Administrative Measures For The Field Mission In Shantou Shantou Special Economic Zones Office 2011 (Revised)

Original Language Title: 汕头经济特区外地驻汕办事机构管理办法(2011年修正本)

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Administrative measures for the field mission in Shantou Shantou special economic zones Office 2011 (revised) (February 20, 1998 Government of Shantou, 20th February 24, 2011 12th session of the Standing Committee of the people's Government of the 78th amendment, Shantou city through March 20, 2011 Government of Shantou 123th number announced as of May 1, 2011) the first to standardize the Shantou special economic zone (hereinafter referred to as the SAR) field in Shantou-Office management, coordination and service, promote exchanges, cooperation and development in the field, in accordance with the relevant laws,

    The provisions of laws and regulations, based on actual SAR, these measures are formulated.

    Article from outside the SAR authorities, groups, enterprises, institutions and other units set up in the SAR for non-profit agencies (hereinafter referred to as administrative body stationed in Shantou) the management, coordination and service work, these measures shall apply.

    Third municipal people's Government has responsibility in Shantou Office management unit (hereinafter referred to as administrative body stationed in Shantou management) is responsible for the management of the SAR Government in Shantou Office, coordination and service work.

    Fourth in Hong-shan Office stationed in Shantou Office management unit shall register, level of responsibilities, and provides administrative offices as well as offices and other relevant information. Article fifth mission in Shantou Office name to implement standardized management.

    By the people's Governments above the county level, more than institutions, there are certain economies of scale enterprises to set up offices that Office, Liaison Office said other enterprises to set up offices.

    Sixth mission in Shantou economic entities run by offices in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Administrative Department for industry and commerce registration procedures, in the area within the enterprise, enjoying the enterprise of the preferential treatment within the region.

Article seventh resident registered resident Shan-Shan Office Management Office, according to Office of 5 people, liaison offices and 3 standard rations collective SAR permanent residence registration, the account moving into personnel conditions have been met, to the municipal public security authorities can apply for the account moved to the SAR.

    Standing no SAR permanent residence in Shantou Office personnel, should apply for a residence permit to the local police station.

    Article eighth obtaining a HKSAR permanent resident-Shan Office staff who go abroad or to Hong Kong and Macao should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant procedures.

    Nineth Ordinances which had been made to the permanent residence or residence permits personnel in Shantou Office, their children in accordance with the relevant provisions of the enterprise within the region to enjoy nursery admission preferences.

    Tenth standing-Shan change of business name, owner, Office, stationed in Shantou Office Management shall promptly apply for alteration registration procedures. 11th Mission in Shantou Office of termination of activities, established by its units stationed in Shantou Office Management Department for registration and will be based in Shantou Office seal as well as the original registration certificate, copies handed stationed in Shantou Office management departments.

    SAR permanent residence who has been made shall be based in Shantou Office within 90 days of the date of cancellation of registration, stationed in Shantou Office management certificate from the city's public security authorities about migration procedures or in accordance with the relevant provisions of entry procedures.

    12th mission stationed in Shantou Shantou Office in October each year Office management departments to submit an annual report, summary of relevant information.

    13th Shantou offices management and staff stationed in violation of these regulations, negligence, through misconduct, bribe, by their work units or by the competent authorities shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 14th article of the rules take effect on May 1, 2011.

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