited or restricted ID.

Logo should indicate the cultural administrative departments of telephone hotlines.

Singing and dancing entertainment place shall not accept minors.

    Entertainment video game trading zone may not outgoing national holidays open to minors.

    24th minors ' guardians of minors to participate in video games, fun activities responsible for the education and care of obligations. 25th entertainment place shall, in place of the Hall, mezzanine, prominent positions within or between packages depending on screen settings, installation contains narcotics, gambling, prostitution and whoring, the prohibition of using content labels such as open flames during business hours.

    Identifies the telephone of public security organs to be indicated.

    26th entertainment should be security service contracts with the enterprise security services, with professional security personnel, and other persons is not allowed to engage in security work.

27th entertainment place approved by the audit and business performance, employment, admission of performing arts groups or persons engaged in a commercial performance activities shall comply with the business performance management regulations of the State Council and the management of commercial performances, Sichuan province, and other relevant provisions.

    Prohibited in the entertainment boxes, rooms for performances.

28th entertainment technical regulation system should be consistent with the public security organs, administrative departments for cultural standards and requirements to ensure technical supervision systems up and running, not unloaded, intentionally damaging or tampering.

    Entertainment monitor video should be a full 30th retained for future reference.

    29th entertainment place shall, in accordance with the relevant national information standards, established entertainment management information system, real time practitioners, operating hours, operating logs, consumer information such as the number of inspections, security entry system.

    30th administrative law enforcement personnel shall enter the entertainment performance of official duties shall be not less than 2, and should take the initiative to produce a valid certificate of administrative law enforcement.

31st entertainment industry association should be in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, development of industry self-regulatory codes, strengthen the guidance and supervision of Member activities.

    Cultural administrative departments should strengthen guidance to the entertainment industry association, urged the trade association to perform market coordination, self-regulation, supervision services and protection functions.

    The fourth chapter legal liability

    32nd in violation of relevant provisions of these measures, as culture, public security, industry and commerce or other relevant departments according to their respective functions, in accordance with the entertainment management regulations of the State Council and the relevant provisions of the laws, regulations and rules.

Article 33rd entertainment without the required suspension entertainment license, health permit and business license, and refused to correct, respectively by the county-level cultural administrative departments, health, industrial and commercial sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to between 5000 and 1000 Yuan fine.

    Entertainment is not in place of Hall, boxes, packages, prominent positions within the set or is not installed in the video contains narcotics, gambling and prohibiting prostitution, the use of open fires and other content labels, a rectification by the county-level public security organs and give a warning; overdue change, fined a maximum of between 5000 and 1000 Yuan.

    34th entertainment place unloaded, intentionally damage or alter technical regulation facilities, technical supervision system in normal use, by the county-level public security organs and administrative authorities in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to rectification and give a warning, and to a fine of up to 5000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.

35th article violates these rules, any of the following circumstances, the competent administrative authorities shall order correction, given a warning and can be fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan and 30,000 Yuan:

(A) entertainment to sublet, subcontracting the management of others.

    (B) in performing activities within the entertainment boxes, packages.

    36th entertainment business or out of business, cultural Administrative Department, the public security organs has not been filed, the competent administrative authorities, public security organs in accordance with their respective responsibilities, rectification and given a warning.

    37th entertainment operators alter entertainment license to engage in business activities, by cultural administrative departments at the county level in a warning and fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

38th under any of the following circumstances, administrative licensing decisions of administrative authorities or the competent authorities, according to the request of the interested party or ex officio, and can annul of an administrative license:

(A) the total violation of and layout planning, approved the establishment of entertainment without authorization.

(B) the entertainment establishment in the State of the places of entertainment Management Ordinance set out in the seventh.

(C) an applicant who does not meet the statutory requirements of administrative license.

(D) failing to perform their public notice and hearing procedures for examination and approval.

(E) other circumstances as may be revoked according to law.

    The annul of an administrative license is directly responsible for the competent personnel and other persons, shall be given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    39th cultural administrative departments and their staff against the rules without making and distributing entertainment license, higher administrative authorities should be abolished, criticized, and drew attention to the relevant heads of Department to direct and responsible persons shall be given administrative sanctions.

    40th Entertainment Entertainment violates the State Council regulations and revoked as provided herein, revocation, cancellation of entertainment license, it shall register such changes or cancellation of registration of the business sector.

    41st entertainment boundary noise does not meet the noise standards set by the State, by the competent administrative Department of environmental protection shall be punished according to law.

    The fifth chapter supplementary articles 42nd these measures come into force July 1, 2011. Released on July 13, 2001 the purpose of the measures for the administration of entertainment places, Sichuan province, abolished at the same time.