Xuzhou Urban Underground Pipeline Management

Original Language Title: 徐州市城市地下管线管理办法

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Xuzhou urban underground pipeline management

    (February 18, 2011, Xuzhou city people's Government, the 39th Executive meeting on March 13, 2011 125th, Xuzhou city people's Government promulgated as of May 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to enhance the management of urban underground pipelines, rational development and utilization of underground space resources, ensuring normal operation of underground pipeline and urban public security, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on urban and rural planning and the urban road Management Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

II underground pipelines within the scope of a planned urban area, Xuzhou city planning, construction and management of archive information, applies this approach.

    Military special management of underground pipeline construction in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

    Article underground pipeline in these measures refers to construction of underground water supply, drainage, gas, "oil", electricity, heat, fire, communication network, radio and television, lighting, and other types of lines (including ancillary equipment), pipeline tunnel of underground space and its related facilities.

Fourth, planning, urban and rural construction and departments according to their respective duties responsible for the underground pipeline of urban road planning, construction and management.

Water supplies, transportation and public security departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, good management of underground pipeline.

    Underground pipeline property unit and used by government investment and construction of pipeline management unit (hereinafter referred to as property rights, management of underground pipeline unit), which is responsible for the day-to-day management and maintenance of the underground pipeline.

    Fifth water supply, drainage, gas, "oil", electric power, heat, telecommunications, lighting, network, radio, television and other authorities shall organize the preparation of underground pipeline safety emergency preparedness to ensure safe operation of underground pipelines.

    Chapter II management of underground pipeline planning

Sixth of municipal planning departments shall, jointly with relevant departments to produce comprehensive planning of underground pipelines, approved by the Municipal Government put into the overall urban planning.

    Preparation of controlled detailed planning should be based on the overall urban planning, underground pipeline comprehensive planning requirements, comprehensive arrangements for all types of underground pipelines and their auxiliary facilities.

Seventh City Road Department shall, in conjunction with development and reform, planning, financial sectors, according to the urban planning and integrated planning the development of city underground pipeline road building programme, report to the public after the approval of the municipal government.

    Underground pipeline construction should be based on urban road construction plans, formulation of the units and the following year construction plan of underground pipelines, urban road departments. Eighth underground pipeline construction should be built, rebuilt or expanded unified planning and design of urban roads, synchronous implementation.

Road construction should be in accordance with the planning requirements for the underground pipeline pipeline buried across the road.

    Underground pipeline engineering in building, rebuilding, expansion, should be controlled in the context of planning the pipeline location and shall not occupy other pipeline locations.

Nineth various underground pipeline to, position, depth should be integrated planning and implementation in accordance with the following principles:

(A) the trend of underground pipelines should be parallel to the center line of the road, and to coordinate with the underground concealment project, avoid crossing and interfere with each other;

(B) the same construction of the pipeline should be merged;

(C) except with the consent of the municipal people's Government, supporting pipeline into new roads, rebuilt or expanded roads, existing overhead lines should be entered;

(D) the pipeline to avoid has built a pipeline to be constructed, in principle, temporary pipeline to avoid formal line, a branch pipeline to avoid the main pipeline, small diameter pipeline to avoid large-diameter pipelines, avoidance of pressure pipeline gravity flow piping, flexible pipeline avoidance should not be bent line, technical requirements for low to avoid high technical requirements pipeline, pipeline to avoid the rigid structure of flexible structures pipelines;

    (E) the level of the buried depth of underground pipeline and pipeline distance, vertical spacing, and spacing of buildings, structures, trees, etc, in accordance with the relevant technical standards. Tenth new construction, renovation or expansion of underground pipeline engineering, should apply to the municipal planning departments handle the selection report, land-use planning permit of construction engineering and construction project planning permit.

City planning planning department shall seek the views of relevant departments before site license.

    Of underground pipelines and road construction works, together with the road project for planning permission procedures.

11th underground pipeline project pre-construction, construction of the pipeline should be entrusted with the appropriate qualification of surveying and mapping units to put the line; line, pipeline construction should go through the planning line inspection procedures, testing by the city planning departments flawless before the projects can commence. Underground pipeline project before covering, construction of the pipeline should be entrusted with the appropriate qualification of surveying and mapping units to finish construction surveying, engineering survey results have to be submitted to the municipal planning authorities.

    Works by the City Planning Department review is correct, the Earth. 12th within three months of completion of the construction of underground pipelines, pipeline construction should apply to departments of city planning and acceptance of planning, construction project planning achieved acceptance certificate.

    Unqualified acceptance or acceptance, may organize acceptance, commissioning.

    Chapter III management of underground pipeline construction Before the 13th underground pipeline construction, pipeline construction should be in accordance with the regulations to the urban construction departments conduct construction permit procedure.

Urban water supply, drainage underground pipeline project before construction, pipelines, water, construction units shall be filed after the Department for license procedures submitted to the municipal urban and rural construction departments.

    Of underground pipelines and road construction works, together with the road works for the construction permit procedures.

    14th may seriously affect road traffic or traffic safety of large-scale underground pipeline project before construction, relevant departments should carry out a traffic argument, making road traffic organization scheme.

    15th urban roads and underground pipeline construction, road construction should co-ordinate the management of road engineering and pipeline projects, arranging the construction period of underground pipelines, subject to urban road construction needs.

    16th construction and operation of underground pipelines, taking up of underground space in urban and rural areas, it shall be signed with the landowners land use agreement and pay the associated fees.

17th building, rebuilding, expansion of the city's main roads, conformity with technical standards and related conditions, subsurface utility engineering should give priority to the common ditch.

    Encouraging social investment and construction of power line tunnel. 18th already laying a pipeline tunnel areas, priority should be given using the pipeline tunnel.

    Specific measures for the use and expense of the competent authorities and the pipeline of urban road property unit, city authorities agreed that reported to the municipality for approval.

19th excavation for underground pipeline construction requires or path, units shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the urban road departments departments for urban road traffic management and public security authorities to occupy or dig the approval procedures; takes up green spaces, rivers, the construction unit shall, according to law to the relevant authorities of the corresponding procedures. New construction, renovation or expansion of urban road within five years after the delivery, urban road upon completion of the overhaul three years trenchless underground pipeline.

    Due to special circumstances of trenchless underground pipeline, approved by the municipal people's Government shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions. 20th underground pipeline property, management units on the ground responsible for the safe operation of pipelines and facilities, strengthening daily inspection and maintenance, maintaining pipelines and their auxiliary facilities intact and safe.

    Underground pipelines and their auxiliary facilities damaged, aging, loss, should be repaired in a timely manner. 21st underground pipeline failures require mining road for emergency repairs, property rights, management units can advance the construction of the pipeline, record, and report to the relevant authorities, and within 24 hours for a replacement approval.

    In case of holidays, completing the formalities to be postponed to the next working day.

    22nd underground pipeline during the construction process, due to site conditions or underground spaces occupied and other reasons need to change design of underground pipeline, the construction unit shall be subject to the approval of the competent departments organize construction.

23rd underground pipeline engineering construction units shall be in accordance with the design documents and technical specifications construction and pipeline construction provides accurate information on completion of the pipeline project. Subsurface utility engineering supervision units concealed works of underground pipelines should be acceptance, and pipe inspection record.

    Upon completion and acceptance of the works submitted to municipal planning departments. The 24th new construction, reconstruction and expansion needs to be migrated, alteration of urban road underground pipelines, underground pipeline property units for road construction units concerned should be informed in advance.

    Property unit shall, in accordance with the requirements of underground pipeline removal or alteration, and synchronize with the road construction, the cost borne by the road construction unit. 25th underground pipeline property, manage changes to the unit are not allowed to migrate, the underground pipeline.

Really necessary migrations, changes shall be subject to approval of the Planning Department. Abandoned underground pipeline from the property unit be dismantled. Title is uncertain, the dismantling by the road authority.

    Inappropriate removal of underground pipelines, by underground pipeline property units or road authorities will be pipelines and manholes filled.

26th within the underground pipeline, the following actions are forbidden:

(A) underground pipeline construction;

(B) damage, use and diversion of underground pipelines and auxiliary facilities;

(C) or move or cover, altered, removed, damaged a pipeline facility safety warning signs;

(D) dumping of waste water, emission of corrosive liquids and gases;

(E) piling up inflammable, explosive, corrosive substances;

(Vi) unauthorized access underground pipes;

    (VII) other underground pipeline safety, prevent normal use of the underground pipeline.

    The fourth chapter of underground pipeline archives information management

    27th of municipal planning departments are responsible for underground pipelines information management system, maintenance, updating and management of work, timely completion of underground pipeline general survey data, information, and supplementary fill drawing information into the system, the implementation of dynamic management.

    28th underground pipeline property, management units should be based on underground pipeline information standards and requirements, establishment and maintenance of their information systems, and into the underground pipelines information management system. 29th during pipeline construction for planning permission procedures, should be the licensing formalities to the municipal administration of urban construction archives information record.

    Municipal urban construction archives management institution for transfer after completion of the project should be the contents of the file and asked the pipeline construction.

30th pipeline construction should, in new construction, renovation or expansion of underground pipelines within three months of project completion acceptance, in accordance with the relevant provisions of municipal urban construction archives management institution transferring files and electronic documents.

    Underground pipeline engineering survey, design, construction, supervision and construction units shall cooperate with the collecting, organizing underground pipelines completed archives.

    31st migrations, altered, or dropped out of underground pipelines, pipeline property, management units shall transfer, change, abandoned parts of the underground pipeline project archives, amend, Supplement to the unit on the professional figure of the underground pipeline and pipeline relocation, from the date of change, abandoned in the 30th, modified professional figure and the transfer of relevant information to the City Planning Department.

    32nd underground pipeline due to emergency repairs after tube change or removal of pipeline, pipeline construction unit shall upon completion of the project, commissioned a survey and mapping agency with appropriate qualifications to carry out investigation and surveying the relevant lines within one month after the completion of surveying and mapping results submitted to the City Planning Department.

    33rd underground pipeline construction and property rights, management unit of the underground pipeline project submitted information shall be true, accurate and complete, and shall not be altered or forged.

34th City Planning Department shall, in conjunction with urban and rural construction, water supply, transportation, public security, land, civil protection, urban management and other departments and all district people's Government regularly organizes special survey of underground pipeline.

    Underground pipeline general survey results shall, within three months from the date of acceptance into the underground pipelines information management system.

35th underground pipeline construction and property rights, management units can transfer free of charge access to the units of underground pipeline project archives.

    Citizens, legal persons and other organizations, the use of information systems, underground pipeline construction inspection, the use of non-professional pipeline information in information system shall comply with the confidentiality provisions of the State, and go through the relevant formalities.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    36th article pipeline units not made construction engineering planning license or not according to construction engineering planning license of requirements for construction of, by city planning competent sector ordered stop construction; can take corrected measures elimination on planning implementation of effect of, deadline corrected, and at construction engineering cost 5% above 10% following of fine; cannot take corrected measures elimination effect of, deadline demolition, cannot demolition of, confiscated real or illegal income, can and at construction engineering cost 10% following of fine.

    37th pipeline units not provided delegates with a corresponding qualification of surveying and mapping units to wire or underground soil prior to mapping, management engineering review, the municipal planning authorities shall order rectification, and construction cost more than 1% 5% the following fines.

    38th pipeline units without construction permits, construction without permission from the urban construction departments shall be ordered to stop construction, rectify, and a 1% of construction contract price up to 2% the fine.

    39th urban road engineering in construction process of underground pipelines, pipeline construction or urban road construction schedule construction company refused to comply, by the Department of urban roads shall be ordered to correct, and to a fine of up to 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    40th underground pipeline project completion acceptance or underground pipelines due to emergency repairs after migration of the tube changes, pipeline, pipeline construction does not transfer files or relevant information, the planning authority shall order rectification, and more than 10,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan fine; it refuses, commissioned by the Planning Department on behalf of measurements, measure the costs borne by the construction of the pipeline.

    41st to other acts in violation of these rules, People's Republic of China Law on construction, the People's Republic of China town and country planning Act, the construction engineering quality management regulation, road regulations and other laws and regulations is provided, in accordance with its provisions.

    42nd on the staff of the Department in the management of underground pipeline neglect, abuse, deception, shall be given administrative sanctions by the relevant authorities constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    43rd in each County (City) and jiawang district, Copper Mountain planning planning, construction and management of underground pipelines in the area, can be combined with local conditions, in accordance with the measures implemented. The 44th article of the rules take effect on May 1, 2011.

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