Tianjin Haihe Education Park Regulations

Original Language Title: 天津海河教育园区管理规定

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Tianjin haihe education Park regulations

    (Tianjin Municipal People's Government of the 66th general meeting, February 18, 2011 through February 23, 2011 34th release of Tianjin municipality as of April 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    Education first in order to protect and promote the Tianjin haihe River area (hereinafter referred to as Park) development and construction, the Park into China's vocational education reform and innovation demonstration zone, the city's high-end technology research and innovation demonstration zone and eco-livable community in seas south of the River area, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the situation in the city, these provisions are formulated.

Article park planning, construction, management, education reform and innovation, economic and social development activities, these provisions shall apply.

    Jinnan district, is located in the city, specifically in accordance with the law approved by the park master plan implementation.

    Chapter II administration

Article Tianjin haihe zone Administrative Committee of education (hereinafter the CMC) unified administration, on behalf of the municipal park.

Management Committee shall perform the following duties:

(A) according to the park master plan, organize Park controlled detailed planning and professional planning, organize and implement after approval;

(B) organize the implementation of district planning and development of vocational education to promote Park vocational education reform and innovation;

(C) according to the relevant departments of the municipal people's Government, or to accept a delegate, centralized right of administrative license, the administrative punishment such as executive powers;

(D) education of unified management, planning, land, construction, environmental protection, transportation, housing, industry and commerce, finance, human resources and social security, civil administration, urban management, culture, public health, and public safety management work, and formulate corresponding administrative regulation;

(E) preparation of the development of garden industry directory, organize investment, approval for investment projects, approval or for the record;

(F) integrated and coordinated University education within the park resources, educational information construction and related facilities management work of public education, implement the sharing of educational resources;

(G) integrated and coordinated employment, entrepreneurship and social identification of vocational skills training, and so on;

(H) undertake national vocational skills competition activities such as service work;

(IX) coordination related to tax and Foreign Exchange Management Department of management;

    (J) other administrative matters assigned by the municipal people's Government.

    Fourth Administrative Committee in accordance with a unified, coordinated, streamlined, efficient set up and adjusted at the request of administrations, given his management responsibilities.

    Fifth, establishing and perfecting the financial system of the CMC, and park development and construction and management.

    Sixth Park matters such as policing, fire control, traffic management, dispatched by the municipal public security authorities in the Park in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations management.

    Seventh administrative approval procedures implemented in the Park a window receiving, vetting, limited-time management, tracking system.

    Chapter III vocational education reform and innovation Eighth to support private capital and foreign capital in the park development, Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools in vocational education.

    Encourages the development of various forms of vocational education.

    Nineth Park to promote cooperation between schools and enterprises, combining work with study, internship, vocational education talents training mode construction of secondary vocational education and higher vocational education dovetail with Bachelor of vocational education system.

    Tenth zones to implement vocational education resources sharing, encourage parks to do teacher exchange between employment, courses elected, mutual recognition of credits.

    11th zones to implement job training pattern of vocational education, promoting academic certificate and vocational qualification certificate "dual-certificate" integration of teaching, community-oriented vocational training.

    12th parks support and encourage institutions to focus on major projects, modern service industry, and technology research and development industrial development needs and adjust the professional structure, expand professional direction, into the city's Binhai New area, economic and social development and fostering very scanty human base.

    13th Park should be innovation in vocational colleges teachers ' evaluation mechanism, institutions are encouraged to increase of "double competency" teacher employment ratio, improve the variety of teacher training system to improve teachers ' teaching ability and level.

    14th take advantage of Park educational resources, building public school educated, learned something, learn to use and learning lifelong learning system that is long.

    The fourth chapter development and construction management

    15th park planning is the basis of park development, construction and management, should be strictly enforced, and no unit or individual without legal proceedings shall not be changed without authorization. 16th Tianjin Beiyang Park investment development company is the main body arrangement of land, according to land readjustment plan is responsible for the park land acquisition, sorting and reserve.

    In accordance with the planning and implementation of the projects in development, operations and management. 17th Tianjin Beiyang Park investment development limited is a park in municipal facilities, investment, construction of public buildings and related facilities, in accordance with the CMC's plan calls for responsible investment, construction of related facilities.

    Municipal public facilities in the Park supporting net income from fees and land transfer Administration should be used for the construction of the facilities.

    18th CMC shall actively promote the Park, municipal infrastructure and related facilities operation, conservation and maintenance of the social market economy, and the enactment of fees and service standards, and strengthen supervision and management.

19th Tianjin Beiyang Park investment development company responsible for public libraries, stadiums, public training center (Museum) the conservation and maintenance of public buildings, and to assume responsibility for public buildings the value mentioned above.

    Tianjin Beiyang Park investment Development Corporation and public buildings and use between the rights and obligations stipulated by the contract.

    20th public training centre equipment, facilities and daily operation and management of the municipal human resources and social security administrative departments in charge.

    The fifth chapter of social management

    21st MC should actively carry out government functions, strengthen the management of Park's public areas, integrated campus management and management in public areas. 22nd CMC should be community management system and mechanism innovation, strengthen public management, promote community service, coordinating Community public relations.

    Establish and improve the mechanism of democratic participation, and actively promote new mode of combination of community service and property management. 23rd Park community building should be fully functional, complete and perfect service facilities and venues.

    Without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to change the community's public facilities and places of use.

    24th zone environment and landscape, municipal roads, urban drainage, rivers and public passenger transport, road traffic safety, community public service facilities and communities in environmental management, shall comply with the provisions on administration of Tianjin City (26th of 2010 municipal) requirements, the implementation of a comprehensive urban management.

    25th Park public passenger transport services should be strengthened, the Management Committee together with the relevant departments for the administration of public passenger transport in the Park walking routes, frequency of stops, departure, story time and other proposed specifications and requirements.

    Article 26th Park to establish prevention public health care system and improve the system of community health services, strengthening food safety supervision, promoting the development of sports, fitness, recreation and health.

    27th the zones the establishment of disaster prevention and mitigation system, and develop and improve emergency plans, promoting the construction of regional security systems and emergency response system, raise the level of public safety and mitigate losses, and to provide area residents with excellent public emergency services.

    28th Park institution should fulfil its teaching, research and routine management duties, is responsible for the campus order and security on campus, Student Administration and services, event security, disaster prevention and emergency response, internal management, and accept the guidance and supervision of the Management Committee.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 29th these provisions come into force on April 1, 2011.