Harbin City Outdoors Advertisement Installation Management

Original Language Title: 哈尔滨市城市户外广告设置管理办法

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Harbin city outdoors advertisement installation management

    (March 17, 2011 Harbin municipal people's Government at the 78th Executive Meeting March 28, 2011 Harbin municipal people's Government order No. 230, published as of May 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First, in order to regulate outdoor advertising settings, rational use of urban space, urban landscape and beautify the urban environment, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Completion of the second this approach applies to this city and urbanization within the planning scheme area of the city administration of outdoor advertisements and related management activities in the region.

    Outdoor advertising registration and supervision and management of the publication, in accordance with the People's Republic of China advertisement law and regulations of the relevant rules and regulations.

    Third article this approach by said outdoor advertising set, is refers to using outdoor site (by), and space, and built (frame) built real, and facilities, and transport, carrier, set, and posted, and draws, and graffiti, and mosaic, and hanging introduced commodity or service of commercial advertising, and indicates marked commodity or service of operators location of plaque, and identifies, and indicates brand, signs advertising and public advertising, non-commercial advertising of behavior.

Fourth of municipal urban administration authorities (hereinafter referred to as City urban management Department) is responsible for organizing the implementation of these measures.

Urban and rural planning, business, traffic, transportation, land and natural resources, urban and rural construction, housing and real estate management, water supply, environmental protection, quality and technical supervision, supervision, finance and other departments according to their respective responsibilities to management.

Urban management departments in accordance with the duties the Division responsible for the area of outdoor advertising set approval, supervision and overall coordination.

    Centralized exercise of administrative law-enforcement departments of administrative punishment right for urban management (hereinafter referred to as law enforcement sector) in accordance with the functions and powers, is responsible for the implementation of administrative sanctions as provided herein. Article fifth joint meeting of the outdoor advertising systems, integrated and coordinated management of the city outdoors advertisement installation important work. Urban and rural planning, urban management, industry and commerce, public security and communications, transportation, water supplies, law enforcement and other relevant departments as members of the joint unit.

    Joint meeting of the municipal urban management Department is responsible for convening and organizing.

Outdoor advertising article sixth, shall, in accordance with the city's Outlook, structure functions, road characteristics and regional unified planning, overall design, zone control, reasonable layout, the city looks beautiful.

Outdoor advertisement facilities design, styling, color, quantity, volume, format, location, direction, height, materials shall be coordinated with the surrounding environment.

    Promote new technologies used in the production of outdoor advertisement, using energy-saving materials and products.

Article seventh city administration and other departments responsible for the outdoor advertisements set-up and administration of outdoor advertisements claim-management reporting system should be established, published complaints telephone hotlines investigate and deal with complaints or reports in a timely manner.

    Units and individuals have the right to outdoor advertising for violations of these rules of conduct reports or complaints, and outdoor advertisements for compliance with the statutory requirements to the Chengguan Department for advice.

    Chapter II planning and setting technical specifications

    Article eighth of outdoor advertising arrangement plan formulated by the Municipal Department of urban management of urban and rural planning, business, traffic, transportation, water supplies Department Organization, submitted to the municipal people's Government announced.

Nineth compilation of outdoor advertising arrangement plan should be guided by the following principles:

(A) in line with the city's overall urban planning, regulatory detailed planning, urban design and the relevant provisions of the measures, coordination with the urban construction and development;

(B) help protect traditional scenes of the city and improving city appearance, enhance the image and reflect the characteristics and style of the city, and the city environmental construction coordination;

(C) the district management and control, and, focused, coordinated with regional environment;

    (D) maintenance of public security, the public interest.

Article tenth outdoor advertising arrangement plan should include the following:

(A) no set areas, strict control, general control area, a range of appropriate settings;

(B) outdoor advertising layout, volume, density and type of control;

    (C) outdoor advertising arrangement of location, form, scale, size, colors, materials, lighting, and other basic requirements.

    11th technical specification of outdoor advertisements by the Municipal Department of urban management, in conjunction with urban and rural planning, business, traffic, transportation, water supplies Department prepared and published.

12th outdoor advertising arrangement should be based on the technical specification of outdoor advertising arrangement plan, city appearance standards and related laws, rules, regulations, and statutory standards, such as the preparation, and specific provisions on the following matters:

(A) the spatial relationships of outdoor advertising facilities, scale, size, style, shape, materials, technology, lighting, and other matters involving the city looks;

(B) the design, construction and installation of outdoor advertising facilities, supervision, maintenance, safety testing and other related facilities, building (structures) matters of security or public security;

(Iii) other matters require. According to the specific provisions on matters listed in the preceding paragraph, a distinction should be made mandatory and introductory provisions.

    Mandatory requirements must be strictly enforced.

    13th prepare outdoor advertising outdoor advertising arrangement plan and setting technical specifications, should take the form of hearings, feasibility study meeting or seminar, public hearing-related departments, industry associations, relevant comments and suggestions from experts and the public.

14th under any of the following circumstances, outdoor advertising ban:

(A) the use of traffic safety facilities, traffic signs, fire-fighting equipment;

(B) affected traffic safety facilities, traffic signs, municipal public facilities, use of fire control facilities and barrier-free facilities;

(C) road traffic safety;

(D) interfere with productive life, aesthetic considerations aside, damages the city appearance or settings may have adverse effects;

(E) endanger the building (structure), building safety, public safety;

(Vi) use away from the glass windows of a building;

(VII) take up urban wetland, urban landscaping, tree growth;

    (VIII) other prohibited for specified in outdoor advertising arrangement plan.

15th prohibition of outdoor commercial advertising in the following areas, location:

(A) State agencies, schools, cultural relic protection units of construction control areas, historic buildings, places of scenic spots;

(B) municipal people's Government established monumental architecture, representative of modern architecture and landmarks;

(C) the roof of buildings, overpasses and pedestrian (outdoor advertising arrangement plan determine the appropriate settings area);

(D) the roads on both sides of the fence, fences, roads, trees, hedges, permeability barriers;

(E) electricity, communications and other facilities;

(F) the taxi vehicle outer hull outside, bus, ferry vessels (electric) car body external (not including both sides of the body), ferry boat terminals and ticket office, public transportation such as bus line control room;

    (G) the municipality determine commercial advertising other prohibited areas, location.

    16th outdoor advertising on city roads, and shall not extend to above the road, across a road or the high limit provision shall not traffic signs are color and design look the same or similar configuration night light, not with road traffic signal is similar, or setting affects driver vision, glare lighting facilities for traffic accidents.

    17th building (structures) set on the outdoor advertising, not blocking Windows, impede the ventilation, lighting, movement of neighboring right holders and other legitimate rights and interests.

    18th in the residential area of commercial and office space and control zones, residential areas around outdoor advertising or other electronic display with night light source, to avoid noise pollution, light pollution and block the sunlight and other adverse impacts on the lives of residents.

Article 19th by bus (electric) outdoor advertising on both sides of car body must not block Windows, passenger entrance door, the line card and the original exterior color cover all affected passengers to identify and take.

    Use public transportation waiting lounge (Booth), stop and other outdoor advertising facilities shall be set within the specified advertisements.

Article 20th prohibit water floats on River outdoor advertising.

    Dikes and levees within the building (structure) of outdoor advertising on buildings, facilities, shall not affect the navigation and safety of levees.

    Article 21st in flying aircraft are hanging outdoor advertising is prohibited.

    22nd due to organize cultural, tourism and sports, commodities trading, product exhibitions, festivals and other activities require approval can be temporarily set up banners, flags, banners, inflatable model, physical modelling, such as outdoor advertising. 23rd of municipal urban management Department shall, in conjunction with urban and Rural Planning Department regularly for outdoor advertising arrangement plan and outdoor advertisements set-up in assessing the implementation of the technical specifications.

Assessment concluded that necessitates modification should be revised in a timely manner.

    And other relevant departments, industry associations, relevant experts and urban management Department, individuals have the right to the city outdoors advertisement installation plan and outdoor advertising and technical norms modify its observations and recommendations.

    Chapter three outdoor advertisements set-up approval Outdoor advertising article 24th shall meet the city outdoors advertisement installation plan and technical specifications, approval can be set.

    Without approval, no unit or individual is allowed to set outdoor advertising. 25th outdoor advertising is set to the application accepted by the Urban Management Department is responsible for the uniform. Involving laws and regulations from other parts of the city are responsible for approval, by the Urban Management Department is responsible for application materials transferred to related departments bring forward views through the integration of, or organizing joint meetings of decentralized administration.

    Involving relevant departments of the province, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations apply. Article 26th city departments should be in their Office, open government Web site, outdoor advertisements announced approval of matters, the basis, conditions, procedures, deadlines, and all submitted materials catalog and application model.

Not been made public, not as a condition of approval according to or. Installation of outdoor advertising units or individuals, before application to the urban management department or other public ways, check out outdoor advertising arrangement plan, technical specification of outdoor advertisements and other materials, and can be consulted on matters related to the installation of outdoor advertising.
Urban Management Department shall provide true and accurate information in a timely manner.

    Set in the 27th position in the following areas, outdoor advertising, an application shall be submitted to the Municipal Department of urban management:

(A) urban trunk road and buildings on both sides of the street within prescribed limits;

(B) important buildings around the town square, tourist attractions and within prescribed limits;

(C) transport, waiting lounge (Booth), bus and other public transport facilities;

(D) the area south of the Songhua River embankments to Riverside buildings within prescribed limits;

(E) Government investment, financing and construction of public spaces and public facilities;

(F) other areas of the Municipal Government to determine.

Specific scope prescribed in the preceding paragraph of this article, the municipal urban management Department, in conjunction with relevant Government and regulatory authorities, and submitted to the municipal people's Government promulgated after approval.

    Outdoor advertising outside the scope of the first paragraph of this article, shall apply to the Chengguan Department.

    28th article on outdoor advertising use of public transport and public transport facilities, commissioned by the Municipal Department of urban municipal transportation Department approval; for other vehicles, commissioned by the Municipal Department of urban municipal public security and traffic departments for examination and approval.

    29th district people's Government and Hasi area, qunli, people's Government of the special zone, and other relevant authorities shall, according to the outdoor advertising arrangement plan formulated and technical specification of outdoor advertisements this area outdoors advertisement installation plan, released after the record by the Municipal Department of urban management review and as a basis for considering outdoor advertisements within the region.

    30th article city Chengguan sector can according to outdoor advertising set planning, and outdoor advertising set technology specification and related legal, and regulations, and regulations, with urban and rural planning, and business, and police traffic, and traffic transport, and water works, sector, organization prepared main street road, and focus regional, and public site (by), and public facilities, and public transport and public traffic facilities, of outdoor advertising set special planning, announced Hou as related outdoor advertising set of approval according to.

31st to apply for installation of outdoor advertising, the following documents shall be submitted:

(A) in accordance with norms to fill the application form for outdoor advertisements;

(B) the business license or other documents to prove qualification valid;

(C) the installation of outdoor advertising venues, built (structures), proof of right of use or ownership of the facility;

(D) outdoor advertising space diagrams, elevations and color renderings;

(V) other materials stipulated by laws and regulations.

    Outdoor advertising use of owners of residential buildings should also provide documentation of related owners agree.

Article 32nd on the ground, building (structures) installation of outdoor advertising facilities on property, except as provided in this article 31st application materials, shall also submit the following documents:

(A) by a qualified unit of structure design of outdoor advertisement facilities design and safety analysis of impact assessment;

(B) review by the review bodies with appropriate qualifications qualified construction of outdoor advertising facilities;

(C) the construction of outdoor advertising facilities safety precautions and security unit in charge, responsible person;

    (D) the housing safety and home safety evaluation report issued by the accreditation body (only on State-owned land use of the premises has been completed and delivered).

Article 33rd temporary outdoor advertising applications, the following documents shall be submitted:

(A) Provisional applications for installation of outdoor advertising;

(B) the business license or other documents to prove qualification valid;

(C) the approval document of the competent authorities (except for the celebrations, promotions);

(D) the form and scope of the temporary outdoor advertising arrangement;

    (V) other materials stipulated by laws and regulations. Article 34th urban management Department shall, within 15 working days from the date of acceptance to approve or not to approve a written decision. The decision to approve should be a copy of law enforcement departments to be made public, the public right of access.

Approved, shall state the reasons in writing.

    Relevant departments shall, on receipt of the Urban Management Department transferred to the outdoor advertisements within 5 working days to submit written observations on the application, submit an application and the applicant shall not be required to repeat material, substantive review of the need for on-site verification, organized by the Urban Management Department.

    35th urban management Department found in the review of outdoor advertisements directly related to the rights of adjacent lighting, ventilation, traffic or vital interests such as security of residence, shall inform the interested party and heard the applicant or interested party.

    36th city departments before making approval decisions, hearings against the applicant or interested party application or outdoor settings may have on public safety, traffic safety, and building (structures), electric power, communications, lighting and other utility overhead lines, facilities, equipment safe and have a significant impact, it shall organize the hearing, according to hearing advice according to the decision.

Approved for the 37th set deadlines of outdoor advertising in accordance with the following conditions:

(A), including through public bidding and auction sites, outdoor advertising use of public facilities, setting a deadline not exceeding 3 years;

(B) using its own equity or by borrowing, renting, rental or any other means acquisition of the right of site, building (structure) of outdoor advertising structures, facilities, setting a deadline not exceeding 2 years;

(C) the use of outdoor advertising site walls, set period shall not exceed the completion date of the project;

(D) organize large-scale cultural, tourism and sports, activities or activities such as trade fairs, trade shows, set up temporary outdoor advertising, setting age limits determined according to the activity period;

    (E) the celebration of temporary outdoor advertising, promotions and other activities, setting a deadline shall not be later than 2nd.

    Article 38th outdoor advertising approved by the Urban Management Department, an outdoor advertising registration according to law, set shall be provided to the relevant departments for industry and commerce.

    39th, outdoor advertising arrangement needs to continue the expiry settings, in 30th and approval prior to the expiration of the term.

    Fourth chapter Board set

    40th products or service providers (including other non-public organization) set with name, size, name, registered trademark, logo, and more, the plaque, of the provisions of this chapter shall apply the provisions of this chapter; not covered in this chapter, these measures shall apply other relevant provisions.

41st urban management Department should be according to the outdoor advertising arrangement plan and technical specification of outdoor advertisements, combined with different neighborhoods, areas, buildings, city appearance request, in conjunction with the relevant departments to develop plaque set technical specifications, as evidence of the approval of the publication.

Chengguan Department plaque set before the publication of the technical specifications should be submitted to the municipal urban management Department.

    Urban Management Department can organize the design, collection, recommended plaque examples reflect the characteristics of the city, set reference.

42nd plaque prepared technical specifications shall comply with the following requirements:

(A) in the same way or to the same block plaque identifies the set on an adjacent building, its form, size, color, lighting effect should be such as to achieve overall harmony and harmony with the style of outdoor advertising facilities within the region;

(B) building (structures) colonization, façade sets the plaque should be built (structure) itself and the adjacent signs facility height, form, shape, size, color coordination, building facades and other outdoor ads facilities should reconcile and maintain the facade of the building clean and beautiful;

    (C) set the plaque should be at the top of the building using a single word forms.

    Article 43rd multiple units sharing a place or a building with multiple units, set the plaque should be determined by the place or building owners or managers under regions plaque set technical specifications for the overall planning and design.

    Article 44th commodity or service providers shall, in their premises on the facades of buildings directly written or in the form of paper, banner hanging and pasting their name, font size, for short.

Article 45th set plaque to the Urban Management Department should submit the following materials:

(A) photocopy of the business license or name approved by the relevant authorities to prove;

(B) the wording of the plaque, production specifications, style, material and location of such documents;

(C) set the plaque site, buildings (structures), proof of ownership or right of buildings and facilities;

    Applicants recommended plaque-style urban management Department, do not need to submit material under the preceding paragraph of this article, defined by the Urban Management Department at the time of approval.

    46th Chengguan Department shall accept the plaque is set to the application in writing within 10 working days from the date of decision.

    The fifth chapter installation and maintenance 47th outdoor advertising shall be in accordance with the approved places, location, form, specifications, construction drawings, renderings and other required settings.

Without approval, and shall not be changed without permission.

    Commercial outdoor advertising approved facilities and welfare of outdoor advertising facilities shall be marked in accordance with urban management Department approval number, mark the location should be easy to identify.

Commercial outdoor advertising facilities section 48th, shall set the date of 5th release commercial advertising, overdue or in investment during the 5th consecutive release commercial advertising, should be requested by the Urban Management Department releases public service ads, until the released commercials so far.

    Sets were in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph publishing public service ads, can be issued while facility investment, investment should be located below the public service ads, total area shall not exceed the area of outdoor advertising one-fifth.

    49th public service advertising facility may not publish commercial advertising allowed. 50th outdoor advertising articles shall conform to the safety of outdoor advertising facilities technical standards, management standards and specifications, to ensure the security and strong set of outdoor advertising facilities.

    Construction and maintenance of outdoor advertising facilities shall comply with the relevant safety regulations.

51st, outdoor settings for outdoor advertising facilities shall be the daily inspection and maintenance, keeping security firm, outdoor advertising facilities in good condition clean and tidy.
Outdoor advertising facilities are damaged, skewed, damaged or soiled, faded, and setting shall promptly repair or update; neon signs, electronic display devices, light forms of outdoor advertising facilities shall show complete, break light, damaging, set shall repair, replace in the 3rd, and stopped before repair, replacement.

Outdoor advertising facilities relating to public safety, and self-censorship set shall be established in accordance with the provisions, promptly eliminate security risks. Set of 2 years shall entrust a qualified body detection, detection report Chengguan Department.

    Specific provisions formulated by the municipal urban management authorities and the municipal quality and technical supervision Department revealed.

52nd non-temporary outdoor advertising has any of the following circumstances, set the removal of persons shall, within the 5th:

(A) outdoor advertising arrangement approval was withdrawn, cancelled or revoked;

(B) outdoor advertising arrangement ceased to be used before the expiry;

(C) outdoor advertising arrangement expires, the new application is not approved.

Outdoor advertising space (), buildings (structures), facility owner or administrator should be urged to set time remove obligations set fails to fulfill the demolition of abandoned tube when the obligation, the property owner or Manager is responsible for dismantling.

    Temporary outdoor advertising shall be removed within 6 hours after the expiry of the period set.

    53rd urban management Department for outdoor advertising arrangement plan adjustments or public interests shall be altered or withdrawn of outdoors advertisement installation approval, causing property damage to outdoor advertisements, should be compensated according to law.

    54th commercial outdoor advertising facilities approved changes its main business, the assignee shall from the date of change in the 5th business licenses and transfers transfers a copy of the contract signed by both parties to the Chengguan Department setting, modification of the grant set for the record.

55th government investment, financing and construction of public space, public facilities management of outdoor advertising facilities, its location of use should be obtained through bidding, auction.

Government investment, financing and construction of public spaces, outdoor advertising locations of public facilities, units authorized by the municipal government as a property right. Authorized by the municipal government units in the organization before bidding, auction, and shall, together with the municipal and city authorities, according to the outdoor advertising arrangement plan and technical specification of outdoor advertisements and other specific conditions of outdoor advertisements and incorporated into the tender and auction documents.

Formulation of outdoor advertisements set-up conditions or conditions not included in the file of bidding, auction, may organize tenders and auctions.

    Outdoor advertising location of tenure bid, the proceeds from the sale by the financial sector supervision in accordance with the relevant provisions of government non-tax revenue. 56th in the outdoor advertising arrangement plan allows you to set within the area of outdoor advertising, the new building (structures) and other outdoor advertising facilities in need, according to the outdoor advertising arrangement plan technical specifications reserved for outdoor advertising and outdoor advertising location.

    No position is reserved for outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising shall not be.

    Supervision and administration of the sixth chapter

    57th article city Chengguan sector should strengthening on city outdoor advertising set management activities of supervision, and guide and coordination, on violation provides approval outdoor advertising set, and not by provides perform supervision management duties of, should ordered its corrected, and can according to terms asked accountability; on should give administrative sanctions of district Chengguan sector and by delegate institutions of staff, should to its appointment organ or monitored organ proposed disposition recommends.

Article 58th city departments and agencies should strengthen supervision and inspection of outdoor advertisements within the approval activity, record checking and processing of the results, the public right of access supervision and inspection records.

Municipal Department of urban management to delegate the day-to-day supervision of regional urban management Department management, and responsible for the principal regional outdoor advertisements set-up in order.

    The complaint, the city law enforcement department, reporting and inspection inspection found violations of the provisions on administration of outdoor advertisements, shall be promptly filed investigation.

59th urban management Department and outdoor advertisements set-up in the Harry Fox Agency in monitoring and checking, the right to take the following measures:

(A) the requirements set to provide related documents, information and oversight matters, and make a copy;

(B) order setting to stop violations of the relevant outdoor advertising the laws and regulations of the Act and the regulations, and supervise the party to put;

(C) performance outdoor advertising order maintenance management responsibilities, security checks to approve installation of outdoor advertising facilities;

    (D) requirements for refusing to perform correct, copy of city law enforcement authorities for punishment.

    60th city departments and agencies or law enforcement authorities a copy of punishable offences, and shall set forth in writing the parties, illegal facts and punishment recommendations and based on such matters, and providing supervision and inspection records and other information as needed.

    61st article Chengguan law enforcement sector should since received Chengguan sector or by delegate institutions copy told matters of day up 2 a days within be filed, since filed of day up 15 a days within made punishment decided and CC Chengguan sector or by delegate institutions; for special reasons 15 a days within cannot made punishment decided of, by this sector head approved, can extended; on law should forced demolition of outdoor advertising facilities, should timely organization implementation demolition.

    62nd urban management Department shall develop and implement outdoor advertising major security incident response solution, heavy rain (snow), high winds and other severe weather, should be urged to set people to do security work in a timely manner.

63rd under any of the following circumstances shall be timely convening of the joint meeting of the management of outdoor advertisements:

(A) the Organization of outdoor advertising arrangement plan, outdoor advertising sets the compilation, revision and evaluation of the implementation of the technical specifications;

(B) involving outdoor advertising in the approval and management of critical issues;

(C) other matters need to be organized or coordinated. Joint Unit shall, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities agreed matters of the implementation of the joint, strengthen cooperation and communication.

    Work systems formulated by the Municipal Department of urban management in conjunction with the other members of the unit.

    64th city departments and agencies carry out outdoor advertising arrangement approval and supervision duties, not to have a outdoor advertisements offered to buy the designated commodities, accept the specified outdoor advertising design, fabrication, construction, testing and other units and individuals paid services, such as the unfair requirement.

    The seventh chapter legal liability

65th in violation of any of the following circumstances as provided herein, by the city law enforcement department sanctions:

(A) outdoor advertising without prior approval, shall be ordered to dismantle, plaques, signs, signs advertising and a fine of 500 Yuan more than 2000 Yuan fine, more than 1000 Yuan for other outdoor advertising and fined a maximum of 5000 Yuan; fails to dismantle, torn down.

(B) outdoor advertising is not according to the approved documentation, or do not comply in a timely manner of outdoor advertising facilities maintenance and updates obligations affect the city appearance, rectification and each fined 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan fines; it fails to mend, and torn down.

(C) failing to removal of outdoor advertising facilities shall be ordered to dismantle, and fined 1000 Yuan and 3000 Yuan fines; fails to dismantle, torn down.

(D) approved the operation of outdoor advertising facilities are not set within the time stipulated in commercial advertising and failing to release public service ads, rectification, and fined 1000 Yuan and 3000 Yuan fine.

(E) public service advertising facility of commercial advertising approved, rectification, and a fine of 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan fine; it fails to mend, in accordance with the forced demolition of a commercial advertising without prior approval.

(Vi) is not in accordance with the provisions for outdoor advertisement facilities safety testing or have not met their security obligations, a rectification; fails to mend, fined a maximum of up to 5000 Yuan and 20,000 yuan; for failure to adopt effective safety measures have serious consequences, and torn down.

(G) management of outdoor advertising facilities after the changed settings, not in accordance with the provisions of the record, a rectification; fails to mend, fined 500 Yuan as against the assignee more than 1000 Yuan fine.

(VIII) operating outdoor advertising approved facilities and public service advertising facility not label approval number in accordance with regulations, a rectification; fails to mend, fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.

    Chengguan law enforcement sector in accordance with this article Qian paragraph first items to fifth items provides made punishment decided of, should in punishment decided in the contains Ming ordered corrected (demolition) of specific term; on Qian paragraph sixth items to eighth items provides case, Chengguan sector or by delegate institutions has made ordered deadline corrected decided and party late not corrected of, Chengguan law enforcement sector received copy told Hou should directly by program implementation punishment.

    66th outdoor advertisements set-up in activities in contravention of the road traffic safety management, traffic and transport management, water management and other provisions, traffic, transportation, water supply and other relevant departments shall punish.

67th administrative departments and their staff, one of the following circumstances, be accountable in accordance with the relevant provisions of:

(A) failing to prepare the outdoor advertising arrangement plan technical specification set, outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising arrangement approval and supervision no specific basis;

(B) fails to perform the joint responsibilities, decisions which affect the effective operation of the mechanisms of the joint or joint implementation matters;

(C) on the set of unified management, centralized management shall be applied for, in accordance with the procedures as provided herein;

(D) exercising outdoors advertisement installation approval discretion is lack of clear evidence, or is not required to exercise discretion, resulting in chaos for examination and approval;

(E) acts contrary to the provisions on administration of outdoor advertisements could not be found, processing or transfer of punishment, corresponds to the penalty there is no timely punishment according to law, corresponds to the removal of outdoor advertising facilities are not dismantled according to law in a timely manner, unordered set of outdoor advertising;

(F) in accordance with stipulations and outdoor advertisements in public approval of the relevant matter, denial of public access to records of supervision and inspection;

(VII) to higher authority ordered the revocation of approval does not perform according to the requirements of the outdoor advertising arrangement;

(VIII) without consent of the units authorized by the municipal government, without authorization, sale, transfer, leasing of government investment, financing the construction of public facilities in public venues, outdoor advertising rights;

(I) to the outdoor advertisements offered to buy the designated commodities and to accept paid services or other improper requests;

    (J) the laws, regulations and other accountability.
68th accountability of administrations and their staff have discovered, through the following channels this article 68th, permission pursuant to the provisions and procedures of implementing the accountability system should be:

(A) directly in the inspection, investigation finds;

(B) the report or charge against the citizens, legal persons or other organizations after investigation and verification;

(C) the superior instruction, instruction;

(D) recommended by the NPC deputies and CPPCC members;

(E) the recommendations of the judicial organs and procuratorial organs;

(F) the financial, auditing, legal, government compliance, performance management, supervision and examination sector recommended;

(VII) the news media matters after investigation and verification;

(H) other information should be accountability.

    Implementing the accountability system can separate or merge order rectification, is ordered to make a written check, criticized and adjusted on the job, ordered to resign, advice, demotion or removal from Office, and so on.

69th administration staff in the management of outdoor advertisements do not perform their statutory duties, dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in any of the following circumstances, by their work units or by the competent authorities, supervisory organs shall be given administrative sanctions:

(A) in accordance with approval rights, conditions, procedures and other provisions of outdoor advertisements for approval;

(B) provisions for violations of outdoor advertisements and reports, complaints received, does not handle, finger-pointing or harboring condoned the violations;

(C) fails to perform security functions of supervision of outdoor advertising facilities, resulting in serious accidents;

(D) the solicitation or acceptance of other people's property, or seeking other interests;

    (E) other acts of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in.

    The eighth chapter by-laws

    70th County (City) of built-up area and the urbanization management of regional management of outdoor advertisements, you can refer to these measures. 71st these measures come into force on May 1, 2011. October 11, 2006 Harbin Government 153th order published by the Harbin city outdoors advertisement installation regulations repealed simultaneously.