Several Provisions Promoting The Transformation Of Achievements In High-Tech, Lanzhou City 2011 (Revised)

Original Language Title: 兰州市促进高新技术成果转化的若干规定(2011年修正本)

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Several provisions promoting the transformation of achievements in high-tech, Lanzhou city 2011 (revised) (On June 12, 2000 Lanzhou City Government issued according to on December 17, 2010 Lanzhou City Government 18th times Executive Conference considered through March 28, 2011 Lanzhou City Government makes [2011] 2nd, announced since announced of day up purposes of Lanzhou City Government on modified straddling Lanzhou city patriotic health management approach, 9 pieces Government regulations of decided Amendment) first article for implementation West big development and science XING city strategy, promote high-tech results into,

    Promote the integration of science and technology, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law of promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of Gansu province Ordinance and other laws, regulations, Lanzhou city, combined with practical, provisions are formulated.

    Second article city development reform, and technology sector should with about sector, according to "play advantage, highlight focus, strengthened innovation, strengthening integrated" of principles, to modern biological and medicine, and fine chemical, and new building materials, and environmental protection, and electronic information, and electromechanical integration, and nuclear technology application for focus development field, prepared high-tech industry guide and high-tech results into medium-and long-term planning, by City Government approved give to released. Third section high-tech achievement transformation project authorization system. Led by the municipal science and Technology Administration Department in conjunction with the departments concerned are responsible for the high-tech achievement transformation project of technical level, market prospects, economic efficiency, project risk assessment finds that and issue a certificate.

    Where an identified high-tech achievement transformation project, can enjoy the provisions of the relevant policy. Fourth Municipal Government has set up high-tech achievement transformation Service Center.

    The Centre engaged in domestic and foreign scientific and technological achievements of the acquisition, storage, publishing, promotion and production, application areas of scientific and technological information collection, establishing channels of communication technology with industry and financial community, exchange of research results, and high-tech achievement transformation project project, business registration, tax registration and provide joint policy advisory services. Article fifth venture capital high-tech achievement transformation in Lanzhou. Risk, enterprise development, financed by the funds and non-bank financial institutions, enterprises and other financing channels to form.

    Mainly for the identified high-tech achievement transformation project loan, equity investment and financing guarantees. Sixth increase technology investment. From 2001 onwards, cities and counties (districts) annual technology funding arrangements to finance budgetary expenditure at the same level of 1.2%.

    Technology in 50% per cent of funds to be used for the transformation of high-tech projects. The seventh by the municipal science and technology Administrative Department of first instance, submitted to the provincial science and Technology Department as high-tech enterprises, can enjoy the high-tech enterprise's tax policy, according to 15% tax.

    Approved high and new technology achievements transformation projects in the process of industrialization, the acquisition of key equipment for production, testing equipment, a single value of less than 100,000 yuan, once or several times to management costs.

    Eighth section identified by the assessment of high-tech achievements after participating as intangible assets into investment projects, the proportion of registered capital up to 35% the value, except as otherwise agreed.

    Nineth recognized holders of high-tech achievement transformation project to start a business, its registered capital by the legal minimum standard, the scope may be relaxed.

    Tenth from institutions of higher learning, research institutes financed and assigning high-tech achievements in the study of professional and technical personnel, is not the conversion of the year, made people buy at cost of priority scientific and technological achievements, take a variety of forms of transformation.

    State funded applied research to promote high-tech achievement transformation project, the transformation of research results are not implemented within a year, must be transferred to the public. The 11th scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning into positions of scientific and technological achievements shall be in accordance with the duties of the research and development of the scientific and technological achievements of scientific and technological achievements to complete people and other persons made important contributions to achievements awarded. Which, to technology transfer way will positions technology results provides to others implementation of, should from technology transfer by made of net income in the extraction not below 20% of proportion for one-time award; itself implementation into or and others cooperation implementation into of, research institutions or College should in project success production Hou, continuous in 3-5 years within, from implementation the technology results of years net income in the extraction not below 5% of proportion for award, or reference this proportion, give one-time award; used shares form of enterprise implementation into of And when not less than scientific and technological achievements can also be used to share price amounts to 20% shares rewards, which according to its share of investment earnings.

    Make a major contribution in research and development and transfer of personnel received awards should not be less than 50% of total rewards.

    Engaged in the transformation of achievements in scientific and technological personnel equity income, for the transformation of high-tech investment projects, in the levy of personal income tax, tax deduction base.

    12th approved high and new technology achievements transformation projects, by the science and technology sector under the provisions related to technology management technology as the enterprise of science and technology achievements transformation Fund of funds to support it.

    13th approved high and new technology achievements transformation projects, you need to land, can be exempted from the new vegetable building Fund, land acquisition ancillary costs, construction of additional accommodation fees; during the construction period, shall be exempt from the land use fee for two years. The 14th high-tech achievement transformation in Lanzhou scientific researchers in other provinces and cities, found that account himself and his spouse and minor children into this city, exempted from fees.

    The employer can give a one-time housing subsidy. 15th engineers and technicians engaged in applied research and development promotion to the level of professional and technical positions, performance of its high-tech achievement transformation work should be used as necessary.

    With outstanding performance, are not subject to qualifications, experience and job conditions such as few restrictions in accordance with relevant provisions of exceptional qualifications for assessment of appropriate professional and technical positions.

    The 16th article of the regulations as of the date of execution. 17th interpret these provisions by the municipal science and Technology Commission.

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