Shenzhen Bay Port Before Interim Measures For The Management Of

Original Language Title: 深圳前海湾保税港区管理暂行办法

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Shenzhen Bay port before interim measures for the management of (September 5, 2011 Shenzhen Government makes No. 233, announced since October 8, 2011 up purposes) first article for specification Shenzhen Qian Bay bonded port (following referred to bonded port) management operation, exploration bonded port management system mechanism innovation, advance bonded port open cooperation and science development, according to State on agreed established Shenzhen Qian Bay bonded port of reply, and Qian sea Shenzhen modern services cooperation district general development planning and

    Regulations of Shenzhen Special economic zone before the Sea zone of modern service industry in Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation and the provisions of the relevant laws, rules, regulations, practice, these measures are formulated.

    Second port management, development, construction and operation of the application of this approach.

    Customs, inspection and quarantine, border control, maritime and port sectors established agencies in port management, exercise of authority according to the relevant regulations of the State.

    Article III range of four to bonded port area, about bonded Harbor area approved by the State Council to determine the scope of the implementation.

    Bonded port area the actual scope of operation, according to the General Administration of customs, in conjunction with related Department-wide implementation.

    Fourth bonded port area the main international procurement, international distribution, international transfer, international entrepot trade, export processing business as well as with the support of the finance, insurance, agency, testing and other services, and a focus on the development of modern logistics, shipping services, supply chain management, innovation in financial services.

    Fifth bonded port areas should learn from international free trade, free trade, Hong Kong traffic rules, adhering to innovation, pioneering, strengthening the Hong Kong-Shenzhen cooperation, explore building perfect function and running efficiency, a sound legal system, free trade zone of internationally competitive.

    Sixth bonded should be innovative administration, public services, port supervision, development and operation mechanism, establish and perfect the market operation, unifying, clear division of labor, streamlining and effective management system.

    Article seventh Shenzhen Municipal People's Government (hereinafter referred to as the city) to develop preferential policies and measures to promote, in the planning, land, taxation, personnel and public facilities, such as support for the port's construction and development.

    Article eighth set up by the municipal government, former Bay Port Authority (hereinafter the authority) in accordance with these rules perform the following duties:

    (A) the organizations to develop port development plan;

    (B) the organization developed port industrial policies and the relevant rules, guidelines to promote port development;

    (C) formulation of bonded port area the annual investment plan;

    (D) joint preparation of bonded port area to statutory plans and planning departments; total planning is responsible for the preparation of bonded port area of other types of planning;

    (E) responsible for bonded port area land and the development of government reserve land management;

    (F) organizing bonded port area of investment promotion, promotion, communication and cooperation;

    (G) responsible for port-related management of State-owned assets;

    (VIII) coordination, border control, maritime Customs, inspection and quarantine, tax and financial management carried out in the port-related operations;

    (I) personnel responsible for the bonded port area the Chinese who went abroad to work in Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Management;

    (10) in accordance with authorized or entrusted, exercise of executive power relating to administrative examination and approval, administrative penalty and the provision of public services;

    (11) other duties stipulated by the municipal government.

    The functions stipulated in the first through fourth in the preceding paragraph, in accordance with procedures approved by the Board after implementation.

    Nineth except to the article eighth assigned by the Board to perform beyond the call of duty, bonded labor management, city appearance and environmental sanitation, public safety, fire service, environmental protection and other matters by the District Government and jurisdiction is responsible for the municipal government, the authority responsible for the coordination.

    Tenth the authority needed to carry out the duties provided for in article eighth costs should be included in the qianhai zone of modern service industry in Hong Kong-Shenzhen cooperation (hereinafter qianhai zone) before the budget and sea zone of modern service industry in Hong Kong-Shenzhen cooperation budget of the authority, according to prescribed procedures for approval. 11th shall, jointly with relevant departments of the authority to regulate administrative examination and approval standards, licensing conditions, reduce approval and improve efficiency.

    Bonded items requiring administrative approval through unified one-stop service centre reception, vetting, limited-time management, tracking system.

    Application materials are complete and comply with the statutory format submitted by the applicant can be approved on the spot, shall, on the spot approval conduct could not be made on the spot approval decision shall be made within three working days from the date of acceptance of the decision; not administrative approval decisions are made within three business days, approved by the heads of administrative agencies, you can extend the processing time limit.

    Bonded port area the specific approval management system established by the authority, together with relevant departments, and reported to the municipality for approval before implementation.

    12th authority should make bonded Harbor area industrial development guidance directory, determine conditions of access and withdrawal mechanism and the relevant policies.

    Bonded port area within the establishment of enterprises and production and operation activities shall conform to the bonded Harbor area industrial development, shall be carried out with high energy consumption, high pollution and resource products and listed in the national catalogue of prohibited goods for processing trade goods for processing trade business.

    Bonded port authority shall, in conjunction with the relevant departments to explore implementation of commercial registration system into line with international practices.

    13th establishing a bonded port coordination mechanism, held regularly by the Board by the customs, inspection and quarantine, immigration, Admiralty, joint meetings with representatives of relevant departments and enterprises of the municipal government, communication port port management, port personnel, goods and vehicles and created convenient customs clearance services environment.

    Article 14th strengthened cooperation between the port and the port of Hong Kong, the supply.

    Innovative customs, inspection and quarantine, frontier inspection, the maritime ports of sectoral regulatory cooperation patterns, setting up port supervisory information-sharing mechanisms.

    Authority harmonized customs, inspection and quarantine, frontier inspection, the maritime port sector, such as the establishment of joint mechanisms, conducting joint law enforcement as needed.

    15th of bonded port areas and outside between the incoming and outgoing goods, electronic filing management of customs, laws and regulations, except as otherwise provided by the regulations.

    Bonded goods can circulate freely.

    Article 16th on foreign goods entering bonded port area, the inspection and quarantine departments according to the actual situation, the implementation of quarantine is not only testing, except as otherwise provided by laws, rules and regulations.

    Delineation of the border control port qualified 17th bonded Harbor area, clear identity, border protection, should the use of advanced technologies and equipment innovation model, improve the level of management.

    18th the maritime sector of port waters full implementation of real-time monitoring, guiding arrangements ships into and out of bonded port areas of priority.

    Dangerous goods into and out of bonded port areas to implement offsite e-filing; the dangerous goods declared by the enterprises with high credit, you can reduce the rate of checks out of the box.

    Authority on 19th overall planning and construction of port information infrastructure, promoting the port information standardization in construction, bonded port area for integrating and sharing information resources, build public information platform for electronic data exchange and customs management to provide a public information service.

    Bonded port in the enterprise can establish a sound business information platform service port.

    20th bonded port area land use shall conform to the bonded Harbor area industrial policy and planning requirements, before the implementation of these measures has been the land use by the authority in accordance with the relevant provisions of regulation.

    21st bonded port area enjoy the following preferential policies:

    (A) foreign goods into bonded bonded;

    (B) bonded into domestic sales of goods according to the relevant provisions of customs clearance procedures for goods imported and taxed according to the actual state;

    (C) domestic goods into bonded port areas deemed exports and tax rebate; enterprises in the bonded port area the consumption of water, electricity and gas (steam), according to the policy provisions of the applicable export refund rate for exported goods implementation;

    (D) goods transactions between enterprises in the bonded port area no VAT and consumption taxes;

    (V) insurance companies registered in Shenzhen to registered enterprises in the bonded port area of the international shipping business income exempt from sales tax;

    (F) enterprises registered in port engaged in offshore service outsourcing income made exempt from sales tax;

    (G) registered in port in accordance with requirements of modern logistics enterprise pilot logistics enterprises according to the difference between the sales tax policy;

    (H) bonded port in the identified technology-advanced service enterprises preferential enterprise income tax shall be levied according to 15%, its staff education and training funding on the basis of no more than Enterprise Payroll 8% according to the percentage of corporate income tax deductions;

    (I) laws, regulations, and other preferential policies stipulated by the municipal government.

    Qianhai zone within the financial, taxation and other related preferential policies apply to bonded port area. 22nd article this way since October 8, 2011.