Regulations Of Shanghai Municipality On The Implementation Of Local Records Work Approach

Original Language Title: 上海市实施《地方志工作条例》办法

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Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the implementation of local records work approach

(April 25, 2011 105th Executive meeting of Shanghai Municipal on April 26, 2011, Shanghai Municipal People's Government to 64th released since May 18, 2011) article (purpose and basis)

    In order to implement the regulations of the local history, combined with the municipality, these measures are formulated.

Article II (scope of application)

Within the administrative area of the city local records compilation, management, utilization, application of this approach.

    Local history in these measures, including city and County comprehensive compilation of local records and local Yearbook.

Article III (leadership and protection)

    City and county governments should strengthen the administrative leadership of the local history and local history into the national economic and social development planning, requirements are included in the financial budgets.

Fourth (management)

Municipal bodies responsible for local history (hereinafter local history institutions) and local history, in charge of the City; County local records work within the institutions in charge of the area and local history.

    Development and reform, finance, security, archival, and other related departments of press and publication in accordance with their respective responsibilities, coordinate the implementation of these measures.

Fifth (institution building)

    Municipal and district local history institutions shall set up and perfect the system of local history and business practices, enhance the training of codification, and ensure the quality of the compilation of local records.

Sixth (plans and programmes)

Municipal and district local history local history groups to formulate the corresponding level work planning, reported the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval; after the approval of the municipal and district local history institution shall, according to program for the local history, compiling local records compilation and organize the implementation of the programme.

    County local records work organization should be to authorize institutions of local history, local history, planning work after the record.

Seventh (series)

According to local records work plan and undertake the task of codification codification programme (hereinafter referred to as bearing part), should clearly bear the codification of agencies and personnel, conditions of guarantee the codification, quality compilation task on time.

    City and district local history institutions should make up units of compilation guidance, supervision and inspection.

Eighth (compiling required)

Local history content should be comprehensive and objective, in line with the provisions of laws and regulations.

    Local records compiling personnel should be objective and fair, respecting historical facts and master the basic knowledge and methods of local records compilation, with the corresponding text.

Nineth (call for information) Municipal and district local history organizations can contribute to the authorities, social organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations and individuals collect information on local history, relevant units and individuals shall provide support.

Municipal and district local history organizations relevant information can be access, extract, copy, that involve State secrets, business secrets and personal privacy, except for file opening conditions are not met. Local history information owner or holder to provide the relevant information, you can get adequate remuneration.

Local history information owners or holders shall not knowingly provided false information.

    Series units should be formed in the codification process of the local history, local history, electronic information is copied to the document body.

Tenth (review review and acceptance at the local records)

    To municipal or district administrative regions names named, included in the program for the local history of local records and shall, in accordance with the regulations, local history institution, submitted for review, review, and acceptance.

11th (local records manuscript review requirements)

City administrative division name named, included in the program for the local history of local records manuscript submitted directly by the AP units, local history institutions; administrative area of County names named, included in the program for the local history of local records manuscript, summarized by County local history institution, reported to the county people's Governments agreed, submitted to the city and local history institutions. Local history book manuscript series internal review, submitted in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph of this article, local history institutions.

    Shall receive local history local history institutions, within 45 working days of the date of your presentation, and organize relevant experts in the field to review the presentation and provide comments.

12th (local records manuscript's request for review)

AP units should be modified according to the comments on local records manuscript and revised agency review, local history, local records document to work; to use administrative area of county name of, by County and local history, local history, submitted following the report and agency review.

    City local history institutions shall receive the modified records within 45 working days of the date of your presentation, experts in accordance with the quality standards and norms of local records compilation and review of the document, issued by the review.

13th (local records manuscript's acceptance requirements) Basic compliance review by the expert submitted to the acceptance of the local records manuscript, shall receive local history local history institutions, within 30 working days of acceptance of your presentation.

Acceptance can be published; check fails, AP units should be revised and then submitted to the acceptance. Local history book manuscript after acceptance by not allowed content to be changed.

    Needed changes, required the consent of the local history institutions concerned.

14th (local integrated publication of the Yearbook)

    To municipal or district administrative regions names naming places after this level local history institutions approved the comprehensive annual, publicly published.

15th (local records and local comprehensive Yearbook sample copy submissions)

    Local history books and local integrated within 3 months of the publication of Yearbook, series units, local history institution, shall submit the sample booklet.

16th (development)

    Municipal and district local history institutions shall organize and promote utilization of local history resources, strengthen the construction of local history information through local history museum (room), information databases and local history site, convenient for the community to use.

17th (responsibility)

Violation of these rules, any of the following acts, rectification by municipal or county local history institutions; it fails to be criticized:

(A) refuse to take or is not completed in accordance with the requirements of local Chronicles compilation tasks;

    (B) after the acceptance by the unauthorized content changes on local records manuscript.

18th (service to other local records and compilation of the Yearbook)

    Municipal and district local history institutions according to the requirements of the relevant units, and provides guidance for compiling other local history books and yearbooks, services.

19th (execution date) These measures come into force on May 18, 2011.